Amazon Lightsail Training Series: Course 3, Using MySQL and phpMyAdmin for dynamic sites. | Chase Raz | Skillshare

Amazon Lightsail Training Series: Course 3, Using MySQL and phpMyAdmin for dynamic sites.

Chase Raz, University Instructor, Corporate Trainer

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5 Videos (32m)
    • Amazon Lightsail Training Series: Course 3 Introduction

    • Connect to phpMyAdmin

    • Create a MySQL User in phpMyAdmin

    • Change the MySQL Password

    • Course 3 Class Project Demonstration


About This Class

Note: This is the third course in the Amazon Lightsail Training Series.  All courses are available to you with your paid subscription to Skillshare.   

In this brief course, we'll look at how to access and utilize MySQL via phpMyAdmin in order to begin creating dynamic sites on our Amazon Lightsail VPS Instance.  Up to this point, we've created and hosted static websites, but by having MySQL available to us as a database, we can begin hosting dynamic sites.

About the Instructor

The Hosting Websites with Amazon Lightsail training series is taught by Chase Raz, a University Instructor, Corporate Trainer, and Consultant with nearly a decade of experience teaching adult students, both academically and vocationally,  in the disciplines of business, technology, and marketing.





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Chase Raz

University Instructor, Corporate Trainer

Chase Raz is an instructor of digital marketing and business technology at Full Sail University and a corporate trainer for Polk State College's Corporate College. Chase has almost a decade of experience teaching business and technology topics to a wide array of adult students; from college students to executives. It is Chase's mission to help others achieve their desired success within business. Chase also owns RCR Business Ventures, a firm specializing in venture development.

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