Amazon S3 Part One An Introduction | Steve Dougherty | Skillshare
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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction To Amazon S3 part one

    • Lesson 1 What is Amazon S3

    • Lesson 2 S3 Pricing

    • Lesson 3 S3 Pricing Calculator

    • Lesson 4 S3 Signup


About This Class


Amazon S3 An Introduction

This class will introduce you to the power and benefits and costs of Amazon's Simple Storage Service aka S3.

I've been using Amazon S3 since 2008 and while there are other cloud based storage services (some are free), I think S3 is the best. 

Amazon S3 is one of the products offered by Amazon’s Web Services, also known as AWS.

AWS is like a toolbox and S3 is like one of the many tools in that toolbox that offers. S3 is short of simple storage service and is kind of like your computer’s hard drive, only with unlimited storage space.

In this class, Amazon S3 Part One, we will cover

  • What Is Amazon S3
  • How To Figure The Pricing (after your first year is FREE)
  • Using The Pricing Calculator
  • Signing Up For Amazon S3

If you have ever looked into using Amazon S3 but was quickly lost in the jungle of outdated & hard to understand documents then my class will be a breath of fresh air.

I encourage you to join this class and learn the major benefits of using Amazon S3 for your online storage needs.

When you join this class your project will be to sign up for your S3 account.

I am your safety net in case you have any questions so lets dive in.

- Steve Dougherty





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Steve Dougherty

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I've been fascinated with how things work for as long as I can remember. Many of the things I've learned over the years are a result of trial & error and people telling me I can't do that without telling me why - so I find out the hard way.

It is through many of those lessons that I've developed a system of learning new things in a way that I can more easily pass that knowledge on without a lot of techno-jargon.

I try to teach in t...

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