"Amazake": How to make the classic Japanese health drink

Chef JA Cooks, Love Cooking, Baking and Eating Healthy

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6 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Amazake?

    • How to make Amazake using yogurt maker

    • How to make Amazake using thermos

    • How to enjoy Amazake

    • Thank you


About This Class


Hi I’m Juri Austin. Thanks for stopping by. In this class I will introduce a classic Japanese health drink called Amazake.

Amazake, which means "sweet alcohol" in Japanese, is an all-purpose beverage that has been popular since ancient times.

It has a natural sweetness, which is fermented with the help of an enzyme called "koji". Because of its fermentation, it has a high nutritional value. People drink it or use it for cooking (especially desserts).

In this class you will gain a deep knowledge of amazake, its nutritional benefits and how to make this great drink in your home.

I hope you will enjoy the class. Let`s get started.

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Very interesting! Especially appropriate for those who have an interest in lacto-fermentation. Opened my eyes up to a new fermented food I may enjoy, while learning a bit more about Japanese food and culture.
thanks. now I only need to find kouji outside of Japan....





Chef JA Cooks

Love Cooking, Baking and Eating Healthy

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