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American Sign Language - Business Signs

teacher avatar Intellezy Trainers, Learning Simplified

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Alphabet

    • 3. Numbers 1-20

    • 4. Counting Time

    • 5. Facial Expressions

    • 6. Facial Expressions Questions

    • 7. Overview of Handshapes

    • 8. Handshapes Part 1

    • 9. Handshapes Part 2

    • 10. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 1

    • 11. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 2

    • 12. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 3

    • 13. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 4

    • 14. Getting to Know You Sentences

    • 15. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 1

    • 16. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 2

    • 17. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 3

    • 18. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 4

    • 19. Follow Me Sentences

    • 20. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 1

    • 21. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 2

    • 22. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 3

    • 23. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 4

    • 24. Getting Down to Business Sentences Part 1

    • 25. Getting Down to Business Sentences Part 2

    • 26. Lets Get Paid Vocabulary Part 1

    • 27. Lets Get Paid Vocabulary Part 2

    • 28. Lets Get Paid Sentences

    • 29. Lets Chat Vocabulary

    • 30. Lets Chat Sentences Part 1

    • 31. Lets Chat Sentences Part 2

    • 32. Course Recap

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About This Class

This course is designed to teach students about basic business terms and vocabulary within American Sign Language (ASL). Learners will review the basics of ASL including the alphabet, numbers, basic sentence structure, telling time, and facial expressions. Additionally, learners will expand their vocabulary with basic business related terminology and expressions such as handshapes, greetings and salutations, common technology and office terms, and more. After completing this course, learners should have a basic understanding of ASL in relation to business and be able to communicate in rudimentary terms with deaf co-workers.

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1. Introduction: Hello, my name is c, h, a, r, l, i, Charlie, sign name, Charlie. This class is the beginning sign language for business. You'll learn the ABCs numbers one to 20. How the setup time, facial expressions, hand shapes, and beginning signs for communication. You ready? Let's go. 2. The Alphabet: It's good to know how to finger spell. It's important because if you see a deaf person signing it and feel like how to talk to them, you can go ahead and spell the word and they'll give you the sign for it. Suppose you, you're right-handed. You can use your right hand to do your finger spelling like DRG. Or if you're left-handed, you can use your left hand to finger spell, but don't ever spell in front of your chest. It's important that your hands need to be relaxed. You don't want to be tense or nervous, but relax and have a natural way of spelling. Slightly moving your hands to the next letter. Are you ready to start learning the ABCs? We'll start with a palm out. A thumb in front of the palm. Looks like a C. Fingers close to your thumb. The three fingers over your thumb. Two fingers over your thumb? Yes. Fingers spread apart. W W index finger. 3. Numbers 1-20: Now we're going to learn some numbers, one to 20. We're going to start with one, but it faces toward you, stays the same. Three, the palms facing towards you for five or six, the palm faces out 678910. But you don't shake your thumb, you shake your risk ten. But remember for the 111, the palm faces in and you flick your index finger. Flip two fingers. 13, the two fingers are together. The fingers are together with the thumb inside. With this type of movement. Likewise, the thumb is out with the fingers are together. Now, we face our palm outward and have a twisting motion for 1617181920. 4. Counting Time: Now we're going to learn how to sign time. Imagine that you have a watch on your wrist using your handshake, your ex letter, you point to that and then add the number like one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock, five o'clock. Or you can also sign directly from your wrist. One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock, five o'clock. You can also sign morning. Morning, straight up and down. 12 o'clock. Afternoon. Afternoon. Night. Night. 5. Facial Expressions: Facial expressions are important. They help clarify signing. There's five parameters that help us clearly explained the meaning of signs. The first one is facial expressions, use of the eyebrows and different parts of the face. The second is hand shapes, will discuss that later. The third is sine movement or direction. The fourth is location, setting up signs and the location. And the fifth is the use of our bodies. Suppose I sign without facial expression, deaf people will understand No, it will be very convoluted to them. For example, the sign, right? Correct. I'm right. That's the question. Am I right? You're right, you're right. You see more expression in the signing. So obviously, facial expressions help clarify the meaning of signs. 6. Facial Expressions Questions: Recently we learned that facial expressions are important. Suppose you're asking a question that requires a yes or no answer. Your eyebrows are up. For example, can I help you? Other questions? They use the eyebrows down. For example. What, where, when, why, how, how the eyebrows are down for those questions. For example, where's the restroom? How did you make that? Notice in those instances, the eyebrows are down. 7. Overview of Handshapes: Earlier we learned there's five parameters involved with clarifying Sign Language. Recently, we learned facial expressions. Now we're going to learn hand shapes. In sign language. They have over 45 different hand shapes. This video will learn ten to help with beginner sign language for business. You know, hand shapes. Are they the same as the ABCs? Maybe they look like letters, but they used to make different signs. Try to see the handshake and not the letter. Focus on the shape of the hand. 8. Handshapes Part 1: Now we're going to learn hand shapes, one to five. Number one. Does it look like the letter a? Yes, but it's the handshake signing, for example, yesterday. Tomorrow. Recently, those three signs, do they start with the lettering? No, it's based on the handshape. A number to be the thumb is in to the palm. Signs for example, hello. Brown. Satisfied with both hands. Number three. The signs are Cup, drink. Number four. The hand with the fingers closed, but the thumb out signs, for example, our children. My person. Number five. It's using the sign but with the fingers open. For example, mother, father. Fine. 9. Handshapes Part 2: Now let's continue learning hand-shaped. Six to ten. Number six, the number one handshake, consign, true. Mouse. Boring, boring. Number seven, x handshape. Remember the sign for time, x on the wrist. Gift if you use 2X hand-shaped. Recently. Recently. Number eight, the 50 hand. You mix five with five from the palm. At the head. Five from the palm down to number nine. The F handshake. You can sign, okay. Or together with 2F hand shapes, family. Curious. Number ten. The hand shapes together and you can sign uncle. 10. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 1: You've already learned hand shapes. Now I'm going to give you some sign vocabulary. Remember, facial expressions help clarify the meaning. Your face should be relaxed, not too extreme or tense. Relax. You wanna add emotions. Facial expressions will be good. Now we'll start learning vocabulary one-to-five. Number one. Hello. With the with the clothes. Almost like a solute. Number two, my hand but that somehow your to the other person. Number one hand. To the other person. Number three. H handshape name. Name. Number four. Welcome. You. Bring your hand with the thumb out towards you. Welcome. Number five. Nice. Open five. Across the palm. 12. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 3: So let's continue learning sign vocabulary starting with 11 to 15. Number 11, try with the two, a hand-shaped pushing away from you. Number 12, with the number one handshake, sign circular motion towards yourself. Number 13, with two L's language that move away from each other. Language. 14, please. Please. And open five handshape, circular motion on the chest. Slow. This is a close five. And on top of the other, moving toward you. 13. Getting to Know You Vocabulary Part 4: Let's continue learning sign vocabulary 16 to 2016 with an open hand. Thank you. From the chin toward the person. Thank you. Or you can use two hands. Thank you. Number 17, with the closed fist, you up and down motion for yes. Yes. Number 18. I will. Or if you're asking a question, will you with your eyebrows up? Number 19. Okay. You can do the handshake for okay. Or you can spell OK. Up to you. Number 20. With the hand tapping on your thumb for No. No. No. 14. Getting to Know You Sentences: Come on, let's practice some signs sentences. Number one. Hello. My name is Charlie. Number two. What is your name? Number three. Nice or happy to meet you. Number four, I am learning sign language. Number five. Please. 15. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 1: Have you enjoyed learning sign language? Let's continue learning some sign language vocabulary number one through five. Number one, with the EF hands on each hand. You move one hand for interpreter and then add the person sign, interpreter. Number two. With the number one hand sign come as if the person will becoming number three with the F on your chair. Number four with one behind the other. Follow. Number five. With the number one hand, you point to me. 16. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 2: Let's continue learning sign vocabularies six to ten. Number six, with the our handshake. Ready? Ready. Number seven, with the five handshake here in front of your body. I'm here. Here. Palms up. Number eight. Again, the five handshake with the fingers close your Your towards the person. Number nine, again with the five handshake, with the fingers together, one on top of the other table or desk. Ten, with the open Clive's paper. Clump them together. 17. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 3: Wow, ever sent you've been learning sign language. That's great. Let's continue learning sign language vocabulary 11 through 15. Number 11, with the x handshape, need something. Number 12, with the handshape, sit or chair? Chair or sit down. Number 13 with the C handshake computer. Making little hills on your arm. Computer. Number 145, handshape, fingers close. Leftop, laptop, book. Book with the five handshake, with the thumb. 18. Follow Me Vocabulary Part 4: Wow, you feel tired. Let's continue learning more signed vocabulary. 16. Number 16. With the five handshake introduce and its directional, whether it be introducing another person to someone else. Number 17, with the S handshape work. Work with a handshake together. Are you with me? There's two hand shapes together. The handshake for the open five. Handshape. With the handshape. 19. Follow Me Sentences: Ever since you'd learn 20 new signs, let's get some more practice. Number one, are you ready, not just your eyebrows are up. Follow me, please. Number to your desk. Is there? Your desk is here or there? You point. Number three. The interpreter is coming. Number four. Do you need anything? Do you need anything? I want to introduce you to Bob. I want to introduce you to Bob. Number six, you're working with Bob. You're working with Bob. 20. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 1: While you've been learning more and more signs, that's great. Let's continue to learn some more vocabulary. Number one through five. Number one, copy with the 50 hands going downward. Number two, see handshake with the five handshake Calendar. Calendar. Number three, secretary secretary with the handshake number for assistance with the handshape. Assistant. Number five. 5s to closed meeting room. Meeting room like in the shape of a box. 21. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 2: It's exciting to learn more. Let's get motivated. From six to ten. Number six, bathroom, bathroom or restaurant with a t handshape you shake. Number seven with the C handshape, cafeteria on each side of the chin. Or you could do break. Break. Room. Number eight, 50 hands, data entry, data entry. Number nine. Mouse, computer mouse. With this handshake, mouse. Number ten, computer monitor. Computer monitor. 22. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 3: Are you motivated to learn more? Let's continue. Number 11 through 15. Number 11, you know, web or website. You can do that just www. On the internet or finger spelling. You know, the computer, the browser. Number 13. The cloud, a cloud, you know, where you save information to use later in the cloud. Number 14, URL, you just Finger spill. You aren't. Number 15. Interrupt using the open five handshape. 23. Getting Down to Business Vocabulary Part 4: I'm learning more and more sign vocabulary. Let's continue with 16 to 20. Number 16, with your C and your email. Email. Number 17, meeting or conference or a meeting or group. Number 81 minute. Or you can just sign one minute, please. Number nine. Number 20. With open hands, schedule schedule a cross pattern. 24. Getting Down to Business Sentences Part 1: Wow, great job. You'd learn 20 new signs. Awesome. Let's write the some more. Number one to five. Number one, the meeting starts. Now, notice the time marker is at the beginning of the sentence. Number two. Any questions? Do you have any questions? Notice the eyebrows, arrays. Do you have any question? Number three? In the storage room, there is a copying machine. Number for the bathroom, is near the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, they have free coffee. 25. Getting Down to Business Sentences Part 2: We know we have more practice. Let's continue. Six to 11. Number six. Are you busy? Busy. Notice it's a question. Number seven. Can I enter? Can I enter? Notice it's a question. Number eight. Meet me at the front desk. Front desk. Meet me there. Recently. Set up your time locator. First meeting cancelled. Recently meeting cancel. Number ten. Can you help me or can he help you? 26. Lets Get Paid Vocabulary Part 1: You want to discuss money. What would you say? Now we'll give you some sign language vocabulary one to six. Number one, like you're collecting your money. I earn number two. Money. Money, money, money either way. Number $3, dollar, for example, $1.2, $1.3 dollars. Twenty dollars, ten dollars, one cent sent $0.320, $0.25 cents. Number four, benefit benefits with the f.stop. Number five. Number six, I pay you or you pay me. 27. Lets Get Paid Vocabulary Part 2: Wow, you're learning, that's awesome. Good job. Let's learn more. Signs. Seven to 13. Number seven, paycheck, paycheck. And you outline the check. Number eight, deduction, deductions, deductions. Number nine. Number ten, with an F handshake count. Count. Number 11, amount o hands amount. Number 12. With an insurance insurance. Number 13. From the shoulders, pull it out to S hands. 28. Lets Get Paid Sentences: So far, you've learned signs to discuss money. And now we're gonna do some more practice. Numbers one to five. Number one, you have earned $2 thousand. Number two, the taxes in your paycheck have been deducted. Number three, bob counts money for taxes. Number five, the customer, please pay. 29. Lets Chat Vocabulary: Now you can be more conversational with deaf people. We're going to add some other sign vocabulary 1.2.4. Number one. No, no. No. Number to enjoy. Enjoy open palms on your chest. Number three. Number four. Goodbye. Either one. 30. Lets Chat Sentences Part 1: Ever since you've been learning more conversational phrases, let's practice numbers one to six. Number one, come on, let's go. Come on. Let's go. Number two. Number three, Not now. Not now. Facial expression. Number four. Maybe later or one hand, maybe later. Number five. Number six, ready with your eyes up. Remember. 31. Lets Chat Sentences Part 2: So far, you've increased your conversational phrases. Lets practice some more with numbers seven to 11. Number seven, good job. Our good work. Number eight. Remember before we knew no. Now I don't know. You shake your head. No. Number nine. We'll see. We'll see we'll see. Enjoy your weekend. Number 11. Have a good weekend. 32. Course Recap: Wow, you've learned beginning sign language for business communication. You've learned the ABCs, numbers, hand-shaped sign vocabulary, and also practice sentences how to sign them. But it's important to remember your facial expressions that they help clarify the sign. Hope you've enjoyed.