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Amazon FBA Listing Optimization Course With Helium 10

Vova Even, Amazon seller, YouTuber, dude :)

Amazon FBA Listing Optimization Course With Helium 10

Vova Even, Amazon seller, YouTuber, dude :)

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12 Lessons (2h 36m)
    • 1. Introduction :)

    • 2. Keyword Research With Helium 10 Magnet

    • 3. Keyword Research With Helium 10 Cerebro (Reverse ASIN)

    • 4. Spelling Mistakes Keywords

    • 5. Spanish Keywords

    • 6. Competing Brand Keywords

    • 7. Keyword Density

    • 8. Keyword Optimization With Frankenstein & Scribbles

    • 9. Copywriting (Title, Bullets, Description, Backend)

    • 10. Indexation (Make Your Listing Visible On Amazon)

    • 11. 40 Unique Examples Of Highly Converting Amazon Product Photography

    • 12. Amazon Product Listing Tutorial - Make Your Listing Stand Out By Doing These Things

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About This Class

In this 100% FREE Amazon FBA listing optimization & SEO course, I teach you how to create a highly converting and search engine optimized listing on Amazon with the help of Helium 10 set of tools. Insanely helpful for FBA private label products.

You'll learn how to:

- Do deep keyword research for your products and find THE MOST relevant keywords/keyword phrases for your specific product.
- Do proper keyword optimization, so you can create a search engine friendly listing that gets easily discovered by targeted customers.
- Create an engaging copy for your listing, fill the title/bullets/description/backend.
- Get the best pictures for your listing, which will convert browsers to buyers.

Invest your time to go through the course, I did my sincere best for you. I truly believe that this course will help you with your Amazon FBA game.
Once you go through it, I'd appreciate it if you can rate it, based on your true experience.

Thank you!


Meet Your Teacher

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Vova Even

Amazon seller, YouTuber, dude :)


Hi! I am Vova, nice to meet you and welcome to my little Skillshare knowledge area :) I sell on Amazon since 2016 and I share tutorials, hack, and tricks of the trade through my courses. I also have a YouTube channel where I help others sell better on Amazon.

My goal here is to intensify your knowledge, inner peace, and motivation through truly valuable content, so you achieve your fullest potential in the aspects of life that really matter to you.

If you're feeling like this might be interesting to you, please go through my courses, you'll learn a lot of new things that will help you on your journey!


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1. Introduction :): Hey there. Welcome to the introduction video off my free Hume 10 listing optimization course. In this course you learn step by step, how to create a fully optimized listing on Amazon with the aid of fume 10 set of tools. I will now explain what the course is about and why is it good for you? I'll also introduce myself for you and throw in some extra free bonuses. Finally, I will explain what exactly discovered in the course, so please stay with me until the end of the video. Now, if you don't have human 10 yet, you can create a free human can account by clicking on the weekend description down below. And there you also find discount coupons for human than so. Having a full optimized listing gives you more exposure, better conversions and growing more and more sales on Amazon and profits. Having an unauthorized listing works the other way. But don't worry, I've got you covered. I've put a lot off efforts into the creation off the scores for it to be easy to understand and easy to follow. Most importantly, it's packed with taunts of practical information that allows your Amazon business to grow. It's great for Amazon sellers in all stages off their journey Beginners, advanced sellers and even though swore about to start in journeys on Amazon. It's gonna be good for you guys as well. But why should you listen to me? And who am I? Well, hey again. My name is vulva and I've been selling on Amazon since late 2016 with over 40,000 units sold and over $600 in sales under my belt, No ambos nor a millionaire. But I'm an Amazon seller just like you. And I mean the Amazon trenches with you also have a big passion for doing my best for those who come in contact with me. I really love teaching and also ill have freedom. I love living life on my own terms and conditions. I also really love inspiring others to live their lives on their own terms and conditions. I hope that I'll be able to have a positive impact on you and hopefully even inspire you for doing something great. Anyhow, in this course, I promise to do my absolute sincere best for you. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to comment under the videos, I'll make sure to answer you and give you a full and detailed answer. The course is 100% free, no up sales or anything. So what will we covered in the course? One. I'll show you what makes a great listing great, and the signs behind it will cover things like you're density. You would relevancy, quicks rate, CVR, converge, aerating and general kiwi rings and much more to you. Learn how to do a proper and deep he would research for your listing. Three. You learn how to analyze your competent ER's for deep keyword research and also finding secret keywords that their ranking for for you learn how to uncover rare and less actually , keywords for your listing to drive extra sales. Five. You learn how to write your listing correctly. Will feel the title, the bullets, the description and the back end as well. Six. You learn how to index your listing and what to do If you can't index parts of your listing , you also uncover and discover thorns off secret, unheard of tips, tricks and hacks that will help you to get more sales, better conversions and create a dynamite listing and drop a common. Let me know what you think about this. Give some feedbag, Some ideas I'd be glad to hear from you. Thank you a lot for watching today and see you in my next video. 2. Keyword Research With Helium 10 Magnet: Hey, welcome to my computer. Welcome to Hume 10 dot com. We're not gonna be doing the keyword research for your listing with human, then magnet. And just to remind you can create a free account of human. Then I'm gonna be doing for the creation description, Dumbo. And there you also find the coupons. Now I do. I recommend you for discourse and generally get the paid version of human. Then why? Because you're he would research. Releasing optimization will be much deeper and more effective and better with the paid version. It just has many more options, but you can still create a free account and check it out. Now it's signed in and let's go to the man on the left. You can have the magnet, which is the keyword research to and for our course. I want you to stop second, listen to me and imagine that we're gonna be using a product that's cold kitchen knife as a reference. So I think it's ah, pretty simple and generic product that everybody knows that is getting easy for everyone to understand. But the techniques that are used in the scores just take them to your own products. Whatever you're selling garlic presses, camera lenses, I don't know fans, bottles, whatever. This is going to be pretty much the same for every product. But for our course, remember that we're using the kitchen. Not so once an amendment. We're gonna input the most relevant keyword phrase for your listing. Or so say, for your product here and for us, is gonna be kids nice and my mom. And then once we could get yours managed and then spit all the relevant keywords to this phrase and was Now, now our goal is to build Are resting with the most relevant keywords. Relevance is really important. Parliamentary right now. Amazon. It used to be always because Amazon's a search engine. It wants to really give the user the best results once he's looking for something. Hence we get a make a deep and very s yo friendly seo search engine optimization friendly research. So we now got the keywords in the magnet. There were lots of perimeters here. We're not going to go through a lot of them because it's not necessary for the course that I'm create. But if you want to learn everything about the magnets you have the stab here. Learn where you can earn extra things about the Magnante Out of tools. If you wanna go in depth on something you want to learn beside the things that are teaching the score Spherical Orania. Lots of videos from Bradley Saturn is gonna explain you different things about this. So what I've got in here once with quick, we're getting away the key worst that are relevant to our search. So for the search kitchen knife, we've got 8826 key words and phrases that irrelevant. And obviously we cannot use that many inside their listing. So for this, we're gonna have to filter the year 11 cures and again keep the most relevant for us. How do we start doing that? Because we can see different. Once you're camping for plastic cutlery, it's not really connected to kitchen knife. Somehow it did pull it out because there's an algorithm that, um, that uses. But they're really simple to still narrow down this list and let me show you how is that? But first I would like to see I want to quit here in search volume in order to see the biggest. He works with the biggest search volume. In the beginning, it's gonna be just more comfortable for me. So it goes from the highest one to the lowest one. You see, 2000, 202,000 and 26,000 and is going down. Now we're going to go pick up here, and we're going to use a few part mentors. Now there's a thing called ward count. That means only phrases that have worked out of two minimum are going to be shown here. That means, for example, we have the knife sharpener here, and we won't have night the keyword knife separately, or Dickie Word sharpener separately because the workout should be At least I don't come and using that. But it varies between niches. Maybe your product to something that is ah, fan, for example. And fan is one word, right? Then, if you're selling a generic fan, maybe it would be good for you to use a word Count one. But for our product, which is a kitchen knife we're gonna use to get us the first. The second thing is search volume. Let me show. You can filter and narrow down this list by using search. Follow what? This new search volume search volume. As you can see here, it's how many searches for months we estimate this race gets is an exact phrase. Search what you look that estimates. So bathroom decor, which is how we're gonna to remove, gets 202,000 searches per month. Estimate So for the search volume depends on the niche. Again, I would like to do its minimum one, at least because one is gonna removal the key words that were used or searched for Really, rarely. Sometimes humans gonna have, like, a zero searches per month can. I was going to blend and without really one day since we have so many viewers here, that's a pretty big Mitch has lots of key words, like Can't even start with 100. So I'll remove all the key words that have less than 100 search volume per month. Right? That's the next thing I'm doing. Let me show you a quick and apply here, for example, and look what happens. It narrowed down the list of 3703 cures. That's much less yours. So we continue. How do we continue what I like doing next is using word frequency. What does it mean? For example, we have the word set here. That means that set is and we have a number nearby. To said, it means that set a fierce and 987 phrases that are over here. Now let's imagine that we're just selling a kid should night. That's not a set off kitchen knife. It's gonna be like this night for you much against Maybe we have a knife back. Really? Nice box where you were beautiful insert. And we have a kitchen knife, but not a set. So how do work with the word freakin, for example, we have the word said that the pierce nine hard in 987 phrases. But we're not selling a knife set. Hence we can remove it. And how do we do that? Here in the advanced filters, we have the option exclude phrases that contain so gonna explode phrases that contain set. And this is gonna exclude Whoa! The phrases that have set and I could apply and look what happens now. We have 2716 keywords because all the words that have set inside of them were removed. So the next thing you have to do for your products is go through the word frequency list. Here. It's a pretty long list is gonna take you a while, But I do. How recommend you if you're serious about Amazon. If you're serious about creating a listing, take your time and go deeply through this world frequency list and white. A few reason versus going to make your listing maw relevant. The second you're going to learn about your niche, you're going to see old sorts of different yours here, for example, we're selling a kitchen knife, right and right. Is sharpener connected to us? Well, no. Obviously, we're not selling kitchen knife with a sharp enough, but professional were right. Do we have a professional kitchen? I don't know. You can quicken professional. What happens? You cook? Unprofessional is going to show you all the 34 phrases Were the kitchen knifes appear or the kitchen knife appears? So, for example, professional kitchen knives, professional chef, knife, we all the keywords and the phrases that again human, then found road. What we can do next is we can check him. Let's see professional kitchen knives we can put here and go to Amazon and then see if we have knives that are You are look like our knife in order to identify if this keyword is good for us. So remember, this was our knife, Actually, the one that I showed before. Just imagine that ours is pretty much the same. And we can see that we have this kind of knife here. This kind of here. You're right, right? Mine might be relevant for this. So professional kitchen knife might be relevant thing for me. What's goes now? That means I will leave the professional keyword here. And Chef, I'm also probably going because chefs used the product as well. And now the front as you can see the word frequency is much slower here because we only have things that are connected to the professional here. You see, as we quick on this shows phrase that or reconnected to the phrase professional, let's remove it and let's exclude the set. Let's go back to the keywords that we have. So we have 2716 cures. You have to go through all the list, and I'm gonna do that right now. But you go through a list up until here and remove things that are not connected to you. For example, you're not sure what his friend like I know. What? That Romney's brand. Okay, so you quick again on brand me and you check all the keywords that they're not connected to this. Now, for example, we have 2716 keywords left. What do we do next? After going to finish with the word frequency is gonna be much less for you. For example, we have, like, 300 keywords left. I'm not sure how many exact is gonna be for distance. Maybe is going to be more you're gonna have for in their element once left. And it doesn't really matter what's gonna be the number. It's not that you have to have a specific number because it varies from niche to niche. But just make sure that everything that you find here Israel once you finished with this with the word treatments, you're gonna do the next thing going to go down here on the least of the keywords, and here you're gonna have the results per page, so select as 150 results, and I'm gonna sue show you what's going on here. We have old the pages. Here we go to the last page, and free is gonna be much less keywords. For example, for us is what, 1716. Right now you go to the last page and starting from the last page gave for us this 19 pages . Right now, you're gonna be removing all the unnecessary keyword for irrelevant. You're So let's start, for example, is going to show you examples who have kitchen knife Professional? Yeah, that's something we need kitchen knives with sharpener. No, we don't have a sharpener. We remove it. It's a knife. Non stick. You can check it on Amazon, right? Isn't something you're not sure What is a non stick? I'm not sure What is a kitchen knife nonstick, And then we see if we have some relevant knives, they're relevant to us. Yeah, this seems like our nights. There's few sets here, but still, the pretty much it looks like a knife that we have probably nonstick means that you know the meat or the salad will not stick to your night. So we keep it. Steak knife, Straight edge. I don't know what is straight edged knife. OK, you again. You go to Amazon. Check it out. Eight piece. No, we don't need eight Piece. We have only one piece knife. Remove it and we go through all the list. Now, of course, you can have less keywords there, Right? Once you work on your listing and then you will even narrow it deeper here. You're gonna go through one by one. And again, it's very important. Don't be lazy because it will issue about your niche. It will teach you new things that will show you where the good computers you understand it from here. Now, let's picture that I'm gonna do a little trick here. Just for the example off this for this course, I'm gonna do a search following 5000 at least so it's gonna narrow down the list for me. Okay. For example, have 74 key words left. You don't have to do that like this. You will do it with 100 or whatever. Search volume again. It depends on your niche. You need to have relevance. But I'm gonna show after you finished with the word frequency after you finished narrowing down the list down here after we have only the relevant keywords left? Yes. Remember gonna have to have our fingers. You have to exclude cures here with with a dog like this. So it's gonna be sad. For example, Block what ever else here, Electric. You have to do that. As it says. Exclude Fraser. Content enter keywords separate would come and then you're gonna apply, and it's going to narrow down your wrist. Then you go down and remove the cures here by cooking on x x x for those that are not relevant. Now you can leave some brand names because we might be using them the next lessons. You can leave Spanish keywords. You gonna leave spelling mistakes? Sometimes someone's gonna spell knife in a in a in a wrong way, like Kniffen or but new or something. And we're gonna have lesson about this later on. You have finished doing these processes. What do you do next? Once you have narrowed down the list What I've told you, you have, for example, 74 key words here usually is gonna be a bit more. You have 74. We have. Ah, let's just do it more relevant. Let's remove the deck or here just for the sake of it. Camping. Let's remove sharpener. Let's just make it a bit more relevant. We have a 91 because we have removed other ones. There were there. But what? We can also remove the set. It was before, and we have a bit more and that was removed. Bathroom. Just have more. A bit more relevant keywords. Now you also think phrases show phrase that continue. If you only want to have phrases that contain, for example, knife and no other things in the kitchen knife, Chef Knife, big knife, small knife, Huge knife. Had a note. So you include the phrase here. Now we go. Next we have 67 few hours left. What do we do with ski words? Once we have the list ready, we're gonna explore them to excel, because for this course of working with Excel as well, so we could hear on export quickly. Except now it's saying it's gonna take up the man. It usually takes pretty final. Go to the death stop. We have few of that magnitude kitchen knife. Let's save it with this work. Now let's go to my desktop. And here we have the human then kitchen, knife Excel. I'm gonna open in Excel now and we have everything here. We're gonna be proved much bombarded by keywords And what's your new year? You need to delete everything except the search vote Will not going to be really needing the other one. So could cure enable editing If you don't have excel, I do recommend you get me That's really easy to use and to use And we'll only need this search volume for these keywords. We're gonna do it everything else And that's what we That's what you should do. You have the worksheet here. Let's rename it to magnanimity, magnate keywords. That's what you what you should have when you finish this lesson. This is the key words that you should have found all day off them should be relevant to you . And that's the position you want. The Excel Toby in. And this this is it for this lesson. We're gonna find the next lesson appears gonna appear here in the card. Please click on it now to continue to the next lesson, which is gonna be lesson about the Syrian war too. And we're going to get more keyboard. So see there 3. Keyword Research With Helium 10 Cerebro (Reverse ASIN): Hey, welcome to my computer. Welcome to Western number two. And now we're gonna using the Serie bro to in order to identify relevant phrases for our listing that we're gonna be using in our listing. And let's see how we do it. How to use river. What a cerebral so cerebral allows us to find the competence, keywords, the keywords that are our competitors are ranking for and see exactly where the ranking, which possession and which he was the ranking floor in order for us to see. All right, these air Ellen, tow us. These are computers. We can grab the skewers from them in order to rank for them as well to get sales. Because if they're already getting cells from the skewers and they're identical to us, that's a good opportunity for us. So let me show you how is down. Let me show you a few techniques on how to do it best. And what? Signing into healing 10. Here on the left. We're gonna have the cerebral right. That's the cerebral to let me get inside. He will get a post the A since off the company's right, the ace in and we can post a few aces, and then it's gonna spit out all the keywords that this, given a sin, is ranking for now as the magnet video. We don't really need all the parts here off the cerebral. If you want to learn more about the cerebral to our Inca video up here and in the description. My video about cerebral, where a deep dive into the stool explained everything about this two and a Sprinkle and also have it here. If you could learn, you can get all the information from human. But let me show you how it's done in the best way for our course, and it's gonna pretty much save you time and get you the best. Yours how Well, first, we're gonna go to Amazon in order to identify these specific ace endless type in kitchen night night. So kitchen knife is our key word, for example, Now what we need to do is we to find the most relevant a since, or computers that are pretty much alike are products that we're gonna lunch. And if you remember from the last lesson, our product is pretty much a knife like this. It's singular knife. It's not a sad it doesn't have any say additions to it. We're not going to sell with any sharpeners or any other tools for a knife, right? Only the knife itself backed in really nice bucks. Now what? You also need to remember a site from remembering how our product hooks and what it is is the price of the item. So we want to identify competence that are pretty much in the same price. Strange because sometimes you might have a knife like this, which maybe even looks pretty much the same. But the prices really low, and therefore it might be competing in different categories or for different keywords. So we just need to identify something that's pretty much the same as ours in terms of prices, in terms of how to look scared, angry and stuff like that. So what we do now is we're gonna identify them. How do we do that? We have so many knives here, and it's pretty overwhelming. If we're just going to go and look like this for this, he looked and invented the hell Internet. So if you go toe your crime extension here, we have the human 10 x Ray. If you don't have the X ray yet and it looks pretty much like this, then you need to download it and it's gonna do Lincoln description down below. It's free to use, and it gives you a bird's eye view off the market. So, for example, instead of going through each product just manual, so forget if you quick on the X ray, you're gonna get all the products in front of you Bird's eye very comfortable to work. And if you are not familiar at all with this two X ray again up here Valenca video that gives you a brief, brief explanation about the X ray. And it's a pretty long video created ghost, very in depth. Also in the description you find it. And again, if you are not familiar, you can check it out. But again, we just need a few things here just to understand. So first, we have got revenue of the market here, off the basins that are showing and the average revenue the vessel rank average prices. The aces here the brands categories. Prices, sales, revenues, right review countermove, lusty with don't need off, the snout willing is the sales we want received the highest sales up here so essential. Want to see who's selling the most weishar the Asians, they're selling the most. And then once we've done that, want to see where the aces that are familiar to us that are selling the most right? Let's do it now. So he go on the left here on the ace in and we got identify kitchen knife. So knife sharpener no does not have to pay with us. That's a really cheap night. Remember, I've mentioned that we need something in our price range. So if we compare us to the problem that we saw before, let me show it again. This product, right, we're pretty much like this. So let's say that our goal price gonna be some between 20 and $35 for example, so fickle here again to go back to the extension. We want to find something in this price range, and we have our segmented here awesome, safe history. And we don't need this night because too cheap, this is a set. This is well, this might be relevant, but it's a bit higher is $35 but let's keep it for now, right? We have this knife. That's the 31 bucks we were gonna take it for sure we have another one, which looks pretty much the same. Looks like the one we're going to be competing with. $25. Perfect. That's for example, $100. So that's kind of out of our range, although the keywords might be premature, relevant, but he might be in a different nature bit, maybe a specific knife, that it's a bit of a different category. So we better go in the same price that we have identified before. So we have this one, which might be pretty cool for us, which works pretty much the same. That's a bit she. That's $15. That's the clever books. A bit different. Well, that's Ah, yellow spine looks fine. US 18 98 But still, it's pretty cool, you know, 10 bucks, she 16. That s so something worth $20. Where was that? Folks, like $20 night. That's pretty cool. So we have five products up until now. So Argos, find out five A. Since five bases would be fine for us because we want to identify all the cures from them. You can try and work it. 70 cents. You confined mawr less competence. I'll just go with five here and let me even identify something else. Because the other one I think it was a son taconite, which is a bit different knife. So let's go with this one, for example. And now, as we have told the a sense, Now we're gonna go and open them. But I just wanted to remove this one, right? Perfect. Now we have the five products. Five a since. And what do we do with them? We need to improve them the most. Raylan wants that we found into three broke. So we copy. The rest is let's take one number one. Number two, Number three Pretty funny. Ation Next, the next the next in number. Or gonna take this night and the last night. Recall Looks good like that. We're gonna get you or somebody get yours from a low of these aces that we just identified as our future competitors. And if you're enjoying the video for now, then please, Like, this video is going to show me that you do like it that you're watching up until this point It's pretty exciting for me because I'm do my best in order for making it easy to understand information that's gonna help you get a better listing. Well, you know, pretty much as in all my other buddy. And if you also like it subscribe, it's a free course. If you're not Finger, it's a free course than is going in the description as well. Yes, this is a part of a free course where we optimize the listing would help If you intend amazon dot com create a pretty cool dynamite list. So now we are here in the Serie broke. We have allowed the keywords that these five aces a rating for and a staff 1000 viewers pretty a lot, right we don't really need All the Argo is to identify the most important phrases that we're gonna use later on in arresting in order to build arrested from the freight and how we're gonna identify it by a few things. So first we have the position and ranch and what I do here is I do want to 20. What does it mean? That means that all these five a since are going to be shown or their keyboards. They're going to show from position one at their position to Ideally, it's only the ones that are positioned on page number one, which is about position 1 20 are going to be shown in our new data that we're gonna that Hilton is going to spit. You see, that's gonna narrow down the list of the keywords, right? What next is ranking competitors? Let's do it for me. New for And what does it mean? That means that from all the fighting we've identified, at least four must have key words that are positioned between Position one and 20 that are going to be shown to us and you understand, Or do you were narrowing down our search to the most relevant cures to those that are giving us the most the most, So to say relevancy. These are the ones that are getting sales and our rent on higher positions for all these competitors were quick on a price. And look what we have. We after 342 key word to see. We've narrowed down the list from what was at 10,523 142 keywords. Let's get in search volume here and now we have only the top. He was here showing right. These are our top cures, that irrelevant toe all the listings that all of the listings, or at least four of them, are ranking for now it's a big list. 342 is a pretty big list. What you can do is you can narrow it down, how you narrow it down and we want the highest. We want the highest Dan City keywords or just the high search volume keywords for us to appear. So we quick on 1000 here, minimum search well over 1500. We can play with it again, but I have identified it is 1000 because they're quite many keywords. So for decision, that's going to be enough sometimes maybe even without typing in search volume, you're gonna get older relatives. Yours finishes different, but so what? We identified What end of a chef's knife? C. 14 Chef's knife, kitchen knife, Chef's knife, knife cooking night, Japanese chef knife, missing chef knife, sharp knife, Japanese cooking knives. So what does mean all these are ranking well for all these aces? You see, that's the exciting part here. So we just identified the key words that were going to be using pretty much throughout our listing, and it's going to be the most relevant. So probably from these we're gonna build our title, we're gonna build our bullets. We want to feature them the most cause these are the money makers for us and other less. Also see other longer tails will be identified by magnet as well. And generally we're gonna be using them as well a spark off our copyrighting part. But what is very important is having these main keywords because these are the money makers guys, and this just proves it because all of them, all these Asians that are selling very well our ranking well on these keywords. So whatever your next. Once we've identified them, we're gonna go through the list again, right? Because wanna see, Maybe something is still not relevant to us. For example, we can see Japanese Jeff knife you. Now if your knife is actually not Japanese and you know you have some sort of other chef knife and Japanese isn't something that's not not nothing to do with you, you can delete it or If you're, for example, the butcher knife for meat cutting. Well, if your knife is not exactly aimed at butchers, although it seems that all of these are, then it should be relevant. But let's say you're not Japanese knifes. You remove the Japanese this and we have only 14 filter keywords left, and you see if you have also missing kitchen knife, that might be a branding, so you can also remove it. That's up to you. The brand names we can find in the previous lesson through the magnetic threatening can be used for your next thing. I'm going to show to you in the know in the next lessons off the course how we play with this brand names. It is a bit against us placing brand names interesting. So it's up to you. But in the next list, I'm gonna show you. How is that? For example, let's remove it for now, and we have, but we have 14 keywords left here or a bit less actually now, and these are the most important for us. What do we do next with them? Will get a A copy them to our queen board. OK, we've copied all of these phrases. And then we're going to our excel where we have the magnet yours, and we're creating a new sheet here. And let's call it main phrase of Syria, bro. As you wish. So you remember best. Whatever suits you better is the you know. So you type in frelling phrases or relevant raises, and then you're gonna just copy best if into here. So now we have the magnitude words we found. We found the cerebral phrases that are most important for us. And now, in the next lesson that is going up, come here is gonna be appearing here now, in the card or so to say we're gonna go and find misspellings for other keywords. For our listing, we're gonna find misspellings and a lesson after it is gonna be about Spanish cures. So go on. What should? Now it's pretty good 4. Spelling Mistakes Keywords: Hey, welcome to my computer. Lesson number three we're not gonna identify keywords that air spelling mistakes with the human. Then misspell Nate there. And also, we're gonna be using Hume 10 a magnet for the aid of it. Now, what's the idea here, Daniel, is to get key words that are spelled mistakes that have keyword juice that have some searches and then put them inside the listing in order to get sales from these misspellings And these air usually easy cells. Because it's easier to rank for these keywords. And sometimes people just type in some word for example, house. But they skip the oh so the type use, for example, which is the eyes near the oh, in the keyboard. And then this would weaken get extra sales, which is really nice technique. Let me show you how it's done. You're gonna have to sign in, then. Remember, there's a free account. Can create it by link destruction. Dumbo. There also coupons there. Now we go to human time spell nater and also gonna need the human 10 magnet in order to identify later on the searches. So what do you have any Mr Nature on the left. We have the original cures and they're gonna prepare them and finally, stones in the skewers. So for those who have to goto our excel and in the excel, we have to identify the keywords that might have spoken mistakes. How I usually do that, For example, have my cures ready, can simply input all of them if you want to check in deeply. So, for example, your product is in our case, it's a kitchen knife. So gonna import kitchen knife, steak, chef, everything that builds your listing, all the skewers they're going to here on the left. And then we're gonna see what spelling mistakes they have. Let me show you an example. So we go back to excel sheet and we have a few years now. I have prepared, uh, let's just take kitchen knives as an example, Apartment essentials and ceramic night. So let's just use the street. So we have knife, part men, San Chios and knives. That was right. Some like this, the state chef And was that was mentioning state. We have these seven keywords and let's now prepare them and find me spellings in this yours . But I'm spending or does it out of Medic. You can do that, but I'm not sure there's any other two that does that. Actually, this one makes it really easy. But me show you how it works. We have the word ceramic here, for example. And then we have the misspellings that usually cured. This is the popularity that cures from I'm not exactly sure. Yeah, that's what from 100 searches. So he won't then estimates that from 100 people that I pin ceramic, one of the three is gonna type in, Sir. Might probably missing award here and there a lettering. But then there's the Amazon out of correct that needs. Does Amazon out to correct the ski work? So, for example, when a person doesn't mistake in ceramic and Amazon identifies that for example, sir make is happening is that many times and it out the correct it's That means there's not much to say logic behind putting the skewered insider listing as a spelling mistake. This is gonna fix it anyway. Our goes to find these that are not getting automatically fixed by Amazon and then put them into a listing in order to get more cure juice. But If you're liking this video up till now, you can drop the lake. It's gonna help frank it a bit And you free to subscribe for the next videos Identification bell. So you can get notified for other videos in this free course and to enjoy them. So we see that ceramic is not actually something that has no here. We need to fight yours. That haven't no in the Amazon, out to correct. Let's continue with the knife and boom. Here we have the 1st 1 knife knife does not get out. The pregnant but Amazon now sometimes it actually might still get out of corrected. You get a check it on the field, I'll show you. So what? Esteem Apartment also does not have anything special. And there's the ones that are not getting that many. They're not popular stone mistakes. It doesn't check them. So you can skip these because usually won't have much your juice anyway. But here in the essentials, look at the way of the knives, chef and steak. You see, steak has stuck. Knife says the knife's or needs. But I like the essentials here and white because it has. Then maybe the ones, the ones that are not getting fixed by Amazon. So, for example, we have the word a cent Tales sent tales. Now what do we do? We copy this site, we copy it and we want to identify in the mag net and see if this spell mistake has any search volume. So we can Maybe insincere did in our saddle resting on the back and to get more que urges from there. So we go to magnet and remember magnet to look for cures and we type in the s entails type in the Spanish state and we do a new search. Now we have discovered 962 key words They're connected to the world s entails, which is essentially essentials. So what do we do next? We will do the next thing with Quicken advanced filters here. And we can click on show phrases that contain and we put the same keyword here s entails we could can apply and now is gonna show us only the ones that actually have the s entails inside them. And we cook in search volume and we could identify the biggest ones. So we have a house, a cent tales now technical for our kitchen knife. It is. It might be a key word that is relevant, right? But of course, as I've explained you in the previous videos will be really relevant in the beginning. So not going to say around the niche. So for a kitchen knife, it might be a house essential, right? It might be a gift for Dad as well, but in the beginning, I do recommend you only going for words that are related to the knife itself. A kitchen, knives, steak, knife, chef, knife. But these can be complimented for sure. And this is a spelling estate. You will boot. Of course. For your products, right? I'm not sure exact you're selling, but I'm pretty sure you identify sound your So what? Even next? Because, as I mentioned, or sometimes the ones that are spelling mistakes and they're not getting out of corrected by Amazon are still gonna beak out a corrected. Even though he looked then claims them not to be so what I do, is it? Just check it. I go here and click on show on Amazon and on the left here, I'm going to see if it does change or not. So for this one house s entails did not change. Sometimes The example being house s entails here is that you're gonna change to house essentials here and this way. You see that it's not working, but here does work. So we have a key word that is not huge. Yes, it's relatively smoke, which is not a 259 searches per month. But it's it's a spoon mistake. And we have some, uh, some garage handle. Yes, it's some specific sort of product, but you can see there some essentials you that are central for the house. For example. We have some kitchen utensils here. We don't have any knives here, so maybe for a kitchen knife, it wouldn't be the superball relative keywords. But you gotta find ones that are relative for your niche. And you do that by checking your keywords in your in your excel table right from this excel table that would create previously. Then you input them into misspell nater and take them to the field on Amazon and the magnet . Let me go back and show you something else. For example, we have the word knives, right So we have the word knifes and it says that it doesn't fix it automatically. So, for example, will go to magnetic and type in knives, right? And let's get keywords. So I'll show that it does not necessarily work all the time like this because that's why you gotta go to the field and check it so we could go in search volume again. We have the knife's and we have the advanced fielders knives here. And we have, for example, knives, kitchen and drove Me has some search volume, right or knives hunting pocket of Alaska Kalan Knives, knives, four kitchen and I click here on Chek and look. You see, it does fix it out of medical. So from knives kitchen, it did fix them automatically toe knives, kitchen. So Well, it's not the best idea for us now. For example, we would take the ones. What was that? The essentials. Right? This entails we're gonna go to our excel, and we're going to create a new one here, and I'm gonna call it found Mistakes, mistakes or missed bone Spelling says you wish bone mistakes, and here we can simply create the you know we can simply copy paste them. So we have the s and tails, and for you, it's gonna be what houses entails. That was right. So it's do house s entails and you're gonna find all the relevant misspellings. You're gonna place them here. You can add some search volume here, as you wish. And then once we're gonna be building the listing, we will now have the magnet keywords. We have the cerebral phrases, and now we're also gonna have the spelling mistakes. And in the next lesson that actually we're going to see up here in the in this screen. Once it's ready, we're going to identify the Spanish keywords, which are gonna be also keywords that we can use as juice for our well for testing. And, uh, yeah, I'm going to see him. The next lesson here 5. Spanish Keywords: Hey, welcome to Western number four. Welcome my computer. Welcome to Hume, then. And in this lesson, we're gonna identify the Spanish keywords that are relevant to our product. Now, why would you do that? Well, because in the amazon dot com, many people search for stuff in Spanish. There may Spanish speakers throughout the United States. And general people who search on Amazon might be Spanish speakers and their pre many searches in Spanish. So we get, identify which keywords are search in Spanish that are relevant to us, and therefore we can rank for them as well. Let me show you. How is that? First we're gonna have to go to our excel, and we're gonna go to a cerebral phrases that we've collected. And we have all of these phrases that the relevant phrases wouldn't copy all these and we're gonna go to Google, translate, and we're gonna improve them here in the English to Spanish. So we have Ah, Chilo could see Lo, the chef, the Katsina. Katsina, right. We have all these keywords and Spanish. What's going to do once we've once have translated them, we're gonna copy all of them, and we're gonna put them into magnet. Inhuman. 10. Remember, you have all the attendings in description creating accounts and all the coupons. The good stuff. So good. We go to magnet and then we enter a world. The key words here. Now, how do you get a quick here in order? Free toe. Make it in lights. So we're gonna have always skewers now, Aziz, search results here in magnet. If you missed the magnet lesson somehow, then it's the lesson number one off the scores and you're gonna find it throughout the police. Still the poorest and all the stuff is linking inscription. This is a free killing. Them testing organization course that you're in right now. So from all the cures that we found, only four had actual searches on Amazon, and one is extremely lucrative. It has 3000 search volume on em. Pretty nice. It makes it ah, to sell low volume. Will need volume keyword. And it's cause she was she was there. Casino. What we do next is we quicken extra, we copy them to quit board, and then we want to go to our excel table and we're gonna make and you shit here, we're gonna call it Spanish rewards and let's type in again phrase. And we have all the phrases here. So these are the relevant phrases, the ones that we found that actually will have the right volumes, the ones that are actually being searching them. I then to fight them. And we're gonna later on use them, probably in their back ends, which could be in the next lessons. And for now, you can go and watch the next lesson. Number five in this window off up here. So seeing next lesson. 6. Competing Brand Keywords: Hey, welcome to my computer. Welcome to lesson number Five in this lesson, as I mentioned before going to speaking about the competent brand names. And again, this is a sneaky technique and it's against under service using. But it's up to you. I do use it. But again, something Amazon does not allow. If you want to try it, you're welcome. If you're not, at least watch and see how. Because it might be useful for you. And the idea is again to find comfort their brand names at a mention in magnet in the last number one. But I just wanted to clarify it a bit deeper in this lesson. And once we find those skewers and imagine What are they? Them? Yes, when you once you're gonna be searching through your magnet. But in this list, and I also want to show you which computer brand names are to use and which are not. We should really be more beneficial to us and which are not gonna be really beneficial to us. And first with any to think running the magnet and Amazon and extra. So it's signed in again into helium. Here we have the magnet if you've missed, there's lesson number one for Magnet that we have spoken previously. And it's open ability, the playlist for the three course, which now on the free course off you Lynton civilization. So we're now in Magnet, which is the keyword research. And the next thing we need to do is to find those competent brand names. And usually how do you find them when what is competent brand names at all? So thing is, sometimes after a while the platform a specific brand is gonna get name. You know, it's gonna get more searches. People speak work to mouth. People are gonna stare searching for this product with the brand name of For example, let's take a kitchen knife and there's gonna be a brand name super nice. And with time, Super Knife is gonna get more sales. Gonna be more known in the social media is gonna be known more amongst customers that bought it. And they're just gonna go and say, you know, this Super knives Brandis sparkle so going by, people search for it and stuff like that, and this will social develop when you key word on the platform and we can take it to take advantage of that. And rank for this keyword is well against us, as I mentioned before, but pretty nice technique. But we show you how to do it in the best. Because not always the brand start are gonna appear gonna be useful for us. Let me explain exactly what I mean. So we have the bag opened. Let's go to amazon dot com and type in kitchen knife, right, as we previously did. Hold the kitchen knives. And again, I'm gonna open the X ray. If you have landed on this lesson for the first time, or you're not exactly sure is gonna be up here Link and description a lesson about X ray which is not connected to the forces General lesson that I've created for X ray. There, you can deeply search learn about the stool. But again, this still gives you a bird's eye view off the market. And here we have all the products that are mentioned on this page and how many pros we have here at this point. About 50 51 5 and we're going to see them in first. But what we need to do in order to find our brand names, the ones that are good. We're gonna submitted by sales because I want to see the ones that sell more. Usually these are the ones that have also higher search volume in their brand names, and we're gonna identify. But remember, we're also in our force were selling your life, which is not a bundle. It's a night that costs between about 20 and $30 it's a singular night. I just remember that we need to find comforters that are similar. You know, you don't really want to be competing with knife sharpener or a night. There's $30. It's not, is that our kind of, although it still might be competing with them. But when I compete and find the keywords relevant to whatever we're selling and then hence the convergence may be higher because these knives are what people are looking for. And let's just check out the competent er's now and see which are good for us or not and see their branding. So we have the sharpener. Here we have this $13 with a knife set. All right, we have 34 bucks knife, which pretty much looks like our knife. You know, like Senor Knife, which is a chef's knife in the kitchen. And this is a buy a brand called Victory Knox. Now, if you're not familiar with victory knocks, it's pretty big brand. But let me show you what I do here in my in manage. I'm not typing kitchen knife. Find all that You were scrapped Kitchen knife. But I will also include the brand name Victory Knocks on that Is that here? But in the ones we get all the results in the advanced filters, I'm gonna type in victory knocks already have it stayed here. Quicken apply, and we have about 2080 words was submitted by search volume. I think it already was. And we have a T word. Victory looks chef knife. Usually when a brand gets established that Amazon people are gonna search for it as brand name plus product name or proudly plus brand names. Sometimes going Chef night, victory in up or it might be is you can see your kitchen. I've victory knocks. You see, it's still get some search volume or victory next chef Victor in this kitchen. Let's go identifies is good for us. Do we want to compete against this praise or this friend. Let's Quicken open the awesome. We have the key word for here. Victory, Extra life. And we have The man has a choice for this one. But let me show you What's the problem with ski work? See all the products here by Victorino Victorino, Victorino, Victorino. Three. Knocks and victory knock skips Victory missing down the page and probably you will not have a chance to rank your even because the brand build really strong authority for this keyword . And it's just the same products, although it's also a huge brand. Victory dances like really big worldwide brand. So the chance that your product is gonna lend here and go that you will rank it. It's gonna be hard for you. And maybe it's not the best idea, because you see it's down well down until the older pages victory. Yes, so chances that you're gonna rant here are really well because the relevancy off this brand here is very high, and the authority of the spread in this cure is very high, So this brand might not be the best for us, but let's continue looking for other So we're in Amazon here and was stopped on the victory . There is the set, which is not good for us. And we have the guy Mark, remember the Marco knife, right? So we're gonna do is we're gonna take his brand name here, Marco, and we're gonna go to the magnet. And instead of using Victorino says the phrase that contain you're gonna use the marble. Perfect. We also have 28 results and we have a market chef knife marks, knife, Marco pro. So in this case, we still have a pretty good volume key work, which 1287 searches for months, and it is a branded keyword in market chef knife. There's also probably market knives. You see, Marco, knife set, which is not that connected, but market chef knife. Let's go and open what's there on Amazon for this key work? And we see that there's a market, the same knife, and it's the choice because that's what usually people by. But what's the nice thing about this counter keywords and this one specific that the next competitors that come are not Marco. You see there many like fantastic and folks Ellen some Machar different knives. It'll live in CI, you see, like the brands. There's another market. Yes, just one and mostly Caesar. Different knives. You don't have much off this same breath, and this one will be mawr element for us. If you wanna use this technique and again, it's a bit sneaky, but never us. You can use it. Try it because there is not much competition. You're from the same brand like. Yes, there is search for this brand because, as you can see this branches that this product, it's about 2001. Review. Sudanese have been in the market for pretty on time and selling well established some name . But it's not a huge product line like Victorino. So that you see here is gonna be easier for us to brand and to shore product years. You can see these guys. They're probably they're using their product names somewhere. Either on the front end of the listing. Go somewhere on the beckoned and that's Ah, sneaking. Another sticky technique that I mentioned before is actually on your product listing. So let's say that this was our product listing. Just get inside this product was said. I would your practicing? How else can you say Take advantage off this competent name thing? This is even more sneaky, but what you can do is try to index the ski worst summer in your questions and answers. For example, again, if you get somebody to ask a question for you, and you can include the brand name here, and some people have been taking it a step further and they can leave a link to a specific product, right, and this might give the algorithm again chance to rank you there or sometimes in reviews. You can use this thinking technique in order to. Sometimes you can even leave your own products by living links. But you can do that in the reduce or in the question that there is a side chance that is also going to rank you because it also gets red in the algorithm, their questions and answers and the reviews and all the stuff. But you should use it on the back end of the listing. So let me just say this. Ward writes, for example, in the Saving Market Chef night, because we did see that it's good we're gonna go to excel and create some new sheet and a school with competitors company their emperor keyword something that they're just this habit of their keywords. Again, this is up to you. If you want to use it, it's against us. Maybe we'll do that. I use that as well. But up to you if you want to try and then we have the phrase we have the market kitchen knife you can do the search volumes will remember with the Xlu Welcome to play as you wish It's up to you So let's just say this one. What you want to do is again when you're gonna be sheltering your magnet keywords, you will leave out the brand names. And then if you want to take this technique and this approach, you go and check out which brand names have been easier for you trying for again, not super alternative. Huge Ward Lybrand's gonna be hard but rather small brands, and you can get a smoke out of the buy from there and I'm up here Gonna find the lesson Number six. We're gonna be speaking about competition density, and we're going to see how we take advantage of density interrupt, understand their niche better and all this good stuff. So please, which now see, there 7. Keyword Density: Hey, welcome to my computer. And now we're gonna be speaking about keyword dancing. Now what a skewer Density. Why do we even for listings, what is the soul? But let me the key word density. It means how many times given keyword is written in our listing. Or how many times does a given keyword appear in our listing? So what we need to do is we toe identify the density amongst our competitors in order to understand what density we'd for our list. And also by going through the dense to understand some features about our products and will get extra intel about our product in our listing. Right. So let's do it right now. So for this, we're gonna have to go back to our Excel table, and we're gonna go to the Serie bro part now, in the last video of Syria, bro, I did not save the Asians here, but I would suggest you saving the A since that you've used for your cerebral river was lesson number two. It's in the playlist. If you are ah not aware to places and description, you have all the playlists off this recourse. But there you have to save the aces that you input in your cerebral. So here I did save them. And the idea behind the density is to check each basin and see what is the density of the key words there. And let me show you house them templates. Take this ace in the 1st 1 here, we're gonna goto Amazon. We're gonna go find this ace in. This is this body in kitchen knife. We're going to get inside the product listing. Are you confined it by looking for the Asian search or simply by doing something like this ? You go amazon dot com slash p slash ace and it's also gonna get inside the listing, whatever the next. How do we know the density? How do we play with it? What we do is we have to copy the title of the aces. We're gonna copy the bullets of the A sin and a description off the ace in If there is such this one doesn't have because there's in has brand content or a plus content, as it's called now. So it will simply use the title. And the boats were gonna copy them to our own line keyword density checker, which is going to be in here in a second. Here it is. I'm gonna link it in the description as well. And this one is a free test for the dense to let me show you how so Here you have two input the text that you have and for example, we're gonna copy the title and we're going to copy the bullets. And now I'm gonna quit on online keyword density checker and what's gonna happen? It's going to give me the density off the keywords and how many times they appear on the listing. And also two words dancing. There's no 73 words. And so what does it mean, one or danced? It says that the word knife appears 13 times throughout the bullets and throughout the title. For this given listing, chef, appear seven times hand kitchen handle. What do we understand from this? First we understand that these air common words, and probably very relevant are listing. And we also understand how many times should we use it in our listing? Because what you're gonna do is we're gonna take all the listings, all the cases that were used and we're gonna see the density in all of them, and we're going to see the average forgiven keywords. For example, Knife is gonna appear 13 times here, But maybe in another listing is going appear five times, right, And the other is gonna be nine times. So since you're gonna kind of look at the average and from this, we can write our own listing, the first we're gonna get to that in the cooperating part is gonna be the next lessons. But just so you understand that also toward dense and also three, I will usually copy it to the tour density. I will not copy the three, but you can check these as well, because here you can also find some good keywords. But not always. You see, for here's a job job handler, the thickness kitchen knife. You know, it can tell you many things about risking about the thickness. You know, that means people are looking for it. And then if you're going to see common patterns among all the listing that we're going to check now, for example, if chef knife appears here and it appears in the other one and the other one, that means that's quite relevant now, But you can also do. If you want to check, for example, the titles separately, you can simply input the titles here and do the density check for the titles on I'm gonna do it for all the listing. So if I have description, bullets and the title, I'm going to just run over them through it. So it's not. Just go back to our Excel table and let's create a new one. And let's call it simply density. And here, let's type in a sin. We're gonna copy the ace in and let's say it's gonna be where do we have the essence here, the cerebral. Here we have the ace in. We copy it, we put in the ace in, and then we do another one for density, for example, then in city, or we can do it here on the right. As you wish plans on how you work with your excel, we're gonna do it like that. And then we're gonna go to this website and we're gonna copy everything here and what happens now. We enter in this one and there we have this a sin, and this given density, we can see how many times one word toward now, Very quickly do it for a while, the basins and then going to explain your few things. Perfect. I have now finished doing the density for all the a sense. And let's see what commonalities we have, what we can understand from all these densities that we just we just solved. So, for example, let's take the first ace in this one. We see that the word knife is here. It Peterson the first sort of say density of the first days, and it also appears here also pierce here knife is very common. Worst. Let's just fill it in with some would yellow color, for example. We have the knife here who see it is the same word, and it's used in every Asian. So that's definitely something that's very common for us. But for example, estate, kitchen, let's do it in greed. We have kitchen here. We have kitchen here, here without have kitchen. For some reason, we didn't see kitchen appeared that many times in this specification, and you have kitchen here and we have also kitchen here nine times. What else were we have Chef pretty much everywhere with state that chef as for example red . You can use it as you wish. Yes, you can play with your own colors. It's just something that allows you to see it in a better wait. Right then let's have Chef here and we have sharp, sharp, sharp sharp is something a monster. You know these So stick sharp jar jar. Here we have handle, handle, hand you see handle of fear Twice, for example, It's used this kind of color for the hand and the handover is going appear, for example, in this kind of color handle and we, the other ones are not really come. But what do we understand from this? We see first that these keywords are very relevant. We see the chef Kitchen knife is something that is very common for over them also sharp, right, that's and handled. So what can our centering that we're gonna get to that in the copy part part of the listing . And you understand that these skills, they're not just Trovan by S e o. They must be oce relevant in terms off writing, arresting so sharpness and we'll understand again in the future. Lessons must be very common and must be very interesting and beneficial and very important for our customers. And so to say, the handle as well because you can see hand and handle. Maybe it's comfortable for the hand or the handle has a good Greep. And also here in the density we have, for example, chef knife being here. 1234 You see, that's again, a key word that is very common that we were going to use. And aside from this, you can also, as I mentioned before, I understand the density. So, for example, you can see that the knife word is used 13 times here 14 times here nine times here 97 times, so you can feel free to use it about the average, so it may be like 10 times for your listing. So, for example, if it's 13 14 is the maximum seven is the minimum, you know, somewhere in the middle, and what again? We're gonna get that in the copper, any part. But for example, you can copy your kitchen knife phrase. You can use it once in the title, for example, once in the bullets. Once in the description, we can maybe also copied in the back, and you see this creates relevancy. Dance and density is actually good for the machine to read. Arresting because if the machine sees that knife, knife, knife, kitchen, kitchen, kitchen is in this listing or chief night shift Night shift knife. And here's you six times the chef knife Religious Coca market Chef knife Jeff Knife. Well, we don't have Jeff knife here, the chef knife here and chef knife. Here you see, it's used six times, three times, four times in eight times. If you take the average, you free to use like five times structuralist IQ now. I wouldn't use it twice in the title, for example, but you can put it in one bullet point in another. May be connected description. So this will create again relevancy Good density, and this will allow the machine to read your listing. Better toe. Hold you better in positions to density is a little trick that you can use and Federer understand, because you can see stainless steel is something is common here, So probably it is important for the user. Or maybe it's a common material. You can take many things from it. You can understand That may be okay if everybody is doing it from stainless steel, Maybe I want to improve it and make it the Damascus Steel or something. You see, you can take it to many, many places, but in terms off density, that's the way you would want to go with stable and their many services for this, By the way, for the fewer density checker, this was just one that I used on the link in the description on with all the other goodies . Oh, these descriptions off this course and over video several the goodies. And you're enjoying this lesson up until now. Like it drop a comment. You're always welcome to ask if something is not weird to you or it is clear to you be glad to hear feedback because I think it's pretty cool. Poor Think you learn some more things about Amazon about all the S, Yobo, the listings from it, and I'm pretty happy and yeah, that's the densities. So feel free to use it and use it. And now it's continue to the next lesson, which is gonna be up here, and there were going to sort who've are keywords. And then we're gonna take him to scribbles and Frankenstein and killed them. So please watch now, 8. Keyword Optimization With Frankenstein & Scribbles: Hey, welcome to my computer. Welcome to heal him then. And I want to say congratulations to you because in the previous lessons, where should understood and gather all the necessary keywords for are less thing wonders to the dance. Do you understood what builds a listing? What kinds of key words there are? That's pretty awesome. I think now we're gonna do in this lesson from using Frankenstein and Scream boasts tools from human tell in order to process are resting even deeper into the scribble stew. We're going to be a sure building our listing now, when we show you how the Frankenstein towards. Because in this Togami processing are key words really from the magnet. In order to narrow down the rest of more and to remove all sorts of junk keywords and stuff , we don't really So it's signing you forget that you can create a free youth, an account in description Down below we have all the coupons there in this video is actually part of my prehuman than playlists, or so say, free humans. And this compensation course, which is also gathering the playlist, is gonna be more comfortable for you to watch is going to Lincoln description. It's pretty awesome. Enjoy. Thank you. Drop like, if you like deep common thing. Thank you for the common. So far it's pretty. So let's go to Frankenstein. Trying to say is that he would processor, you get a process or keywords and what is in the process? Let me show. So we're gonna go to the Excel and we get a copy over keywords from the magnet I have selected here. I'm gonna copy them. And the reason being is, even if you're gonna go through a magnet and really deeply queen all your key, what's there? Still, you might have some unnecessary keywords. Or maybe things like, as we call them, common words like the N r. You know, stuff like that. And, General, we're gonna create from these phrases we're gonna break them down into senior keywords by clicking here. Actually, one word phrase Pearland. We showed you in a second. In order for us to have the key words the single cures to build our listing from how does the frankness thank your process or even work? So here on the left, you can input your original keywords. And here we have different output settings. I mean, what's gonna happen once the keywords are processed? So gonna with duplicates, which is you see, it straightaway removes duplicate works. For example, a kitchen kitchen. The next thing you want to do is we want one word free spur line. So we're gonna use it is one word. We don't need to maintain phrases we don't want toe the chef knife to stay the same because we already have our phrases from the cerebral. There's a motorbike going on, so we do not use a maintain phrases. We are removing common words as well. So everything like the air is gonna be removed now because in the magnet part, I didn't go through. We threw all the list. You can see some sort of say some key words that are not even. I don't have anything to do with the kitchen knife that working on right so quickly do it right now. But for you, you have to do that in the magnet part of the listing. Remember when we remove that night keywords when you go through the listing right through the keywords cooker hood Now so I could finish now going through the list. I removed the under sir keywords. And here we have processed them. Now they all the phrases of broken in tow wards and also show you in the next part in the scribbles wise and good. So it's key words are going to be building our listing. So what you're going to see essentially, after you go through or your magnet process, we're going to see that for the listings that are being created Amazon and your competence straight. They're not actually using that big amount of keywords. Okay, because from these key words that were used and you seem to have only resemble 23 here we can build a lot off bigger keywords. So, for example, we can mix, for example, cooking kitchen knife and chef knife for husband, for example, or chef's knife. All this is gonna build your listing. So you get that have the relevant keywords. I just kind of segment them by having the most Roman example vulture might be relevant to boost off is a brand name, right? All this is you gonna show identified in the appropriate parts off the listing as well off the listing creation. You know what do we have the competent teachers and your previous spaces of magnet? Right. So after we have finished to see Queen, the the phrase is on the left, we have these keywords left. What do we do next? We have some under bar. So the Frankenstein here again. If you want to go deeply into Frankenstein, you can quickly learn here. But I'm just showing you exactly what you need in order to process it quickly. But there many more different options here, next to go to scribble. So essentially quicken scribbles here, it's gonna transfer all these yours to scribbles to the next part. And let's do it now. So cook on scribbles and you can see that in the scribbles which is the list building to you can see here to listen. Optimizer, we have rescuers on the left. What do we do next? I want to add to this list. I want to add our other phrases. So, for example, all the competent keyword, right? So that was just one for us here is gonna be appropriate to your listing. Of course. At the spelling mistakes which for us was the house s entails. Is he remember and let's ago toe cerebral phrase. We have all these phrases here, right? The phrases want add them as well. Now we're getting a lot of the stuff that we're gonna be creating our listing from density we don't really need that will use the Dance City once we're gonna be building delisting the next lesson. So be prepared for this money. Also add the Spanish keywords added here we could can apply now what happened with editor The cures on the left we've applied and what we see here. So we're gonna have old the singular words that build really see here. And we have all the phrases like chef, knife gets a knife, Chef's knife All the main phrases Now what color? So this is a life and color scribbles is pretty awesome to build for your listing. And why? Because, for example, the red color indicates a phrase that has high search Wally and the yellow or Orange. Whoever that is is gonna be a smaller search volume, and the green one is gonna be even smaller until we get to the boo one. And until we get to the gray one, which is the lowest same goes for the keywords. Now, this is a pretty awesome thing because we can see what is relevant for us. Because we want to, For example, wanna go to creating the title and it's gonna be the next lesson, Maurin, that we're gonna see that want to use highest relevancy. And how does this highest volume keywords, for example, inner title and from all these that are so say, less important that are less than red or green, green or boo? We're gonna be creating the rest of the listing. So, for example, we're going to be having although stronger keywords somewhere up in the listing, for example, in the tighter, we're definitely gonna include the chef knife in the kitchen knife because thes Aaron realm and these are the most volume volume a book, yours, if you can say so and recruit them in the title Now, in this next lesson's gonna appear up here. We're gonna go and write this listing, and we're gonna go deeper into scribbles. I'm gonna explain you some other things about the scribbles. So please, what should not be cool lesson about cooperating goats of gold nuggets There you there 9. Copywriting (Title, Bullets, Description, Backend): Hey, welcome to the cooperating video, and I'm pretty excited for this one. I am pretty much excited for everything beyond make or every year make for this course or every day generally. But it is quite important because I think one thing if you don't know how to write your copy if you don't write your own copy, then don't do outsource. Because if you're just gonna try and do that on your own without having any experience in it or not big experience than probably, it won't suck. I'm just telling you right now because that's the way it goes. Like if you try your copy without knowing how to do that just is not gonna work. I know committing outsourcing and for this have prepared to sources that you can outsource it from. And I'd recommend, because it's just going to save you time and you're gonna get better results once people who are familiar with God praying or do it for you. So let me show you. Here we have Dianne War Ulster, and she's the Hypothetic Amazon corporate. Every problem, like what is hyped body cameras and copyright shoes, is different techniques for her copy and she's a lot about NLP, which is proven to be really good with, for example, doing copyright. And I'm gonna sue go through some of her videos when I'm gonna be breaking down the title bullets description Part of the video. But first she has a service. I'm gonna weaken description down below for cooperating. And second, you have a free you channel that she has. And I think it's a gold mine. This is a gold my channel. If you want to try, do your copy on your own or you just want to see your skills before you go and purchaser services. But thing is even the free videos for those who do their own copy pretty sick like, because the value she shared here is just a dream insane. So I do recommend in Washington. Most go through some specific videos of thirst, but definitely considered using her services and just go and check her channels Pretty awesome. I'm gonna in conscription down Bolas. Well, the channel next option is go to Fiverr in fiber and you can find all sorts off services to outsource like Amazon copyrighting, for example, and I would not recommend it really, I would recommend if you're on a tight budget because, yes, fiber, you can still get results and you boo probably get results. But again, the level of the work it's probably not gonna be, is good. It might be their awesome copywriter. They're awesome photographers on fiber and nothing to say. But usually you have to try different people until you find someone good. So for this, I would recommend you if you want to use fiber And if you want to use cheaper services, you can just go to a Facebook group and say, Hey, you have any five recommendations that she worked with Four cooperating, for example, And people ever share with you. It's going pretty good now. The next thing is, you can share with these copywriters. It takes you back to scribbles. Now you can share the list off key words. Actually, they're gonna ask it for you if you unless they provide the keyword research is well like they and provides the keyword research for you as well. But if you want to use your own tool research with what we studied here and there will learn here in the course, and you can take all the viewers you have and give them to your copyright and tell him Wait for these are my keywords. This is my dance that the years, the Spanish you're just hanging Excel table and explained him everything about it. I recommend you recording a video. By the way, if you would explain something to the person you're working with, it's much better once you do that for the person you're working with and they're going to create a listing for you. Say again. We have two options. We have the end, they recommend and fiber that I also recommend. If you're on a tighter budget, the results might very well after you can check out Facebook groups to for recommendations for five, or or just for any other cup writer that you want to try. Now let's get back to scribbles. Just want to remind you a few things about the scribbles. Here on the left, we have the key words that we found. We have the phrases that we found. The color here indicates the value of the keyword red goes for strongest volume, and then boo here goes for the weakest or gray Here also goes for the weakest in the world . So our idea is to build our listing on the right artists and consists off a title which has 200 Charles marks five both points. Generally, it's about 2000 charts that get index, but he won't that he recommends 100 which Trico because that makes the bullets very short and to the point and subject matter is also gonna be on your back, and people are not going to see her. But you also input keywords there we have five subject matter. Fields again depends on the category of the product you have as we have the description. Or we have 2000 charts and search terms, which is also on the beckoned, who have 250 charts Here. We get a feel off this with the relevant keywords. I'm going to show you how I do that in a bit, and that builds our listing. That's gonna be our listing. That's how the search engine is gonna find us by actually us in putting the right word. But before that, before writing anything you get, understand where customer is, and you got to do that Even Prior Lee to say to writing your titles. You're gonna do that in the product Research face of your listing. Yes, but once you're in the keyword research face or listing for the copy, for example, there's really go than to that hell that also has its cold. The review. Dollar water. And if you're not familiar with the realdonaldtrump appealing video that created about review, daughter previously and also link in the description down below really order allows you to spy, so to say, on the reviews off their competition and let's see how it's done and why. Because with their evil dollar, you confined parts off the reviews that are consistent being used in different reviews, and therefore you can understand relevancy off a specific problem or a specific thing that people need or want and they're excited about in these reviews. So we're gonna go threaten a bit. And what we think I would say, is that you got understand who your customer is now. Diane has some videos on her channel about that. We're gonna go and check it as well, but you can understand we're customer isn't for this. You can simply go to Facebook groups and check out groups that are connected to your products, for example, for the knife it can be cooking niche could be different groups of chefs. And there you can join these groups. You can join the discussions. You can ask questions. You can ask questions. You can see some plastic question like, for example, in a cooking groups can have something like, What is your favorite knife When? Why's it most your favorite knife? What makes you excited in the kitchen? What made you excited from the last knife you bought? For example, this way, you can gather intel about your product. If it's a kitchen knife, Yes, and take it to your own niche post. You can use Google for that. There are lots of four rooms there, lots off places you can find discussions about. A specific topic forms blog's off cooks, for example, chefs, and you can find it by keywords as well. There are lots of things on social media General. You can use the key words that you have foreign ish and search. They're gonna see who your buyer person is. Who's buying from you. Actually, what excites them? What did they like? So that's a pretty good thing again, then has many videos from this. So the next thing we can do is we can go and we should actually coat and use the review done or when we show you how that So, for example, we have the guy Marco here, which is our kitchen. I've that we've identified. Yes, that was one of our companies who has 2280 degrees, which is pretty awesome because, well, that's a lot. We can actually understand a lot from it. So we go to, um, 10 chrome extension. And in the Crumb Extension, we have the review down water. And as I mentioned before the weekend description, there's a full video but review that order with a dive deep into this part of the extension . But here, and we show you just a few things that relevant less well, quick on this and the review dollar allows us to Donald or he's 2282 regions and we can see different ones. We can take only the one stars, or we can take only three stars or we can take over them. You can use the only verified per chases only wants to have images, etcetera and also dates. If you want to see something more relevant something you were Maybe somebody changed the model of the product. Anything for nominees, old them. I won't understand the pattern about this product. I want Understand what people like about it. Which phrases are common here? What are people excited about? What do they need? What they want, What makes them happy to leave a review? Whether dimension in the street? Yes. And now it's gonna extract this pretty manually. From this, we can use it in order to build our listing from the specific phrases that we're gonna find and let's see how it's done. So we go to analysis. Here we have all the reviews is different. Variations here is well, yes, but we can use it for specific variations. But I just do it for all of them. And here on the analysis we found 3666 races and here the most common phrases that are common amongst reviews. So we have 257 times the word or the phrase very she sharp in our reviews where we have for the price and 94 of them or well balanced comes in 76. What is needed? What do we need to understand from, for example, if you got a very sharp we can open it up. Hearing this, we can see older is that speak about very sharp and we can read them. I do recommend you on your product research face or even in a keyword research. Take it least like five competitors. Five top computers run through their listings. Do their review down water on their listing and check out what is the common better that excites everybody. What sucks about the product Will. The sex part usually is for the product research, because that's what will improve. But if something sucks, you can use it to your own advantage, like you say things like like unlike the others, who are very dull and break fast hours sharpness and get you the results. You looking for the munera looking to create? How do we do that? Let's see so resemble the word very sharp. Here comes in this video, for example, by Jimmy James, very sharp, with a good quality fuel to the hand you to the hand. Okay, So we understand from this that yes, they have. The sharpness is important, but also the quality. But also the handle is important for the guy. All right, when I first lightweight. Very sharp. Out of the box and easy to handle. Okay. Easy to handle knife. Very sharp. Very important. So people want something like wait, maybe very sharp and easy to handle. We continue. Let's just take something random. Oh, this we have one star will see what the one start says. The knife is, if very sharp and cuts well. But some water was splashed on it and overnight arrested. What? That's very sharp. That is still pretty awesome, but addressed it. So what you understand from this review? Well, we get a check that are knife is not gonna rust, right? We're going to check out our anti rest or stainless steel abilities. Love them. Very, very sharp. Came a magnetic boxes first. You don't have a knife them Not sure what's going on here. I love this night very sharp and used almost every day. Just be careful is very sharp when it arrives that I was also very sharp. Do you see the sharpness is very important for our people. What can you understand from this means that if this is something that people want and they're excited about used in our copy, we can use our title. We can use our bullet points. We can use it in our description. We have to emphasize that ours is very sharp because people care about. Of course, the sharpness is there not just for the sharpness. It's for making that buttery suit got were to make that very tasty and appealing meal. That's why would I have a sharp knife to make a good meal for my family? Yes, by the way. Not a good coop, but you know what I mean? But well balanced, for example, also comes here A well balanced, well balanced. What does it mean? What it's about? Balance. It is also well balanced. This is Val Bones sharp. More to use. Knife sharp. So attractive, Well balanced. Too well balanced. So means people want something robust that sharp, small, comfortable. We can use this in our copy on our pictures. Even we can use it as slogans. You're gonna see the in the next lessons. We're gonna have the lesson about the images, and we're going to see how we can use slogans on their images. Pretty excited. But it is good quality out of the box with what it means out of the box. So it's important probably for people for you to be sharp out of the box. Just I'm thinking it was hot and ready to use out of the box sharp right of the box. Yes, exact out of box was razor sharp, so out of the box is important. People get excited when they get it pretty good. Or as you can see, there are the general review pattern. Here is 4.1. That means that maybe somebody didn't get a charge out of the box by saying, being someone that also is a product that's pretty sharp and, you know, like sharpness, sometimes for many reasons. When product that should be sharp comes though, then people are bit angry and this makes sense, right? Best knife. So far so far you can tell so far, far but only have used it once. I'm impressed so far, and so far no resting. You see what she knew in the river? Delery need to take a few aces. Check out all the pattern that is common amongst the basins and maybe copy into your excel tables. Well, and then you understand what's going on here, right? What is the things for our listing? And then once you're gonna be writing your title, yes. Then you can use it for your old advantage. So let's go back to our scribbles and let's see what it does need to ride a title. And what will you remember? We're sharpness, The well built, for example. Yes, let me show you just a quick example of a title and you copy pasted here. But for example, Chef, Knife. Yes, that's our main work. We want to have our main keyword on the left side off the title because that's where it starts. You emphasize on the strongest words there. We're gonna continue with our unique value proposition than it depends on the product. Yes, and can be specific technology or product use. We get that soon dance videos we're gonna check. It can be something that is including some gift. It depends whatever your value proposition with bigger handle with them or you know what I mean. Like something that kind of sets you apart. But for example, here, you Jeff knife, razor sharp stainless steel kitchen knife with a well balanced built an ergonomic handle White. Because I saw that people care about the world balance built, I saw that they care about their gonna handle the review dollar These right away probably will be. Also, if I worked to a deeper product, you will research Organon Candle would be part of the keywords that nicotine is great for professional and every day in home uses. So, for example, if I identified that my knife would be great for chefs and chest will be interested in this kind of build and knife, you know, seven name whole musicians. Well, so that's pretty awesome, right? We can also good transformation. He has something like great repression and everyday whom usage for for the creation of your premium, you'll and of course, I want to use keywords here as well. Usually what I do is that use the strongest yours in the beginning that I can also mix with something that is more like a long tail keywords. So, for example, great cutting knife for professional and everyday in home usage. Yes, that could be an example. So that's an example of a title. Now, also, once you're gonna be writing stuff in the scribbles example if used chef knife as a phrase is gonna be deleted here you see, we have used it once insulated because we were to use it. Now we want as we remember, Dan City. If, for example, we found that the average density for the chef knife, for example, is gonna be like using it five times throughout the listing, so you can use it somewhere in your bullet point somewhere in your description, for example, it might appear in your subject matter, and it can appear in your search terms, Yes, to see what we have it five times. And why am I so confident about it? Well, if I see that my competition has it 10 times, seven times five times, all of them having in their listing, this creates You're dense. This is the way search algorithms work. Obviously, is gonna be helpful for us to include it now. I don't recommend including twice the chef knife in the title. Yes, that's not something that we need, but if you use it again in the bullet point. It's going pretty awesome. Let me take it to a video of Diane, where she explains about titles and command. You watching the city and we're linking description down below as well. Give you an example off to see off Diane off how she writes the title. So, for example, let's look at this. There is one option here, but she gives you eight options if I remember right in her video here. So I do recommend you washing it. It's gonna be linked and description pretty crazy right away. We'll stop if you're enjoying the speedy up until now, if you're still with me, please like it. It's pretty exciting to make it a real, like cooperating. So please, please, like it feel free to drop comments actually dropped comments when you know what you think in every videos off the scores, and that's also subscribe. If you like the score so far, if you let it here for the first time still subscribe because there other things to come, I do it. I like it, I love it. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it benefits. Tosi, then here, uses her title and one option, but so it goes. Brand name Yes, used to Amazon's Gonna enforce them. You may keyword product Lee. She even names her product. You can see how she does it in her videos, and then she uses the important hypnotic anchor feature Benefits. Transformations. For example, Bobo ultrasonic pastor fella Plug in, which is the key word mouse await 5000. That's the way she called her product. You see that many big brands, colder products in the innings iPhone X iPhone X. What was the next to now I for next 11. I found 11 used iPhone for a while, but what I'm saying is people name their products company's name, their products. Why? Because well, worse. Better is an anchor. People see it's differentiation. Yes, it gives your product more life again. You can check out videos different. Explain this Abu ultrasonic pester pope again. Keyword. Most weighed 5000 electromagnetic surrender. Mousetrap, alternative. Other keywords. We have the the mousetrap here. Rodent mousetrap, electromagnetic running, mousetrap, mousetrap, alternative. You see, she stuffed some keyword. That's a good way to write your title when you can stuff. For a few key words that are built together. The soldiers, they create a few phrases. You see what I'm saying here by making them a force sound? Well, not just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Keyword, keyword, keyword. Yes, it needs to be readable, and that's exactly what happens here. So the voter Sonic Best Report plug in a mouse with 5000 maternity Roy than mousetrap. Alternative. Here's the cool thing. Use this powerful 500 oscillating technology. That's the brain anchor That's oscillating technology. You know, Juliette uses some technology, needs some technology here, but technology is something that also works as an anchor in the brain of the customer because they remembered that. All right, this private had this oscillating technology five and one, and the others don't have it. That makes you stand out. You see how powerful copies so US borrowing found outside intelligent, quick and permanently drive away rodents, Mosquitoes, rats, mice for a pest free home. What happens here? So ceremony drive away Writers, mosquitoes, rats, mice. These are the biggest problems for the people with the best repel Rodon's mosquitoes, rats, mice and why they want to drive them away just to make them run to see the mice round Like in the cartoons? No, to get a past free home. That's why they're using it. Isn't that awesome? Isn't this in? Is not it a great title now? Of course, you gotta do it for your own. You can take your own research for this. Yes, but let's see what other titles she has here. Usually she just used the same product here. Yes, but here, for example, ultrasonic pester pope again. You see, because there is a bit different title. Why do when you metal maximize ranking space and your Brent isn't important? Because they're all so different. So see, title needs do not always need to use specific parts of the title should explain it to you in the video. But for example, here is you can see she doesn't use the brand name, at least not in the beginning. So let's just just scroll with a bit more so ultrasonic. Bester Pope. Plug in a mouse weighed 5000 extra money. Mousetrap Alternative Uses five express troponin isolation technology. She remembered technology to drive away rather threats, mice and for a school free pest free home. You see again for what? For a scree free past home. That's what they want. This is a very nice title. You want toe type of titles in a way that excites people like this. Pretty much good idea. And these air examples again, the video's gonna weakened description. Check it out. Wait around for cool titles and waste to hack your customers. Right Next thing in the scribbles, we're gonna have a bullet point. Now, I would advise you for bullet point number one having because usually people don't really read both federal and even read the title all the way out, you know, and the more viewers were taken to having your title. If it's not red, then they're gonna quit reading it really fast. If it does full, they will finish read. Depends again, Yes, that's why you wanna have something of a fool's easily. Next. We have the bullet points. The first board point is something you want toe have older main things. Main problems May desires in in either of them or both. Depends on how you position it, because maybe we read the first bullet and then they skip. Usually that's what happens usually takes. You don't read it, But if they do it. They read the 1st 1 so at least make it be the powerful one. The one that will emphasize the biggest skin problems fears. Desires of a customer depends on how you take it. Let's go to Diane's bullet video and see what she does. There are some different bullet points she has here, and you have to videos of her. So there's a number one and number two. Here's an example off the board point. And here we have the revolutionary comfort feel we have again the technology here. So just is an example. There's the Onley keyword. Okay, that's gonna be I think it was headphones, right? The only headphones would revolution. Comfort, feed technology. There's a lot to say about the only because this makes the customer get locked in here. The only one with this specific technology like and technology can be created, she explains. In the videos were how to create a technology for your own product. I'll just sum it up, for example, Comfort fit is something that people once you identify the problems of the buyer, you'll see that they want conference in the years and they wanted to fit their years. We're speaking about headphones now. Yes, probably. Oh, you're familiar with its product. Golfer Feet Technology product Name would say, Super headphone Celebrity is your body's natural heat mode, where we most to your inner ears exact shape. So you understand it's probate, very important for people to have it moto their ears because they may be like way. Maybe my ears are too small or too big or whatever, but no, this most inner interest exact shape, beauty, external sounds for you and anyone near you. That's important because you want to hear yourself your music very well and you don't want to hear anything around you. But also you don't want others to hear what you're listening to, right? Sometimes you wanna keep your songs private, for example. For me, here we have Eminem. We have some Russian civilian. This is a rapper and F P G, which is a punk rock and some stuff from room escape. But what I'm saying is you don't always want us people to hear what you're listening to. Yes, while staying put while you're on joker place. So all this cool stuff happens that you curing music Well, don't have the external sounds, but you're still able to run job or play because that's what people want. So you see this bullet point really gather specific problems of people. Their desires also has the comfort technology, which is a brain anchor. Is that amazing? That's the way to write the bullet points. And here, of course, we have the key word you see. She uses key words you can use extra keyword here depends, of course, on the land off the bullet. You gotta make them shorter if you want. Burma's about 1000 characters once it stops indexing, and yet we're going to get to the indexation lesson soon as well. That's an example. Let's see another example of a bullet point The X y Z secret to transformation. They want to get people want transformation. So here it is the Egyptian secret to foreskin. That's probably some sort of a mask or something. Or some cream. Ever wonder why Egyptian women have going gorgeous, touchable skin men lust after even in their fifties sixties and seventies. So, for example, may be the ones who are buying are in their fifties sixties and seventies because you're speaking to the customer. You see, you're speaking to him, the one that reading. If you've identified him, you can easily speak to him one on one, like I'm doing with you. Why Egyptian women have going gorgeous, touchable skin mentalist after So probably women wanna mentalist after their skin, right? Or general after their body parts or after them? Yes, even in their fifties sixties seventies, and they won't go in gorgeous, touchable skin. The woman's like, Yeah, that's me like I want that It's not because they have a cleaner environment or healthier foods is because they used the proven ingredients in your product name to keep their skin looking young, vibrant and beautiful Year after year after year, this is one form to ride a boat. Now, in this video and the other one about the board points with showing description have lots of examples for boot one. So just gold there take ideas and implement, and it's gonna be pretty useful for you, and there are lots of them. She's pretty much a genius and cooperating in my opinion. Yeah, ever wonder how these gorgeous can? Oh, that's the next one. But what I'm saying here is that essential. You see, the bullet points off course they use also the key words. I'm not sure if she included few hours here skin is gonna be keyword that is connected to the product. Maybe I would use here. Also a key word. Yes, that is connected to the scream or whatever that is. You know, proven ingredients in product name cream or the skin cream, whatever that is. Yes, to include some keywords as well in the bullets. But generally bullets. If people are going to be reading them, they're gonna see something. Transformation. The one thing that they and use this well is using oh, caps in the beginning to resemble the Egyptian secret to floor skin. And I want that continues, Ever wonder. You see, they see this. The skimmers. People who skim. They will see the big ones. Ever wonder ever wonder like, Yeah, I want to continue reading. You see, the idea of this is in your boat is toe. Make a person Continue reading because you see, Ever wonder You don't want to stop here. You want to continue everyone. That what? Like I want to know why Egyptian women have. And then she uses proven ingredients again, which again is showing the important thing that people want to see. Because once they skin their proven ingredients, they might read him a bit more. Here in product name. You see, that makes them convert even third. Er, that's about our bullet points. Now we have five of them here again. You want to use your words there? Yes. Eventually. You want to have all these keywords are on the left. Just I'm gonna do it quickly, just for the sake with carting. Chefs don't do that. Everything to be included in our subject matter in our title in our boots. So everything here is gonna be eventually crossed out. That means everything's gonna be placed in our listing and it's gonna be relevant for us in the next part. I'm going to speak about the description. Now there are a few options for a description, and again, we're gonna go back to dance video and the description is essentially can have it as a story and you can have it as a description is more technical. Let's see an example. It's a portable toller. Bet we have some keywords, of course and description, but this description is a bit different. This is a story, a fortune, because able to bring my little on salon would be in a world travels. And while I love having a company must sleep suffered my work suffering and my passions grew shorter by day. Yes, like most better swish their kids will sleep more peacefully. Just figured we effect as a facility as a parent container, as though someone figured the Children who feel comfortable in their environment experience the best. Here's the story in the person speaking here is I like the creator off the product inside. I worried that have to give up. Of course, he's speaking to what people suffer from like she loved having the company of the Children . But her sleep self for their work suffer people, right? Yeah, that's me. I can relate to that great ability. And then she discovered how to make your fuel right at home, comfortably gettable certain life and still take them a lot of my travel like she discovered. You see, it's also reading and big words capitalists with people like who skim will look at it. Well, then she goes and explains what the product is how she created yes or of the muscle that she created her own product here, one that supports an ideal alignment all night sleep patterns without breaking or digging into its ones back. So my kids just say it's just like sleep in your arms, Mom, like you see some social proof for the kids. There's also lifetime warranty. So that's an example for description. That is a story. You can also have a more of a specific description that is more technical. You also find it in this video off Diane, which is pretty awesome. Let's go back. Triples? Yeah, Essentially, you're gonna feel the description of 2000 charts. You're going to use your key words here. You can stuff it with keywords with relevancy, with the story as you wish. But I like ending it with my guarantee again. Plus call to action. In the end of the description that something like that I believe that day and also does it have a guarantee also in the bullet points, a call to action, the bullet points even work with it As you wish. Then you continue adding a with these skewers here and then we're gonna fill the subject matter as well. So in the indexing part of the least thing, I'm gonna go a bit deeper into this. But essentially against subject matter of 50 bites here and here, usually in the first subject matter how we use our copy. The keywords that are really border so I could copulate. Chef Knife, for example. Kitchen knife. I can copy some phrases. Second copy Chef's Knife. Yes, we have 37 in Mark. Who's Chef's knife? Markku Kitchen knife. You see, that's the brand name. And then we have Chef's Knife and we have seven left. So what you want tries to get about 50 play with it, and this way I will feel all the subject matters with all the key words that are relevant. Of course, we're gonna feel them here because we don't want to use like, for example, Spanish keywords in the front and over listing, because we'll probably it's not gonna be looking that good people don't speak Spanish. All the same for the search terms here, out ahead, the remaining keywords for them who have could shield the chef here. Yes, that we've added, and then we also have cooking knives and we're gonna add it like this and we'll fill the search terms. The idea is to get everything that is relevant into our listing in order eventually to get it indexed and working well and for us to be relevant. And this is the way technical week writer listing. So, yeah, I'm gonna wink Diane's and fiver services description down Bull. I'm gonna link the video's off Diane in her channel because it were yell for those of you, like cooperating or just if you wanna worm or there you also understand how to find your prospect and lots of many different who thinks I'm doing the review done horror in a video down there as well. Now, in the next video up here, we're going to see how we index the stuff, how it works. And that's the next and in succession video. And please join me. There is gonna be pretty awesome. Thank you for being with me this lesson and see you in this one 10. Indexation (Make Your Listing Visible On Amazon): Hey, welcome to the indexation lesson and let's get straight into it. So what we're gonna cover in this lesson we're gonna cover what us indexation mean. What does it mean to be index on Amazon? Also gonna go through some common problems with indexation and I'll provide you with some solutions for these problems and also show you the way that I index my listing the way I make it work. So it's gonna be easier for you and hopefully is going to save you Time and problems. Let's get into it. We're gonna be using in this lesser were using scribble school because from scribbles, you're gonna copier listing to Amazon itself in order to fill the front and the back end. And then we're gonna run the stuff that we have entered through Index Checker Index Trigger of human then and in the Shaker essentially allows you to understand if you're indexed or not. So what? It's mean indexation. What does it mean to be indexed? For example, we have a term kitchen knife. Somebody searches for kitchen knife on Amazon and one somebody searches. He gets many, many different results. Many, many different kids. Tonight's these knives. Or so say these aces that show up. They are relevant to the search there. And they appear That means they're indexed for this search term kitchen knives their index . That means one somebody is searching for the Vertu term. It's gonna appear person that is searching is going to see it, and he's able to then click on it. And by now, sometimes when something is not indexing for you, people are gonna type in something that is present in your listing. But you're not gonna Peter. There now, appear doesn't need Page 12 We can be page 15 17 but still you will appear you will be indexed. Well, we're going to get to that in the problem section. But first, let's start from taking the necessary steps in order not to get to that problem once you don't index. So how do we do that? So, for example, if we have our listing ready here we have everything failed. Imagine you have the bullet points down. The subject matters description, search terms. We're gonna first start from indexing front end before we index. We gotta actually copy their copy. Right? The things that were created into Amazon. So, for example, let's start from the title. Let's copy. And in order to get there, we go to Amazon in your inventor, you gonna have a place to add it. Your product. So say it's gonna be a bottle quick. It's gonna end it quickly and you're gonna get to this area. Any have the vital info vital information I have to fill in the title here. The product name is your title now. Amazon states that it should be 250 characters now. Usually it is less like 200. But in some issues and even war, how do you know? You get a check it with Amazon, you get a either go to Google or not, just so you can do it on the Amazon website and just type in the search something like Amazon title recommendations or Amazon title requirements, and that is going to show up for you right now. If you don't know where you can find that you can always call them is what we can call Amazon and ask them, for example, getting into the specific category of baby headwear and you're not sure you call them like a Amazon like I'm getting into this category. What is the necessary title requires gonna help If you don't know how to contact Amazon by phone or by email. I have a video that shows it Exactly. I'm gonna link it up here and inscription down below. And there you understand how to contact them by phone. This is a very important video because you're gonna have to contact Amazon a lot. And if you're selling for a while, we know that you've probably been a while with them on the phone or through emails. So, for example, are tighter here in the scribbles. We have 1 50 and, for example, are category is fine with it. We're gonna copy the product name here, and that's gonna be our title. The front thing is essential. The title. Now I'm gonna fill all the other stuff here. Sometimes Amazon is gonna add your brand name tour title. You can do it alone, so resemble for brand names cold. Superb. So then you're gonna have sperm chef knife, razor sharp. But I recommend you're not getting it initially because there's going to say you some cured space, but know that probably Amazon is gonna add it to you, right? The union put your brand name and affect. Sure, all the other stuff. The next thing here is the category. Now it's interesting because you're gonna be relevant here and sometimes you will not be sure what exact category you need to be in will check your competitors. Check the competence there. Pretty much like you and seaward or selling out. You understand up. You're gonna couldn't edit and begin to search. She can do it. Menu. Here we can search for a private scategory. So if you type in a kitchen knife, right, if your products the kitchen knife confined. You know, many, many different categories here, and then you find the right one for your so, for example, you have books, Knife said. Then you choose the books Night set for utility knife. So example I was gonna be chef's knife. You see home kitchen, kitchen dining. Katarina visited Chef's knives. All right, that's good for us. We're not in industrial scientific, and also we're not in food service equipment and supplies. Yes, we're Jeffs knives. That summary and knife accessories. We take this one. Of course, you get a check. What's relevant for you. What categories? Roland for you. And then you choose. You can feel the other things here. That's pretty much fine for our title. The title is gonna be filled in here. So remember, our idea is to fill in the front and first title the bullets description and then only back . And so we feel in the title. Then we go next place. We're going to hear the description in the description you have to feel in the description which Amazon recommends, 2000 charts here. And remember, you have html here to be and all the stuff if you remember the cooperating lessen the previous lesson, then there I showed you some examples off the end that the copywriter, how she use it, and it's really nice because you can make something bold can catch the eyes of the customer . So if you create a beautiful description, this is the way you do. But just remember that all these counts towards the chars general description is gonna with some specific bold or stuff like that is gonna take a bit more space now. Hero copier product description, right? And then the key features is the bullet points. One interesting to say here is that Amazon statements want her char spur light And Killington also states the same thing. Now, from my experience, sometimes it's gonna index seven more. So it's gonna index more than 100 charts that you haven't booed. That's 1 2150 It's still don't accept again. I recommend you following the Amazons guidelines. If they're seeing 100 probably better go with 100 per bullet point, they want to make him short to the point. Now, once a copier boots here tactic by bullets description. We have the title ready. We're going to click on save and Finish. We're going to save and finish here, and then we wait 15 minutes that the system process our request. And I don't wanna go to the Index checker and work with How do we start working with in Exchequer? We're gonna input your ace in here, which is going to use this one for reference for an example. But you input your ace, and here you can put your cellar ideas. Well, that's optional is hume. 10 states is years old. That's for the star from Index. And that's something that is not that needed because you can technically get away with traditional index and fueled Ace and index. That's going to be enough for you. Now you know what is immune? Vexation? We gotta have everything in arresting. And then if we want to appear in the search for it, we're gonna be in there. And now we're gonna check, actually, if the system index us or not. And how do we do that? And what is the traditional in next few days? Cynics. I'm gonna show it to you in a second. So let's imagine that that is your a scent that you want to see if your index for and then we're gonna quicken check keywords Now what kind of keywords you wanna put in here? Well, you want to go to scribbles or you want to go back to XLT able and copy all the keywords or the phrases that are not for the back. And so not the Spanish, not the spelling mistakes, not competent brand names. Only copy whatever is gonna be on your front. And so essentially, everything's that's in your bullets and description. And in the title don't touch, you know the back end for now. So if you go to excel, we're gonna have the magnet keywords and the cerebral phrases. That's it. We don't need the other adults we're gonna use, but they're gonna be filled in the back end, and I usually take it one by one. So I started the front end and then we go for the back end, taking you can feel everything in one shot and just click on submit. But from my experience, it just seems to not index that. Well, that's what I've come to a conclusion that it's better to do the front end first, and then I'll show you how to do the back. And you have to copy all of your phrases to this area. So, for example, you have, like, all of these, obviously somebody's air not gonna know this dude is not the rank for them because they're not that segmented world because you have Kneepads here and stuff like that. But, for example, we had kitchen, knife, knife, kitchen, bread, knife and some other stuff and blah blah. So what we do then, with Quicken check, he works. We can remove duplicates if something gets gonna put a knife and maintain phrase saying this example. It's gonna maintain the phrase bread knife is going to stay Brand knife. It's not gonna It's the knife is not gonna get removed. Now let's see what happens once with quick on chek words, we have the Roman keyword for this case and teacher knife, knife, kitchen, bread, knife and blah blah. Now, as you can see, blah, blah is not showing a V here. That means it is not indexed because you have blah blah, probably in their listing. Right. And our goal here with the index checker of Killington is to get a V here in the cumulated . Okay, so that means if you get a green V here, that would mean that allow the these here are gonna be dick so state and start front. Image does not think because I didn't input the sailor i d it is not that important. But you can do that. Optionally. So you know, you put the seller I d off yourself for him in this example of this knife, and then it would appear here as a V. If it does index for the storefront and then the humility would be green, but it is definitely enough to have say, two of these. At least that's fine. Like traditional in few days in is awesome. Now what does mean like, how do we check it? So if you click on the B here we have the kitchen knife and the traditional index for this , a sin with quick, and that's going to show you on Amazon the results. So you see, this is the traditional index check or, you know, in check via a cent, plus the keywords. So this is a sin and your kitchen knife and you have one result for this ace in kitchen knife. Let me show to you there is other is gonna be sponsored here. As you can see, there are many sponsored products here, but this one is showing organically. That means that it is indexed. Next, Don't have fueled a sin test. That's a bit of a different test. That's a U. R L kind of test, and we also can quick, on the V there, we're gonna find the key word here the kitchen knife and the ace, and that's the field ace and check if it appears here, that means it is index right that you can just reassured by clicking here. And if it won't be, it would be in X, right, That's again. Here. It shows the X because we didn't put the sale. You gonna have obviously all of your keywords in here and you're going to see what indexes and what doesn't. All right, So I can change essentially places for the specific you were. They can put it inside another bullet where they can put it in the different place in the description. This is the way for me to overcome a problem when something does not index in the front and usually if you are relevant If the keyword research was done well, you will index the front end like this. No problem. Really? If there should be no reason again, if you're relevant than it wou index, If you have input some hero of and keywords, then yeah, maybe it will not work sometimes. For example, if the phrases heavy duty right for your kitchen knife, then maybe have a duty as a phrase who index but heavy and duty who not index right that there's an option of this as well. I don't know why it works like this. But sometimes the phrase will get index, which is awesome for us because, for example, if we need heavy duty knife and this will index, but heavy and beauty will show is not indexing. But again, if we have the habit, you need praise index, and that's what we're interested in. Then it's completely fine, right? These are the common mistakes that can appear in the front and the annexing. The next thing we do, we go toe scribbles, right? If we were to have the subject matter and search terms would go to Amazon. And here in the key words, we have the subject matter and the search terms, and he roof input or subject matter like back and the search terms the right way that I've explained in the copy. Listen now, as you can see, there are some other fields here intended use target audience, other attributes. What is this like? How do we feel them up now? Out. Link In the description on this video A free webinar by Kevin Kin, which is the webinar for discourse. The freedom. Take it now in this webinar, he explained. Some of these techniques on how to find. It's going too bro Snow. So say how to find the right keywords to input in the intended use and in some other places for your product. Now the webinars completed free. And if you're already user of healing 10 then you have the Freedom Ticket course as a part of your plan. And if you are not yet bar of healing 10 and you're on the platinum diamond or elite plants , then you should join because you also get the Freedom Ticket course for free once you join . And I didn't mention that from the scores, but, well, this is so have some video speaking about this. You cannot watch a video going down description about the course. What is their explained? Everything like what is included. And this is part of healing 10 for you once you join, so that's pretty cool. But if you don't want to join, you shoot because it's you can see what the score is gonna be much easier for you to create a bombarding listing, but you can just check the webinar, which is free anyway. Then you can find some other techniques, so I'll link it down there, but generally for us one index, the subject matter and you can see what it gives us Winter, Summer, spring, Mother's Day. And this is not what I want to do. This, not what I do usually for the subject matter. As I mentioned the previous lesson and, for example, describes here, I can do some key words that could use some key words that I've created before a chef knife . It's a knife. Yes, I can. Do you know why? Because the space here is limited by 50 per one. I can't even input some brand name there where I can play with it. But the next thing is search terms here, right? This is where we have 250 charts in the scribbles here, Down here. Here it says, Do not you see no reputation, no comfortable endings races. Now, as I mentioned, the brand names off the competitors or Asians of competence is against us, so up to you to use it and also repetition of keywords. So Amazon tells you in the search terms not to repeat, For example, if we have the kitchen knife as our product, we don't want to repeat kitchen knife here. Now, I would be repeated in the subject matter. Yes, that's what I usually do. But in the search temps, we don't want to repeat the terms again. So we were just input things like, let me go back to troubles. You know, the Spanish keywords, some other keywords that we couldn't input into our listing and is remembered. The idea is to have a words, or as much as we can, that are relevant, used inside the listing. So it was gonna be in the back end in the front and, yes, title description, Bullets in the back. And our idea is to few everything. Everything is gonna be crossed like this in order to be maximum relevant and maximum powerful with our keywords. And that's what we do here. We're going to do the search term subject matter. Here we have the intended use. You can check whatever they're saying. So, for example, if intended use is, let's a travel or kitchen, the other thing would be for the knife home, right? You're gonna use it like this, but if you wanna kind of go the next step with it, you can check out the techniques in this weapon are thinking Gonna like. Usually you can even go find with, you know, which is doing whatever it says here. Kitchen, indoor home travel, portable, portable. Not really. Kitchen, outdoor, indoor, indoor outdoor. And then, if you don't have something to add, you can just repeat a keyword. So, for example, where was our keeper Chef's knife? Jeffs knife? Yeah, you can do that as well. But again, check out the webinar by Kevin See how you looks into that? That's the way I target audience as well. You know, for example, if it's for adults, units, sex or women or guys help you with your relevance, we have finished setting it up. Now what happens next? Like, how do we know if we index the back and or not? So what I usually do in the back and I would add in one line of subject matter, for example, yes, I would do one line the 50 chars I could come save and finish and I wait some time. I see if it indexes. If it does, I go through next checker. Check it, Bossom. I go next, next, next, until I finish over them just one by one. Experience show that it's better and so to say easier and work much better Know, sometimes the back end is not going to index. How do we fix this? Well, in order to fix this, we can copy specific keywords in the back. And so, for example, if one key would be put your the Cocina, the Cassina, for example, it would not index That's the kitchen knife in Spanish and for example, the Lucilla does not index for us. What we can do is we can copy this one, take it to the board points added to one of the bullet points with duplicated Technically with the bullet point, we duplicate the the key word that is in the back and with the front end with the bullet points. For example, Ed Coochie Just somewhere in the end of our bullet point Wait 15 minutes again. And usually this one is gonna so. But what? I do it after this once it happens once it is so I deleted from the front and from the bullet. But you leave it in the subject matter, for example, and well, it will save itself. It will Here as in that. That's the little less known technique. Once you take the back end, that doesn't Index editor the front end and you duplicated technically. Then you do it in the front end and you just leave it in the back and for yourself. And then, of course, you running through the index checker again one by one, each subject matter, and then the search terms everything you run here, check out the traditional index. You're going to see that the cumulative is gonna be is it stays here. Gray area check markets Pretty fine. If you wanna use the seller ideas. Well, perfect have The storefront index is well, it's up to you, as you wish, and then you're gonna have an index listing. That means that everything is now ready for your lunch and you have finished with creation off your listing and with the indexation of listing. The idea is to get 100% in existing everything, every keyword. You have every phrase that as the relevant of course, again if you have heavy duty and that's the relevant phrase you need and heavy does not index no problem. Yes, just make sure that it is relevant for you and all the heavy duty things. And the keywords are relevant. Good. And you ready to roll? And you ready to battle on Amazon? Check out this next video over here. We're going to cover the pictures for our listing, which is a pretty cool video there. I'm gonna show you how to create awesome photography. What is there? Whether kinds of photography there are, and you're gonna be pretty mind bull there. See there. 11. 40 Unique Examples Of Highly Converting Amazon Product Photography: Hey, welcome to my computer. And I'm pretty excited for this lesson, like for any lesson that I'm creating here each video. But this is really big place in my heart because we're not gonna be speaking about pictures converting pictures and how to create the good pictures for your listing. And while like it is because I like creating, like, showing the product in my own way And yes, more sales as well conversions so decisive we're gonna go through different types of images that you can use and please stay on until the under Cedar because they're being many, many things that you might not be aware of that you might want to include in your listings and that, hopefully will get you warm or sales. I'll do my best for you to Syria. Please stick until get and one thing before we start a wreck to tell you that now we're gonna be going through the pictures right now there is a really nice serves that only weak and descriptions go pick food. So pick full allows you to ask for opinions off people on your picture. So, for example, you have one picture you want usefully remain image we're going to start with soon. We have one. And the second you're not sure what you can ask your friend, you can ask yourself. And that's two opinions, which is nice. Yes, but what if I could tell you that would pick for you can ask 50 people or 100 people for this, you know? And then you're gonna have much better results with the opinions about your brothers. Also bunch of other stuff and pick food. You can check it out and descriptions going doing down there. So now let's start. We have 12 different folders here, which is gonna have different pictures going to be very exciting lessons. So let's start with the main picture. What we How do we go with their main picture? So I'm gonna first go with the knives because we have the snitch here, but they get to your own niche. As with old scores, just take it to your own. A few things about the main picture. Your product shown on the main picture should be very touching the edges. So technically, taking old the space off the picture and why first Amazon State. So in the US But besides that, the bigger the product is, the better it gets perceived by the customer. He sees this bigger one quick sonnet in the search because looks bigger looks more powerful , so that's pretty good to have it. Next thing, we're gonna go and check out the images and see what can be done in order to get even more clicks. So we have the first product here by moon, right? We have a bread cutting knife. It seems it's not exactly the night that we were using for our cerebral, but let's just state your reference now. What's really interesting about this picture is key features what is going to be cut by this knife. So I think it's a bread knife because that's usually how the bread knifes are built, and he shows what's gonna be cut. Here's the bread. Here is the knife. This gives him or perceived value to the customer of the weird thing about this is that on the box he has a stake. So maybe it's also a steak knife. Maybe it's the General knife. I don't know, but I just know that this kind of structures for bread knife nevertheless, that's how he did it. And maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe just a general knife. What I'm saying You have to be relevant. You make people confused, confused mind does not buy. That's what I've understood. Guetta tell exactly what the person is getting, is it for him and let him buy easily. Only enjoy the process. When you you know when you feature stay here, Here's the bread. Then this bread knife customer can be like Wait, what is it for? That's not. But there was. He also features the box on the main picture now on the U. S. Of Amazon. You cannot feature badges and all kinds of lifestyle things on the main image. You can even show the boxes as far as I know, but I do that I do it with badges as well. It's against us. You can see your niche. If your niche has slogans, badges on the main pictures, you can try. Many people don't report each other. Usually, Amazon itself is not gonna suppress you for that. Usually doesn't. Usually suppression happens. Only people report you. Now again, it's up to you. You can try to show what happens when you get reported. Your image gets suppressing. Just have to change it. They're not gonna ban you for life. But again, it's up to you if you want to use next, we have the e book on the main picture. Also an idea using able because gives extra value to the customer. Usually books comes for free, so you can also mention that it's free. You know, Brother plus free equals more chances off sale because person fuels against something free along with the product, which is unites the problem with the E books that because many people out of receiving emails, it might not get to them. And even if you feature it in your insert, which it comes with the product they still might not read, it might not do whatever stare. And he's like, Oh, I'm not getting the e book like what? We just tried to bed review like I didn't get my evil. So that's the thing. But books also gives you higher CTR and gives better convergence that again. Be careful because it might not get into the person. So it's really nice idea sometimes to send the e book as a gift resemble with your full up e mails or something. And in this way, people are gonna get it. Dose will get, adjust will benefit. You're not stating that this is something you have with your product. Just a little idea for you. But also nice hero said the box of the product, which is a gift box. Really nice. Pretty cool Image Next one features lifestyle plus the BEJ. What is the badge? No. Badge is also give Mork width rate and can give Mawr conversions about. And why? Because here. Okay, this we have this knife, we have German steel. It doesn't mean made in Germany. German steals Was German Steel Kim still made in China. But we know German quality. The German flag like states, quality states, good control. You know, we trust German products because you know the guys there in Germany to their job. Very well. Well, three stars here could be made into five stars of short. +1234 Okay, here's five stars and so so lifetime warranty. You see there many, many good features in this badge, and it can just live give more city are so the person schooling is like oh, German steel a lifetime warranty. And also we have some more wife style things here that the knife cuts, the steak, the onion and this pepper. It's also and I think again against us. But use at your own risk and be recognized. The bedrooms do good job. You can also feature badges inside your listing. Where's less problematic because they're Amazon usual, does not even get it. And people don't report things inside the least. Angel people like reporting the main image. There's another one which is not that good. And, well, let me tell you, there's a nice box here. But look how small the knife looks. It looks like you're getting a 1,000,000 knife, so I think it's not a good one, but nevertheless, he's using his box with the product. Give looks beautiful, but the knife seems small here. That's just an idea for date, I don't know, maybe selling like bazillions of them look, and I say maybe can be broke. Next one is in our picture, where we can see a really nice picture of old descent by home hero. We have some branding here. We can see the brand on the knife as well. We can see it here, and we have some lifestyle. Here's well, it's beautiful. It's eye catching. You know the idea of these badges also to catch the eye. The beautiful colors Remember red, yellow, green, very eye catching color. So here he has green and some somewhat orange yellow writes really nice. Maybe if you could add some red could be nice, but again, you gotta play with the rainbow colors. So you gotta understand what color works with one, but in my pants and or some picture because it's big, catches old the frame and we have lifestyle here again against us is for the main pitch. If you're gonna have any questions, drop them in the comments about pictures, I will gladly answer them. This is one of my favorite things, and Amazon also have a service that around four creation of the pictures and I can create a really nice distinguish graphics for you. Illegal stuff. You can always reach out and ask about it. Next thing we have before and after pictures, what does it mean? Wanted before and after pictures do before and after pictures show what happens before a product and what happens next for example, we have this tomato here we have the knife, and this is what happens after the tomato makes the knife. Now, in this picture, you see that we don't have the knife in action, which could be even better but for the specific one they show just before and after. So for this vegetable and for the state years before, and then they cut it and go after with tomato and with a steak. Really nice. That's the before and after. This shows the person what happens before hands after these. A really powerful for the plan for the perceived value, just how to show how our private works. It can be taken for pretty much any product. You can show how it was before product. How does after if it's, let's say, it's a towel for cleaning something you can show before dirty after towel queen, you know, and just take it to any product you have. Next. We have an action before an actor, so we have the before and after veggie here and here is getting cut. It's also lifestyle Liam injection also to say, but it's also before an after image because we see How does before? How two weeks after this shows the person's mind like how it's gonna work and it doesn't even work. So definitely work did culturally Well, anyhow, the person is cutting the veggie and it's getting really nice. It's, you know, there are some other veggies. They're beautiful picture generally, you know, like if I cook something for me, looks the same like this one is here, this veggies here. Some people are more organized and we have also the picture here. I don't know really why, but it just shows the night. But the idea of the before not here we also have the before and after is also like a lifestyle image. But it's like before, after lifestyle image and also in action. So here we have the before. Yes, we have. The tomatoes were here that day after Here's that also in world just cutting the stakes, showing that it has powered the knife also with you goobers with the line here multifunctional chef night. So that's like before, after pictures also really strong, think about how you use it for your own product. If your product has the customer, for example, fat fitness, interesting does it a lot like fat and thin or fat and shredded. Let's continue. Have the lifestyle pictures Really nice stuff. So we have the lifestyle in use. Pretty much we have don't have the before and after. But here people are cooking. It's a kitchen. It's true that there's a couple you see. This also speaks to a couple, you know, if there's a couple of guy a girl and there they have their own house, there is no household in three gun. Speak to them this picture, because if they also put together the industry awesome, that's gonna be really speaking to these customers. Remember your picture. Got to speak to your ideal customer. You gotta identify him. That's also report. Next, we have the letter lifestyle picture. No one's scouting anything year, but we have the steak. We have the salt. We see that the knife cut through it. Some other things are cut, you see that also perceived failures and can look two seconds into that. But his brain is gonna tell him the knife is cutting. The knife is good. It did cut old the veggies years, and here's another lifestyle thing. It's like a social sort of a before and after. But it's like a lifestyle with a slogan here, pollen shed and I'm a cooking more joyful. That's really nice to have some slogans in your pictures as well. The hand of a woman here. So it's also speaking toe women. You know what I mean? Like it's really deep. Every picture can be really deep and as deep as you go and it's deeper in, your customer just gets even better. Next we have another lifestyle with, like a slogan, Allah Zola. Healthy life starts from a good knife. So you see that's and a slogan that speaks to healthy life starts from a good night like the graphics could be a bit better here then, unless it's really nice to see you have some fire here. I don't know exactly what they wanted to show, but like the powerful or there's maybe more story to the brand to remember just pulled out the picture. But this is a lifestyle with a slogan. It does work very well, you know it's gonna be a set of your pictures, of course, yes, and we have the last one. Here is also lifestyle and work, and we have really powerful butcher knife. We have some meat here and we can see that sexual cutting it quite well. It's strong is the question. It goes through it. Yes, maybe even if it's just an infographic image, you see, it can be done. I cannot. You know, I work with the really professional designer guy who is really crazy in is Infographic. So it can be easily done even with if you don't have ah so to say, if you don't have the original picture. But these air the lifestyle images, that's his comparative marketing. What has compared the market mean would compare producto are competent er, and we show that we're better actually and see how it's done. So we have this week knife and other brand. You see, we have material premium high carbon stainless steel. Here's order to steal it. So so it's bigger than this one. You see, this is our brand, and how competitive market works is We have, like what we do better, what they don't have or what we're better. What they're less better in no comfort in marketing is something you need to understand the rules about you can read about the regulations off comfort and market of your marketplace wherever you're selling, because it might be different. So be careful with it, but it's vitally used, so it's not a big problem. I use it as well. It gives good convergence now on the competitive market. We're going to speak about the problems that usually or the features that are very important to our ideal customer. And then we're going to say that we have them and the others don't have them. You can also sometimes say some people have part of them, you know, to make it more trustworthy. It's something that you have to technically test out to see if the other one does not have really these stainless steel. And if they don't, then you just do an X. No, he treated safety well. Features here could be better. Like what? It's safe safety. This is a bit of Chinese thinking, but still, anyhow, it's a comforting. Marketing works this. We compare your product to others by features, or we can also compare by other things, like by benefits. But that wouldn't make sense, right? So next something we have is this home hero with us. We have things have still known scratch, and we showed that the comforter has some scratches. He that's not a way of comfort of marketing or non stick coated. Easy to queen. You see here it's you can see that the water does not stick to the product. And here, well, it's kind of stakes. It's harder to clean and you're thinking durable. One break there is like thickness there and, like another knife breaks. And usually we can use other brands as something that, like the main computer has, for example, but we're not going to use his brand, but I'm going to show its product. So once people see that, they remember that this one breaks and ours doesn't. So that's another idea for comfort of marketing. Here's buys elite. We have us and our computers. You see, we're trying to cut the tomato and it crashes here, so it's something to see as well. This is comforting market. Very nice. You see, people want a sharp cut in here. They you know, we all hate that when we cut something and it just sell it is what you should buy, get Let's go Next we have complementary. What's complimentary meal If you have a complementary product, if you want to show it. If you have, for example, a knife sharpener for your knife, show it on one of her pictures or in your BBC will better being your main pictures. Because if it's like a big value proposition, you have you better showed in your main picture. And here it is like how it works. You have some stages and you have some even features for this product. We have really nice hand queen nails. It's it's really nice quality product. Think about all this, guys. You gotta understand that first looks, that if he sees like, for example, like dirty nails or something, or, you know it's just gonna lord down the proceed value of your product, so better make it right, and that's a complementary product. You also can showed one your pictures. Next, we have features what its features will features generally, what we have with their product. That's to justify logically the emotional part of our pictures. And let's see, for example, let's start with this one. We have the star knife, and here we have like it shows like the features. It breaks down the product into features. Very popular alarm one electron ical products, you know, like a knife. Use that. And also they did the B oxidation process. I think right when they kind of covered it with this cover off, be oxide or something in my chemistry to be good and chemistry back in high school but and health. And then I went Amazon their features in a really nice way, by the way. But also they break down the features. It's really nice way you can more see the no trunk of products as I've mentioned, but still very good to show the features. Actually, what we have Ebony wood. And though we have the food 10 design, high strength steel, you see, this is features usually we justified by features and logics lifestyle that we showed that's gonna tell those customers that are more like techie. They want to see why is it good like word features won't hear this for them, like the next one is, we show like you see thinner, more sharp. You see, it's each thing to its niche. So, for example, in the knife's yes, we want to have a strong the night, but it's really a thin, you know. So here they have to euro sense and essential. They're showing that this is the size of the euro center. This is the size of the night, the thinner there's the more sharp and see how thin it is, like a two euro coin. Now, if you're selling and in the States, you will not want to, maybe it's not a hero sent. I don't know. Maybe it's American sent, but anyhow, you want to be relevant. You know you want to go to the details to the small details. If you're showing the euro to the Americans, they don't know what What is that? Some Brendan hero. So one by the bunnies on you See, that's also something that gives more authority to a picture. Here's extra features. We have technical certificate. We have sizes for your products. You see what the blade is? Thickness, What's the way? Where is it made like resemble? Telling us Made in China might not be the best idea, even if you make it in China. But nevertheless, they showed What's the motto? No one really cares, but you know features are also good as I've mentioned before to justify your lifestyle picture and not another features picture we have. You see the handle, we have sharp edges, the finger guard. You see. That's also again to justify their cool pictures that are cutting the steak wiser than good because it has tp finger guard, ultra sharp ages. So these are the features. Oh, there's another one. Well, that's it's like more of a feature and kind of what we have in our product picture. It's like a knife sets. We have a chef knife, bread, knife carving, utility pairing, cheese and pizza. Why are these keywords here? First? Because it's gonna They're also using them in your in their listing. But for the perceived value. When a person sees there's a pizza cutting knife, he's like, Oh, that's nice. I like cutting my pizza orders. A carving knife, maybe, is looking for a bread knife there. This part of the said there's a paring knife that's part of the set utility knife. There it is, and also these air usually use this key words as well. So that's like another idea to get more keywords for self run. We have the chap we have the other pairing I think we had also. Right next we have the coupons. What's coupons me coupons means when you buy more, you save more so four by threes in the press and get 10% off by five against 15% off. Now this one can be set inside Amazon, like with the promotions. But the thing is, you are not allowed technical to do that, you cannot show your promotions on your pictures. I don't know why they don't allowed, but I didn't that I never problems. I know a friend who did have a little problem with this kind of suppressed his listing because of this. But this is the first time I see that. I think it was because competence directly reported him. But I've never less used that and works pretty nice. Many people by all sorts of products. And if you read the free e book that I've sent you in, the many chat, they convert him. You're going to see how these coupons work. By the way, if you're enjoying the video up until now, if you're still here, Thank you for your time. I hope you're enjoying Giddens more to come like it. Drop a comment. If you want to know more, ask you free. Appreciate that. Subscribe. If you like my content, so that's the coupons. Photo. Next we go to the gift photos. What does it give for? And that's really good for now. For the December for the holidays for the Q four gift Photo is photo that shows your product is it? Give, for example, Here we have the Damascus Chef knife by this dude or win. It's like a gift photo with Syria. Beautiful box, Very high quality premium style. And that's a gift for the idea of a gift photo to show that this is a gift about item. And you could even say that or even show it a read one. So here we have the Met shark knife and again it took small here. That's something I don't really like when you know, it kind of looks smaller. But again, that's up to the person. See, Merry Christmas. You ready? Made the Merry Christmas picture. So that's a gift. Photo gift Photo gives the idea to the customer that this product can be gifted and we have another one by Zurich your gift ready without forget on books experience. This is gift photo plus slogan with unforgettable unboxing. The experience so well, I guess it's going to be cool for the UN boxers. Look how beautiful the boxes like. It's really nice. Eight and chef Knife and gift ready. They could also add something like, You know, little maybe Christmas seemed infographic here, but nevertheless, this is a gift picture and three powerful, because if your item is gift herbal, just gonna tell it again to the people, even though they know that the knife might be gifted will tell them Tell them that it is. Take the right neurons in the brain that when I give their friends, they're gonna be thinking, Oh, I'm going to give Uncle David felt that gift photos really strong. What is Handwork? Handwork. I really like this one. So, for example, if you make your product in a special way, maybe there's a special you make your product, like for this one for our Zola knifes. You see, they have fire mounting 16 cover proposition menu you had edged. We have a duty. It shows that this isn't more of a manual process. Defector creating this bomb bomb, bomb, bomb knives. It's more like somebody sitting there. You see this duties is working hard to create this knife for you. You know, that's that's the idea of these pictures. And, well, if it's so for your business, if you have something specific, something special but your business, if you have specific types of people that work for you and you want to feature these people if your community based business you know, this is kind of like a part of the story is what you're gonna get to in the next few orders . But this one really gives more connection, more emotional connection to a product because they see how how awesome it isn't. There was a 45 day Laura pretty polishing. Well, there's some spelling mistakes here, but nevertheless, the idea here is to show how menu is created. Next we have to a cutter you see again. Here we have a dude creating the knife. I think it's part of their ABC uprooted from their, But thing is, it was like menu created, you see, like we have the process here and we have the forging off the knife they're creating it by hand that shows that there's more off a human material there in the human material concerns that the humans are making it, you know, not a machine. That's what people like. Next thing I saw was like with the Kosaku Knife. Sacconi features the three beautiful example. They featured the insert here inside we have the insert here, and we have some other things that come with a focus Some rice, serious looking, that how awesome it is, like it show a totally different story for the brand. This like, Wow, this is cool branding like if you get the idea here, I think it's pretty awesome and you're allowed to just enjoy play with it. As you wish. Let's see the next picture. So these were like handwork. What I've called them when you position your brand is something that creates your products more manually and mawr with the human kind of addition to it. So next we have people. What is people is just using models. So it started it first on the people in the kitchen using the knife, and here we have a couple and they're discussing the sell it. Look in the Czech there smiling. And there's a really nice kitchen here. Well, the quality of the picture is not that good, but still and perfect knife for home use. We have some features here. This is a lifestyle picture with teachers and with people. Why isn't good to have models inside the pictures? Well, because perceived value when we have humans, we were humans, right? So we are connected to other humans. We see them, we can picture ourselves using that again. If your ideal customers are couples at home for this age, also at this age category, then that's gonna be working better for them. But even if you're like a single dude or single girl that buys this knife, it still can be pretty good. So we have pretty much the same kind of picture. Maybe it's even the same brand to remember. But here we have a soul dude who is cutting Salman and also with some features. But here we're speaking to guys that arm or soul, and maybe they're like bachelors or something. And it's a lifestyle image featuring this kind of guy again. Girls might buy that, or couples or even elderly people or younger people But still, this is gonna be the most hit audience by this picture. It's really nice Neuer audiences have mentioned before. You have a euro cutting the knife. That's from a different brand. We have all the knife said. Here we have the branding Web, the brand name. We have the brand name here. I think it's not sure. Well, she's cutting the cucumber and she's pretty. She's pretty happy, it seems, and she's doing her job. That's again a lifestyle picture. We have a human there. She's not looking into the camera, but nevertheless, she's looking at the knife risotto tip. When a person looks somewhere, for example, when he's she's looking here, your eyes are gonna look on this object first when she's gonna be looking at you. The first thing that you're gonna see is her. I That's really nice for Facebook ads as well, and you can also use it on your pictures. And here we have. This is a pretty weird photo, but I wanted to show to you because here, almost making out and she's cutting, which might not be the best idea, because I'm not sure how it reflects on the ideal customer do the ideal customer things that he's gonna be making out with this chick, like while cutting the, you know, the tomato or whatever that is. That's quite dangerous. But you know, we all like these moments as well when we were with our loved one. And you know, we're cooking together even as you can see there cooking together and says, Great help for your kitchen. Enjoy more time with the ones you love. So it's actually nice to position or pictures in different ways. Just know your lifestyle picture. People are very important. I use people in all of my listings because I think it's just better for convergence. People see themselves in other people. Next is renews. What is this we have first, the celebrity endorsement. I saw this guy, and I'm not sure if he's a very known chef. Oh, he does seem like a serious chef. So if your product is aimed at chefs, for example, this will really give the chefs like Oh, I'm a chef like this is. And here we have some products in use, and we can also use celebrity endorsement. What does it mean? It's not featured year, but if you have some celebrity or some magazine or something that as people know about and the use your product, or does a feature your product in their magazine or something? You can use it on Amazon, for example, and tell like, as seen in the kitchen magazine or featured also in Kitchen magazine. This is very important because it shows social proof to the people and wants to show social proof to the people they tend to buy more from you. And if some supercool chair that other chefs follow is showing the Snyder right, all right, if this dude like using this and it's sexually showing that it's working, let me quick at the card. Now next, we have the better of a different idea. Here is Elite are using the reviews to show that their product is superior. How Iran's a sharp out of the box, Sir. Sharpen the reviews to verify So sharpness is something that's very important for people by nights, right? And we, as we've seen in the previous lessons, we've identified that from our keywords as well. But what they're saying essentially go Tory abuse and check them. You see, they're saying we have a bunch of rib use. We have tons of them go type and sharp, and you're going to see what others are saying. Also, you can use like we have tens of thousands of happy customers. We served over 10 million customers this year. You see, this is social proof and it works. Really not. Just say whatever. True for your brand, right? If you have only 10,000 customers say we have served over 10,000 customers this this year or we were over 10,000 customers a raving about our products. Check out the reviews. This is like a review picture. Is it against us? It's somewhere against us to mention that it's from what I've read, but I've been using that for a long time. I had no problems with this whatsoever, so let's go to the next picture. These a really nice like social proof is totally something that is awesome next on a story and have one thing here to show you this was by a knife. I'm not sure exactly what the brand name was, but their idea is that the knife designed you see King from the killer whale, so that's where they put the idea for their design from an animal, which is really nice. You can tell in your BBC, as you can tell the story of your bed and hands brand content or a plus content as it's called. Now, order your description if you don't have pictures, but it is show the story of your brand. Like, how did this deal came to life? Maybe you can tell about yourself like, what did you do, who you are? Or maybe you and your wife you're creating this products at home. Tell the story whatever is special about your story. And if it features you as the creator is gonna give you higher conversions because people are attached, other people they don't want to buy from huge companies. Whoa, They do, you know, Apple adding this right. But still, if they see some small business, somebody who's behind that they're happy to support. They see the people are working hard for this, and they're just happy to support. So this is like a a story kind of picture. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson up here. We're gonna have the next lesson. We're gonna be speaking about all sorts of coup and unique ways. Toe. Yet even more conversion. Getting more sales, something that is not much spoken off. So please check it out Now see it there. 12. Amazon Product Listing Tutorial - Make Your Listing Stand Out By Doing These Things: Hey, welcome to the bonus lesson off the free human listing optimization course. In this lesson, we're going to go from the very top to the very bottom off an Amazon listing. And I'm going to share tons of gold nuggets, tips, tricks and hacks that will help you further increase and improve your conversion. Really good, Amazon being that you'll get even more sales by optimizing things on your listing. Now, assuming that you went through the other lessons off the scores, you know how to create an Amazon listing. You know how to find the Roman keywords for this thing. You know, find the Roman phrases for listing and you know how to write the copy for listing. You know how to find the right images. I've shared it in the previous lesson. If you still haven't watched the videos off the street, course I'm gonna make it in the description down below, I have a link to the playlist. It's here on YouTube there, no up cells. I do recommend you to go and watch it fully because, whoa, this clay Liston, this free course will actually help you create a great listing on Amazon. A sales listings on Amazon and was going to give you more money, more sales. So why not? Enjoy. Now, let's get into this lesson. And again we're gonna go from a very top to the very bottom of and I was listing. And let's start right now, we're going to start from the left part here. We're going to start by saying that they're seven pictures that can be on an Amazon listing . Well, list on picture number seven can actually be a video as well. And I do recommend you having a video. Interesting. If you are brand registered, you can add a video and the video will show Help you drive even more conversions because in a video, yes, we're watching. Right now. You can actually see what happens with the product, and the perceived value goes up because you can see in motion. You can see how, for example, here it's a knife, right? And if we could hear, we're going to see how the knife cuts the food we're going to see before after parts different foods that are relevant to each night. This is a bread carving knife right there. Other knives here you tell deny for What is that for? Ah, how you call it a TV, right? Have not sure if it's a key or not. Also, little trick here. If you have a video yourself, you can do a thumbs up here. Let's give some free loved for this guy. But you get asked some friends to do a thumbs up. It does not really change the game for you, but you know, so few thumbs ups and likes are always good. So please like this video now because, well, it also helps me pretty much like this helps this knife. But here we can include a video and video again helps you drive more conversions. Here on the upper side, you also have the images. So they're seven images you can have up to nine images, but on mobile only seven will appear and he has the box here. But since he has the video video stronger and the pierce here first before the image, this is about the images. Now, if you want to Seymour examples of images and to understand it deeply, I have the previous lesson which I'm growing up here in the card and in description down below where I go on die deep into images and I'm gonna show you which images sell on Amazon . So please, what you later on next we have the title and the title of the product. We are also covered in the previous videos were pretty one and in depth video about cooperating on Amazon again. When you get up here in the card and description down Bo as well, we're dive into the copy off the listing. How to write the title, which titles sell and, essentially, Priest Watch. It is well, but let's dive into other parcels were not covered in the videos. First would be reviews up here. Once you're gonna get your first review, it's going Appear up here is going to say is wanna rated. This one has 946 ratings school ratings now, and not reviews and essentially others rating ratio here. So, for example, for this guy who is not out on 46 reviews, he's regulation is 4.6 out of five. Let me tell you a few things about this number. Once you will fall from 4.8 to 4.7, you go from full five stars to 4.5 stars like this. You see, this is 4.5 stars. Once you dropped from 4.3 to 4.2, you're gonna dive to four stars, and each time a star false, it waters down the conversion rate. It no matter how you look at it, some people say that if you have, you know, mixed amount of reviews is good because it shows that your product Israel, maybe, to some extent, but five full stars with 200 ratings resemble look, kick ass and drive more and more sales. Now, if you're having any issues with your reviews on Amazon, if you're not sure how to get them if you're getting bombarded, swore by negative reviews or essential if you want to get more and more reviews in order to get more sales. I have a training that school the review harvester that I'm going in description down below as well, which is a six. How our shoes six R plus training about many chat and I teach there how to get more register Amazon products with this wonderful program called many chat. I do encourage you to check it out later. Run is gonna be winking description as well. This is aimed at people who want to get more reviews to their products. Want to understand deeper how to use many chat. And I'm gonna see you there quickly later on. But the next part is the answers and questions or questions and answers. What does it mean? I'll tell you one thing. Here, after you have three questions asked and three answers to these questions, this part here will appear So, for example, you have two questions and two answers. This part will not appear here. You will just have a blank. After we get three questions. Three answers will come here now why is it good? Well, again, if people have some questions about your product and they will say three answered questions , people are gonna be like, all right, I have a question. Let's see if my questions there, they're gonna quick and they're gonna go to the war part of this thing, which you're gonna cover ability, Iran, and they will get to the Q and a part. We're going to get back to that later around. I'm gonna deeply explain what it's all about, but this is here in the Q and a part. We have the ratings in the question, and then comes The price is the price. You said Free shipping. Now I'm gonna tell you one thing is that Amazon wants you to convert well. And if it's not you that converted, at least want someone to convert under website. And that's why everything on Amazon is optimized for the sales. For example, if somebody searches for this knife set and this guy does not buy it right, then he has the option to shop happy whole videos. He has the option to shop gives for the home. There's the best sellers. You see. Amazon is wise. It number one because it's so deep we optimize for the sale, and it's pretty awesome right to be selling their because they actually help you. Next we have the in stock part means the product and stuck. Once you can have less than 20 units remaining for, your product is going to say like 20 units left and stock show some scarcely to the buyer, and usually when that happens, when it shows like 20 units left, people gonna buy more, but you don't want to get there, right? You want to stay in stock? Well, it here tells you when it arrives to this specific area to York. For me, fastest deliver is tomorrow. Order within 730 permits some scarcity. Here again, it shows person. Okay, order within this time frame. And you're gonna get it tomorrow. Next, words will ever sold. By who? The next part is the variations here, right? This is another thing that can help you cruise your conversions. Because if you have this type of, for example, the nights with this kind of box. So the sea or the you know the part that holds it, we have the A one way looks like wood. And for this it's not available. But they're different here, right? And in this way you can get extra sales. Because if somebody prefers this even color of the wood to this one, or they're more knifes here in the last night's here or whatever the variation is, it gives you extra chances off conversions. Therefore, it's pretty good you get a tested out. See how it works for you is go back a bit on the right here. We have one time purchase when you just simply purchase the knife's as they are. But the other option is year subscribing. Steve, you can set it up in your cellar Central. Now it's not usually good for products like this, because what subscribe and save means is that you subscribe to this product and then outer delivers every this and that date off the month essential. It's like a subscription, right? And usually good for supplements. For food. Maybe, but it can be tested on every product. Like from my experience with generic products people don't really buy Well, at least in my case, maybe for someone people is gonna by and subscribing by knives, knives, knives. But, you know, for me, it wasn't like this, but never us. If you have a product that is a supplement, maybe something that think off because consumer of consumer needs your product every month . For example, one box of your vitamins you should have subscribe and save because you give him money saved and he subscribes. That means it's automatically gonna get you know the funds have been taken from his credit from his bank account transfer to yours. Essentially, it's very nice, and you see every two months you can play with the subscribing savior naked. Set it up. For me to set up is a customer, but essential for use the seller subscribe and save is really nice thing to have. You can add it to list. For example. You have different shopping lists for self wish lists, shopping lists, whatever and we have the new here. And if you're gonna have some hijackers on your product, hijackers means people that are sailing and competing for the by box. With you, it's going to say here and new and two sailors selling it from specific price. So you have somebody competing on the product with you. Maybe hijacker. That would be more sellers, right? The next thing here you can share it. And once you get many shares like, for example, Pinterest or Twitter Facebook, it's gonna say that it was shared some amount of times. Deseret gives superbly to the conversions, but if there many shares can be set like was shared 300 times, 500 times doesn't give that many conversions. No, because it's really small here. People don't really see it, but nevertheless, if you have your product shared a lot first gonna get shared and get sold. But also and this is gonna mention that if you have wanted to silicon sell on Amazon. If you want to hijack a listing or with whatever a few something like RB trash products obvious this fight. Next we go down the list thing. We have the first sponsored part here, which is the some other product that is doing the ad. You see, that's the first and we see here So far, we have also this part where shows shop gives from home, snap a city and add, but it just sends a person to the gifts part. But here appears the first. Now this one is the graft by Hewlett. Dennis is part of the free human than X ray crumb extension. If you don't have it yet, it's free. I'm gonna link in the description down boy can go ahead and download it for your crow and every commanding because it gives you lots of different details about the products. I'm not gonna dives deep into that. I have a video about the extra crumb extension, so I'm gonna winking description down below as well. The video about X ray. If you wanna watch, understand how it works street good for your business and help people Probably sort of Prague optimization stuff. It is not included for people who don't have it. Obviously, this part is addition, right? That's the addition of the X ray, which is up here. See, this is the X ray. Now we go down, we have the revenue calcula, which is also think by hell. That also helps your product research and something that next we go to the frickin he bought to get her part of the listing. What does that mean? That means that this product is usually bought with these forks and knives and spoons and also these natural cutting boards. What does it mean? Wasn't frigging but together means that many times people when they buy the nights, they also need cutting boards, right? That's what they buy together. And once people start buying this product and that item for a while, I can't tell you exactly for how long or how many sales need for this. It's up to you for to test out. But after a while is gonna Pierre Fukui bought together. Why is it good because here you can have your own products. If you manage to get seals for these products together as people buying to remain shot, for example, or through some other sources, and create a relevancy between two products and there might appear if we can put together, why is good? Because people can click on this button here at 03 to cart and essential. This one and this one are gonna get free sales from this guy over here, right? Because they appear as grouping about together for him, right? And this one might be appearing. It's rooting, but together for this one, or for just a different item on the platform, preferably, you wanna have your own products here or you want to appear for real, very good product that sells a lot as a frequently bought together. Pretty good idea. Next we go and we have the four stars and about the sponsor products. He response for Prince related to this product you have the more joy itself here, the same dude sponsored for himself because that's good. He might transfer somebody from his listing to another one of his listings and hopefully convert right and some other people there. Others. There's not our sports related items. Calm here, which goes down here, and this is old and through PPC pay per click next one, a special offers and product promotions. What does this mean? That means if you have any coupons for your products, they're going appear in this part listing. Now This part is really small, as you can see. But what if I told you? And that's against us, by the way. But use the surest. You can tell people on your pictures to remind them that you have coupons, for example, that you have coupons. Dad, for example, this one is safe. 10% on the knife said. Whatever says we're going. So, for example, he says that once you buy the straightest a kind of state of six, right, it's probably the utter set, not this one, and this set. You're going to save 10% on your promotion, and you have the option here toe and both to card or use the promo code. Now what you can do in your pictures, you can test it out. I do that and it's frequent because it could give you extra conversions because Then you tell the people that there is this promotions. You tell them, for example, to get for example, let's say we have the knives and they will get a cutting board by knife cutting set. Get the coming war 50% off. Use code X Y Z or throw down and quick at both to cart. You can show them your picture. And in this way you can actually encourage people to go and do that because sometimes they don't see that they don't see this part of the listing you don't know about you Tell them what's going on. That's why I'm telling you, Go to the description. Watch the links, clicked the links. This is for the same reason because there is good stuff I have for you, but sometimes you're not aware of it. So go description. Check out these things later on at the league. So and here you can have who wants like by to get 10% off your food purchases by two knife sets and get 10% African by this setting and this senate get 10% if you play with it. This is your promotions part of the cellar Central right here is they have a question part where people can ask a question. So if you're asking for a friend to ask a question, tell them there's gonna be the spar listing. Go and ask your question. Now the next part is the enhanced brand content or the BBC, as they call it Word. There's gonna be the product description here. Proud description is usually HTML private description where it's only written like this without pictures. That's normal. Html R thing is BBC or hands brand condoms or a plus content, as they call it right now, Usually here comes the brand story or some other pictures off the product some more, you know, in order to get um, or perceived value for your product. And what's nice about the CBC again shows different stuff. You can go and watch the video about the pictures, but what's nice about he's enhanced brand condoms is the part here, because here he has links to another products he has now with the April's Contin, which is the new types of April's content. You can have other products showing on your listing your own products obvious right, and if we could hear gonna goto one of his listings and one of his these things again. This feather builds the trust amongst the shopper and the brand and they see are pictures. They see that they're consistent. Braiding is consistent. They have this in that product again. More and more conversions and sales as soon as they can be done through the A Plus content here, right? If your brand register, you can actually do that. Next. We have to compare similar a similar items just again. Some other stuff that Amazon shows and you can add to cart. Here's where you see the option. It's also free sales for these other products, right? And we go down again. There's the product. Information could be all the dimensions here. No one really reads that. Normal consumers don't even understand this one. There's some warranty, some feedback. People unusual, skipped, right. But next thing here, screeners is the videos. Now you can upload your video here, as you can see, and in the past we couldn't do that. Now we can. We can pour billions to listings and frequent because you cannot pull the video of instructions off comforted marketing to listing, and you can do that as a seller, which is pretty nice right now. It wasn't always like this, but now you can. And also the customer reviews air going appear here. And for some reason, I see recently like different listings of competing products also appear here. So I don't know why it happens, but it does. But how? You should have their own like manufacturer video. You see, this is the actual reported the manufacturer video. You can set a some nail there and that's it. You have customer reviews. I do really recommend you have videos used to add a instruction video for product or something, because well, again, customers can see that and they will like it hopefully. And nothing you can do is in your pictures. You can tell them if you don't have video. For example, in a picture number seven, you can tell them go down this page and watch the video that we have down the page about the product. Go watch the instruction video right there. Going to scroll down. Tell them Go scroll down. Watch the video. We're going to scroll down from there and to see the video also, it'll trick for you again. We have another sport. Insert column. You see, a lot of sponsor comes and Amazon? Yeah, that's where the money goes to BBC money, right? Ever in the questions and answers spark. Now what I can tell you about this? You have some friends or family who can help you. It's against us again. But we're asking the question on your listing and you can answer. And if you discovered that there are specific common questions, you know, for this kind of listing for this kind of product ban, you shouldn't call them. You should include them. And only four are gonna be showing in the outer wear off the listing. Yeah, the ones you can quicken. See, Mawr answered questions. You cook here and they're gonna go the others. But only four are going appear here. What? I command you. You can push them up with clicking helpful here. You know, cooking up like this, like I just did then means that this is gonna push the question up. Sometimes you might have some questions that you'd rather not be asked, you know, And what you can do is you can award them down with watering down the vote again against us , but play with it. See if it's good for you. Because if you have four really relevant questions for your product answered on the outer side of your listing is gonna help the customer because their present looking for kitchen I've is a sharp yes. Is this ergonomic handle? Yes. Alright, awesome. That's that. Help me, Percy's so and also you can answer and also your customer skin answer here. Right. You have the seller here who answered, and just normal custom. Never thing about the question actually conclude some keywords in your answers. Keywords in the questions and it will help you to be more element is pretty cool part off the listing. Next, Where the custom Revis. Remember, I explained you previously about the R rating that if it goes from 4.8 to 4.7 from four feet to 4.2 new stars Donal stars. Another thing is the customer images here. So all the images that are shared by the customers like you can see here, then appear in this part of the resting. It's very good for the perceived value, because here the people can actually see how the product looks at the homes of other customers, and they trusted a lot. So if you have option for somebody to eat reviews with pictures, gonna drive even more conversions for you and what pictures maybe in use, you know the better. Like, for this is a nice picture, you see that the knife did its job. It's can truly smooth. A customer sees that he's like, All right, I buy this knife. It's sharp, Yes, so provide sharp knives If you are selling knives and if it's not, sharpen is down. You have bad review, then try help your customer by sending even replacement. But next thing here is by feature, and it's prettier with relevant, you think. And it says you see feature easy to hold. You see, it's high on the rank. There is probably many five stars relevant five stars by good. Customers with good reputation had this easy to hold part in their review, or they spoke about the sturdiness you see and the lower it goes. That means more reviews have, ah, the mixed opinions you see, for example, of this is 4.5. It's 4.7 means that easy to hold its probably for most users, but your ability was less good. This is still pretty high and good, but why isn't good? Because sometimes people can see this again to help them make purchasing decisions. Right? Easy toe. Awesome. I want an easy hold 30 right? It's easy to queen. Awesome. You understand what's going on here. And yeah, and the same thing. He read the reviews that mansion knifes at super sharp hand wash what Amazon does. It pushes the relevant things that customers usually want, and it helps them further find their answers here. So I want extremely sharp knife, right through quicksand, extremely sharp. Your soldering is that, say this product is extremely sharp and that fair tasting down the funnel so he purchases your product. Next thing is the top previous here. Top reviews. You can help by driving top previous by helpful. So, for example, if you quick unhelpful here, then it's gonna push this review up in ranks. And what you want to have in the top review section is reviews with pictures, reviews with, you know, with something that really helps the other customers again. It's against us to ask for help food from your friends and family or from services quick services. But again, do it your own risk. Essentially, what I'm telling you is that you want to have your reduce. Here's five stars. It's better to have so or you can have in the three star review that is up here, but it's a good was three starring you write. That might still be fine, but generally better have them old five stars with lots of helpful is because they also helps undersea. That one under six people found this helpful. The first looking is like, Yeah, that's good. I trust this. Understand what's going on here? And yeah, essentially, that said, If you have somebody who up boarded your negative reviews, sometimes people take it to the bad side and they upward others. People's negative reviews you. It's bad competition. Then, in order to overcome that, you have to yet someone too quick on your positive reviews, because otherwise it really destroys your conversion ratings. I give all the previous year one stars, people just turn away and don't buy. And yes, some evil people can do that. I hope we're not going to get that because it's trash and those who do that are trash. But what can I tell you? People are different but essentially helpful for good reviews is now, of course, reviews. With pictures. Video Sometimes you can have buying voice here like different customers who have better reputation. Amazon 500 Top Review or 100 Trump Review. Also very good to have here in this part of the listing. Let's go down. And here we have inspired by a recent shopping trends, you're gonna be other knives related to you. You see, this is really something that Amazon tries and to convert your father more right, they try to convert you even more by showing you other stuff. And there's the patients. Would related products. You see something like Google, Art Deco or best profession, I've says to save everywhere, to try to review on the platform and to convert you for a sale. And there's a topics for you again. This is something that Amazon finds relevant by your recent browsing history and your behavior as a customer. There's a lot off a I agree and make stuff here in order for you to buy more more, and there is a bar of items you viewed as well. So this is the bonus lesson. And up here in the car that's gonna fear here or at the video. You can see all the playlist. If you recently came to this video. This is the last video. Thank you a lot for watching. Appreciate. That's pretty awesome. Has been a coup course to make. And I'm going to see in the next video with more cool stuff delivered to you. Here's the course. Thank you. See a