"Amazake": How to make the classic Japanese health drink | Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan | Skillshare

"Amazake": How to make the classic Japanese health drink

Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan, Simple Japanese Home Cooking

"Amazake": How to make the classic Japanese health drink

Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan, Simple Japanese Home Cooking

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Amazake?

    • 3. How to make Amazake using yogurt maker

    • 4. How to make Amazake using thermos

    • 5. How to enjoy Amazake

    • 6. Thank you

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About This Class


Hi I’m Juri Austin. Thanks for stopping by. In this class I will introduce a classic Japanese health drink called Amazake.

Amazake, which means "sweet alcohol" in Japanese, is an all-purpose beverage that has been popular since ancient times.

It has a natural sweetness, which is fermented with the help of an enzyme called "koji". Because of its fermentation, it has a high nutritional value. People drink it or use it for cooking (especially desserts).

In this class you will gain a deep knowledge of amazake, its nutritional benefits and how to make this great drink in your home.

I hope you will enjoy the class. Let`s get started.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan

Simple Japanese Home Cooking


Hi, I'm JURI. I share my simple Japanese home cooking recipes in my food blog. Healthy, tasty and easy family friendly meal include vegetarian and vegan. 

I'm a Japanese living in Kanagawa, Japan. 

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm a jury. Osteen. Thanks for stopping by in this class. Our introduce a classic Japanese health during cold Amazon. Get I must get. Which means sweet alcohol in Japanese is an all purpose beverage that has bean popular since Asian times. It has a nutter sweetness, which is fermented with help hope enzyme called ecology. Because of its fermentation, it has a high nutritional value. People drink it or use it for cooking, especially dessert. In this class, you will gain a deep knowledge of Mama's again, its nutritional benefits and how to make this great drink in your home. I hope you will enjoy the class. Let's get started. 2. What is Amazake?: What does someone like it? Well, there are two types Obama's I get. The one is made from Sacasa. Sacasa is a park there is created during the process of making Japanese suck it. It is easy to make and has a very high nutritional value. So many people are familiar with it. However, Sacasa contents a bit of alcohol, which makes inappropriate for Children or adults who cannot 100 Japanese. Second, the other one is made from rice psychology. This important Japanese ingredient is a type of fungus used in traditional seasoning like miso or soy cells. Also, the enzymes in rice, Koji breakdown sturgeon and proteins to produce glucose and amino acids. I must get made by rice, Koji and water. There's no alcohol. There is a natural, gentle sweetness off the rice, which many people enjoy, including journal in and pregnant women. In this class, I will introduce I must get made with rice. Koji. Many, many years ago, he was come on to drink. I must get during the summer heat and to regain stamina. It is also said that it was utilized for baby food and medicine. I'm a psychic contents fighter in B dietary fiber enzymes and all essential amino acids. These nutritional elements are almost equal to what you receive from Ivy Tree, so I must say it's sometimes referred to as a drinking drink. It is recommended to have this highly nutritional drink every day. However, drinking too much make pose a sharp rise in blood sugar level on a prep rate amount is 100 me later per day. Crispy, careful not to over consume here in Japan, you can easily find Amazon get at local stores. However, store bought Amezaga is often heated and the sterilized in order to prevent changes in taste, which has an effect on the overall nutrition. Since the enzyme stops activity when it exceeds 60 degree super cells, it is best to buy Amazon, get without he treatment in order to maximize the power off the enzyme. In this class, every show you how to make no heated Amazon, where the enzyme is alive and most nutritious, 3. How to make Amazake using yogurt maker: in this lesson, I've assured how to make them as I get using a yogurt maker. Here are the ingredients Rice Koji 200 ground Order 400 moon. Later, you will need a yoga maker, a small both and a thermometer. A yoga maker is a very handy to when it comes to making a mistake it as it allows you to controllable to temperature and time. This particular one allows you to set the temperature from 25 degrees to 65 degrees and time from one number to 48 hours before opening a package. We must first separate the rice Koji into small pieces. Ex clean the in their containers. Totally Atwater until the bottom is covered. A heated in the microwave for about one minute. After removing from the microwave or out the water, place rice Koji into the container in a small pot, boys, some water and a user tom a meter to measure the temperature. Once the water has become 65 degree soldiers pour into the contra owner. Steer very well. Cover with elite and close. Set the temperatures to 60 Gigli's and timer to six hours. Brace that container inside the yogurt maker in Creek Start button. After six hours, check the taste. If it has become sweet and your Amazon get is ready to consume. When you're not enjoying your ticket, please be sure to keep refrigerated in a glass bottle. Contender is best. Also, fermentation is ongoing even why I refer regulated so police consume always in 10 days as the taste may become solver. If you like to say for a longer time, you can freeze it up to one month. 4. How to make Amazake using thermos: in this lesson, I will show you how to make a mustard. Get using a thermos. The process is almost the same as way. Using a yogurt maker. Even if you don't have a yogurt maker, you can still make and enjoy Amazon gay at home. In this lesson, we will use a 400 milliliters size thermos, also 1 50 gram off rice, Koji to 30 ME liter of water and a small pot first without opening package. Separate that rice Koji into small pieces. Next, hit some water in a small pot until it reaches a boil, then pour into the thermos to keep the inside worm. Be sure to fill to the top and close the lead. After one or two minutes, remove the firm with lead and pour out the water at Rice Koji into the thermos. Next, we will add more hot water. Check the temperature to make sure it's are on 65 soldiers or in half the water and stir import in the rest. Do not stare this time and called the lead. Leave someplace worm and wait for six hours to take the paste 5. How to enjoy Amazake: in this lesson, I will show you some drinks and desserts you can make using almost like it. First, we will blend our almost get into a paste. Put all Amazon, get into the container and blend 4 to 5 times until it becomes a creamy paste. I want to get with soy milk. Make sounds like a paste with soy or your favorite meals. A delicious drink which can be enjoyed chilled or heated. I was like a green smoothie. Why not at the Little Amagasaki pace to your greens movie for some added nutrition. Make a story paced by using a blender and spread on top of them as a kid, the sweetness of Amazon and the somberness off strawberry or a perfect much I must get kokonas your seed putting mix coconut milk. I must get based, cheer sees. And let's sit for a while as some banana and strawberry toppings. To make even more tasty donuts instead of sugar, we will use a must get us our sweetener cooking were destroyed. The enzymes, however, so extruding I must get in place of sugar is a much healthier alternative 6. Thank you: Do you like to drink? And was gases or deep refer? It makes with sign milk. How about in a green smoothie? Do you want to use a for cooking? Three share photos O your favorite way to enjoy again. Also, Bruce, let me know what you think about the quest. As always, I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for enrolling my class. Hope to see you again.