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An Introduction to Business Development

Daniel M.

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16 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Defining Business Development

    • 3. The Objective of Business Development

    • 4. How Business Development is Different

    • 5. The Differences in the BD Role

    • 6. Find out when a Company Needs Business Development

    • 7. What are the requirements for a business development role

    • 8. Interviewing For a Role

    • 9. Setting and Understanding What to Expect

    • 10. How to track BD Performance

    • 11. Understanding the Business Development Relationship

    • 12. How to organize a BD Team

    • 13. Managing Internal Demands

    • 14. Career Opportunities

    • 15. Making it Relevant at the C-suite

    • 16. Conclusion

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About This Class

For any organization to succeed, it is important that the leaders have a clear idea of their company vision and overall mission, as well as a powerful strategy to enable them to get there. Good business development is the key to a successful and thriving business. It focuses on creating long-term sustainable value for the organization, which manifests itself in the form of new markets, new products and new processes.  It also enables you to conceive, craft, and implement superior business plans.

In this class, I’m going to provide you with the basic business development strategies. You’ll learn how to  create strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions.

Also, you’ll learn how to design and develop your company’s business development function, and discover how to identify potential partners and persuade them to partner with you in a win-win scenario.


1. Introduction: What do you do before business opportunity pops up that you strike three organization but doesn't fit neatly into business as usual? Something really strategic and Duncan potential where you see that has out kind of possibilities. But there are more business here in general cells so specific products and services to customers marketing the terms which customer segments target and brother management develops, offering for this segment so that says something to sell. But when the owner and opportunity are here and it looks like there's huge potential, if only someone can figure it out, that's what business developments that seeing business development is the functional area of a company responsible for identifying and flushing out the areas of business. This new important it is after require a combination of new products and new markets and new distribution channels. Generally, partnerships are involved in these partnerships are like any other relationship the organization has had up to that point. This is development can make the difference between your company becoming a powerhouse across multiple industries and customer segments like pays Amazon area in this course will look at what business development is and why it matters will also dig into what it takes to be successful, whether as an individual contributor, a team leader or as a CEO trying to capitalize on a really big patient under your Montag in I'm a business coach, I've worked with many top companies identify new opportunities for them to grow in. Discourse are given inside of perspective on how business development bidding wars. By the end of this course, you know what the business development professional does, how they measure. They want to be successful in the role. So if you're ready to learn about one of the most exciting careers into the global markets and want to be a strategic maker responsible for the long term growth of our company, let's get started. 2. Defining Business Development: people who see opportunity where others don't have the intimate excuse to make a logical, well supported argument for the invasion. Lovemaking, usability, buying and grape variety. Often private business development roles. This is the herb. It is about driving growth, mostly by working in a a structure way to identify new partnerships, category of customers and lots of business. It's like being an explorer looking for opportunities before the map has even been strong. A business develop in person after walks into a meeting, unsure of any outcome beyond looking for synergies. And that's the fun part of the role. There's a lot of freedom in a lot of room for creativity. And, of course, there's the possibility off peak Return on investment here, the typical places over business development cycle with any relationship sourcing on a strategic relationship. Exporting win win opportunities. Trump to get signing initially queen implementing relationship and the deafening brother potential of such relationships. Literally lunch restaurant in a new office building opposite by they have hungry workers. Now you can simply market the current hours and take out menu where you can have a business development conversation with the building management. Maybe they gathering for breakfast meetings. Or maybe they want to go to keep asking your building. And maybe they're even willing to pay a premium for the services business Development is about looking forward was between organizations. Once the stop is developed in the terms and define projects that are lunching, business development can be handed off operation, sales and marketing. But that's per spark, building any relationship, identifying the opportunity and find the terms of the agreement. That's business development, depending on the upper two in the identified in the initial conversation. Next is for the restaurant owner mining that the chief plans of Catherine Program or the operations didn't build the key asking the business development person can move on to the next 25 possibility. Big careful, though, as business development can be one of the most bacon this 20 point diapers in an organization. Sometimes it's a new premise for sales. People in campus especiales are often more willing to talkto business development manager in a sales guy. This is the government can also mean a strategical developing new allies of baseness. You might find business development and marketing is a group or new sources of customers of developer you can be a could get managers, third party alliances or individuals managers atop relationships. Generally, though, it's somewhere between the market facing part of the organization and the strategic side. Business Development s identify new growth opportunities to partnerships, cultivating off new relationships and development along the possibilities. It's more organization. This test are done by the owner or funder of the competent. But doesn't organization goes the after fight it beneficial to have dedicated teams focused on looking beyond the horizon for most customers, partners and vendors. 3. The Objective of Business Development: I heard it said that marketing job is to get past moves to the front door Celsius to get into the cash register and business development. Job is to building buildings. Anything that is new or different or undefined, but that ultimately result in a sustainable business is probably within the purview of business development. Let's say that you develop a weight loss applications in your business, mother. Send it up to consumers. Your business development in might be exploring partnership with help your system that my offered after patients or with insurance companies that want to meet. Get this but helping the class lose weight or with restaurants and food companies to get into make healthy package food. That the last week with this program there is to find ways that I can help other businesses and become by those businesses. Want organizations that business development? Because nearly all the other employees and organizations are focused on driving to the business, they're selling products to no prospect or marketing to know segments are optimizing products for existing customers. Strategy teams are planning for the future, but in the abstract business, development provides people in the street and actually capsule companies to slash possibilities the relationships cultivated by business development, a resource that can be helpful when organization has a problem or a question or two tasting pasha. A potential business objective. Let's facial Company wants to get in the handbag. Baseness. Initially, the business development in will take the lead researching, have their competitors building relationship with manufacture in ST Peter's and determine how the business might work. They can start to flush out an actual plan, potentially including licensing, pricing, marketing, sourcing. Once the company is really to make it part of business as usual, this is developments. This back in the operational part of the competence over the purpose of business development is to look for new ways to brother the options for the organization. This is the urban professional look at each part of the company Balaji by identify new opportunities and give the organization more flexibility and the weather. The funniest opportunities is by building relationships and spending time exploring ways to deepen those relationship for mutual benefit marketing map sold classes, strategists and grace tampers for partnerships. Selves focuses on implementing approval opposed to closing business. But the primary objective all Pistons development is building trust in mobile communication with open communication opportunities arrives 4. How Business Development is Different: lots of people use business development interchangeably with cells. This is most after the case when selling is consulted, meaning that the salesperson has to spend a lot of time customizing the peach and maybe even the father bundle. After all, business development is about undefined and you grow up. Appointees and this is every meeting with the new costume are actually undefined of opportunity. Here is the difference between sense and business development people in Paris and consultation this couple thistles, personals this past, the brothers and services you can offer picks and the conversation participated. Fine. For example, the sense person North Strong will stop in meeting by asking him, What are you looking for and what your goals are? Do you have a budget? They have a special occasion. Are you trying to match something? You know existing was over, so but it's just person is limited by the closing nor strong carries on all sides to consumers, and they're porous and commission fine. You might be looking nothing pop up prompts of a high school. So during keeper complaint, Arthur's Patel Junior. I think there's the last within the department store Waas. All of these things will be on the cover of a sales person. And what business The government post sometimes get the bone with general. Nothing commissions on quotas. What the both marketing versus business fellow after our market extent to be strategic and future focused. But marketing is about understanding the markets, communicating that information to the rest of the organization and then understanding that corporate strategy and communicating in prospect. Everything done in marketing is designed to be scalable system. This is developed and goes beyond most personalization. It's actually about the personal relationship. The other big group that is, after confused business development. The strategic planning. This is the group in organization that is thinking about the future off the organization and developing a financial plan for answer into new markets and products. But what strategic planning focuses on financial questions? Business development is to deal with the business so how business might be implemented and who outside of the organization will need to be Paul. This is development faces Countess, unexpected challenges and opportunities after related to the specific situation off any company they marry. Child go. This is the government is the missing link between discovering that big idea and making it part of pieces as usual, 5. The Differences in the BD Role: depending over your work. You're really business development gullibility different in many organisations. Self school. This is the pill. Oppmann organizations use this name input for couple of reasons. First, because they believe prospects are more likely to talk to someone with the title of business development manager. Did you have to talk to someone Justice So associate. No one wants a also stepped call from a sales guy, but that's what people are interested in opportunities to develop mutually beneficial relationships. The second reason for calling starts business development is an internal signal to focus on building relationships for future bases rather than just focusing on short themselves. This kind of approach is very popular now has grown with the rights of consultative selling s solution selling. A lot of big consulting firms have business development, people who might be researching the possibility or having a new line of business like an additional descent thinking that's part of the research, then my interview clients as a way of developing an understanding of market in many cases, this meeting's end up resorting in shortened basis, even though that's not the primary call. Sometimes this, since development is all about building strategic alliances with a lot of businesses. For example, when the company sickly three purposes is the one another or weapon company Christin Cooper , another company's brother, into the brother solution? Let's when put this off for covering those In these cases, the business development person isn't actually selling, but they're supporting and encouraging both around company and the partner company going into the lion's. The biggest risk in alliances like that is what the last is established in is to be supportive. For example, if no does, the guests at the hotel is especially with the rental car. Company gets one note. Went powers The stuff. Members of reception of reservations need to have the skills, information incentive to teach the car deal. This is development in each conference afternoons. Learning about new technologies and experience visitor complex might be able to live with those trans. It can also mean building relationships in anticipation of a planet business, for example, It's what if I wanted to offer Peter was with music, They were probably have business development Team developed relationships for delivering video in for accessing content in the past of the launch of the new offering. So what There's something in different kinds of business development because this is the government is very adjustable, going beyond basis is usually identified numerous to grow the business and different organizations have different strategies for Girl Alliance's new technologies, just partnerships and saw one. The important thing is to understand the scope of this possibility in any particular organization. So you know what is going to be expected. Here are three questions and I want to ask about what will be sitting in the organization. How does that person's development 10 feet into the brother corporate strategy? How will we be evaluated? What There are success ministries. How is the business development thing structure? What do we want most? Close it internally and externally, and 20% is on the leadership team. Assessed of this questions will provide tremendous insight about what they're getting into before you star 6. Find out when a Company Needs Business Development: if you have a limited resource, is off course. Every organization have a business development team. After all, the purpose of business development started depending in less for Lankan broke and to begin putting structure of the neighbors, said your potential. It might seem like every organization should have a team dedicated to identifying any value with a long term strategic pads. But it's not always practical. You know, one of competing priorities. One. Should having business development bob over the top. And if you're the manager of the business development thing about anything, the case for the source is going to go. Venture capitalists after recommend investing in business development when revenue hits a certain number. I've seen estimates from two million to $40 million now, others suggest is based on a number of employers. I think it has more to lose traction focusing Resource is, it's always good to understand the opposing view. What you need. Business development. Well, because I'm thinking your basis, it might make sense to stay focused on one thing really well. Whether they're looking for new businesses. The company is still trying to build infrastructure in processes, but in many cases, the CEO is a natural business developer, always thinking about what's next, looking for synergies with anyone who comes in contact with. So in early stage companies, you don't usually need someone dedicated to growth because that's the sea is the manner of session. Having dedicated, this is development. People usually happens when the primary paces describing processes have been establishing inform but interesting ideas around both are starting to emerge among the company's leadership. For example, a software company that sells the local municipalities is getting a lot of in question states and international governments. It's not that if it makes business sense to expand school with bigger governments in different features, different support and different self cycles, this question is just by exploration by dedicated business development professional. Depending on the kind of idea that we're exploring, this business development person might have more technical or more cells your homes to teach you skills. But in all cases, this person will be a relationship oriented that the generator 7. What are the requirements for a business development role: not every enters in the instructor world of business development, the basic says for him to be a special kind of person, the best business development people are naturally curious, injury, learning new things and don't mind being the most ignorant person in the room. And this is development Rose. Every new deal put you back on the button of the learning for agent relationship. Hasn't walking into a situation that what you don't know. This means that a lot of form orchestra choir meeting up on industry attending conferences , anyone taking classes. People are good equipment, for example, after they have an advantage and decent girls because they know photo without being fed the information. They're also extroverts and enjoy talking to people in exploring options. Business development. People are always looking for opportunities in the contacts, bring opportunities and ideas. They have a woman mentality. To be successful business development. You have to have a bias about making the point bigger rather than getting a bigger piece of the pie. And they have to be able to quantify what the benefits are. Strong, analytical and Reese obscures. Ultimately, they have to be the makers, but like natural sales people that aren't all about the deal. There is only to Russia that they're making stage more time spent on exploration. If you aren't comfortable ambiguity that is not knowing exactly what the relationship will end up and what the specific goal is, Business development will be uncomfortable role. So can this case be? Look what it is about in a personality a little of the age. Certainly there was two up my skills and business development. Someone will determine experience might be treated as the right kind of question or giving instruction. I want to bring in other team members to pressure than idea, For example, in any business development conversation. The first task is to understand all the needs and wants of each side. You have to rent last lots of questions. Whether business goals are what it's hard for them, what it do, the meeting. What would make them a hero in the company. You can start with the pre existent list until you get more comfortable, but learning to delve into someone you're subjected so that train could teach them is a skill that can be learned that just can't be developed is exporting for additional sources of value. You don't even know what the other person really cares about your obvious mining this year . They might be interested in publicity or being associating. When you initiate this, no wonder interest out what you can do only by asking a lot to match the interest against your own and identify the women appointees. But just a. Some people are poor for cells and others can develop competence but not genius. There those people, the entrepreneurial spirit, you see possibilities. But other than that, and this four star, the one from traveling business development. 8. Interviewing For a Role: Whether you're the interviewer or the interviewee visited Open interview is likely to be highly engaging in some ways interviewing business development. Professional is why the easier interviews. After all, so much. What makes a business development professional successful is their ability to think on their feet in the moment, so asking them questions about their career aspirations, strengths or weaknesses. My unhappiness just was as another Rolls, the interview is going to want to start by judging the level of energy and engagement in the interviewed cell. This is development people elected to be good interviewers. They should be great in the moment, in real time conversations unconscious. For an engineering world, the most important trade is understanding the calling school past projects and build it complete working time. None of the streets has anything to do with their conversational skills in business. Development in the interviewer doesn't connect to the candidate. Potential pieces. Part is probably aren't going to like them, either. The business development person has to be able to connect with anyone, especially high stakes meetings. If you can find common ground with the person trying to hire, you probably engaged with the loose contact a nuclear agenda. The typical business developments in your business development interview with not being put some case studies, describing a vaccine area and asking what they can get. My photo identify synergies impossibilities How to follow up on a promising conversation by bringing in other team members. The goal is to see whether they can did, can identify multiple possibilities and Nextel's, but also to understand the process that the candidate use this. The vacancy there goes on both sides. Did it comfortable strains? Here's an example. Let's you're interviewing someone to business the purple at the bakery inside an office building them. A great scoop is and wants to expand. You might ask them what will go to grow their bases, but anyway, except opening your sports. We're attracting customers to this sports they have a good answer. Will consider what the goals, what the baker can build like great recipe or a kitchen that is immune from weekends are bacon stuff that is underutilized in the afternoon. And who might want something that the big we could find, maybe selling in both for local restaurants are offering. Baking classes were doing wedding Catherine from there, the candle for me to share. What do you do to evaluate opportunities? I, talking to local restaurant owners, were having a focus group of office workers to see if they say not for wicked classes. It also want to see if they could incorporate the surgeon analytics as they have to see what the going rate for baking classes in Catterick and then builds person to estimate business opportunities. You're manipulating background personality, began performers on case studies and interview him. I want to ask about the news that the candidate disclose the ideal candidate should be able to proffer opportunity but also be ableto hash out the details and put together and close a formal agreement. So whether you're the interview with the interview, remember to focus on feeders much of skills. The risk is that business development candidates and having managers alike are likely to be smart, engaging in public to connect, so much overlooked whether the pit is right 9. Setting and Understanding What to Expect: in any business development toward you might have both existing relationships to nurture and some an export opportunities. Fullerton to perso in this lecture will look at how the business development manager in a system should work together to sit in a chair. Quarterly Inherent calls. It can be hard for a business development person to figure out how to print individual, then activities that will a quarterly or hardy souls. The range of activities for a business development persons they very significantly over the course of 1/4. The object is that after so long term that what to do next isn't others. And it can be hard to know how to prioritize a good place for a business development. Professional Start is by asking the manager what the most promising opportunities might be or what they should be digging for me possibilities. For example, it's Your company has a patent technology that they're probably cause this object is primarily used. The commercial refrigeration and leadership says went on ways to better fertilizer pattern technology. If that were your responsibility, what would you go for us? Maybe you start buying 30. Either bring leadership, marketing engineers and others will be close to the product in the business to see what passes they have. It also want to understand the capabilities of the technology, knowing that the college get another department has already had some informal discussions with the potential partner. My safe, a lot of time from the level of several hypotheses and maybe each other, with three potential partners reading to each area to determine Watson promising. Meanwhile, you might end some industry events to see what's trending. You want to make sure that you have a good idea of the hurdle for any opportunity. Some organizations have a minimal return on investment percentage that's required of a new initiative, and they have a total dollar. Mom. You might be working on an opportunity with Habitat on investment as a percentage, but it's more market. That's not good. You need to pursue the biggest, most viable opportunities. It's important for business development balance that time between external anything and activities investing other refrigeration opportunities you need to reach other potential partners may be considering appliances arrest on construction in attended industry events for the center brother market, but at the same time, you need to understand internal strains initiatives empire. Is there anything that might make appliances? And these were people that technology then restart construction, many business development professionals and on the side of qualities either being out so much that they lose, start with dingoes or being so much part of business as usually, don't that they never added by anything exciting. Another risk is that this is development. Professionals either overlap so much with one another or those such opposing directions that they felt it prudent. On another directness, Images management is to set expectations with team members so they know how they will be evaluated. Anti members need to provide tablets and feedback management before they want an emergent possibilities and expected timing. Often management this information to move business development. The insides about changing years, the business development the there needs to serve as the go between just setting strategic direction. So that business development can this move on? Man, you feel thinking about both for the upcoming quarter or year. A good place to start is a regular department meeting where everyone can get oriented. There are open all team objectives before looking at their only stop rotation partners or categories of partners. From there, it's more straightforward to determine what the best actions will be together. Move for that opportunity or crossed off the list. Business development is as much about imposed during the right activities as it is about out, so you should play the commitment explanation rather than just is probably. 10. How to track BD Performance: this is development. Professionals are often impatient with expectations for compensation, bonuses and promotions, and yet it can be hard measure performers in an objective way. The further you get away from sells the hundreds to the partial. That mattress, the real kind of business development, isn't along. So you start measuring imports until enough time has passed very to have outpost. A measure initial metrics might be the number of companies that will be child or the number of meetings. These are input goals that is there, about how much effort you put into the rather than the result of output of that before a bank I know. Ask your business development professionals to have this 100 meetings with possible partners in the first year. They don't have explicit expectations regarding the result of the meetings, but they want the business development person that are just are building all kinds of relationships. The back knows that the best way to get good results is to put in the effort from the other benefit of having a lot of meetings is that we start seeing patterns. If you meet with one hospital CEO, you might get a skewed view of the hospital priorities. But if you met with five, you start to understand the different kinds of hospitals. And what's Miller is a share. You can also start to get the sense of what your company should be working with. Another input goal month at the number of opportunities identified and presented to the organization. For example, if you PAN wants to export, establishing branches are eight teams inside hospitals. Human check the number and variety of research meeting self and the types of analysis Going doctor Over time, you have outputs of absolute resource to measure how many proposals this each of the recent development person present. How many proposals are approved for testing, how many become the lights off bases for the company? And ultimately, how important are those new knives off basis in terms of revenue for the company? By measuring milestones along the way, you contract progress that will lead, the company says. Regardless of the Final Four set for business development, it's important for the business development into set expectations. Early area. Just those expectations based on information. Let's see, a business development professional is trying to close one big hospital this quarter, but the initial test is identifying challenges projects Before expanding the program, the business development person should let the Minutemen early and help them to understand how this change came about and what it means good or bad for the company. Maybe it's not period whether the new branches will be profitable or other possibilities. See resource before being willing to invest in a TMZ or internal branches. New information comes out in any test or large. It's very important that information surfaced and circulated early rather than late. So how do you recognize and support hand shipping team Manbar's He working for both inputs and outputs? You might think, almost even members whose ideas are most frequently considered by the organization's leadership, whether or not these are successful. One company I know we wanted people who did lots of tests separately from the what the results of the test they're the most. Encourage creativity over time, certainty members for create more business than fathers. Those who create the most move better should be rewarded and promoted while imports and with leading indicators off probably long term success. Ultimately, the goal is the creation of value for the company in some cases high achieving business development members get bonuses and promotions. Sometimes the cannibal transition into general management being invited to run one of the businesses that depend. Ultimately, the business development is the catalyst for growth and change. The senior commitment trapping, really working initiatives is critical to their cells. 11. Understanding the Business Development Relationship: in this lecture will examine the five steps that need to happen in any successful business development partnership. They are sourcing in a certain cheek relationship. Exploiting women. Ever doing this dropping is signing initial agreement, implementing relationship and the feminine brother potential such relationships. If you're starting from scratch, your initial focus as a business department associate is to identify strategic relationships in your health is possibility your boss might have given you a list of potential partners to a child. Other words. Financial company that is interested in talking with you and exploring possibilities. Mom. Take a while early in your world. Much of your time I spent networking learning about accomplice in order man who might make good partners and learning about activities. You're this, my people of conferences. Car is everything of research pores. You're looking for competence who can benefit for something your health. There are lots of ways to think about this. You may be saying to the scene buyers and may be about to cross the one another's brother. Think about the airlines, hotels and car rental companies work together. One of you has a path from a marketplace or distribution mechanism or stores, and the other has a company that can use that platform like Netflix. Partnership with Comcast, where one of you has a brother for technology that would be useful for the father but require significant customization like you having refrigeration technology and similar technology to consumer place companies. Not talking to talking companies, that refrigeration for their cargo in hospitals that ticket medicines and precise temperatures. Basically, your conversations as an apple focus on what each company currently does and what we're trying to go. Hopefully, one of you will say we could help you down if you're lucky. Maybe someone else had made initial contact with the promising relationship, and you're giving the world you that helps you avoid sourcing. But you're still understand the eco system so visually budgets and type for research in there talking people. If you know what there should be working on Internet. Once your father interested potential partner, the new stage is exploiting opportunities that benefit both of you in the other party. You already hear some 100 full idea unnoticed Ankle person. Oh, what were the partnership? Love? What is the opportunity for them and for you? What would it cost to this opportunity would need to be involved. What would you know if that this was successful and what would the way we look? But these are the kinds of questions you want answered in this space. Next, you need to put agreement into writing this early document. It's sometimes called the Letter of Intent, which expresses in clear terms what it goes out of each side. After you have this document, you can bring your lawyers to incorporate all the legal jargon. You do this for a few reasons. First, you need to have a contract that explicitly stays the commitment of each side. And second, because of process of writing it down, ensures that book park is have the same expectations. Don't bring in the lawyers to partly remember, this is the weapon is paid to identify opportunities with great potential, and lawyers are people despite everything that can go wrong. Step four is about implementing your partnership. People create, usually in a smaller control. There's sometimes getting agreement is the easy part. It can be challenging, actually motivate people on both sides to learn about the taste and want to be the Queen bee eggs, for example, Maybe engineers don't have the band with the blood and you prototype open, you are for angered The source. People don't want to distract the best cast most within the offer from another company. You need to build an operational, and I didn't make a project of priority that is part of the job description objectors. While much of the actual implementation were posted a team in person at the department sales product marketing business Development Person remains the champion, moving the team forward, any moving roadblocks and if urination implementation is successful, you want to work with leadership in your organization to allocate resources and build the infrastructure for teachers, says Maybe I did part general manager and dedicate product manager sells for markets to this new issue at this point will probably move on reallocating time to other emerging opportunities. You might be working with multiple partners at different stages, which get takes interesting. It helps a passer time 12. How to organize a BD Team: That's the business development. In close people begin to specialize. That's supported by business. Development is divided by type of relationship, different things. My focus on hardware, software platform the media were key elements of this supported by experience. If you can't another soft on their device to get injured, a music, it's not available. Unrelated platforms. People listen, ensure music consumers can get full enjoyment. And if you can get this song love, what's the point? Someone had to work very hard to get Taylor Swift to make music available. This kind of relationship part mating, therefore, but but does she put the harder Penda like sums? My have different terms and timing from partnership with the record label or an application distributor. Kapil, however, sometimes always may not be clear. Now companies like Apple are only application distribution platforms. They're hardly software developer store. So in this mother, the super overlap among the business, every 20 members and coordination will be critical. Some companies strip business development like cells and gifted members. A particular region takes part in sex for long term strategic relationships of all times. This tend to be especially true in smaller markets. If your business is in the region. It isn't just enough critical mass to justify departing the data business, type of and use and someone who has been in the region for a while. I have a branch of contacts in most major companies, but then everybody parted responsibilities by industry. For example, if a protection is looking for new partnerships. One. Business development person I focus on partnership with corporations. Nothing. My focus of innovative relationship within those star kitchen equipment providers but they didn't bag once might be required for age. For companies trying to serve in your industry and doesn't have the relationship or credibility over the established, they might the Senate business development him to develop relationships with key players in the interest of ecosystem. Both of built in understanding how things get done in the industry and to identify creative voiced establish first of their kind years for the company. Sometimes that thing is just one person. Other times it's a group. There are two primary advantages for specialization. The ability to go deep and develop expertise in a particular part of the ecosystem, and the development of your trusted relationship would say to revenue generating opportunities and compact people. Pantages. So much of pieces development is about building that house ideas, which established a new blueprint for future opportunity. That hospital is that the Texas A mother for other similar the in the future. The similar. There's money tickle on work for any corporate education by lanky members to specialized companies pay the potential for greater creativity in the pieces mother design. 13. Managing Internal Demands: he possessed Person is a hunter off looking for begin to bring back and feed organization. The business development professional is Explorer understanding the surrounding territories , looking for new kinds of food, learning how to harvest simply carry in both cases the majority of the time Mr spent aside organization. However, to be successful investment development, you need to have a strong relationship inside the organization. Well, let's say you work for hospital system in our considering. Adding over this program with James and Wade does trainings where you need to have a strong relationship with their positions to make sure that any planet come up is in the best interest of patient health. You also need to talkto operations to find the right kind of space for equipment and exercise classes, and you need to understand the insurance risk is well. And of course, you need to understand your market. And now, with ever less program, Centurion, admit me for what your patients will pay extra. For each of disclose, you need to keep them in form of projects in the world so I dont goto part down in Invisible. There is a building strong relationship inside the company is that you'll be dragging meetings that'll keep it from building new businesses outside the company. The Operation team. I ask you to attend meetings, understand the building, passport coming years or the marketing team. My suggested to listen in on the weapons in meetings to talk about the segments. That could be a huge time seen for you and most of the meeting Carter will have to be relevant. This is innovation expert. This a solemn one of Singularity University says there are three kinds of meetings. Braced. Only meetings to generate options, privatisation meetings, the whittle down options and IT limitation meetings to convey decision that have been made and discuss tactics. Unless the meeting is specifically about business development opportunities. You want the limiter participation to the meetings where decisions have already been made. So you know the options unless you have a project so big that action to change corporate strategy. In general, though, be careful not to get into the habit of attending too many internal meetings just to stay current. The ideal is to have good relationships with people in the north, so one of business opportunity is in place. You can get big and specific people 14. Career Opportunities: did you know that many people go from business development, the general management, or even becoming CEO? You shouldn't be a surprise if that the minutes for competence. The CEO is the defacto head of business development. Horace Exporting Creating new ways to expand the company's long term opportunities. Working in business development teaches your subtle way of looking at the world. First of all, it's a good combination of inward and not for exploration. You have to change your stuff to understand the organization. Strength in the various businesses that are driving is struggling. At the same time, you need to be current on changing our market. Most importantly, though, business development teaches people to look for possibilities that benefit both parties. Some people quote expanding the pie others call its energy was it causes value creation by putting together a different combination of resources and people good business development . Professional. It's Palley Woman existed When you look at see yours, that's what he does well. They need to have a grasp on what's happening inside the organization short, but most CEOs would tear that their primary role is being over facing. This is development professionals and other traits of Purple Leaders ethnic studies. They asked questions. They listen well. They have a lot of the traits of natural sense people, but with more patients, they understand the financial in strategic positioning. They're optimistic and enthusiastic to, but this for the more far. This is development myself this and prepare for a corporate leadership role. It's very that the business development has a big head count, so we don't have a lot of opportunities for management and because they have a different role every day. We never hear that about magic operations, and looking for patients is. But if you got a good head of operations, business development person can grow company. So if you're thinking about long term and eventually want to run a company, business development is a good place dispensing time. But you also want to make sure that you didn't have the skills that keep the ball moving forward mechanism map out the world's journey vehicles 15. Making it Relevant at the C-suite: some of the most successful See yours a great business that they don't make us a heart. And yet CEO scandal all the deal making alone this is the vermin Professionals can be like the seals minimus have been took a shot. Those loosely defined anti are generated by the CEOs. They can also identify new opportunities that will accelerate growth profitability in the achievement of the larger patient. Wherever you sit in the organization, it's important to understand how you fit into the big picture. No, we call other Steel of Bali, have said both of the more valuable and to be able to make a case for more resources or even a promotion. Business development is no exception. If you want to make an impact in your company, was started by your peers and get a resource is you deserve to build your long term business opportunities. You need to think like a CEO. What does the CEO one? Well, most importantly, they want the confidence that the business is growing profitability and other places has the potential for more girl. You need to be able to demonstrate with supporting data that you have found in our building opportunities that are profitable now as well, displacing existing beds for the future. Better good arts. You also need prior successes to your plans for future wins in business development before is about what's next, and you have to know what their next objective here's what will it take to be successful? Help you plan to make it happen? Let's say that the little nipple union digging and found that your company can make a huge impact on the car space. You want to build relationships with every major car manufacturer globally, but you can do it by yourself. You need to be able to demonstrate for us that you have been successful with this one car company and second, that other car companies will be likely to be interested in joining us well. And third, that with the project and team, you can sign up many more of them in quickly. One of the challenges many pieces development professional face is that their best in the moment. Coming up with ideas and working deals they manage focuses much in quantity banking stalls for many business development. It's all about building up measuring, but the prove your value have to be able to demonstrate specifically whatever accomplished what relationships have reforms. What's interesting that they are working bomb? What's an expletive? Anything and hard going to make sure that your company is well positioned to get a piece of the action. These investments have to sustain the company into tomorrow. Beyond this world, placed investment in the future or CEOs one stories that bring that point is to live the new provocative ideas inside. For meetings with journalists, investors and shareholders, you have the opportunity to provide inspiration to the leadership there. Remember, they spend most of the time it'll fighting this fire, so pitching others with the patient. You can be the one to help them develop their big picture forever. To do that, it's not enough to heat or key performance indicators the number of years working on the number of contracting in the revenue generated by ideas you have to have story store 16. Conclusion: congratulations. You made it through the entire course of business development. But now you, under simple business development, is what it takes to be successful, a palpable access in your department. You also have some perspective on the life cycle over typical pisses development relationship and why it's so important to the long term success off many of the best companies. What's news? That's the most important bar taking action. He doesn't matter if you're starting your Korean business, the building and building a team or striving to dip in your organization. Understanding and support. What to do right now will determine the value take from this course investment time every week and building your network gin associations the 10th Conferences and reach out to friends and former card is You never know what a great idea before he forecast building out the business development work with their leadership to ensure that your magics of strategic to the company's overarching goals and make sure you understand the complex long term strategy so you can better identify opportunities for learning. Issued this with internal strategy document. And if your organization's public Chico Confessor Publications well, there's no national nonprofit organization committed to the success of the industry. The kind of people attracted to the location are generally want extra votes. If you organize a local meeting, people like it come. I encourage you to start. It almost reminds Group 6 to 10 business development professionals in non competing spaces to meet regularly for mutual learning and support. Having comics to bounce ideas off and explore different kinds of partnerships. Doctors could be an incredible resource. Not that you're under insider tips and an understanding of what an organization is from Cape are there. Stop building relationships. Liturgical ust Bjork, I you been missing the ideas you come up with? The partnerships create.