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Amazing Magic Trick: Playing Cards Unshuffle Themselves - You won't Believe Your Eyes!

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction and Performance

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Phase 1: The Unshuffling

    • 4. Phase 2 & 3: Shuffled Face-Up

    • 5. Last Phase: Self-Shuffling Cards

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this card trick eight cards (half of them black and half of them red) are shuffled. But the cards repeatedly unshuffle themselves, so red and black cards end up separated. Even shuffling the cards face-up doesn't seem to make a difference. The cards behave like oil and water.

This magic trick is really stunning and will seem impossible to people.

In this class I will show you the inner workings of this little miracle in great detail. I will provide you with everything you need to know, to be able to perform this card trick.

For this trick you need a technique called "Elmsley Count". I've made a class teaching the Elmsley Count in great detail:

In case you don't have a premium account yet, click this link to gain two month of premium for free:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the Community-Tab of this class. I will try to answer all of them in a timely manner :-)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Introduction and Performance: welcome. I'm Mr Jack of Hearts and this is my class on the con trick. No, now's oil underwater. That's a really amazing effect where eight cards get shuffled and then separate themselves and in that very magic way never fails to amaze the audience. So I think you'll really like this. Um, I I will walk you through every single slight you need to perform this Andi gif you many pointers on how to present it. So first, let's have a look at the performance off the trick. So welcome to the performance off oil and water. For this trick, I only need 1234 black cards on 1234 Red Cuts. I will take the 1234 red counts and place them over here, leaving me with only 1234 black cards. And now I will mix these counts. I'll take a read on the black red and the black red in a black red and finally a black. So these cults a pretty well shuffled actually. But there's one thing I discovered. If you wait a few seconds, the black cards and the red carts will actually unsure ful themselves and the black cats will always come to the top. I think enough time has passed. And yes, indeed, before blackouts have risen to the top off the pack, leaving in my hand only the 1234 red cards. And this is pretty crazy, isn't it? Let's try this one more time. I'll take all of the cons. 1234 Red Council place over here. So here are only 1234 black cuts. And now let's mix the cuts. Red, black, red, black, Red, Black, Red on block. But once again, we only have to wait a few seconds for the black arts to come to the top off the pack once more. Let's have a look and the neat At 1234 black cards over here and in my hand obviously must be the 1234 Red cut. And I know what you think you think Well, I never really see the counts while they're shuffled, So Okay, let's try it. Face up. This time I take a black cards. Found a red coat. Ah, black cut Onda rest. Cut A black cut on the red cut on the last black heart and the last red skirt. So, no, these cards are undeniably shuffled. But that doesn't matter. We just have to wait a few seconds for the black carts to come to the top of the pack. Once again, let's have a look. Here are only 1234 Blackhearts and here, obviously only the red cards. So that leaves one very important question, though, how to actually shuffle those cards. Um, and that and I had an idea. Because when I shuffle the cards, they on shuffle themselves. So maybe if I don't shuffle the cards, they will shuffle themselves. Let's have a look. But actually that's exactly what happens. Bread block, red black Read on block. And that's the performance off oil and water. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, police stick around, Andi. I will. I will tell you how to do this. Amazing effect 2. What You'll Need: so welcome to the tutorial for oil and water. And 1st 1st of all, you need nine cards for this. So you need for the unit? Five black carts and four red cuts. So that's the first secret you actually have an additional black cart. I know nothing about those cards. Try to select cards that are, um very I don't know. Un suspicious. Normal cards. Don't use kings for this. Don't use aces for this. Use anything. The spectator will not remember Very well. So high spot cards are a good idea. The seven. Not so much. The seven stands out. A lot of people pay attention to seventh. No twos or threes. No force. I like to use sixes, eights, nines, tens. Maybe something like this that has a lot off a lot of spots. Nobody will really know what it is. So the duplicate cards the Spectators won't notice. Okay. Also, if you have, uh, if you have a four stack, for example, of your upper deck made out of only one card over lady ate off clubs, for example, can obviously use five of the same card and four of the same card. That's even cleaner But then again, this way you can do it with a normal pack. So that's the way I'm going to teach it to you. So, uh, grappa, these cots grab a deck search for these carts on bond. Take them in your hand and follow along. So there's one major move on, and several small moves don't make this trick possible. The major move is the elms, Lee, Count on. And I've made a separate lesson on the Helmsley count, and I will I will teach it to you in this lesson. And I suggest that you first learned the elderly count before continuing with this effect. Because if you don't know how to do the elderly, county won't be able to perform this effect. So without further ado, I I would like to I would like to invite you to learn the only count with me. And after that, uh, come back on and I teach you the rest off the trick 3. Phase 1: The Unshuffling: All right. So welcome through this over the shoulder of you. And let's start the tutorial. So you have your nine counts in this conflict aeration. Please take your time post a video, get those nine cards and come back with the cards in your hand because I think that's the best way to actually learn Charismatic. All right, so no, what you first need to do. You need a pinky break on between most two cards and the rest off the pack. Okay, Andi, what a pinky break basically is. It's just a little break that's held by your pinky. Okay, That's why it's called Pinky break. Andi. Well, there are a 1,000,000 ways to achieve a pinky break, but one of the easiest is just too riffled on two cards with you. Come in this position on, then just hold the break with your pinky. And the way you hold it is you don't insert your pinky all the way, because that creates a really big break that can be visible from the top from the front. But rather do just place your pinky, uh, to the side. So a little bit of flesh is actually insert tubes Okay, So like this. So they pinkie actually only touches the side off the cards. All the other things are in the usual position. The thumb along the left edge. Uh huh. The first finger curling around the front edge and the other fingers on the side, The pinky holding the break. No, you thumb off the cards one by one on telling your Spectators you have you only need eight cards for black cards and four red Cuts. And you never, ever in this trick call out accounts by their names. You only refer to them as black hearts and red cards because that's all that's important for this trick. You don't want to confuse your Spectators unnecessarily. And also, you don't want him to notice that there are duplicates or that sometimes one card is shown to license and stuff. Okay, so you just got 1234 black counts and 1234 Red cuts on. Do you see this way that the last took out stone separate because you have the break you can spread through. And once you push the last cut over, you just push it on top off the pinkie and the pinkie and all the other fingers actually hold the cart in place That the to cook two cards and play. So they appear to be just one. Okay. Like this, then what you to is, you turn all the cuts over. Can do this in any fashion like this, for example, or what I like to do is just take these corners in the world around like this. But that's totally up to you, obviously. Next you say, um, you take the four red cards and you can count them in your in your right hand or on the table, Totally up to you. So I take the 1234 red cards put him on the table. All you just countem understatement. Whatever you find easier. Okay, so I have 21234 rest cards believing in my hand. And you turned these cards over 24 blackouts. But actually, you have five cards on top, sir. It's a black s a red card, and here it's already one black card on the bottom. Okay, so that's the state right now, if you want to take if so far, you've you've done right. Okay, so the way you hide this red carded. It's very easy. You just hold these cards in a what we call Biddle grip. So the thumb on near the, uh, bottom right, INGE Bottom Right. Caller on the bottom edge like this on the middle and ring finger me and the top right caller on the top edge. Okay, Like this very light touch. And now you can actually count the cards in your left hand, for example, on stupid, all kind of off stuff. But in this case, we will count them and flipped them at the same time. Okay, so you just pull the car to the left half way, and then let's let's go with the thumb. Flip this with the packet in your left hand. Okay? Like this. A week. So one more time. Smoke motion like this, and it will land perfectly in the mechanic script once again. Okay, so when you do this, the if you actually would, um, continued this motion, the card would end up like this. Okay, so you get a new idea where you need to put it in order to form nicely in this mechanic script, and then you count the cards while doing this. I have the one to in this the second, 3rd 3? No, you have the double card, and you just flip this one on top as one cut for on the way. Actually, do this issue go. 123 And as soon as you arrive here, the That's the way I do it. The ring finger comes over here. And you, as you start to to, uh, to flip this card, the ring finger actually does this motion. So it actually kicks over the card on a soon as you have reached the right edge case. Are you going along with the card right on this point and then you just flip it over, all right? And now, if counted five cars is for hiding hiding the red card. You, Flo, convinced the Spectators that these cards must be the red carts. Do some accounts. Must be the blood black cards. So you pick up the red cards and you go, I take a red card and you just do another mechanic script over here. Um Onda a blackout, a red card on a black heart and you just throw them on top, OK? on a black, a read on and black and red. The last card is actually once again to cards. So what I like to do is take this card in the right hand, actually place it more or less here and just say and the black heart holding it in place with my first finger and then squaring up all the counts. Okay, so, uh, once once, once again, I will do this. Okay, let's pretend Push over the first counter and you just let it fall. A blood count. Red card, Black card. Read A black, A red under black. Put it on top. You square up the pack. Okay. Another way. You can do this. You can go read a black, red, black, red, black, red And you can even let it fall of black and the cards boned really separate. And even if they do a little bit like right here, um, it's not really visible because there's a bit messy already. You don't really know if this is another. Carter was already there, so it's fine. Okay. Just don't don't don't be afraid. On just square up the cards. Nobody will notice. So now if you have. Ah, look at this. The packet you make you made. There should be three red cards. Follow power black, followed by red, followed by four black hearts. Okay, so you can see that already. Um, these four black cards are perfectly on the top. And these red cards, actually in a perfect position for a Nelms recount hiding this black card. Okay, so would I like to do in the first phase. Is there two ways to go about these? Either You just go the They have separated themselves there and shuffle themselves. And the blackouts are not top the 1234 Black arts can really nicely cleanly display these or the 2nd 1 You can go. 1234 Black cards have already risen to the top on display them like this. Okay, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. First the the this display, it's really clean. Okay, really clean. Um, but also, the second approach is good, because it actually, um, prepares your Spectators t expect you to handle the cards in a certain weight which later will come in handy because later you will need to do an Helmsley count at this point. So if you already dude like this, it's the only touch later on will be less suspicious. So that's the pros and cons of both. But anyway, just displayed a cards in any way you want. But then don't let him lay like this because maybe people will memorize what cars they are . And that's you don't want to happen. So you just square the square them up and leave them like this, Okay? And then you say, OK, so if the red car of the black the black cards are here, so in my hand, obviously must be the four red cuts and you perform on Helmsley count. Okay. And that's why you need to know they Helmsley count for this trick. So no, in the alms, we can't. And yeah, it's a little bit harder to do with five card stone with four. But it's not too bad. It's actually you don't be surprised how how easy it is. Okay, then you can once again do it like this, this once again to cons. But you're holding them like this and they complacent over here. Just keep in mind that you can't move around thes cards now because they will separate. Okay, Like this. Then you say. Okay, let's do this one more time. Andi, you flip these cards over with on and you count them in reverse and placed him on top off this packet. 4. Phase 2 & 3: Shuffled Face-Up: Once you have placed the cuts there, you will go. OK, one more time. I'll take the 1234 black, four red cards, obviously before s cards leaving me with only the 123 or blackouts. And you once again through this exact same move we already learned in the middle grip, then flipping the last two cards. This one. Okay, so once again, this is two configuration. But you're showing 1234 blackouts. And that's a great convincer. Because even if people are suspecting that these are not the 44 red cards because you never show them, they will be convinced they are. Because if the black cuts are here, these must be the Red cuts, right? Nobody actually suspects that there are more than eight cards. Trust me. All right, then you pick up the bottom, quote red cards and do the exact same thing again. A red, black, red, black, red, black, red. Andi, actually, that somebody do. The last two counts you take is one. Place them on top. This was really sloppy. So be a little bit careful on square everything up pounds. Now you can say Oh, they really well shuffled. But all that we have to do is wait for them to separate. Now count. 1234 And in this phase, I would really I advise you to do it this way a lot. Display them immediately because you really want unto city expectations for the last face. Okay, then So before. But I can't by doing a fake only count, so to speak. So you're doing on and making it look like an elderly count without doing an Elgin accounts . Are you really just counting off one card each times 1234 and then you can even display them really quickly. Andi, place them face up here. I like to keep these black cards face up as long as possible because it really cemented the idea that here, the Blackhearts here in the red cards and it's makes it much easier for the Spectators to follow instead, if these are face down, people tend to forget where which cards were and they get confused. And the trick is not as strong. So keep them face up. It's a good reminder for everybody that here back heart and here obviously must be and obviously here that I have. The four create counts once again. You doing Helmsley count displaying these cards. Okay. So actually, you start in this position. I don't need to do the Ellen's Lee count. 1234 All right. And you end in this position, okay? And now what you do is you do the same thing. You did it last time you displayed the cards like this once again, you have already set the expectation for you to do this in the last phase. So that's but And you can say before before, even before you spread them, you can say, but well, the cars are always face down on a day when I mixed them. So let's do it face up this time. And you so therefore, red cards. And it's a really nice convincing because they have stressed seemed for cuts here, deceive four other cuts here, So it's really fair. Okay, don't a spectator. Now, you take one black card, place it here to do it really slowly and nicely and cleanly. And then you take these two carts that are actually this car that's actually two cards okay , as one and place it carefully on top off this card. Okay? And make sure they don't separate. So the easiest way to do this is just to come here and drop it from about half a centimeter . Just drop it there, OK? And they will stay to get anomaly. Then you slide over the next black art And that the red another black. And look at how a mimic this first moved. Because, frankly, it's a little bit odd to take a card like this and place it here. So you have to do this was with every cardinal, so it is less suspicious. And yeah, maybe it people will think. Well, it's a little bit We had held Ling, but once again, it also looks very clean, very, very fair. Okay, placing really 111 black and the red. Okay, so now people are convinced these cards are shuffled, and actually, they are pretty well, shuffle if you have a look at it. Okay? The only thing we have is two black cards here. Did not together all the other cards are actually shuffled. So how do they manage to pull off the last stage? Well, we do the same thing We always do. We just wait a few seconds, Do out PATA. And now count off the first four cuts. And this the phase this is actually necessary to do to get them in the perfect position for the elms. Lee County. See? So this is why we did it in the earlier favors to set the expectations for Spectators. Okay, so now you can turn them over duty elms. We can't. 1234 short, four black cards. But actually you hidden the red cut. And now what you do in the last phase. Remember, you did this. You can't do this now, but you can mimic it by just turning them over. Do this face down. And now what I want you to do is take the top two carts. This one. Okay. And then at the last moment, put them on the bottom. Okay, give this play and you put them on the bottom square. Up on. He flipped him over. So now we have this configuration. Okay? All right. And you put them here and here obviously must be. And now you dio little subtlety how to display. This is for red cards, right? Okay, I'll show you. You take the first cart. You first of all, you hold the cards. Not in a mechanic's grip, like normal, but a little bit out docked. So if you turn it over, you concede the bottom card, all right? And then you show the bottom card while also showing the top card like this. Look, don't you actually placed the card is shown on the bottom off the next cut and just throw down to cuts. So this is actually a Blackheart Have hadn't hidden? No. And then so do the same thing once more. This time you place this card not on the bottom, off these two cards, but on top, and you throw these three cards on top. 5. Last Phase: Self-Shuffling Cards: Okay, So now that you have displayed these Carter's as red cards, you can turn them, also contain them over, and you go into the final stage of the trick and you just say, OK, but this leaves one last question. How to actually shuffle the cards. I mean, if I shuffle them, they un shuffle themselves. So that's gave me an idea. Maybe if I don't shuffle them and you just put as you say that you just put it the red cards on top of the black cards. Um, maybe they will shuffle themselves and you push the cuts together to square them up. You take them in your hand, and now what you do is you push one cart all over, take them in the biddle grip and place it on the table. And once again, you can normally you would dear cars like this, right? But now you have this configuration and there are two black heart that, at the very end that's need to be dealt, is one. And that's just way easier to do like this. So once again, you're setting the expectations for your spectator to reflect this. So you go off and That's exactly what happens. What I do in my mind, I actually count. 123 456 Uh, okay, seven. So I know a soon as I go seven. I know that now. I can't push over anymore, but I go, I just take the last two and placed. And here, that's the end of the trick. All right, so one small, uh, you just go. So unless exactly what happens, the cars actually mix themselves pretty perfectly. 567 eight. All right. And once again, you can do the same thing you did earlier. Just come pretty close to the pad and then just but his drop. Okay? All right. I think that's about all that's the end. And if you have any questions about anything, if anything is still unclear, please let me know. Indeed, Discussions panel off this class and I will try to answer all questions 6. Final Thoughts: So I really hope you enjoyed this class on oil and water. If you did, I would really appreciate it if you could leave me a positive review on maybe consider following me because I will do many more contracts in the coming weeks. Andi, if you follow me, you will get a little notification. And don't. He won't miss out of those. So that's about it. Don't forget to ask any remaining questions you might have in the community section off this class. So I will then also answer them, obviously. Andi, also, please post your performance off oil and water in the projects panel off this off this class. So if you do so, I will give you some pointers to what you might improve. Um, yeah, I think that's about it. Really? Hope you enjoyed it on. And I would love to see you in the next class. Um, until then, have a nice state. Andi. Goodbye.