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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Poetry as challenge

    • 3. The Writing Process

    • 4. The Writing Process - part ii

    • 5. Getting Somewhere

    • 6. Towards a Definition

    • 7. Read good poetry well

    • 8. When you read a poem

    • 9. Being Independent

    • 10. Feeding the Poet

    • 11. Take the pressure off

    • 12. You are a poet

    • 13. Recognition

    • 14. Contributing value

    • 15. Doing nothing

    • 16. Striving for success

    • 17. Class Project and Conclusion

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About This Class

Hey! Welcome to my class! In this class I'll go over what poetry can be, how you can write poetry, and most importantly, how to take care of your poet. Who's your poet? You are!

In the class, I mention Joy Clarkson's podcast. This is the episode I was referring to.

You can find good poetry at, and

Remember, don't just read good poetry. Read good poetry well. 

And then, write. ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maríe Faul

Author - Artist - Language Coach


I am a language and creativity coach. I am passionate about helping people realise their creativity.

I grew up in South Africa, in a home filled with music, art and books. I started learning Hebrew at seven years old, and I speak Afrikaans, Hebrew, Chinese and a little Arabic.

I love to see people find freedom in their ability to learn and understand language, art and biology. 

I believe that every person is creative, and it is up to each person to choose to express that creativity if they so desire. It takes courage to make art and I'm here to encourage you and to help you understand a little better who you are, and how to go about it.

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1. Class Intro: Hi. I need you to come from South Africa. A cartoon reside in a small world. I've been writing creatively since I was a child. Still injury clear, I think creative writing such a great out in such a great often simply I love her state of poetry and reports I really, really enjoy reading poetry. Poetry is made artful, so amazing to be able to capture a moment experience in a couple of lines. I will decide in reading glasses did not. We're sharing some thoughts on reading, played well and then I will discuss taking the pressure off yourself. Very important to take care off. Put Jews yourself on. I will discuss what it means to be successful on the value, our mission and started. You know also, if you've been writing poetry for some time but you'd like a fresh take on my perch is what it means to be a poet. If you need some encouragement that way for the transport it I'd like you to ponder the writing closes that I describe and they drive using training courses and uploaded to project. Thank you for joining me on Help. You told us 2. Poetry as challenge: part time just does not. Something changed. Many people consider, like it turned just reader's conception, conception of the world. It changes the status quo of the political environment, often addressing key political movements on liberation movements and many famous booms and poets. I would say, come from this struggles for freedom for liberty. But justice Virgets powerful voice in the world now readers challenged. But I'm not a boat support speaking not to himself, but to the culture and to death to the country in the world. What poetry does not changed political environment, poetry challenges, language. It's stretch Isman, which puts boundaries. It digs deep into language to unearth substance. Now, in the trust project, I want you to do just that. All I need to dig deep on another substance. 3. The Writing Process: no for some general writing practices. That's what you did that wouldn't keep running good poetry. The key to making end art. But the best place to keep to writing good poetry is not. Try serious. Don't try first time around. Do not try to write a book. What did you do? Well done. Did that Chevy on my book Whose baby? Pence looking No, my on its board physical materials, then to the right. But don't try to just write comes to mind you are a nursing substance right down the line. Stream of consciousness you don't even topic or meaning to vote for or title literally was many pages that you can keep going as you want to keep going. You're right. Did when you're alone written out. Made it to a few pages. Anyone aged, Everybody is different. Three prisoners different, gets off in minutes. In our judgment to you shot. I'm just kidding. I think you look Come on. So after it indicates a substance, he said. Once you have a couple of pages 123 you want maybe 12 pages. What have you done? You read that and more like someone's out. Maybe afraid. Yes, engines chapter. Maybe just a sense doing sense of what's going on, a sense of what would you have received then? You use that you working from so once you have a sense of what great for meaning, you get fresh. Could I think about what spaces with me, You think about it. What sound goes with with the same going for? Think about the words, but I'm meaningful to in this situation. The weather's makes sense logically, dramatically or structure all the better. And I'm serious. Poetry is a major challenge. It's a foot, its mainstay turnaround. It's well done. It's been to turn around smelling substance. De did Dick. 4. The Writing Process - part ii: I got not words from that's OK, so I got the same support trying, saying, Even if it's a very big sense closed eyes, vision, space used imagination is sort of the sounds and the colors in spaces in the music and the words you put that on. 5. Getting Somewhere: because you can't. You can't. That covers music. Meaning it was put there is You can't. I'm sorry I called You could make a multimedia exploration presentation with music and fashion. On what color splash is an Indian cover things. Those slogans come explosions and several find other story Is it once and you still wouldn't get Where was I? Do you get somewhere? That's the point. You would get somewhere. It was glorious. It would be followed beyond what you can ever much That's like Stick to what you know six donor. 6. Towards a Definition: towards the definition of poetry's birds, lightens and brains, remembering things and seeing things forgot. What changes changes? It is not just a child to read. It's also a child to the reader. So we come to the with bright conceptions come to the idea what the scorpions, what the world is and who we are. We'll leave altered state of mind if we 7. Read good poetry well: now dried tree also need to read. It's not enough to read. Good Virginia. You need to read good poetry. Well, trust me, that's like my favorite. They would like trust. You need to read good poetry. Well, not only do you need to read, you probably also need to read good poetry. Well, this class I will help you along introduce you to some good results. Is introducing a few good piles. And should you have to meet and not understanding, but also what? Equipped to the door clipped right? 8. When you read a poem: So he's speaks volumes on a single page on a single line. You re apart. You have slowed up. You have to take left breeze. Yet read with you are around the but beginning to end back and forth in and out wasn't yet for breath. Affectionate wasn't there for the border. It must take the same as if you go for a run and your thoughts well around the mall around words and sentences and have arguments. And you think anything you think I don't see a small tree or your whole run? Not because you have a desert we're talking about. You got a trail past 100 trees. You see anyone? At least it's a tree, right? But if you could wind down boys quiet on arm, it's morning runs it, seeing instead breathe instead and taken. That's a Ramis. You already better crops, but good to see 9. Being Independent: but it is not just but since I was a reflection of what's going on, a new interaction with at the direction of the world. But what goes on inside of you is not something. Oh, I just give them myself for years. But I said he couldn't because would run out. And if so much question to be an independent artist, Independence is thought for another day. 10. Feeding the Poet: No. What are the important things? Like? Poetry is God with an opponent. Work on your part? No times in my life. But I like bodies. You see the mountains concept of you and you know that interest you. Someone that raises your inspiration. You run out of words. What do you do? Any more words? You feed your bullets. If you don't, your puppet your die. You privatized. You have can emphasize not notice to take it off. Put Joy Clarkson has an interview with the brother in one of her blood. Costs linked Teoh. I linked it in the past. This country, we're brother, the position. Very successful position. And he says that in seasons way capping music for a reason, perhaps abuse toss strings that helps you got through some heartbreaking losses. You have no words 27 year old with in those seasons. Even if the reason is just for tea party business, but homelessness and heart. In those seasons, we're gonna put in a position and coming yourself that this do us 11. Take the pressure off: I want to speak to you about taking the pressure off. There are some project people with fear and trembling trepidation. The hopes will produce actual real. You don't have to. Audrey is a gift. It's not obligation. You don't have to surprise. I'm serious with this pressure before, to make the best in the world scene was really written to do it on day one. That's like expecting to make a killing on the first day of work. You must be kidding. Surprise Nestle, your charity. But that's an inheritance, not a get this. Yeah, so they could. 12. You are a poet: nice to Are you watching this class? She's a paper and a pencil. A word and a hot bath in your mind. But you wish Kindle as you are. Do it. You can run apart. What business? In your country. See, we're not artists visit. You have not. You know what business do you have being doing those things? Your person who are artist you are. Congratulations. 13. Recognition: recognition. What does recognition? Whatever information about recognitions about science, See inner critic and side seam doubting voice inside. You know it examine commission is not going to do that. I am afraid. No prizes. Accolades are ambitious. Achievements is going to science and iniquity inside the duffel words it says I'm not. That says, I did not well makes it up again. You can stand before crowd giving on about right speech and feel the inside. So you cheated. He has to do with that left drum, that critical spirit. Do you see it? You have two sons, the doctor for boys with does they love the drive. 14. Contributing value: I didn't pressure himself to be something. No. One of those in the world is going to make your butt off canvas. Make your artist well, I'll just dies. Does it seems to bend one just in writing that it seems to be right. Go down. This one failed to produce Let's go down memory as a contributor. 15. Doing nothing: this book by called wondering that which he describes there is pointless. That suits very interesting interested Germans and various nothingness is off. Idleness just explains Why did this address so hot to the why? You know, psychology in the child Unusual Dressed in a child, China has been offed. Your inner child wants to play. 16. Striving for success: next on you take that. But don't put that question to produce. You said that a single word success, if you should, then Page Woods success with no medicine. Waas come up with a really brilliant success. I am not a more artist. I'm not having sold. Don't go the medication success don't go for creating an income from your heart Have been made great. I'm not against, um, money with your skills But in true lies she the commission of others who does never satisfied because even on every single one in the world draws a work which is unlikely because nature, world and you cannot accept your work and accept yourself slipping right 17. Class Project and Conclusion: bullish. Publish your foot. Okay. For the last project like you 25 drugs is described. Take a bigger off the wooden. You roses them. You did deep for the substance. Find the substance. You get a sense of what you want to say. You look at polls of disgust, poetic, and you wanna discuss all of the scenes? Choose a Jonah structure which eyes looking straight to go. Put it all together. What? Once you're reasonably happy side of it, you can up there. So you take a picture of your piece of paper. You'll find many, many discards. It's good. I didn't and then you can pick it out or you can work. For instance, Problem. That spacing is not flexible on a computer based exports is it just isn't flexibility and freedom. It's key to go. Of course, one of my righteous he always writes on his computer considered it. He's making database. Next engine out. He finds the constraints Yes, on considered to be anti freedom within those countries. So nowhere suggesting that writing on a computer makes you put for makes you miss it. I just find that freedom. Let's go. When the tangible, tactile pencil on the freedom of space. Sleep support. What else? Yeah, well, that faults been good. Please. Like and enjoy the broader process that brush off. Just enjoy it if someone drinking it so and we're in exit or tomorrow or whenever the current strikes again does encourage does. And if you work up the courage to post more project class, you just I never use that word. But I just so Well, then you are forcing a tree. I I'm excited about this. Thank you for watching all the way to the end. Really Appreciate that. Have you entertained and enlightened that it's possible?