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Amaze Everybody With This Unbelievable Transformation Card Trick

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction and Performance

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Displaying The Twos

    • 4. Displaying The Tens

    • 5. Displaying The Kings

    • 6. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

This is one of my favourite magic tricks of all time and the first card trick I ever learned.

Four cards are shown. They are all the two of hearts. In the blink of an eye the four twos turn into four tens only to become Kings moments later.

In this class I will walk you through the handling of this somewhat advanced card trick. I'll explain in detail all the sleights and techniques necessary to perform this trick.

Have fun blowing peoples' minds!

One of the techniques used in this card trick is the "Elmsley Count", which is one of the most important techniques in all of card magic. Because it is so important I made a separate class teaching the Elmsley Count in great detail. Check it out below:

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Introduction and Performance: Welcome home, Mr Decker. Fats. And this is my class on jumping. Germany on this trick is actually the first trick I ever learned back in 2007 when I started doing count magic. So it's really close to my heart. I really love this trick. Andi, I think it's awesome on the effect is basically this four carts are shown on they are all the same, but on the course off the trick, that actually change, uh, twice. So you're so four can't stay aural the to France. Then you show them again. They're all different card 10 of clubs, for example on and in the end, they are all kings. So it's a really, really nice trick. Spectators tend to love it. Andi, I do this trick all the time, So let's jump in. Um, first show your performance off the trick, so you get a pretty good idea What? What the trick is going to look like on after that, I will teach you all the slides necessary. There's some a little bit advanced slights involved as well. But I will do my very best to make it very easy to follow on to teach you this amazing effect. So let's get started with the performance. Okay, so for this trick, I'll only need four cuts, but I won't tell you what they are. I will only tell you what the bottom card is. On the bottom card is a two of hearts. So if I now reverse the order of these cards to to obviously ends up on the top All right, so that's not very surprising. But what is if I put it on the bottom? It's still jumps to the top. And if I put it somewhere in the middle, it's still jumps to the top, defying all odds. But I can I can even place it on the table. Doesn't really matter, still comes back to the top. Let's place it on the bottom one small still comes back to the top one small 100 pots When you say all right, all right still comes back. Steel comes back on the table. No problem. Still comes back. So I could do this all day long. Um, well, some people think I have only 42 of hearts, right? So that's not true at all. Because this as a tenant states Oh, here and have another 10. This is another 10 and even the fourth and final cart also another 10. So, in fact, they are all awful. Counts their old 10 off spades There no twos whatsoever. So this obviously is impossible. Why you ask? Because this is a kink. This is another king. And that leaves me with the fourth and the third, OK? 2. What You'll Need: all right. So welcome to the tutorial part of this class. And, ah, here's what you'll need. You really only need four cars. And this time I will tell you what they are. And they are in fact, the two hearts followed by the king of spades full up by the king of diamonds. Or you could also use the King of Hearts and followed by the 10 of spades. So that's the carts you need. And you also need to know a few slights, all of the easier slides. I will just teach in this class, but this one a little bit advanced. Slight. Andi, it's the Helmsley count. And I have a really comprehensive class on the elderly. Count that I will link right here, down in the description and also here in the video. That's about 10 minutes. So don't be worried. It's not a very difficult, difficult slight. But I figured, uh, dedicated classes better because I can teach you all the intricacies and instead of just glazing over it and so I hope this approach will work for you. If you already know that the only count just go to the next video in this class. If you don't go to the other class teaching the owns, we count and come back as soon as you You've mastered theory only count. So All right. That's about all you need. On the next phase, I will teach you how to show, uh, how to show the to how to make it appear that all four cards are the two connected to come to the top. Whatever you want to call it. 3. Displaying The Twos: Okay, So, in the first faith, um, you will. You will have the constant this configuration to blacking Red King 10. All right. And you can, of course, you can use any four carts. Just make sure that these two contrast nicely. And these two have to be the same value and off contrasting color as well. Andi, Also preferably contrast into these two. So I like to use Ah, no red card, high black card. And I like to picture counts, but you can use anything. Um, all right. First, you show them the bottom card, which is the two farts. Then you perform on elms account count, which normally it's used to hide the third card or chunk of cards that are in this position . But in this and this effect, you don't have to hide anything. Does nothing to be had hidden here. But the Emslie counters just used to, uh to to bring the two to the second position from top. So you end up in this configuration while the spectator thinks that you just reversed the order off the cards. I even tell them Oh, if I reversed the order blah, blah, blah. The two will end up on top. And while you spread the cards, you can catch pinky break underneath toe top two carts. So when you square up like this, you actually catch a break with your pinkie like this. OK? Don't insert your pinky all the way. That's not necessary. It's huge, and people can see that. Maybe so. Just press the pinky lightly to a site. Andi, catch the break on the way you obtain it is when you spread the cards and you close thumb right with this hand, I will leave it so you can see. Um, the pinky will push up a little bit on the second cut under two. Okay, push up a little bit while squaring thumb up. On this way, you will automatically get a get a break. And this is pretty large. No, but you get the idea. Just push up a little bit on the on the second card. What's going normally year You do this under the cover of the on the other hand, so you're fine. Okay, Now you have a break. So now that you've called the break underneath the 1st 2 counts beneath the to to France, you can actually flip these twos. Two counts over as one. Okay. In the way you do that issue simply insert your index finger into the break your little thing as well your ring finger keeps. I put it here on the bottom to keep the cards from actually separating. And now you can flip over the two counts as one, okay? And do so very, very gently Don't force it like like so because that's just look stupid. Okay, Just just flip it over naturally, like, very casually. They will stay together. It's a little You need to practice this a little bit, but you'll get there. It's not that difficult. Um, okay. Once again, if you have any questions about anything I teach, always ask in the discussion. I will answer every every question. OK, so and when year flipping the cards, actually, I'll jump them a little bit, so you don't put them flush with the rest of the pack. But you out joked, um, slightly. So this way. But now that, uh, when you're squaring up the pack with you with your index finger, you can actually at the same time pull down a little bit with the finger, like so okay. And pushed back and that this will cause the carts to come up. And you can easily catch another break for them 22 foot from over. Once again, there are other techniques, but I think this is the easiest one for now. Uh, all right, so that's that. Okay. You can be proud of yourself. You've performed your first double lift, and it's not that easy of a move. So, uh, well done. Now, you you take the first car, which is actually about 10 but they think it's a two and put it on the bottom, and you really put it on the bottom, right? Like so and now. Ah, you can simply take the first card now and flip it over. You see, Andi, flip it over once again. Now you put it in the you have to put it in the third position from top. Okay, so right here the way you can do this, either you spread the cards and put it openly right here. Square up and you're done. Or from the back. Or what I like to do is because you need to do to practice this anyway. is to buckle the bottom card by buckling where I mean move like this. So you're your index finger contacts on the card where the the value is right, the 10. And then it pulls on the cards while the thumb and keep the other cards from moving as well . Okay, so you pull it and it's bends a little bit, and it also creates this awesome, um, Gap break at the back. Okay. So you can easily catch a break. For example, we will do that. Need that later. But in this instance, you buckle, and then you can easily insert the card right here. How? Nifty. Start. All right, So you've inserted the cart somewhere in the middle. You say, Andi, you put it in. But while you're pushing it in, you also pull up a little bit with your thumb. Okay, so this way you create another nifty break. Pinky break. She didn't go back. Okay, One more time. Why are you pushing in? Also slightly on now? Exactly. Rate is exaggerating slightly. Pull up. Right. And this will cause a breakthrough form like so. First, it's a It's a it's ah, thumb break. If you hold it like this and you can transfer to a pinky break like so. So now, once again, same thing is before you can really easily flip them over as one cart. And now you could eat it either through the al junk. One small, like we did before. Do this unf lipped. Um, flipping back or what I like to do is you have to break you. You flipped them over, you can put them flush with the pack, and now you simply buck Owens and more. You get a break and you can simply foot them over. Okay, so that's, I think, the easiest way. Okay, so now that you have flipped over the three counters one, you can place the top card, which is actually a king down on the table and say, Well, it doesn't really matter. And now you do the same thing you've done before. You do that. The buckle buckling motion. So just learn that it's really important. Okay, you can see that. And, uh, and once again, flip two counts as one showing the two once again on the top. OK, do the same thing once more. It's the same thing. Were you learned in the first double lift, but now you're buckling your buckle, you grab your flip and you're done. And this time you put it on the bottom and you say, Well, it doesn't really matter Still comes to the top, whatever you want to say and it already is on the top, so you can actually just flip the top cut. Okay, This time you flip it back. This time you want to get really buckle, You take two cards and you put him on the bottom, right? They think you only took one card. Place it on the bottom. Now, Tutu's actually actually sandwiched in the middle. So once again, you buckle once again. Flip to right, buckle one small flip and place on the table. Now, one last time, you flip top card. So, uh, you flip it back. Now what you do this is a nice move. He hold it between your thumb and index finger, and then you see you rotated like this. Okay, The middle finger presses down and you wrote irritated between index and middle thing. It looks kind of nice. Uh, you rotated and put it back on the bottom. Underneath this card, which is the 10. Okay, that's really important. And then you scoop up everything so these two cards end up on the bottom. That's also important. Okay, on that is the first face. 4. Displaying The Tens: OK, uh, let's go to the second phase. The 10 phase on. Good. The good news is you don't really need any new moves. You started to 10 phase by buckling surprise. You buckle the bottom card, you flip three. And you told the 10 to be the top kart, Then you flip them back in. This time you take the first cart, which is a king. If you buckle and with your with your fingers underneath, you contact the 10 right, the two counts and you Now you flip them. It's the same thing as you would normally dio the fingers do the same, right? But this death just another cart here. Okay, so you you just take this like this, Like like so I'm just flip it. Okay? Flip it back the same way. Once again, you buckle, You take your flip someone off. No, you're holding two counts. The other king. Now you can really turn the third card over, right? It's the third card back, and now you have to show the bottom card to be in attendance. Well, what you do is you flip it back, you take the two cards and your thumb off the 10 and let it flip itself over in your other hands. Like so. Oh, foot. Okay, it's a little bit difficult to show slowly, but you have to kind of. He holds you hold onto the bottom card and this way this card will flip. Okay. What he also can do is you can simply grab this card and then flip it over. That's easier. But then you have to do this pretty fast while saying something like and the fourth card and the fourth card is also pretend not right, so people won't suspect steps. I think this it looks really good because it looks like it would come from the bottom. And also you want to hold this image for a second world. These three counts are actually a little bit more elevated than the 10 which also adds to the illusion that it really comes from the from the bottom. Right, So you can see it looks really nice really convincing. Then you flip it back. He placed everything together and now comes a move that I really love. Um, now you so only the bottom card while thumbing have cards from the top, but somehow Ah, pretty things off. The Spectators will get tricked into believing that all kinds of the 10 of spades, once you know the secret, it's unbelievable that that could work. But it really does. Trust me, I've performed this trick hundreds of times. Never has anybody said well that the scouts came from the top. That's illogical because you're also talking. Your hands are moving your you're telling a story. Nobody will pay that much attention, Really? So just tell him so, really. All four carts are the 10. Okay. And all you do is, uh, sure, the bottom cart. Yet you hold the constant a little grip, like so. So, uh, middle finger and ring finger on top and thumb on the bottom match and ah, index finger curls on top. Okay, you turn it over. You say so. Actually, all cards are a 10 and you have maybe 15 centimeters. Something between your hands. Okay, then the hands come together, your thumb off top cop, the first card. And while this can't one of the hand separate again, you flip this over showing the second card. Okay? And you do this just a few more times. And even the top card is to tell you can say Put it here. Okay, so let's try this one. What time? It's really important that you do this very fluently. Okay? And to separate your hands a little bit, uh, ends. Talk. So, Mr Rectum, a little bit. But it's around the quick display, so they don't really have timeto ask themselves too many questions. All right, so you just say so. Actually, all cards are the 10. The bottom card is on all the other cards. Also our right. Something like that. Sometimes I even say the bottom counters a 10 the second from the bottom of the third from the bottom of even the top card, all under 10. Something like this. Just think off. Something to say, but separate your hands a little bit and you will be absolutely fine. Trust me. 5. Displaying The Kings: for the final and shortest and easiest phase off the mall. The king face. Now, the cards should be in this configuration, right? If you follow along, Aunt. Um, no, What you do issue once again, you help them in the normal mechanics, grip the carts, like so on. Now you take the take them in the middle grip while on. Do you, uh, pull out the middle two cards as one? How do you do that? You hold it in the bill grip and you basically just pull with the left hand, left hand just contacts the bottom card and the top card and just pulls them away. Okay. Like so. Andi, The less thes cards separate in the process, the better. So this is really good. This not so much, Okay? Because you want to give the illusion that he are three cars, and if they separate like so it's rather obvious that you only have to, but don't worry about this too much. Um, once again, don't worry too much. One doing card tricks. Really? Okay, So you pull these two out, you flip them over. Like so Okay? You simply turn your hand and you kind of it's kind of weird, weird town position like so No, but it's rather obvious if you help them like this, you want to turn them so they are peril to the ground. There's actually only one way to do this on the index finger will support the back. Okay, Now you flip. Flip it, you say OK, but but here's a king. You flip it, flip, pose both cards on top, like so the index finger can help with that. You thumb off the first, put it here. And so now here is the second king. Now, this time you only you do the same thing as before, But you only thumb off the top card, you leave the bottom card alone. Okay, so that's this. Once again, not to flip them over. There's a second king. Put it on top, come off the first card, put it on the table, and this obviously leaves me with the third and fourth King, and I think it's important that you reveal the bottom king first and then the other one, because the the second King you show is actually the blacking, okay, and you don't want to show that that's the same king in the road twice. I think so. That's why I always take the bottom one first and a split second later to any other over on there. That's Oh, and we're left with two last things like so okay. And that's actually all there is to it. In this face, there's only one thing that's on important, I guess. And that's not to show the Kings for too long, right? One to 34 like so, Because if you show them for for a minute each, people will notice that there are only two different kings, only the king of diamonds and the king of spades. Right? So don't stay in this position for for for a few seconds, but instead show them really quickly. Like here's a kid. Here's a king, the second King, and that leaves us with two more kings. Like something like that. All right, so I hope you enjoy this class on Bond. Please make sure to check out the Ansley count. It's really it only is a small part of this trick, but it's still important, and I have four other effects already that, um, also used the elderly concerts really worth learning on. Also check out the other classes as well 6. Closing Thoughts: So this was my class on jumping Germany. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, police leave a positive review. Eso other students. I have Ah, haven't easier time finding this class. Andi. I also suggest that you follow me because I will do many more contracts in the future. Andi, if you follow me, you won't miss out on those. Obviously, um, if there are any questions left, please don't hesitate to ask them in the community community panel in this class. Andi, I will try to answer all questions that may arise. Um, yeah. And please, please, please post the performance are off jumping Germany in the projects panel off this class so I could give you maybe some pointers to what? Improve on what's already working. Really good. Really Well, sorry, Andi. Um, yeah, I think that's about it. I hope to see him next class. Until then, have a nice day on bond. Goodbye.