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Amazon Prime Publishing with Video Direct!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Welcome to Amazon video direct for publishing on Amazon Prime!

    • 2. How much money am I earning with Amazon?

    • 3. What is the worst feature in Amazon video direct?

    • 4. Why is reaching Amazon Prime members a huge opportunity?

    • 5. Surprising requirements found in the legal terms

    • 6. Is uploading a standalone or episodic series better?

    • 7. How to create, edit, and upload the videos

    • 8. Earning the first minutes watched with marketing to friends and family

    • 9. Would you help me teach this Amazon video direct class?

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About This Class

Would you like to see how to reach hundreds of millions of Amazon Prime customers using Amazon Video Direct to earn money for every minute watched?  Watch this video class today to see inside the opportunity for online teachers and entrepreneurs!  See how much money I am making after uploading my first video!  Hear the limitations including the captions requirement and strict customer satisfaction guidelines!  Decide by the end whether it is worth your time to start publishing your videos with AVD!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to Amazon video direct for publishing on Amazon Prime!: Welcome to Amazon Video Direct. This is how you get your videos available on Amazon Prime Amazon Prime is a service that I am a subscriber to. It allows to day free shipping, and it also if you've heard of Netflix. It's similar to Netflix, except when you have Amazon prime. You get two days shipping on all Amazon orders, and you get access to all of the Amazon Prime video. Amazon Prime Video means that prime members can watch all of your videos for free on Amazon and similar to skill share you earn based on the number of minutes you watched. I'm currently earning about 30 or $40 with just ah couple of hours of video on Amazon Video Direct. Right now, I'm excited to share exactly how to get videos on Amazon Video Direct. I will share the ups and downs of getting videos on Amazon. The biggest up if you actually get something that people really like on Amazon Video Direct , there's massive upside because Amazon has so much traffic. You see the company ER, and there's all kinds of these air shows and movies that are included with Amazon prime. You see if you get something people love. You have access to a gigantic audience at the same time. It's not that easy to get started with Amazon Video Direct because you have to have caption files. And Amazon's terms and conditions about what you can upload seem to be a bit restrictive in some areas, especially if you're used to being able to get your courses up on websites where the conditions for up loading or not as restrictive they're all share the ups and downs with you here in an opportunity I hope is great for all of us. 2. How much money am I earning with Amazon?: How much am I actually earning with Amazon Video Direct watched by Amazon prime members. Currently, I'm earning anywhere from 20 to $50 a month with just 12 or so. Our test video about Lennox. Now what I love about Amazon video directors, there's almost no competition. Now look at this. You search for Lennox. The only videos these to come up these air both my videos. I paid a freelancer to make about two hours of video. These are two different seasons of one show, and you might look at the reviews and think there's not even hardly anyone watching these. These are good. Currently, for about 20 to $50 a month will do the calculator here and see how much we're getting per minute watched. And to do this the most effectively I really need. I would really need to go directly over to the exact time. Period, however, will just do a rough estimate here. This says estimated income so we'll put this previous months have been around $38 so we'll do the same here and say around $30 to around 3157 59 minutes. Streams so we're just going to do an approximate calculation here. I'll bring the calculator over and we'll do this together. So let's just say it will be 3000 159 minutes divided by, let's say, about $31.59 you're looking at about ah, 100 minutes. Watched gives you about a dollar off income, so if you get 3100 minutes watched, then you're looking at a $31 of income. So currently it looks like 100 minutes watched is worth a dollar, which I'm not going to use the calculator for this. That means it's about one cent per minute watched. Now that doesn't seem grave. For example, skill share pays about five cents per minute watched. Therefore, you might think, Well, that's not that great in terms of how much I'm going to earn, especially when you consider the cost of getting close captions on. It doesn't seem that lucrative to get started with, especially when you look at a huge topic on websites that sell classes. Lennix is a gigantic topic, making a bunch of money, and you're looking there is almost no competition here people are watching these linens videos, and it's only earning 22 $50 a month. I think that there's a big opportunity on Amazon because of the huge potential upside. What we've got on Amazon is asymmetrical risk. It means that the downside is not that down. And yet, if you actually get something that's popular that people really like, there's huge potential upside. I think Amazon Prime presents a wide open opportunity to make lots of different classes and potentially earn very good income. So I'm going to start getting my classes up on Amazon for available on Amazon Prime by using Amazon video Direct. And I'm excited to see this is what I'm getting out of a two hour long video. Now, what I've just recently submitted is this speaker meaning this is 12 hours of video. The longer the more videos there are obviously the chance there is to earn Ah, lot more minutes washed. I'm just getting started. I've tested out this a bun to linens now for months, beforehand to see, and I have now decided it is worth it to take Amazon prime using Amazon video direct. Seriously, I'm excited you started this here with me and I'll continue sharing more about going into Amazon video direct with you 3. What is the worst feature in Amazon video direct?: What is the worst part about Amazon Video Direct? The worst part about Amazon Video Direct is the upload ING interface. There are things that are mandatory on here that you must do or you can't upload. You need to have your key art on here. You must have key art both in a 16 by nine format and bite a 43 Now that's not a big deal into individually. But you do have to actually put screenshots that meet Amazon's terms, which necessitate you have. Whatever the title is called in here and then a screenshot with it, you must beat Amazon's terms here. Now. The uploading interface is also a nightmare in the sense that you have to actually have the videos ready before you go to upload it. And here's the very worst part. I think, by the way, you'll love my Amazon Video Direct Speaker Meeting 2017. If it actually gets approved, this is the very worst part of the interface. You have to upload what's called a mezzanine file, and you have to upload captions in the correct format with every single video. This is the biggest limitation to doing Amazon video direct because it seems most online courses I have watched and seen online out of seeing thousands. Most of them do not have captions. You either need to be able to do your own captions if you're on a low budget, or you need to get your captions outsourced if you have the budget to get that done. And unfortunately it's very cheap, I think, to get captions done now. I spent I used another website called rev dot com, which has a very fast turnaround. In just a few days, I got captions for this entire video season. 12 hours of video cost me about $700 or so to get that done in captions. Fortunately, my friend Michael has introduced me to a lower cost option, which I will show you. It's on. My resource is Page, and this is what I have just started using. I'm now using Go transcript for my captions, and if you click on this link to go try go transcript over here, I will be very grateful because I do get a small affiliate commission. If and I think I get some commissions for the life of your account, it would you. If you want to get commissions, give go Transcript a crime because they will. Also, I had my friend Michel Guerard refer me to go transcript. They gave me a $10 credit because I used his affiliate Link. The nice thing about go transcript is the pricing is, especially if you do bulk discount. It's is low. It's 72 cents a minute, and if you want a transcript out of it, as well as the close captions files, it's cheaper. I'm grateful that I found Go transcript over here because at 72 cents a minute, I can definitely afford to go ahead and get captions done for videos. For Amazon direct the worst part about this particular interface that you have to have everything ready all at once. So you need to have all the videos done, all the captions done in the correct format, and then you upload all of it together so you can't work on the title in the synopsis because if you go to save it over here and I'll give you an error, you've gotta upload the mezzanine file and Amazon's format. She got upload the caption the way they want to, And then you can just add individual episodes to a season. Thankfully, you can do in a season one episode at a time, and if you have something like a class, it might be nice to do it in an episodic format. However, you might prefer to do it also as a stand alone, because a stand alone if it gets a negative ratings only going to affect that one video. If you do an episodic and, for example, if my speaker meeting, I've chosen to do it in episodic. If people don't like one season of it, that rating will negatively affect it. However, I think that there's much bigger potential doing an episodic like a TV show or a Web series . So this is the very worst part about using Amazon Video Direct. That I've found so far is the requirement to have closed captions when you upload 4. Why is reaching Amazon Prime members a huge opportunity?: what is the very best part about Amazon Video Direct and how to get started with that? I think I just Googled number of Amazon prime subscribers. And apparently there are 65 million Amazon prime subscribers in the United States or 65 million. Whatever the upside is possible with Amazon Video Direct is massive, while I think getting started with Amazon Prime as a option to make money using Amazon Video Direct, while I think that is much more difficult to get started with the nearly any other platform because off the lack of competition in many areas people aren't looking for because of the caption requirements because off the exact video file formats, because it takes quite a while to get paid. For example, these earnings that I have You look on my dashboard there actually months behind. I'm not getting paid. I think my most recent payment was for November 2000 and 16. I got that in February 2000 and 17. Amazon Prime does not pay out very quick to Amazon Video direct. There's a bunch of downsides, however, if you're able to get past those downsides, there's massive upside possible, and I'm excited I think if they actually prove my speaker meeting as a TV show an episodic Siri's. I think something like this has the chance to be Wayne higher on the upside than almost any other website I've ever been on. I've had the top 10 course on a website that's one of the top 200 or something in the world . For it's the number one online course selling website that produced several $100,000. I think getting something up to the very top of Amazon prime could be worth not just money , but much more in terms of publicity, because 65 million that is a massive number off people. And if you can get out of the bottom essentially, if you can get those first few reviews. If you can get something that people really love and enjoy, you can get it recommended. Alongside best selling movies. You can get it recommended alongside Amazon original series, and if you're looking at getting paid one cent a minute and you've got 65 million potential subscribers to reach just in the US alone, plus there's Mawr in other countries, there's a massive upside there. I think if you have something that's truly a breakthrough and especially something I think Amazon Video Direct makes for a great opportunity to put out some of those more general courses because there's not a lot of people currently. It seems that air searching for the technical courses on Amazon prime what it does seem, though, if you can get something that really moves people. I'm trying with my speaker meeting here. This is just and to me, an unbelievable thing. I've never seen anything like this. I go honestly into all these areas of addiction, my sex problem, alcoholism, gambling. I go into all these things in amazing and intimate detail, and I think something like this. If people actually like it, it has the chance to have an unbelievable upside. So what I love about Amazon Video Direct is the potential for an unbelievable upside. There's no other service I know off. That's a paying a subscriber based service that has this many subscribers that provides this level of upside. And the best part is I don't have to sell anything either. These are people who already are paying subscribers, and all I need to do is upload the video and then it is up to me. Once this gets approved, you can see I just submitted this over the weekend. It still as not, it's still in the approval phase. It's working on publishing. Once this gets published, it is up to me to try and get those first few prime members, people who already are following me to go get those very first reviews on it to go start watching on Amazon prime. However, once I do the initial work, then I just trust Amazon's process. And if for some reason I ever make one thing that people love on Amazon Prime, the distribution is absolutely amazing. Can you imagine having what you've created be referenced and recommended next to things like Indiana Jones having it recommended next to Amazon original series? There's that potential on Amazon Prime. If you're willing to take the shot at going for the very top, then I think Amazon Video Direct might be great for you. At the same time, I wouldn't rely on it to be a complete source of income. I'm grateful because I'm earning enough to do my business on selling course on my website by having skill share premium members and enrollments. I'm grateful that, like essentially, don't need to make any money off of Amazon video Direct if Amazon Video Direct if the caption. If the money it takes to get the captions simply pay for themselves, I want to just keep putting things on Amazon video direct to just keep swinging for that Grand Slam. And if I happen to hit a Grand slam with anything on Amazon video direct, then I have the chance to have this be my number one source of income. And I'm grateful to see that that will take patients. There's no way that up loading video on Amazon video direct that I'm going to all of the sudden get right next to all of these box office bestsellers Amazon original series. However, the potential is there, so I'm grateful you've experienced this with may. I hope this is helpful for you to see what is possible with Amazon Video Direct 5. Surprising requirements found in the legal terms: one of the requirements for videos and for content when up loading with Amazon Video Direct . I feel this is one of the most helpful things I can share with you, so that, you know, up front. If you want to put things on Amazon video, direct exactly what format you need it in and what to avoid. I've learned after getting banned from selling hundreds of thousands of dollars earned and millions of dollars in sales, I've learned to look at the terms and conditions in detail before I get started with anything. Now, I encourage you to do the same. You confined those when you're signed into Amazon Video Direct, you go over to the support link, you click on support, and then, oh, there's a few different things that are really worth looking at now. Take you through these right now. First, the technical specifications. You want to learn exactly what formats to get your video In a long story short, you want to use 1920 by 10 80 full HD video. You want to get them into correct file of formats. You can click on file format and what I do I use final cut Pro X with the H 264 in an MP four container with high profile, you can do it in other ways. This seems to me one of the ways to get the smallest file size at a great resolution. You can do pro rez or other formats if you want. Notice some formats, like Pro Resume Teoh involved producing a gigantic video file that may take a very long time. Upload. Make sure you are able to get your file into the right format first. For example, they don't take M. O V wrappers for the files. Once you've got the file format, you've looked over that. Then you want to check, especially the caption format. If you use 1/3 party service like rev dot com that I used for speaker meeting or go transcript that I recommended off of my website than this will allow you to get the captions and many different formats. These air the formats that Amazon video direct except for captions, and I've been using the SRT files. The nice thing is on red dot com. If for some reason those don't work, I can just get a different format and put that directly up there. If you do them yourself, it may be challenging to get the exact formatting correct. The art also has all of its own requirements, which, if you are putting art on a bunch of different websites, this may be challenging. Note, please for their policy. No weapons, violent sex or drugs, which I think is nice is a user. And the challenges you need different sizes when you're doing episodic titles, which something like a season, you need to have this 1600 by 1200 then you need to also have a regular HD, meaning if you may need to create an additional cover image specifically for Amazon. Further, you need to look at the Graphic Assets Guide to see exactly how Amazon works Now. They don't want videos like this for their policy, and they also then have safe areas where they present logos and potentially other interface items overtop the image of put in here. Amazon also, once I know this conflicts directly with what some other websites want. For example, Facebook ads, they don't want text. Amazon wants you. In fact, it seems they require you to have your title directly on the image. For example, if you look at this, you'll see the title. Love and friendship is in the actual image. You need text in the image, and you need it done in a certain way. They don't want it over an actor's face, for example, how it's directly over the face here. So I encourage you to read over the Amazon guide for their graphic assets, as I just did. I have tried in my cover images, and hopefully I did it correctly. I've got mine set up like you can see here, Speaker Meeting 2017 and I've got that set up in each of these different formats. Another thing that is very important to look at is exactly what can you do and not do in your videos. If you click on the illegal tab over here and then you look over to Amazon video direct content policy guidelines another, some surprising things in here that have encouraged me to start making things with Amazon video direct in mind beforehand. Because other websites allow much more flexibility, Amazon doesn't want any offensive content, which is perjury, straightforward. Now I've in Speaker meeting 2017 I've described some sexual situations. However, there's not anything like pornography or anything that's in great detail. Description of sexual acts or nudity. If you're considering making anything sexually violent, graphic, dangerous or unlawful, hateful harassment, then obviously you probably don't want to put that anywhere. And Amazon Video Direct is on there. Now off with the copyright and trademark and public domain are pretty straightforward. However, there is a little surprising element on here under poor customer experience. That's why spend the time to take you through. This Here is something that is surprising. We don't accept videos that contain external links or otherwise provide a poor customer experience. Now you click. Learn more and you meet. What do you mean poor customer experience? You obviously you don't have the audio video matching cover image to notice this little one here. This. I hope you've taken the time to watch this, and I guess since you're here, you have. There are some sneaky little things on Amazon video Direct this one little thing content that contains a cover image which does not include a title name, A little sneaky quality issue here that you have to go through several support articles to find. Fortunately, I've isolated here. If your captions are honest sink, here's another thing. Content that contains water marks, logos or references to an inaccurate distribution channel. If you've got a the watermark of some other logo or website on your video is I've seen on class on other websites which have watermarks for then other websites. Those air not loud. I often put these banners up. However, when I'm making something for Amazon Video Direct. I'm not allowed to do that, so you'll notice that I have not done that in this video. As in some of my other classes, I've try and put banners and you'll see another one for that down here. He obviously another thing here. Functionality or calls to action that are unsupported in Amazon video application. If in your class that you're using on another website, you tell people to make a class project, you tell people opposed to discussion. Those aren't supported on Amazon. Amazon asked you to not do that in their websites, so you need to take out. You may need to edit or do lectures separately that you've placed in another for uploading on another website and you are not allowed to duplicate content. That's in another Amazon video, similar to many other websites where you might put your videos. You need tohave content that is unique and specific and not copy it among different videos on Amazon. Then you are not allowed either toe have content that does not rely on a video experience on some of my audiobook recordings. I did. I put those on another website by simply putting a screenshot with the audio over. An Amazon video. Direct does not allow you to do that. You're not allowed to do things that are freely available on the Web. Now here's the thing that was of most interest to me. You obviously you're not allowed to imply a partnership with Amazon, however, what you're also not allowed to do content that contains a you Earl external link are called to action outside the Amazon video application. So, while I can show you, the resource is I use as a part of the class, I'm not allowed to go put a banner on top off my video featuring an external link to asking you to go there. I'm not allowed to give you a specific call the action in that goes outside the Amazon video application. So this is a very tricky because, especially when you're doing something like education. If I show you how to get to a resource, I end up having to tell you Well, that's on my website, and you can go there to get to it. I mean, there's obviously certain flexibility that's necessary, but Amazon makes it very clear they don't want you to be essentially putting banners and girls all of your content. They want a high quality customer experience, and then they also don't want you to try, as you have seen in videos to try and leverage or miss, you're portraying affiliation with someone else's Brandon Amanda. That's confusing the customers, for example, private label rights or anything like that. So these little terms and conditions are very surprising in some areas for Amazon video on direct, they're very restrictive in some instances, and yet, if you have these in mind before using Amazon video direct, preferably before even filming your classes, I think then you can have a great customer experience here. I appreciate you watching this and learning about the terms and conditions on Amazon Video direct, and I hope this is helpful for you 6. Is uploading a standalone or episodic series better?: on Amazon. Is it better to choose stand alone or episodic or subscription? I'm starting out, and I've got so far an episodic and I've got thescore Ella tins of a standalone here which weren't used. And then there's the option to do subscription. When I'm choosing to do is to test out both stand alone and episodic. What's the difference? A stand alone is something like a movie, a short video or a clip. Stand alone is something that you're not going to be adding to later. An episodic is something ah, TV show Web series that you can then add to what currently is earning me about 30 ish dollars a month is a a bun to Linux to season video Siri's, which has a 5 to 10 minute tutorials in it. Now I've just submitted this speaker meeting 2000 and 17 which is much longer and has very long individual episodes. I think there's ups and down sides, too, both approaches, which I will mention here now on the subscription. The problem is, with the subscription, people have to pay an additional fee toe watch your videos, and it says subscriptions can take up to six weeks to go live. I am avoiding subscription right now because I'm asking everyone to go to a different website for a subscription based service. I want to get my video out there using standalone er episodic on Amazon prime. This means I don't want to use some subscriptions, so I will not be mentioning anything else about subscription in this particular Siri's. I think if you have a subscription network already, like, if you're from HBO or Showtime and you're watching this and you haven't already got it set up, then maybe subscription. Otherwise, for most people, I would say a standalone or episodic now which one to choose? I'm going to be testing both of them. For example. I'm planning to do this as a stand alone because this is on a specific topic, and I then essentially can film this. Finish it and put it up there, and it's done on that Masonic. I've chosen to do my autobiography speaker meeting in seasons because then I could add a new season each year. Remember what I said on Amazon about trying to get to the top on Amazon? This is clearly a game where the very top shows on Amazon have the capability of earning tons of views. Lots of money. I think a season or an episodic title takes the best shot at this, especially if you make something people love and you can keep adding to it. So I'm hoping people will love my speaker meeting because then what I can do is add to the same show and then everyone who watches the first season. Whenever I put out a second season, all the ratings and reviews will be cumulative them therefore and say, 10 years. I've got 10 different seasons of my speaker meaning out. I might have the chance to be one of the very top shows on Amazon, because I will be able to keep adding new videos to it. Then everyone who's already watched some of, say, the first season of second season. Then we'll have the chance to be directed back to it more easily than doing stand alone. If you have a show or something, I may put out a Facebook ads training episodic Siri's where I consistently go forward and add new seasons as I learn and teach new subjects on stand alone, I think stand alone is better for where you just want to do a specific topic, and that's it. Because if people don't like that specific topic, then that's okay. You don't lose a lot. If I put all of my Internet marketing and teaching and training tutorials into something that's an episodic TV show or Web series, for example, and I put say this. Maybe people don't like this particular video or Siri's. I can easily get a negative rating on the entire series just by having that in episodic. I think it's also nice if you're doing a complete training course on something to just get that out as a standalone title. And that way, if people really want that particular subject when they search for it on Amazon prime, they can find it. For example, I'm planning this as a stand alone, and then when people search for how do I publish on Amazon Prime video? How do I use Amazon video direct? Then there's a standalone, complete class on that exact subject that might make more sense than if someone finds, Let's say I have an Internet marketing show on Amazon. It may be easier to get discovered on stand alone where users can immediately see OK, this exact video is relevant to me. I'm not sure how the discovery is in terms off getting a show discovered where one particular episode relates to the topic the users looking for. I'm going to test out both of these right now. The episodic is producing good minutes watched and I'm going to test out stand the loans. I will test out episodic and see which one produces the best results. I think there's ups and downs to each, I would say, If you want to start and just produce something that's finished, doing a stand alone to begin might be a little bit easier. The one downside with adding titles on Amazon is that you can't delete them once you've got them up. For example, this I want to change this into something else. So instead of deleting this, I simply need to edit over top of this with whatever I want to do my title about when you add a new title. Keep this in mind that you may not be able to delete it later. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this is helpful for choosing standalone or episodic uploads to Amazon video direct 7. How to create, edit, and upload the videos: How do I get my catalogue listing? Ready to go with Amazon Video Direct. When I'm in my videos, you can click. Create a new title or you can simply at it. One. When you click, add a title. You'll have to fill everything in, and I'll just show you what that looks like by editing an unpublished one. As you can see from previous videos, I've edited the name of this previous skeleton that I had set up for a bun to Lennox, but that's available now as an episodic. So what I want to do is at it this and get it into the right format. And I think most of your choices on this, I think just do your best with it. The synopsis has to be a certain length, so try and get and his few words as possible a really good description, including keywords that is readable. You don't want something that you can do in here that's not readable. You'll see this description was very clear on a bun to limits and for writing and description. I would say it's worth the effort to make sure you get that synopsis well written and for the rest of things like categories, I think just do your best on it. Pick out educational, for example. On the genre, there's lots of if you go to the support page, there's all kinds of different genres that are available. Just pick out what looked through them like I did on the speaker meeting. Pick out the things that fit the best and the challenges. In order to save this in order to save anything, you have to have everything uploaded. If you don't have your key, are ready in both sizes. Then don't bother filling all of this out unless you have it in a format you can take notes on. So make sure get your key. Aren't ready for this before you go To upload it, you need a key art in both 16 9 which requires a 1920 by 10 80 image and you need a key are ready in 34 which requires a 1200 by 1600 image. If you're doing stand alone. If you're doing an episodic, the requirements are slightly different, and I hope this helps you. I've when When I first started on here, I tried and wrote all these things out and didn't have my key, aren't ready and had to go make it, and that was aggravating. So when you pick out either the episodic or stand alone, you go in and you add a season end. If you're doing apa sonic. Otherwise, with the stand alone, you just set everything up. The genre is a little different on each of these. The release year is different. You pick a year instead of a specific date. When you do the entire catalogue listing, you know that's the sizes are a little bit different on this is. Well, you'll notice. It does remind you please include Ledge A ble titles on your key art with a link to the graphics. You allows you to suggest a rating. Put language on here, and this is a season, then for the cast and crew is pretty easy. I just put my name in here on everything and saved that. Then you have to have the episodes ready to go. Now, if you're doing an episodic, you have to add a title in the synopsis and a release date for every single different episode, and it's optional to add a specific key art. I don't know what Amazon does. If you don't add a key, are I'm going to find out and then for availability? You can choose to put this in the US, UK, Germany and Japan currently, and you can do included with prime and by episodes I haven't made any by season offers. And this by episodes allows people who are not Amazon prime subscribers to still watch your title by simply buying an episode at the base or whatever price you set. So I said these options, and then once I have my videos uploaded, I uploaded all of the videos, and then when I finished with that, I hit publish, and now it's been several days. I'm not sure how long it takes to publish this because my friend Joseph actually went through and took the videos files and got this done for me. So it's been several days I published it over the weekend. I'm not sure until how long it'll be until it publishes. So you just submit it and wait and get it approved, and then you go from there with it, so I'm grateful have the chance to share this with you and I encourage you Look and see what I've got on my Amazon video Direct. It's February 27 2017. I hope that I'm leading by example. By the time you see this with having my content up on Amazon video Direct. 8. Earning the first minutes watched with marketing to friends and family: how to get those first few people the watch, how to do the marketing once you've got your episodic TV show up. Now, I've done no marketing, no advertising at all on this, a bun to limits, which that is very good news for you and me. That means there's great organic traffic available that requires no effort all of the minutes washed. I've done nothing for so far on my Amazon video direct. Now, as soon as the speaker meeting 2017 gets published, I will immediately begin applying the marketing principles I share here with you because I've tested it and it works without doing any marketing. However, almost everything works better with some well applied marketing. What am I going to do with speaker meaning 2017? What I will I'm already doing is getting inventory in my head off. Who? What people do I know already have Amazon prime. So I'm asking around. I'm listening to what shows people are watching. I'm asking people. Do you have Amazon prime? Would you be interested in watching this video? I'm getting to know which people in my friends and family already are Amazon prime subscribers because then I'm not asking them to spend any money. I'm simply telling them there's something by me that they can watch for free. And then if my friends and family spend save five hours watching my 12 hour on average, let's say they even spend an hour watching my speaker meeting out of the 12 hours. That is something looking like 50 cents to a dollar I might be able to earn, you might say, Well, that's not big money. No, However, those very first viewers are the most important. The biggest difference in having anything created out there online are the very first people that watch it, the very first people that review it. So I'm hoping some of my friends and family will love or enjoy my speaker, meaning first season so much that then the watch it. I learned just those first few minutes on it and then maybe they'll leave some positive reviews on it and that will give me the chance to get the snowball going. From there. I will recommend and start sharing than I've got this on Amazon Prime and I'll share that with my website, my YouTube channel, and I'll start putting direct links toe watch on Amazon Prime and all my video. So I will start promoting it from there. And then the hope is that initial foundation, if people like it will give me the chance to get in those recommended and suggested videos , and that will give me the chance to earn the most and make the biggest impact with my work on Amazon prime. I thank you very much for watching this. I'm grateful you've spent this time with me. And I hope this class gives you a complete description of how to get started from nothing on Amazon video direct and have the ability to potentially reach 65 million Amazon prime subscribers. 9. Would you help me teach this Amazon video direct class?: thank you very much for finishing this class on skill share. This is a skill share Onley video that has a class project request in it. Would you please share what you learned in the class project as a part of watching this class? Because then I think you'll be able to help other people learn what you've learned, and they may not even watch the videos in the class. But you've watched the whole thing. Would you take a second to cement your learning by sharing a screenshot in a quick description in the class project, saying, Here's what I learned watching this class. Here's what surprised me. And then someone else looking through the class might be able to learn directly from you more than they even learn from me. If you would like to ask me a question, would you please post a discussion in the class asking me exactly what you'd like me to add or explain more about in the class? If you've enjoyed this, would you please leave a review as a student in other classes? I try and always leave reviews if I find anything helpful. For example, I've been watching this class on how to be a D. J. And I've been learning about making video I have. Then I go through and left a very nice review as soon as I learned anything positive in the class, So would you do the same for me? If you learn something and enjoyed watching this class, would you take just maybe five seconds to go hit that review bun to leave a positive review on it and help other people understand what they could learn out of this class? Thank you very much for finishing this class, and I hope to see you again in another class soon.