Amazon SEO , Reviews & Listing Optimization SECRETS In 2020 (PART 3)

Sumner Hobart, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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25 Lessons (3h 15m)
    • 1. Want More Amazon Sales While You Sleep WITHOUT Spending A Dime? Watch This...

    • 2. Amazon Listing Optimization Explained

    • 3. Want To Optimize Your Amazon Listing Like 8-Figure Sellers?

    • 4. The #1 Amazon Keyword Research Tool for 100% FREE!

    • 5. The BEST Keywords To Use In Your Listing For FREE (Not Taught Anywhere Else!) - Part 2

    • 6. Save HOURS of Manual Labor With This FREE Keyword Tool

    • 7. PROVEN Step-by-Step Amazon Product Title Formula

    • 8. Ethically Steal Your Competitors' Most Precious Keywords

    • 9. 2 (SECRET) Amazon Backend Keyword Hacks

    • 10. Craft HYPNOTIC Bullet Points That Turn Window Shoppers To Red-Hot BUYERS!

    • 11. 2 FREE Ninja Hacks To Make Your Bullets POP From The Page!

    • 12. Crank Up Your Conversion Rate In As Little As 5 Minutes for FREE!

    • 13. Step-By-Step Amazon Product Listing Description Template

    • 14. Be 100% CERTAIN You're Listing Is "Showing Up" For Important Keywords

    • 15. STUNNING Amazon Product Photos WITHOUT Breaking The Bank

    • 16. Simple Trick to Make Your Listing LIGHTNING FAST For More Potential Sales!

    • 17. Difference Between 'Good' & 'Bad' Amazon Listings

    • 18. CORRECTLY Categorize Your Amazon Product

    • 19. Here's Where Everything Goes In Seller Central...

    • 20. INSTANT BOOST In Conversion Rates With This Simple Trick!

    • 21. Get More Sales In As Little As 10 MINUTES With This Little-Known Hack!

    • 22. Improve Your Customer Service AND RANK With This Secret Q&A Hack!

    • 23. SECRET Amazon Q&A Hack #2

    • 24. Want Even More?

    • 25. Final Step!

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About This Class

★★★ How To Gain A MASSIVE Boost In Conversions, Reviews, Rank & SALES Starting TODAY! ★★★

(This works EVEN IF you have ZERO experience or have tried before and failed.)

Did you know the average conversion rate for Amazon Sellers is a measly 9.5%?

This means out of every 10 people you send to your Amazon listing, on average, less than 1 will end up making a purchase!

For perspective, my average Amazon listing conversion rate (# of people who visit my listing ÷ # of people who actually buy) is 16.5% and is as high as 27.5% for certain products!

Imagine if you could increase your Amazon listing’s conversion rate from 9.5% to 16.5%?

If sell an item for $20.00 on Amazon you would make an extra $14,000 from every 10,000 visitors to your Amazon listing!

If you increased your conversion rate from 9.5% to 27.5% (which is completely possible) you would see an extra $36,000 from every 10,000 visitors to your listing!

Over the course of weeks, months and years this can add up to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (or more) and the best part is it doesn’t need to cost you a dime!

You’re probably thinking, “HOW?!” or “This sounds too good to be true!”.

Luckily for you, gaining exponentially more conversions, reviews, rank & sales STARTING TODAY is completely possible and laid out for you step-by-step.

Let me introduce you to the Amazon Listings Secrets Course!

In this course you will…

  • Gain 100% FREE access to the most POWERFUL Amazon keyword research tool on the planet. (Lecture 4)

  • Effortlessly craft HYPNOTIC bullet points that get customers to CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCT over the competition. (Lecture 9)

  • How to make your Amazon copy POP, WITHOUT breaking Amazon TOS. (Lecture 10)

  • Breathtaking Amazon product photography WITHOUT breaking the bank. (Lecture 14)

  • 7 ways to get more Amazon reviews FAST! (Lecture 25)

  • SKYROCKET your Amazon product reviews on autopilot WHILE YOU SLEEP! (Lecture 28)

  • Amazon hijackers - what they are and how to OBLITERATE THEM from your Amazon listing in seconds! (Lecture 33)

  • Save HOURS with 3 PROVEN, plug-and-play templates to create THE BEST title, bullets & description for YOUR Amazon listing! ($200 Value)


Why do I (Sumner) have one single ounce of credibility to teach this topic?

First, I’m an actual Amazon Seller that gets results (170% - 290% higher conversion rate than the average seller).


Second, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of Amazon Sellers in the same position as you get RIDICULOUSLY better results with their own Amazon listings.

Don’t believe me?

Great! Here are just a few Amazon Sellers I’ve been able to help with this very course:

★★★★★ “ATTENTION: I have taken many "highly rated" courses from big names like Ben Cummings, Seller Tradecraft, Kevin David(lol) etc. This is my fav course from Sumner. I can tell he has put his blood,sweat and tears in his courses. I still cannot believe he is given this amount of value at this price. Every single course I have taken was missing some info that is needed to succeed, so they can upsell their advance course (lol). Please listen when I tell you that his courses is the only one's you need to succeed. Thank you sooo much Sumner!!! I can tell you are truly genuine. Bless up!” - Reese

★★★★★ “Sumner = Awesome! This course is full extremely valuable content. I have been working in Amazon for the last couple of years and i have learned so many nuggets of information that i need to go through the entire course again to make sure that i catch everything he discusses. He's a great teacher and brings a fresh approach with concise steps that you can't just get from watching YT. Thanks Sumner!” - Dan F

★★★★★ “Sumner is an enjoyably intense teacher. His style is a breath of fresh air. Half way through this first course I went and purchased his other courses. I started studying FBA a couple of months ago and he is the best teacher I have seen. I am confident that I will implement what I have learned (I may have to watch a lot of it a second time, the info content level is amazing) but ultimately I'm sure it will make me money and aid me in my quest.” - Erbium D

★★★★★ “It was awesome to learn more tips and tricks which I didn't know before I was working on improving my listing in amazon. Now I have implemented not all but some of the lessons taught by Sumner Hobart. It proved to be very good.” - Dhabdeshwaran K

★★★★★ “Great Course! There is a lot of information in this course so I would recommend that everybody watch the course at least twice. The first time you should take notes and the second time you should take action.” - Anthony G

★★★★★ “I have just started the course but already Sumner has shared some very important tricks on how to make your listing stand out. I can’t wait to complete the course. It definitely has a wealth of information.” - Folashade A

★★★★★ “Excellent course with actionable info. No generic information here. I was looking to systematize my Amazon PPC process and this course definitely delivered. Nice job Sumner!” - Blake O

Just like all of these students have said, you’re going to learn ALL of the secret strategies, methods & tools that YOU NEED to optimize your Amazon listing for more conversions, reviews, rank & SALES starting RIGHT NOW!

BONUS: Along with all of the other life-changing content in this course you will ALSO gain 100% FREE ACCESS to the complete Amazon PPC step-by-step guide for even more profitable Amazon sales!

TRY IT RISK FREE: If this course doesn’t exponentially improve your Amazon listing’s ability to generate insane amounts of cash the only thing you will "lose" is a few minutes of time. That's it!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

ENROLL NOW and gain an insane boost in conversions, rank, reviews and PROFIT starting right now!

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