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Amazon Kindle - Publish Your First Ebook In 24 Hours Or Less

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. AmazonKindleBlueprint Overview

    • 2. AmazonKindleBlueprint SelectingYourTopic

    • 3. AmazonKindleBlueprint Formatting

    • 4. AmazonKindleBlueprint SignUpForKDP

    • 5. AmazonKindleBlueprint OutsourceYoureBook

    • 6. AmazonKindleBlueprint OtherTools

    • 7. AmazonKindleBlueprint WritingTip

    • 8. AmazonKindleBlueprint UploadingYourBook

    • 9. AmazonKindleBlueprint Promotion

    • 10. AmazonKindleBlueprint Reports

    • 11. AmazonKindleBlueprint Cover

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About This Class

This course is a basic overview and blueprint of how to take your book vision from idea to completion and publish it to the Amazon Kindle bookstore.

You will learn

- How to sign up for KDP
- How to pick a niche, topic or subject
- How and where to outsource your book if you're not a writer
- Resources for getting book covers designed
- Tools to help you format, edit and upload your book automatically
- How and where to promote your book

...and MORE!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. AmazonKindleBlueprint Overview: welcome. And thanks so much for purchasing my course. Amazon Kindle blueprint again What you're gonna learn and what you're gonna get out this course, it's going to be a basic overview or a blueprint of exactly what you need to know. To be live and get set up is quickly as possible with your book in the Kindle store. So we're gonna be going over how to sign up for Kindle direct publishing, how to decide on a topic or niche. And, you know, even if you're not a writer, how to select different niches and things that people are interested in search of poor and how you can outsource to someone else to write that for you. We're also gonna be going over some tools that I use and recommend in order to write and format your Kindle book and uploaded as well. And then we're gonna go over some tools I use and recommend for the cover design. And then, if you're not a designer, that's fine. I've got some resource that you can use to outsource your cover design for your Kindle book as well. We're gonna go over how to submit your book, which is very simple. And then last, we're gonna go over how to promote your book so that you could get traffic exposure and sales. So that's what we're gonna be going over in this course. That's what to expect again. Thanks so much for purchasing this course, and I will see you in the next lecture. 2. AmazonKindleBlueprint SelectingYourTopic: all right, So once you have created your Amazon Kindle accountant got all signed up, the next step is going to be deciding on a topic or niche or a subject or title that you like to write about. So hopefully you have some idea of some information that you like to share with others, so you can write about that. If you don't really have much of an idea, you just want to publish something. Kindle. Amazon will actually give you some ideas so you can type things like how to, and it'll give you the list of the most searched terms own Amazon. So that's one way to find out hot topics and hot hot trends. You can also go to the Amazon Bestsellers list. You can just type in Amazon best sellers in the Google. It will take you to the things that are selling the best on Amazon, and then all I did was select books to see what the popular and trending books were, so you can do that to get some ideas as well. There's also a tool called Fresh key, which I'll have a leak to, and the extras section where you can download and get that. But you can see if I type in, you know how to something I could basically hit? Search. It'll search Google or Amazon and give you a list of and basically tell you what words are trending and what word your popular within Amazon and Google as well. So you can get some ideas. They're basically in this step. You just need to figure out what you would like to write about, what you'd like to share with others or the topic or subject that you'd like to focus on in your Kindle book. 3. AmazonKindleBlueprint Formatting: right In this video, we're gonna go over the tools and resource I use and recommend for creating editing and formatting and up loading my Kindle e books. So, you know, Kindle. It's very simple to upload things and upload books. And again, it's a free platforms that's really cool. Were the only hang ups with Kindle is the formatting. So you know, I don't wanna have to fool around with formatting things or worrying about how things air. You know, if they're properly formatted or not. I just want to focus on the content, dragging and dropping copy and pasting it where it needs to go, and then uploading it to the Kindle store, marketing in promoting it and then just making my money. I don't wanna have toe micromanage and worry about, you know, is everything connected and formatted properly? So So I used a tool called Kindle Publishing Pro, and it does all this for you. It's only 27 bucks. There are a couple of up cells and other tools, but you don't need them. This software runs on a PC, so if you have PC, you're fine. If you have a Mac like me, you'll need some sort of emulator, like Virtual box, which is free, or VM ware fusion, which is a paid product which allows you to run windows inside your Mac operating system. So what this tool does, it allows you to create and edit your Kindle books? Here, you cannot set everything up. You just plug in your Kindle publishing account. Here, you can create your E books all from this software. It has its own word editor that format everything and the way it needs to be formatted. You can upload your covers there and it once you get up. And then once you get done creating your book, you can actually upload it to the Kindle store from this software. So you never even have to log into your account. And you can actually check your sales stats and things like that. That's really good. All in one tool. Another option. If you you know you're brave and you want to figure out the formatting on your own. I'll have a link to this simplified formatting guy. Kindle direct publishing. They have, you know, their own tutorials and everything, and you can certainly go through here and learn how to format your books on your own if you want to do that. So I would definitely recommend Kendall Publishing pro or another automated tool to upload and edit and help you format your Kindle book. But in the next video, I'm gonna be shown you how to upload, edit and publish your books manually within the Kindle publishing back office. 4. AmazonKindleBlueprint SignUpForKDP: all right, So the first step in getting started to publishing on Kindle as you're going to go to the website, kdp dot amazon dot com and or just search for Amazon Kindle or Kindle direct publishing and Google. It should bring you to this page. You can read a couple of you know you can read about the Kindle Publishing program. Look around, see some of the bullet points and features. But once you don't with that, go ahead and sign up and create your account here on the right. Once you log in, you'll probably see a screen look something like this or a screen that's prompting you to fill out your information. So you basically just thought your contact information, your tax information and some other fields, and once you get all that plugged in, you will be signed up again. It's completely free, and this will just take a few minutes of your time. What you get done with that you are all set up and ready to get started and ready to get paid. Using Kindle Direct Publishing 5. AmazonKindleBlueprint OutsourceYoureBook: So once you've got your nature topic or subject, you want to write on great in the case that you're not a writer. You don't like to write your just doing some research so that you can get someone else to do the writing. You can certainly do that and use Amazon and some other tools. Teoh kind of figure out a topic or subject Corniche, and then you can go over to sites like 99 cent articles. If you click on services, you can see that they have an e book option. And if you scroll down, they have some different options as faras different links of the E books or the short reports that they services that they have. So you can get sites like 99 cent articles dot com to write your reports for you. If you want to just focus on the research and the marketing of it, or you can go to sites like i d pl r dot com and purchase pillow rights to these different books. You can rebrand them and maybe modify the information a little bit. That's another option, but you certainly don't have to be a writer to publish and get paid and make money on Amazon. So those are a couple other auctions if you're choosing to go the route where you don't want to have to write the books yourself. 6. AmazonKindleBlueprint OtherTools: I just want to make a quick video to introduce you to a couple of other different Softwares and training systems out there. If you wanna learn mawr and become a real master at Amazon Kindle and selling tons and tons of copies of your books, one is a software called a K elite, and I'll have links to all these Softwares. And resource is in the materials and extra section of this particular lecture. So the first ones a Caylee, which is a powerful software to help you determine the best keywords to rank for and go after in the Kindle bookstore so you can make as much money as possible. The next is Number one book system dot com, which is Ryan Deiss, who's a huge Internet marketer. This is his system and his product here. It's a really good formula product if you want to learn and basically had a scale up and make a lot of money from publishing to the Kindle platform. And then there's another one called I Am a Sweet Three. This is another software that helps you research and pick the best keywords so that you can make the most money from publishing the Kindle those air a couple of tools, I recommend. If you're looking to expand your expertise and empire with publishing the Kindle and if there anymore I come across, I'll go ahead and add them to the same list of these tools. But again, they'll be links to these in the links section of material section of this particular lecture. 7. AmazonKindleBlueprint WritingTip: right. So I just want to make a quick video to let you know that you know, when you think of a traditional book, you probably think of, ah, 100 pages or more, maybe two or 300 pages. These Kindle books don't have to be that long. Instead, think of something like a short report, maybe 10 2030 pages. The things that I have published have just been a couple of pages, and another thing to consider is if you're designing it on a traditional page layout system or something like word, that's a 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. So Kendall's actually smaller. So when you condense everything down, you're actually gonna wind up with more pages and I'll show you an example Here. This is a book that I came out with the ultimate Internet marketers Resource Guide. If you scroll down, it says it says print length 28 pages. Well, this book was only about 10 or 11 pages and word so when it actually converted to Kindle, it's much smaller, so it's about double the size, as it was as I was putting it together. So I just want to point that out. You know, you don't have to write these super long novels in order to publish to kindle. So that's why you can get away with just outsourcing a short report, maybe 10 15 20 pages. And actually, when you compress it down and convert to Kindle, it's actually gonna be probably about double that. So, you know, if you're not a writer like me, I'm definitely don't consider myself a writer. I can't sit down and write books and novels and stuff. This is basically a list of resource is I've put together If you could do something like that, or if you know how to do something really well, whether it's, you know, repair cars or a crow, Shea or some some tip, or to twirl that you can write down and guide people through through bullet points or riding it out, that's all you need to be able to do to create a Kindle e book or provide some value. So I just want to point that little tip out to you. Don't get overwhelmed if you like. There's no way in the world I can write 300 pages. It's gonna take me very long time to do that. I'm the exact same way. You know, I'm not going to sit down and write a 300 page book. That's gonna take a long time. And a lot of us don't have that. What I'm sharing with you in this course, you should be able to crank out your first Kindle book within a weekend or a week, or at least a couple of weekends. You know what the most on and be up and running in a matter of days are a matter of weeks. So So I just want to point that out. If you're considering writing your own Kindle e books that you won't be scared or overwhelmed. 8. AmazonKindleBlueprint UploadingYourBook: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna show you how to manually create, upload, publish and edit your your books in your Kindle Direct publishing back office. So to get started to publish a new book, you would first start by adding a new title. Give it in the title there, and I believe it walks you through a step by step guide of the things you need. I kind of forget honestly. So I'm just going to click on this title and edit it and basically and basically just have two or three steps. Here you come down here, you give it a name given in addition number. If it's part of a Siri's, you would check this. You know, it tells you what's optional and what's not. Be sure and give it a description. You have X number of characters Teoh use, so definitely take advantage of that length and use as many as you can to describe your book. And if you're trying to rank for certain key words, be sure to include your different keywords and without, throughout your description there you would give your book author select its language. Jews choose the publishing rights here select a few categories. Next is search keywords. You can have up to seven, so I would take advantage of that. Basically, Basically, if somebody is searching for a particular HUER phrase, it helps your Kindle book show up first. Or at least on that Page one for those particular keywords. The next section is up loading your Kindle book cover and will cover how to design that some tools and resource is and another video. And then you would simply upload your file in this section. And then on the next page, you basically determined until kindle how much you want to charge for this particular book . And if you want to enroll in the Kindle Book match program and roll in the Kindle eBook lending program and basically save and publish and it's that simple, So that's how to manually upload at it and publish your Kindle book within the Kindle direct Publishing back office 9. AmazonKindleBlueprint Promotion: All right. So after you get your Kindle book created and uploaded, published in everything, the next step you want to think about is promoting it, promoting it to get traffic and exposure and in turn to get more sales so you can make as much money as possible. And promotion is very important, especially if you don't have a list. If you don't are very known, it's very important. Teoh. It's very important to do some things to promote and get your book out there so that you can get that exposure and make those cells and make them and make some money. So a good way to do that is to enroll your book in the KDP Select program. And what that does is it allows you to offer your book for free for five days every 90 days , basically, and all you need to do to do that is select the book and come down here. It won't say manage benefits If this is a brand new book, I've already run a promotion, so it will say something like Kindle, you know, promotion or something. So you select that if I click that it says manage benefits you can see that I've already run a free promotion for my five days here, so I won't get another chance until the next five days. So So during that five days, what you can do is you can, you know, search Google for free sites to promoter Ebola. Goan. You can go to these different sites and post your e book and let everybody know that it's gonna be free. These a couple of days. Copy and paste. These sites were has these lists here. You can also go to sites that you can also go to sites that you know you have to pay a little something to promote it on their site and the benefit that is a lot of times that paid services have a much larger exposure. So, for instance, on my ultimate Internet marketers, resource got went to this site called Free e Books Daily imposed their cost me about 20 bucks, wound up getting a little over 1000 downloads within the five day time span, and that resulted in a couple of sales once it went back to being paid. So that's one option. There's another site that's called book bub dot com. And if you come over here to advertising, basically, if you scroll down here at the bottom advertised on book bub, it will give you the options and pricing here, depending on what category and the price that your book ISS. So that's another option. But again outpace the links to these different free and paid sites that you can go to and use to promote your Kindle book once you launch it and you do that for a couple of reasons . You do that, of course, to get exposure to get potential downloads. Also, another reason that you're getting the exposure is because you want people to go ahead and review it and leave some positive ratings and reviews so that when other people in the future come across your Kindle book, the future visitors that see it will see these positive reviews and ratings, which will help to make the decision. Teoh hopefully purchase your book so those are a couple ways to promote and get more exposure for your Kindle book. I highly recommend promoting your book if you actually want to get some exposure and makes them sales if you don't already have a list if you don't already have a presence online, this is definitely the way to do that. And again, I'll be listening these links and resource is and the materials and extra section of this lecture. 10. AmazonKindleBlueprint Reports: so just a couple quick things. When you submit your book to kindle publishing direct, it's usually gonna take a couple of hours before they approve it. Or sometimes it may take upto date once. And then once it's approved, it'll show up in this section here. If you click on bookshelf once you log into your back office and the status will be set at live one cool thing as the reports up here and you can see how many of your books you've sold. I don't have any sales during this period. So I'm gonna click here and you can see I've sold over 1000 of this e book little over and just over 100 of this one over here so you can use a report section to see how many units you've sold having your borrowed, how many you've sold total. And then if you click this second link here, it will show you your royalties for the past couple weeks so you can see how much you've made Total 11. AmazonKindleBlueprint Cover: all right, so the next thing on the checklist is the cover, and that's a very, very important selling point for your book because you can have the best information in the world that you want to share with people. But if you don't have an attractive or eye catching cover than most people are probably not going to purchase your Eva. So if you have some design skills, that's awesome. I would recommend, of course, photo shop, which is pretty much the industry standard. If you don't have the money to purchase photo shop, there is gimp, which is a free alternative. If you don't want to download anything, there's different free editors out there ones called sumo paint. Basically, it's kind of like a online free Photoshopped program. Or if you don't have any design skills at all, you can certainly outsource the design of your cover on places like five or dot com. Or you can just search for Kindle, Kindle cover design services or something you'll probably you know, probably won't be as cheapest fiber. But you'll probably get a better design. So so those are a couple of options as faras if you want to design it yourself or, if you want to outsource it and let somebody else design your cover if you're designing it yourself. The format for the size is 1563 pixels by 2500 pixels, and I'll put that here on the screen so you can write that down. But that's the dimensions here with and height so 1563 pixels by 2500 pixels, and you could find that on the Kindle direct publishing platform site.