An Introduction To Sensory Storytimes Part 1 - AutismFriendlyShows.Com

Mr. Matt Mazur,

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Overview for Sensory Storytime Strategies

    • 2. 1 - About Your Teacher

    • 3. 2 - Why Are Sensory Storytimes Important

    • 4. 3 - Practical Suggestions For A Sensory Storytime

    • 5. 4 - Fran Sussman’s Four S’s

    • 6. 5 - Goals For A Sensory Storytime

    • 7. 6 - How to Read Your Audience and Modulate Your Performance

    • 8. 7 - Praxis and Project #1 Develop a Song To Teach an Everyday Routine


Project Description

Design a five-part song, based on a classic children's melody such as Old McDonald, Apples and Bananas or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which can help an audience member with sequencing an action from beginning to end. The actions can be super simple or super creative including tying your shoes, zipping up your jacket, checking out a book from the library or opening up a package of string cheese/peeling a banana. Pick a simple action and turn it into a five step children's song. Record the video with your phone, Ipad or computer and post it into the projects section. Be as creative and as engaging as you can be. Remember - the songs get better over time the more you sing and develop it so it doesn't have to be perfect! Write down a rough draft and film it!

Student Projects