Amazon FBA: Prelaunch [Launch Series #2] | Jon Bowser | Skillshare

Amazon FBA: Prelaunch [Launch Series #2]

Jon Bowser, Become an Expert in Amazon Product Promotion

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 6: Four Things Matter

    • 3. Lecture 7: Product Photography

    • 4. Lecture 8: Reviews

    • 5. Lecture 9: Initial Reviews Plan

    • 6. Lecture 10: Listing Optimization Plan

    • 7. Lecture 11: Hidden Keyword Spaces

    • 8. Conclusion


About This Class


Learn To Become The Next Amazon Best Seller With What I Teach! The Course Contains Instant Working Amazon FBA Program Tips! 


“Amazon FBA:  Pre-Launch” is the second in a 4-part series of lectures called the “Launch Series”

The goal of the Launch Series is to give out a promotional strategy so you can dominate Amazon with ANY PRODUCT you choose to private label.


The goal of this specific course “Amazon FBA:  Pre-Launch” is to teach how to prepare your Amazon product listing for successful promotional launch.  More specifically, I’ll cover the four most important aspects of your listing that will equal money in your pocket and how to optimize your product to receive the best rankings possible in Amazon’s search engine after launch.


If you have taken another Amazon course and are stuck and cannot seem to find success, this is the perfect course for you. This course skips all the fluff.

This course skips the basics:

  • Creating an Amazon account
  • Finding FBA products
  • FBA requirements
  • Sourcing products

BUT you will find all these topics covered in the 200+ pages eTextbook "How to Crush it on Amazon" Deluxe version. (along with lecture notes)

This course was designed to be consumed in one sitting so you can take immediate action. It lays out a clear plan for you to follow so you can have success the likes of which you have never seen before within the first two weeks.

This course will pay for itself by giving you tips to save you money on Day 1

This course is for:

  • New and experienced sellers
  • Those struggling to get organic sales (sales without ads)
  • Those sick of wasting money on Google, Facebook, Display ads, and Amazon PPC
  • Those who have a hard time getting reviews for their product
  • Those who can’t rank on page one or two for their main keywords

This course will allow you to:

  • Rank for keywords on page 1 and 2 of Amazon
  • Get consistent organic sales
  • Get reviews easier and on a more consistent basis
  • Not be dependent ads for sales for your Amazon product

You need to enter now, you started your Amazon business because you saw an opportunity.

Your product hit the Amazon FBA warehouse and you’ve been stuck ever since.

Amazon will only get more competitive, secure your place in the Amazon marketplace permanently by using the techniques in this series of lectures

If you have been on Amazon months and still haven’t made an organic sale, you need the Launch Series.

Get more control over your Amazon business...Stop wasting money and get a jumpstart on your business and on the competition.