Amazon FBA: Finding Low Competition Products [Launch Series Bonus]

Jon Bowser, Become an Expert in Amazon Product Promotion

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29 Videos (2h 22m)
    • Lecture 1: Introduction

    • Lecture 2: Strategy

    • Lecture 3: Best FBA Products

    • Lecture 4: Reverse Look Up Method

    • Lecture 5: Niche Affects Method

    • Lecture 6: Ask Method

    • Lecture 7: Other Product Sources

    • Lecture 8: Warnings

    • Lecture 9: Brand Strategy Overview

    • Conclusion

    • Course Overview: The Product Finding Video

    • Launch Logic

    • Bonus: Influencer Marketing

    • Bonus: Launch Sequence

    • Bonus: Ad Anatomy

    • Amazon Basics Lecture

    • Amazon Basics Lecture Foreign Can I Sell From Foreign Country

    • How Can I Make 100k in My First Year Selling On Amazon

    • How Can I Make the Most out of Amazon PPC

    • How Do You Maximize Keyword Relevancy On Amazon PPC

    • How Can I Successfully Analyze Keyword Competition

    • How do I know if there's enough demand for a product to private label it and sell it on Amazon

    • How Much Does Amazon Take per Sale

    • Is there a way to look at the top 1000 bestsellers not only the top 100

    • Should I Have a Shopify Store Should I Build a Store For My Amazon Products

    • Should My First Order Have My Logo or Not

    • What are the Best Product Categories For Beginners

    • What Criteria Does Amazon use to Calculate best seller's rank?

    • What Mistake Should I Watch Out For


About This Class


“Amazon FBA:  Finding Low Competition Products” is a bonus course section for the 6-part Amazon FBA Launch Series, when you pair the product picking principles of this bonus course with the original you get the strategy described below…

Create a Passive Income with a Portfolio of Low Competition Private Label Products With What I Teach! The Course Contains Instant Working Amazon FBA Program Tips!

The goal of this course is to give you the ability to find LOW COMPETITION private label products on Amazon FBA, source them for yourself, and then launch them (using techniques in the 6-part Amazon FBA Launch Series) to overtake the competition and create a PASSIVE INCOME for yourself.

This is course is for:

  • New and experienced Amazon sellers
  • Sellers who have tough time picking products
  • Sellers with lower budgets
  • Sellers who want to avoid high competition
  • Sellers who want to expand their brands
  • Sellers who don't want to waste money on ads (Google, Display, Amazon PPC with no results)
  • Sellers who have trouble getting reviews
  • Sellers who want a set and forget business approach to earning passive income
  • If you have taken another Amazon course and are stuck and cannot seem to find success, this is the perfect course for you.

This course will allow you to:

  • Find low competition products faster and easier
  • Rank products faster and beat what little competition you have
  • Not worry about reviews
  • Not have to spend money on traditional ads

This course skips all the fluff presented in other courses and gives you the details you need to not only win, but dominate.

This course skips the basics: creating an Amazon account, FBA requirements, and sourcing products, BUT you will find all these topics covered in the 100+ pages of your eTextbook "How to Crush it on Amazon" Standard edition. (along with lecture notes)

The core portion of this course was designed to be consumed in one sitting so you can take immediate action. It lays out a clear plan for you to follow so you can have success within your first two months of being on-board.

This course will PAY FOR ITSELF by giving you tips to save you money on Day One.


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Jon Bowser

Become an Expert in Amazon Product Promotion

Jon Bowser is currently based in Chesapeake, VA.

Bowser is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where he traded his Criminal Justice degree for a pursuit in entrepreneurship. After various entreprenerial endeavors decided to lean on his minor in English and create a book to guide young entrepreneurs in the physical products space. This led to the creation of his debut How-To guide "How to Crush it on Amazon: Create a Brand and Build a Million Dollar Business in a Year"...

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