An Introduction to my Watercolor Classes + Basic Watercolor Techniques | Samantha Cabrera | Skillshare

An Introduction to my Watercolor Classes + Basic Watercolor Techniques

Samantha Cabrera, Artist

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About This Class

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my first official class on Skillshare.

This class includes a little bit about me, what I'll be teaching, glimpses into my style of watercolor painting, and a few basic watercolor techniques to take away. More than anything, this class is for you to understand my style of teaching watercolors and a little glimpse into the exciting subjects we'll be painting.

I hope you enjoy these classes + I very much look forward to sharing what I'm able, and seeing your lovely work.

In this class, you will learn:

Introduction to my Classes

The Types of Subjects We'll be Painting in Watercolor

6 Basic Watercolor Techniques: Wet on Wet, Wet on Dry, Fading + 3 Types of Gradients





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Hello, everyone. My name is Samantha Cabrera. Aside from my full-time job as an English and Art Teacher, I’m a watercolor illustrator, realistic oil painter, and creative business owner based in Waco, Texas. 

Originally an oil painter for 10 years, I wanted to find a new medium to explore, thus, my love for watercolor began.  

My goal for teaching these classes is to help others paint beautiful and detailed paintings with fun, simple, step-by-step art c...

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