Amazon eBook Kindle Publishing - Head-Swapping a Book Cover Character With Hair | Kate Hall | Skillshare

Amazon eBook Kindle Publishing - Head-Swapping a Book Cover Character With Hair

Kate Hall, Author and Designer of Bestselling Books

Amazon eBook Kindle Publishing - Head-Swapping a Book Cover Character With Hair

Kate Hall, Author and Designer of Bestselling Books

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5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Preparing to Swap Faces

    • 4. Basic Face Swap

    • 5. Advanced Face Swap

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About This Class

In this class, I will go over head-swapping for DAZ characters with hair. I will show you how to do basic head-swaps as well as more complex head-swaps. This can be used for book covers or other graphic design projects. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Kate Hall

Author and Designer of Bestselling Books


Hello, I'm Kate. 

I am a professional author, designer, and illustrator. I just started my publishing journey in May of 2019, but I have been writing for years. I have also been designing book covers for myself and friends since 2016, and I have been a professional graphic designer and illustrator since 2014. 

I have always loved books, ever since I was four years old and learned just how fun reading could be. Ever since then, I can be found with a book in my bag (or two, or three, or four...)

I hope that my classes are able to help you succeed as a writer and/or designer, or at least get an idea of the work it takes to self publish a novel.

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1. Introduction: Hi guys, Kate here and today I'm going to teach you how to do a head swap on a dad's character without having to do any new hair. So here's an example of one that I've already done. The character and everything was created in Daz. Some of the lips weren't, but the character was created. And as and then the face is actually a stock image that I superimposed so that she looks a lot more realistic, So let's get started. 2. Materials: Okay, Some things you're going to need for this project are going to be a stock image of somebody's face. I haven't decided what what I'm going to use for this, and then you're also going to need a figure from Dad's or some other program, or even just a another photo of opposed that you like. But maybe you don't like the face so much, but you don't want to replace the hair. So I'm going to be using this figure that I created in Dad's studios. I really like the outfit. I like the pose. I like all of the accessories. It's a very fantasy looking image, but I don't want the face toe look so fake. I want it to look like a real human face. 3. Preparing to Swap Faces: So the first thing you're going to do is you can do this before or after, but I like preparing my backgrounds at least somewhat before, so I have my background prepared, but this is not a necessary step to do this. So I'm going to open up my window where my documents are so that I can open up where my dad's figure is. I will be providing some figures for your use, Um, which will be linked in the class for you. So I'm just gonna drag and drop her in here. She doesn't really fit the size of the page, so I'm gonna just scale her down when I was a lot too small. So I'm gonna scale her down to about there so that she really fits in the scene, that I'm just gonna click this little check mark so that she is placed in the scene. Now, something about, um, these figures is there's kind of a lot about her that doesn't fit the scene, the colors, all of that. So the first thing I always do is right. Click over here in the layers panel on the figure click Rast, arise layer. And then I'm just gonna bump up the brightness and contrast because it will make her pop a lot more. I usually go about 30 on both, but it's kind of up to you where you want to go. I could actually, for her ago a little higher on the brightness, like 40 and then, like, maybe 20 on the contrast, because she has a lot of glowing parts or reflective metal parts that really stand out already. And then I'm just gonna click OK on there, and that's something you can just play with as needed. 4. Basic Face Swap: So now I'm gonna look at her face, figure out the exact pose of her face, and I'm going to pick a stock image that matches at least the pose of her face. If her face is completely sideways or something, I want a stock image that's completely sideways. So I already have stock images picked out that I can use for this character. So I'm gonna go ahead and use this one. I really, really like this pose. So again, I'm just gonna drag and drop her in there. She's humongous, which is fine. So I'm gonna have her in there now. And for this, I like to go on, like, shutter stock or something In search for models. For the purpose of this class, you can use a web spot site like unspool ash. But you don't want to sell those images because you can't always trust that those air legally licensed, but you can use them for practice. That's fine. Um, so I'm just gonna use this model that I found on shutter stock. Oh, my goodness. Um, trying to select her. I have a really hard time using the quick selection tool. Sometimes it doesn't always want to work. So I'm just gonna go over here into the magnetic lasso tool. I hold down the lasso tool and click magnetic, and that just makes it a little easier. I like getting some of her real hair in here. It just makes it a little easier whenever I swap out the face and I'm just kind of going around her face. And then I like going up into her hair because that just makes it a little easier. And then I can see there's some parts of her chin. I didn't really get someone It Make sure that this is selected up here in this left hand corner. Um, so that I can just add some to the selection. I'm just gonna go a little closer and really make sure all this is selected. See, that's part of her chin. That's just not included. Okay? And the selection does not have to be perfect. You just want to absolutely make sure her whole face is in the selection. So I'm gonna click command J on my computer. You can also just click, edit, copy and then edit paste. If you want to do that as well, I didn't command J just out of habit. But you can also do commander fee, which is pretty standard. But as you can see, her face is a little too big for her body. She doesn't really look like she fits that. So I'm just gonna scale her body down. You do not want to press shift and scale, which a lot of people try to do in photo shop because that's how it works in some other adobe APS. But you don't want to do that in here because it'll totally screw everything up. So another thing I'm noticing here, with my face versus her face, is here. Her face is turned slightly to the right or to our right. And then on my actual dad's figure, it's turned slightly to the left. And then the shadows are here on the left, and then here, there on the right. So I'm just going to right, click or control, Click. If you're on Mac over the face that we're adding, and for this you have to still be in scaling mode. So if this little circle with slash and check more guard up, you're kind of in the wrong mode, so then you're gonna right click flip horizontal and then you're just gonna put that over It still doesn't match that size. That's a joy, Enormous head. So we're just gonna keep scaling at this point. Most of the time, I like to click the opacity and bring the A pass ity down on the face that were adding so that I can see the other face underneath and kind of get a vibe of where that's supposed to go. So then I just kind of turn it as needed, scale it down. And sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not it fits like that might fit. And so then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna zoom out and then realize her head is still way too big for her body so that I'm gonna zoom back in and just scale, and I'm can kind of go a little bit out of time. Um, let's collect the check mark here and see if that fits. That almost fits, but for me, it still seems like it might be slightly too large, just a smidge smaller. We don't have to go to significantly here. We just want to make sure that it fits, and I think that looks pretty good. So now we're in here, and that looks decent. Um, with how we cut it out and stuff. It's still it pretty much matches the body. But we still have these. If you zoom in it all you we have these chunks of where her original hair is and her skin tone doesn't match, and then our dads images a lot more noisy. So let's fix all that. Um, the first thing I like to dio is I bring the capacity even more down on my new figure, and then I open up my embrace tool, and this is way too big, So I'm gonna pick a much smaller size brush. I like using the soft around brush for this, and I'm going to a race. Just enough. Um, just a little bit. And I'm gonna leave some of her original hair, make sure the capacity is all the way up on the structure. I'm gonna leave some of her original hair so that her hairline looks natural. And then I'm just gonna erase a little bit where the dad's figures hair is to give her kind of ah or matching look. And we can also see that the characters face because that's right. There is the character skin tone, and that's way too dark for the face we have on here now. So I'm just gonna a race a little bit, and it's fine for now, but we are gonna fix that. But, you know, we want these little strands of hair. I try not to a race around the eyes because those air kind of hard to fake and fix, uh and then I'm gonna bring the opacity back up and just see how that looks, how it fits. It seems like her head is tilted a little bit too much this way. So I'm gonna click my V button or my selection tool or my move tool. And then I'm just gonna turn her head just slightly more. Not anything significant, Not any significant amount. And then remember, her face is a lot lighter than what I have here. So spin it. Actually, now that I'm looking at, it seems pretty big still, so I'm gonna bring that down just a teensy bit. And this is where you just you're gonna want to do a lot of adjusting, and it may be frustrating, but it will be worth it. And then I'm gonna go to image adjustments, brightness, contrast. And what I like to do here is I like to bring down the brightness. Not too awfully much, but maybe, like as much as, like, 40 and then I'm gonna bring up that contrast. But we can see her face is still a lot redder then the face of our actual Daz character. And then we can also see there's kind of a pretty heavy line right there. So I'm gonna click, had it undo redo the brightness contrast just to get it placed, right that I'm gonna take my erase tool, make it a little bit bigger and then decrease my a pass it e a bit and just kind of clean up these edges and you can go do you simply far into the face. You don't want to go too far, but you can go decently far into the face. But this just gives a really good fade even though the colors don't match yet whenever they do, it'll give a really good faith in. But that's something you're gonna wanna again. That's something you're gonna wanna play with quite a bit. Not see, I'm gonna edit, do and you can edit, undo. You can go back and redo it like I do, and quite a bit just whatever you need to do to make it work on. And then you could Also, even when you go back, you can actually change your brightness and contrast before you do all this extra adjusting . And that contrast makes it look really nice. Um, but again, the color is all wrong on her face. It's gonna go back into her face, and then I'm gonna click image adjustments, hue, saturation, and I'm gonna take this Hugh Slider and just bump it up. I'm not gonna do any significant amount. Like I'm usually it's usually less than 10. So, like, eight, it's already starting to get that yellow tone quite a bit. So I'm gonna just go up to nine on there said that the tone is a lot closer on there so that it matches better. So now I'm going to go in, can redo my racing just around, gonna bring my capacity up, and I'm gonna actually use this bigger it raised tool with the opacity all the way up, and I'm just gonna go very gently around like her cheekbones and stuff. Um, and just try to get this to match up with the dad's figure as well. And I'm gonna go very gently around. I don't want to go too hard or we're gonna get like, See, I've got ugly linesman edit, undo or control Z, And I'm just gonna actually leave that this cheek how it is, cause otherwise I get this really ugly line and it's kind of up to you. What you decide toe leave and what you decide needs to stay. So I like having her hairline. I like this stock photo had a bit of a shadow here already, because oftentimes will have to erase into the doubts things and then go do more adjusting . But I don't really need to do that on this one. So now we can see that her face kind of matches the figure, but it's like the figure isn't as contrast is the face. So we're going Teoh studio head a little more, get it all angled, how we want it, and then we're gonna take a look. I like zooming out um, decently. Far to kind of give a sense if it feels wrong, you'll kind of now because you don't want to stay zoomed in or like the whole time. You don't want to stay zoomed in or it's just not gonna do what you need it to. I'm like I noticed her face looked a little large still, So I zoomed out to see if I needed to decrease her face size. I think it looks a lot better now. It matches size of it better. But then I see that I've got these lines here on these cheekbones. So I'm actually gonna click on Archer Lady, which is my jazz figure, and then click, filter liquefy. And then one stop pulls up, I'm going to zoom in way upon her face and you'll see that you can mostly see her face, but you can sort of see the face of the part over top. So I'm just gonna use this little push tool, the forward warp tool, and I'm just gonna kind of push her features around him in the lower her ear a little bit, and I'm gonna make her you're a little smaller and then I'm gonna move her chin up. I like moving the chin up a bit on my dad's figures. Just so then my stock image. Chin kind of covers it up completely. Um, so then we can see that those features then clicked. It moved thinker, so we can see that her face still matches her body pretty decently. But we're still having that contrast issue. So what I'm gonna do, especially with the dark's what I'm gonna do now to make sure the darks match is I'm gonna click this Archer lady figure and then click select up at my top bar color range and then shadows. And I want Onley to pick the darkest shadows. All of the white on here that we see is all of the highlight or is all of the darkest parts . So I want to make sure we get just the really, really dark parts on the image. And that way we're not darkening to awfully much so I'm gonna go about 30 to maybe even 20 . I think 20 would be good on my range, so it will select thought and then I'm gonna click image adjustments, brightness, contrast that I'm just gonna decrease my brightness by, like, 20 and then I'm gonna click my selection tool and see that way just all of the dark parts of the image have gotten a little darker just on that layer. It will select all the layers and stuff, but I'll then go in and just But if you have this part selected, then it'll only make the adjustments on the layer that you have selected so we can see that dark ended up quite a bit. But I'm still not really liking how her face matches up. So I'm gonna actually adjust our brightness and contrast a bit more. Let's see about increasing brightness. And here you're gonna wanna kind of just play around a lot until you like it. I think actually, adjusting the brightness fixed it and you want to make sure her skin tone matches her neck and then her hands or whatever other parts are showing. So now we can see that we've got this face, it's not quite up. I'm getting I'm just gonna turn it at an absurd amount. I'm not gonna do that. Just I'm gonna turn it a little more just to see it matching, and I think that looks pretty good. I think we're pretty much done on here. And then what I like to do is I select the Archer lady figure again and then select color range. And this time I'm just gonna do highlights because we have some pretty bright highlights on her face. So I'm gonna allow myself to dio so much bigger selection of colors for our highlights on her. And then I'm going to just bring those up a bit. Not a significant, not a two significant amount, but just like 17 is fine. Just de select that. And that kind of brings the contrast up on her body as well. So there you have it. We have replaced her face. Um, we kept the hair on the figure, and then I didn't have to add new hair. And this way, you've got a really realistic looking face without having to do all of the work of here onto the next lesson. 5. Advanced Face Swap: Okay, so here, we're going to do something a little more complicated. It's gonna look like this as our final product, but we're not quite there yet, so let's get started over. So I'm gonna go in to my dad's folder hand, find that figure here she is on. I want her to fit on the steps. Why? Don't keep making them so small. So I'm gonna try putting her right in the middle. And the reason this one's a little more complicated is for one, there is a lot more hair in her face, and then her face is also at a kind of difficult angle. So we're gonna start by doing the same things last time. Last arise, and then brightness calm. Trust. Uh, bright contrast, E beautiful cover, girl. So then I'm going to go into my downloads folder, which is where I keep all money images. Let's see, I know I have one that matches this angle, which it's this one right here. And sometimes you can get some. Really? We heard images. Four. Your face is here. So this one, I'm just gonna use this easy selection, get some of her hairline completely undo all of that because that didn't work at all. Magnetic lasso tool. I've only recently started using the magnetic lasso tool. So that's why I am not just automatically going to it. This looked around, select some of her hair for that hairline, and then see, I've got this little extra bump, so I'm actually gonna click this, which will de select whatever. Whatever I highlight. There you go. And then I'm just going Teoh Command J, which is copy and paste that I'm just gonna delete that, have this giant floating head. That's terrifying. Yeah, I don't think that fits. So I'm gonna decrease the size. Make sure your check and circle right click here Flip horizontal because I wanted to match , and I'm gonna just shrink it, turn it of it. Should get some more. It's a whole process, You guys okay? That's okay. So now Oh, goodness. We're going to say that works for now. And then we'll fix it here in a minute. Okay, So and then here we go. So I'm gonna decrease the A passage e on here pretty low, and then I'm just gonna erase the edges of her hair. And the reason this one's difficult is because there's a lot of hair in her face, what we're hearing over here. But we don't want to erase too much before we know her face fits, and it's at such a weird angle that we want to make sure the angle works as well. So I'm going to do this and then I'm gonna kind of on focus my eyes to stare at it. It's a whole sitting that seems, Let's see that seems to fit her forehead is a little bit off to the side, but we're not gonna worry too much about that because it's actually not gonna be showing. So it should match up pretty decently now. So I'm going to decrease or a pass ity. Um, I wanted pretty low because I wanna be able to see her hair, because then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna erase along here where her hair is, where the dad's figures Harris specifically because I really want that all shipping. But I don't want to mess up her actual hairline either, that I'm going to increase capacity, and it looks like that sort of fits. I'm not really liking forehead very much. It seems like her head is very far down. And I think part of that is that hair dio. So I'm gonna actually bring that up a bit, bring my capacity down. And like, a lot of this is just trial and error, you know, racing bringing it back, etcetera. I'm gonna bring that up Decrease that, Um I think that sort of fits doesn't quite fit as well inside, like so to make this fit because it is the right angle. But there's just a lot that's awkward about it. I'm gonna change where this is gonna move her head up a little bit. But then my dad's figures chin is too low. And so that's where I'm going to use that liquefy tool. Make sure you click your dad's figure Which mine is US capture. Will girl click filter Do not just click filter liquefy from when you last used it. Because then it will just do the same thing it did last time. You used it. Want to read? Do it because you don't want the same exact place in the image messed with, because then it will just be all sorts of odd. So I'm just gonna bring her chin up a bit. I don't care if my dad's figure has a weird face at this point. So I'm just gonna bring that up a bit, hide her chin, and then I'm going to take this girl. And then again, I'm going to do that, decrease my brightness like a lot and then increase my contrast. Maybe not that much. One minute increased my contrast. E think that works for now. But I can see that she's got a lot more saturation in her face. It's the same tone, but it's a lot more saturated. So I'm gonna actually decrease the saturation on just the face. Not a ton. Just like 13. Negative 13 on there. And actually, I'm not sure how I feel about the chin. I'm gonna actually go back. I'm gonna undo my liquefy, and I'm actually gonna make just cause I like how it looks better. I'm gonna actually make the desk in the girl's riel chin. So I'm just gonna erase around there, remember how her face doesn't matter. So now she just has a really weird, scary chin. But that's why we do our brightness and contrast adjustments. So we've got that I like that chin a lot better. Just seems a bit fuller than the stock image, But we can also see in this one. In our previous one, we didn't see the noise nearly as much. But you can really see how much noise there is. So with my face selected, which I'm gonna really Well, this is face just so I know what it is. So with my face elected, I'm going to click Command J. Or if you're not on a Mac Control J, and then I'm gonna call it Click Filter Other, not other. My brain isn't working. You guys, um, filter noise, have noise, and I'm gonna do quite a bit about nine or 10. Because then I could actually just decrease the A pass it on this to make the noise match about where it is on the other arm. Because then I can just right click, merge down, and then it matches quite a bit better. And I'm gonna also do my saturation because I do not do that this time. I really liked the consecutive 10 ish, I think works really well. Um, her face is a little bit pinker in tone than the dad's figure. So I'm just gonna go in here hue saturation, and I'm just gonna orange her up a little like three. Like anything more. And it's way too much. So I'm gonna go, like, three percent up and then here, still not totally digging the chin. And I promised the noise a look better. Once you're zoomed out when it zoomed in, it doesn't match as well. But what I'm gonna do is I don't really like the channel Miss Dad's figure. So I'm just gonna use my patch tool over here selected and just kind of adjusted. And then I'm gonna do you my adjustments more and this again, it's just it's a whole process, so it's going to take a few minutes to get it. Totally correct. But once you have it about where you want it and you zoom out and you look, then it's gonna end up looking really nice. It doesn't look. We try to keep it from looking up natural, and so part of that is getting good dads for years with realistic skin, and then part of it is getting a good image, a good stock image that matches the angle of the dazzle under your using Part of the reason I do my own dad's renders is because I can have full control over the posing if I have a stock image that I want to match instead of vice versa. So, yeah, it seems, ah, lot more difficult to do the hair. But if you do the erasing and you just do it really carefully, huh? Don't be too hard on yourself if you need to undo and redo stuff. I have to do it all the time, and I've been doing this for a while, so, yeah, just to keep an eye, watch it and you can adjust it as needed. And then you can come up with some really nice, really realistic renders without having to get a bold figure and then figure out how to do hair. I still have no idea how to to custom hair, because I just use figures with hair and then replace the face. So if you have any questions, let me know in the comments, and then show me some renders that you've done, and I will include a link in the description for some dads figures that you can use. And like I said on splash dot com is a really good resource for free stock images. You just don't want to use them professionally. You don't want to use them to sell because you can get sued. So whenever you move on to doing it professionally, please please please use shutter stock images that you are buying and paying for. Even if you're making book covers for yourself, you just want to make sure that you have the licensing on that image.