Amazon Kindle Secrets: How To Write, Market And Publish Your First Book Bestseller!

Silviu Marisca , Founder of

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11 Videos (30m)
    • 1. What You Can Expect From This Course

    • 2. The Secret To Create Successful Books!

    • 3. Focusing On A Single Niche Is The Key

    • 4. 6 Steps For Finding Best-Selling Book Ideas

    • 5. Concentrate On Specific Topics

    • 6. Publish New Books Every 30 Days - This Is A Must!

    • 7. 5 Steps to Create Beautiful Covers

    • 8. The KDP Select Program

    • 9. Find The Best Reviewers By Building Your Email List

    • 10. Cross-Promote Your Books To Get Repeating Sales

    • 11. Track Your Daily Sales Numbers


About This Class

Success on Amazon seems to be easy:

Write a book ===> publish it ===> watch the money pour into your pocket!

Unfortunately, the reality is the opposite around.

Amazon Kindle publishing is not a “get rich quick" scheme. Of course, you can write a book in a week, but it's not easy to make people be interested.

Welcome to the How to Create a Successful Amazon Kindle Business!

The authors who make money on Amazon understand the balance between quality content and great marketing. They know how to attract long-term customers who buy every new offer.

The good news is it's not hard to improve your Amazon Kindle success. Amazon has built an amazing platform that's designed to help you sell more books — understand how it works and you'll produce one bestseller after another.

The How to Create a Successful Amazon Kindle Business! is the shortest and simplest training on Writing High-Quality eBooks and Building a Amazon Kindle Business! Clear, concise and to the point.

It is designed specifically for beginners but if you're looking to freshen up on your skills, COME ON IN!

No prior knowledge required to get started – just this course, a pen, a paper and YOU!

Your Roadmap: How to Create a Successful Amazon Kindle Business!

10 Rules for a Successful Amazon Kindle Business

1) Why You Need to Create Great Books - in Six Easy-to-follow Steps!

2) Why to Focus on a Single Niche - Find out Six Niches that are very profitable on Amazon!

3) How to Find Best-Selling Book Ideas in Six Steps - A Simple Process to determine a niche's profitability

4) Why to Concentrate on Specific Topics - A Huge Mistake many Kindle authors make is to publish large, generalized books

5) Why You Need to Publish New Books Every 30 Days - Speed of implementation is important on Amazon

6) Five Steps to Create Beautiful Book Covers - Check the Five Things to do when hiring a cover designer

7) The Benefits for Signing Up for the Amazon KDP Select Program .. and how it can help your Kindle Business

8) Build an Email List to Find the Best Reviewers - This will have a snowball effect as you put more books into the marketplace.

9) How to Cross-promote Your Books to Get Repeat Sales - Having multiple titles in the marketplace is a great way to get repeat sales from existing customers.

10) How to Track Your Daily Sales Numbers - because Information is Power!

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Excellent info, clearly presented in short segments that make it easy to concentrate.
Wonderful detailed. Enjoyed the step to step instructions and suggests! Thank you!
Cres Lake

Lifetime Learner, Writer, Life Coach

Such a well done course! Silviu has put together an outstanding course. Very highly recommended!





Silviu Marisca

Founder of

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Silviu's quest is helping people make their journey in life by asking questions and searching for the answers. Words have the power to reshape our thinking and help us discover new talents or to break the resistance to success. This passion for the power of words was developed during his academical years of Political Science at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris, France.

After that, Silviu's career started as a Business Analyst at Renault France. The amount of information he learnt and the projects implemented led him to his current work - Project Manager for a Fortune 500 Company where he drives successful projects for four years already. Now is the time to share this treasure of information with like-minded people like you.

When he is not producing new videos, Silviu enjoys reading, exercising, horse riding and exploring the different parts of the world.

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