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Amazing Paper Tulips

Kristina Mueller, Happy Paper

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4 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Papertulip

    • Bouquet+Garland

    • Finish


About This Class


In this class the graphic designer Kristina teaches you how to fold an amazing paper tulip and create a nice little bouquet and a lovely garland. It's great fun and a lot easier than you think! If you are interested in paper crafting, also take a look at Kristina's Blog or one of her books.

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I could not imagine that the tulips are so easy to fold.
Hey Kristina! Thank you! Now I can get spring time right into my home!
The tulips are amazing. I folded them as a table decoration for our Easter brunch.





Kristina Mueller

Happy Paper

My name is Kristina, I love paper and I am highly inspired by Japanese aesthetics. I studied stage design and history of art in Salzburg, Munich and Paris. After my master’s degree in graphic design at the University of Toulouse my first books in the field of creative design were published in France, lately in Germany. Currently I am living in Munich, where I work as a freelance graphic designer. Find out more at kdesign.

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