An Entrepreneur Is President of the USA and three Entrepreneur Questions You Need to Answer in 2017 | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

An Entrepreneur Is President of the USA and three Entrepreneur Questions You Need to Answer in 2017

Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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    • 1. WiT Radio - An Entrepreneur is President of the USA and three questions you need to answer in 2017!


About This Class

She said - "Stan These are three of the greatest questions to make a plan and set your goals for the new year, and particularly if you are an Entrepreneur or want to live and think like one."

This week for the first time ever as we can determine a entrepreneur with zero political experience will become the President of the United States ... and things are going to change big time.  About half of the country is delighted and the other half is not.

But no matter, what does it mean may mean that one of the many changes will be the convergence of incredibly technology and millions seeking and becoming Entrepreneurs.

Well here we go with 15 minutes  from my radio program show.  I will give you the three and maybe four questions you better have the answers for if you want to survive and possibly thrive in the new digital, the internet is everything economy.

Discover the answer to these questions for you and your business... have your colleagues answer them too!.  Then Design and Do.


18January 2017


1. WiT Radio - An Entrepreneur is President of the USA and three questions you need to answer in 2017!: Hello, This is Stan. Used it for what? It takes radio and we are now on the air. And thank you for joining me. Hey, here's what happened. We are going to continue. We're taking a little hiatus now, as we're putting what it takes. On the third stage, we got the first stage. It took up. The second stage got us going. The third stage now will hopefully take us the next level. And actually ah, good business. Podcasting. Internet radio station takes five stages before AEA. Perhaps you're in orbit and we're now on stage three after the third month and that we invite you to join us for that on one of the things that we have discovered is people have said to me, Stan, you know, I do like to Ah, listen to you. You've got lots of energy. We enjoyed the show. But, you know, oftentimes I go to your videos and I like to see you. Ah, perform. And so we have decided that it will not only be what it takes radio, it'll be what it takes television. And from time to time, what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually do a show very much the way Rush Limbaugh learned to do a radio show. And in some cases it's how Garrison Keillor learned how to do a radio show. Now what Rush decided to do was not only did he do a show, he decided that he would broadcast him sitting in the studio at the same time, you know, and that turned out to be very, very popular for many people. What Garrison Keillor discovered is not only did the Wonderful Lake will be gone show have a wonderful radio impact, but it turns out, and I lived in Minneapolis and ST Paul that when they produce the show in front of a live audience that became one of the hottest tickets in town because people like to see the radio show. I also had an experience with the BBC a number of years ago. I decided to learn how people in the world did good radio work. And so I went and I trained right there in London for about three or four months, and I kind of learned how to be a BBC kind of guy or girl. I enjoyed it a great deal, and at that stage and still true that the BBC was still doing a lot of live radio. I mean, there was literally a studio audience there and people with a enjoy coming and being a part of the radio program. So what we're gonna do is what it takes radio. And some of you are listening to this on the radio, and some of you are watching this radio show as, Ah, there you are with my wonderful R C, a classic microphone. And here I am in the what It takes studio and we are on the air this week. There's a momentous thing happening in the United States, and that is that Donald Trump will become the president of the United States now, based on the past election. That means about half of the people are delighted and perhaps another half are somewhat destruct. It certainly is that situation, but here's something that is important, perhaps toe understand, and please keep in mind One of the fundamental lessons of what it takes is you become a person who can learn from all the things that come into your life, and oftentimes the people that come into your life one of my great mentors taught everything can be useful. Even the great tragedies and anxieties and the great disappointment. They can be useful. Onda. Sometimes they're even more useful than the victories in the triumphs and the overcoming. Those can also be useful. But even people who you don't like and particular don't care for can be useful may be useful in both the example for something and maybe useful in the sense that you learned something that you don't want to become or be, How can I understand what's going on? But here is the facts. Donald Trump is becoming president United States, and one of the rare things about him is he has never held a political office before. No, no, not a City Council. And not a mayor, not a congressman. Certainly out of Senator. And he went for it. He has spent his entire life in business. Now here's the significant thing. He's basically been an entrepreneur. That means he didn't join a big company and then rise to the top and become CEO. Essentially, he had his father's company, which was kind of a small little construction and development company, and he took it over and it was kind of split up among his siblings, and he then started to create a variety of other businesses. Many of them failed because that's what entrepreneurs do. They create businesses, see if they can make him successful. If they can't, they shut him down and go on to something else and seek to become those kind of people who do what. One of my very successful entrepreneurial friends said, You know, kind of adjusted his glasses, you got the same kind of look and glasses that I have And he said, I'm an entrepreneur. I have started many businesses, most of them failures. They didn't work and, ah, thank goodness Ah, a few did and they worked well and he's continuing to create businesses and some of them work. And some of them don't. Uh, Donald Trump has ah done the same thing, and that makes you a lot of friends, and it makes you a lot of enemies. That's just the fact of it. But here's the point. Could it be that this is a symbol of a new age, that it could be that Mawr and more people are going to seek ways of becoming entrepreneurs and to build either a secondary or Arabia, another source of income. Besides their usual career, they're going to try and build and create their own ways of receiving compensation. Oftentimes, as I say and we're gonna be talking about this in many of our productions that come is one of the key questions in life is how do you get people to give you money? How do you do that? I mean, money is what we used to get, the things we want to meet. Well, then that means you have to get some. Well, how do you get it? How do you get it? Legally, Ethically, morally. All the good things. How do you get people to actually do what they normally wouldn't want to do, which is It takes some of their hard earned money and some of the things that they have worked very hard to do in exchange it for what you have. How do you people to do that? Whether it's donating or buying or or giving or investing, How do you do that? Think about that. How do you get people to give you money? What's your strategy? Your idea for doing that well, in entrepreneurs trying to find ways that people will give him or her money. Now, what I want you to do is to just go through today. But I call three, maybe four, Okay, Four questions, because I might stick that question on the end on this. But what I want us to do in on what it takes radio is to understand that there essentially three questions that you have to come up with the answer to If you want to have a view of life that might energize you and help you to achieve some extraordinary things, the first question is quite simple. But what I have discovered is most people can't enter it with any detail, often times me. Question number one. What do you want? What do you want? Here you are. It's January 2017. You are where you're at, boy. There's a lot about my life right now. I really like Boy, there's some things in my life that I really have messed up on. What I'm gonna do. Oh, my goodness. I want some real significant changes in some things and I want some things to get better. And then I just what to be no good. Lord God has really blessed me with many things. Wonderful things, wonderful opportunities. I had my first grandchild this year. Oh, talk about having your life changed. Your priorities and purposes change? No. I want to spend a lot of time making sure that that wonderful little baby grows up to be a fine young man and lives life. Well, I want to do that. What do you want? What we have discovered many times is about only 3% of the population have a deep sense of what they want from their life. Okay, here you are. January 2017. Um, what do you want? How do you want your life to be different than 20? 17? Um, how do you want to be different in three years? What do you want it? I'm not saying what your goals are. Resolutions. How do you want your life to be different? Different from what it is right now. He got that question. Think about it. Get up every morning. How do I want my life to be different? Okay. Question number two. What you got? What you got? Well, it actually came across the question. What you got now? Isn't it wonderful how people can help us get these questions? Now? What do you want? I'm going to surprise you. That was often times one of the questions Jesus asked. Read the story. Many of you know we have a class that is ah, emerging called the secret Jesus knew and how to build a world class company. And that's gonna become a major exercise and learning this year. Um, somebody was coming up to him one time, and I started to kind of, you know, schmooze him a bit, and he just simply said, What do you want me to do for you? What you want me to do for you? What do you want? It turns out the guy was very specific is I want to see I'm blind. I don't want to be blind. Me more. Okay, the Jesus question and the good entrepreneurs question is, what do you want? Number two. Now, when I had kind of decided some of things that I wanted, I tried to start my own consulting and coaching business, and I tried to demonstrate that I was good. And eventually I attracted a friend who said Stand up. Let me help. You will be happy of this. You think you've got something worthwhile, you know? And he he had glasses like me. And you took him out. Let me tell you, why don't you come over to my office and, uh, you know what I'm gonna induce use, um, introduce you to some important people. And I worked very hard. He'd been a pro athlete in the community and was well known and had a great business, and he wanted to help me. So I went. And so my good friend Dan, and, uh, he then handed me a list of 20 people. He said, these are all friends of my very good friend of mine. Um, call each one of them. He said, I've given you some phone numbers there, make sure you go out and make sure check with my secretary on some of the ones I don't have and called up, and And if it introduce yourself and you've got a great recommendation well, it turned out it was a great recommendation. I called these people up, and I simply get my name and said, you know, Dan really suggested that I give you a call. Could you give me a few minutes to introduce myself because of Dan? They sure, sure. And they would say some very nice things about Dan. And like one guy said, Well, if Dan said he wanted me to talk to you, I usually say no to these, But Dan's a different guy. I was doing one of those and one of them. All of a sudden One of the guy said to me, He said He said, Stan A. So I started kind of doing to my little nervous spiel. He said, Stan, I know what you're up to. I know what you want. You want to sell me something, Okay. They paused. What you got? What you got? And what he was saying to me is, Stan, what's your offer? What is it you have that you want me to look at? Ah, to consider. And eventually by What is it? Cut to the chase. Quit trying to brown nose me up quick, trying to flatter me. Quit trying to tell me all about you. Uh, tell me right now what you got, and I'm saying that toe all of you right now. Um, what if you lost your present position, you lost your present business, and you simply have to go out and get people to give you money. Um, what you got? What you got in terms of abilities, skills, things, ideas that somebody might pay you for. Okay, What you got? Think about that, all right? And no, like, on a real radio program, we're gonna take a commercial break. And why don't you wait just about 30 seconds while we play the commercial on the air, And, uh, then you come back. Okay? What did you do now? You saw that? What if you were a sponsor on my radio show and I really hope you will be some time because I also want you to be on the radio show. All right, now, what if I had given you that 15 or 30 seconds? Or maybe I would have expanded it to a minute, and I would have given you one minute to tell people who you are and what you got. What if I gave you a commercial? Let's assume I wish you worked the case. But what if we had 100,000 people listening and they all listen to the show. Maybe a 1,000,000. And you have 30 seconds, 15 seconds to ah, In effect, Tell people what you are, what you have, what you got and tell them how they can get. What would you do? Can you do a 32nd 62nd commercial? If that was your opportunity, as I oftentimes say, what would happen if right now, I told you that you could have a Super Bowl commercial? What would be on your Super Bowl commercial? It's coming up. Gonna cost you $5 million I gave it to you free. What would you do? What would you say in 30 to 60 seconds, toe? Actually, get those millions of people to call, go online, do something that would bring them to you. Now, in today's world, you better know how to do that. It's a digital world. It is changing everything. There are going to be so many businesses that die and so many jobs that are going to be gone. What if we really do get Carlos driverless, Not Carlos drivers? Well done. Drivers are gone. Um, right now, the big box stores are in major panic because people are buying things online and they're being sent to them. And, ah, the delivery service And Sears is in trouble. Many of your big stores obviously remember when you know Borders Bookstore went out of business and many of them are in trouble. It's a digital economy, and you better know how toe live and do business in the digital economy. That's what it takes. A number of you are in businesses that will not exist in 2 to 3 years. Okay, that's just the way it is. But what if right now, I gave you the opportunity, Okay? You gave you the opportunity. Ah, toe actually do a 62nd. 32nd 15 seconds. Let's give that to do a commercial. What would you say? You know what that is. Well, there you go. You got three great questions that you need to bring forward. What do you want? What you got? What would you say if you were given that opportunity? Like I said, that great question, which we all have to answer is how do you get people to give you money? How do you get people to compensate you? And here's the point is, before they will compensate you. You have to contribute to them. You actually have to do something for them first. And what is it you can do better than anybody else with greater class, greater energy, greater personality So that people actually will do that. They will stop, They will look, they may listen and then they will buy. They will by you and by what you do and by what you have on by what you got. And all of us are in a situation. Donald Trump represents the new age of the entrepreneur and the spirit of the entrepreneur coming forward in many ways with you like him or not, and half of you people don't like him. And half of you people do love him. Doesn't matter. It is what are the signs of the times telling us so that we can as ah lesson I learned from ancient Hebrew scriptures. Find the people in your life who can help you discover what it takes in that they can figure out what's going on. They know what the signs of the times are and what they should do. I would welcome your contribution to what it takes radio to be one of those wise persons, not a wise guy or wise gala wise person who can help us figure out with the way the world is. What does it take to be fully alive, live well, serve others and make our unique mark in the world? That's the challenge now in 2017 and the future that's before us. Thank you for joining me on what it takes. Radio and television, all the best and blessings. I hope you'll join me on the radio. And I hope you will not only listen, you will actually be a participant of speaker. And that story is coming up rather soon as we go into stage three of what it takes radio best in blessings to you. I'm stand Houston. Bye for now.