An Artist's Guide To Telling Stories With Art | Collin Salvo | Skillshare

An Artist's Guide To Telling Stories With Art

Collin Salvo

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Lesson 1

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    • 4. Lesson 3

    • 5. Lesson 4

    • 6. Lesson 5

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    • 8. Lesson 7


About This Class

Hello, Welcome to, An Artist’s Guide To Telling Stories With Art, I’m Collin Salvo, I love art and I love telling stories. I play around with both graphic design and illustration. I’ve gathered several skills taking in some of my favorite media. Comics, movies, theme parks, and musicals. Also, I’ve been working on a writing project for the past five years and I’ve learned a lot about the characters and plot. Which has strengthened my storytelling skills is so many ways. By all means, I am not an expert but this is something I’m very passionate about and I hope to learn new things as everyone participating grows with me. In this course, you will learn some basic skills on how to tell stories in a single piece. Whether that is through imagery, composition, color, style, or medium. This isn’t a class on sequential art, although I hope to do that in the future. I’m open to questions and feedback, this is my first class so there is room for improvement.