An Introduction to SQL in SAS

Rupu Govinda, Business Analyst and Trainer

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5 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Procedures using Proc SQL

    • Renaming Variables and removing duplicates

    • Subsetting or filtering using Proc SQL

    • Formatting and Sorting using Proc SQL


About This Class

Do you want to become a more advanced SAS programmer, and be more demanded and successful in your SAS career? If Yes, SAS Proc SQL programming should be your next programming skill to conquer.

PROC SQL is the SAS System’s implementation of Structured Query Language (SQL), which is a universal computer language for all relational database management systems. PROC SQL is the implementation of the SQL syntax in SAS. PROC SQL greatly increases SAS’s flexibility in handling data, especially for multiple-table joining and database access, and has been widely used for SAS users, especially advanced SAS users.

In this class, you will learn essential SAS Proc SQL programming skills including:

·      1)  Retrieving data from a single table by using the SELECT statement and its clauses(including SELECT clause, FROM clause, WHERE clause, GROUP BY clause, HAVING clause, ORDER BY clause)

·      2)  Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins including inner joins, outer joins and special joins as well as comparison of merges with joins

·      3)  Using Subqueries to Select Data including single value or multiple values of subqueries, testing for the existence of a group of values, correlated subqueries, combining a Join with a subquery, and multiple Levels of subquery nesting

·     4)  Combine Queries with Set Operators including UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT and OUTER UNION






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Rupu Govinda

Business Analyst and Trainer

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