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An Intro to Awesome Logo Design

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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7 Videos (17m)
    • About Daniel Evans

    • Vector VS Raster

    • Wordmark Logos

    • Textual Iconic Logos

    • Combined Logos

    • Enclosure Logos

    • Iconic Logos


About This Class

Gain an insight on me - Daniel Evans, the primary difference between vector and raster (pixel) graphics and the different types of logo forms.

Covering word mark logos, combined logos, iconic logos, combined logos , textual iconic and enclosure logos.





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Daniel Evans

Logo Designer

I'm a graphic artist from the North-East of England with experience working for design agencies in Utah, Seattle, New York and various agencies in Britain in logo design and branding.

My work is featured in the publications: IHeartLogos Season 1, IHeartLogos Season 2, IHeartLogos Season 3, Damn Good, Logos 2 - Bright Ideas in Logo Design, LogoPond Vol 1, Logo Nest 02, Logo Lounge 7, New Graphic 30 and Logo Creed by Rockport Publishers.

I hold an Amazing Pixels Award, Wolda Awar...

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