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Alternative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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About This Class

Facebook Ads, Google Ad Words, Bing Ads? No Thanks!

Ever try Facebook Ads, Google Ad Words, or Bing Ads to get traffic to your website or landing page? If you have then you know just how much of a waste that can often be.

If you're anything like me, you like to think outside the box. You don't need to throw your revenue down the drain to get people to visit your website.

This Course will give you a few different innovative strategies to get traffic to your website without ever spending a penny. These are methods I use myself and have seen results with.

Stop wasting money on Ads & enroll today. It's time to start using smart alternative ways to get traffic to your website!


1. 1: What's going on, guys? And welcome to the course. I got a great one for you that I'm really, really excited here to bring you today and today we're gonna be going over how to get alternative traffic to your website. Now, this could go for anybody across the board on and ignore this. You know the way my website looks right here. We're on BG media innovation dot com, and I literally just got a wide screen monitor for my computer, and it looks at least on my screen as I'm recording, it looks relatively wide and a little bit crazy. But, you know, I'm not sure how it will be viewed on yours, depending on whether you're watching on mobile or, you know, if your desktop is a little bit less eaten, it might be a little bit skewed like that. But I just wanted to touch on that really fast. So I think it's funny looking from this widescreen, but in my specific example, you know, obviously I sell all my digital courses and on my products on my website bt meaning innovation. So for me specifically, this could be a great idea for you. Specifically, you might be running a drop shipping store. You know, maybe you want to get traffic to your drop shipping products for your drop shipping store. Maybe you're running, you know, a personal branding website. Maybe you just want to get traffic there to get you know, your brand out. So people understand and recognize who you are. Maybe you're, you know, potentially running in Amazon listing even. And you want to get more traffic to your Amazon listing because Amazon obviously is a website. You don't own the website. But you know, you have a page on the website. If you haven't Amazon privately will product, you know, whatever your reason. And I'm not gonna go ahead and go down on list off the potential reasons for you. But you're gonna want to get traffic to your website now. There are multiple multiple ways to get traffic to your website. You could obviously pay for traffic, and that is specifically what this course is not about. So if you're looking to spend money on you know, facebook ads or you know, Google AdWords or being ads, then this is not the course for you. I haven't course want specifically on all three of those. And you can go to BGE University on my website 80 media innovation dot com And grab those if you're looking for, you know, walk through tutorials of how to essentially get paid traffic to your website and make that profitable. But this specific courses for people that don't want to pay traffic that are looking for an alternative way to get, you know, traffic to the website without having to spend money to figure out their demographics on those paid platforms on gonna give you some really innovative ideas on how you can essentially do that for free. 99.9% of time relatively cheap here and there. I'm gonna suggest you, you know, other examples that are really cheap, that you don't have to pay, you know, an arm and a leg for AdWords or Facebook ads, or so on and so forth. So we're gonna get into that touch on that just kind of wondered briefly, go over the course and you know the reasons for, you know, meet implementing these. Now I get this question a lot. I've created a lot of different courses here on you, to me and I'm gonna keep this as short and sweet as possible for you because I've gotten a lot of feedback from people that say, you know, less fluff and straight to the point. And so I'm gonna try to make that last fluffy and straight to the point here for you in this course. Now we're gonna get into some alternatives. What methods? In a second. But I really just kind of wanted them welcome you to the course, give you the entire overview of it and then obviously will focus on specific methods in the next lectures. And I'll just literally just bang out methods for you now. Like I said, the majority of these are free. But here and there, I'll suggest some cheap alternatives that might help you as well, but I'll give you some free examples to. So with that being said, we're just gonna jump right into it. 2. 2: Okay, So jumping right. And And we're back on my website here. That's live clearly. I'm going to jump into the actual wicks editor in a second to kind of touch on some things here that you might want to understand. Now, first and foremost, this might vary depending on your website, but we're going to go over how to rank your website s CEO wise. Now, I'm gonna give you a complete overview. Have an entire course. I'm not trying to plug all these courses. I swear I have an entire course on ranking, you know, search engine optimization wise, that will literally walk you through the entire process of how you can essentially do that and ensure that for your website. But I'm gonna give you a couple really, really great tips and overview strategies that are gonna make a world of difference if you're not doing these. But first informers, I do want to touch on the fact that, like I said, all these horses and I'm recommending, you know, you don't have to go ahead and get them if you're interested in in them. They're obviously linked on a website. But last time I plug it off course. I promise you they'll be linked at the end in the bonus lectures. So you don't worry about remembering all these things. The literally be linked in that last bonus lecture after the course, you know, wrap up in everything but moving on right here. Now, this is gonna be a little bit different and I'm gonna touch on the whatever here in a second and just editors in general and ranking different parts of your website. SDO eyes in Google search results and you know, yahoo and being and all sorts of search engines. But first and foremost, this is gonna slightly depend on you know what? Your what kind of website you're trying to rank for. So if your own in the Amazon listing really fast just to give you an example obviously that's going to vary. So like, say, you're selling, for example, on this goes across the board, but it's just gonna differ depending on your listing. See, this person right here probably doesn't rank very well, not only in search results on Google or Bing or Yahoo, but also on search results in Amazon because they don't have, you know, they don't really have a description here, and they definitely don't have that much of a description down here. So what I'm trying to say is one of the first things that you can dio for your your website , where your listing on Amazon is to fill it, stuff it full of keywords. Now, this is somewhat of an outdated strategy, but it still has weight still carries weight and something that you can focus on. It's definitely something you're gonna wanna dio, because why would you not do that? To buff your ranking? Slightly if you could. So I'm gonna go through another thing to just really, really briefly. I was gonna touch on this in the what, Senator, but name It's called metadata. So if you don't know anything about metadata, it's what you actually name the things on your site. So when you upload these pictures to your private to your product listing on Amazon, you want that you want to name them, you know, Bohemian leaves, charming necklace, one bohemian neat leaves, charming necklace to But he me and leaves charming necklace three that will help you rank. It will give you three, you know, give it will send information to Amazon. That and Google and and all the search engines that you know, this is what this page is about. It's got a lot of hits for bohemian leaves, charming necklace and someone someone searches something like that or something relevant. This is more likely to pop up. Now let's find an example of one with a good product list thing so I can show you just women example on Amazon. So this one has a little bit more. You see here it's full of disgraceful descriptive words in the in the description on Do you Know? Hopefully they were naming their there pictures as well, but you'll see here high quality stainless steel, sharp blade, professional aid and chef knife. So this is full stacked full of keywords now. They didn't do their description necessarily. But this is still a lot better than than the alternative. So that's just some things to keep in mind. You're doing an Amazon product. Obviously, that matters if you're doing like a Shopify drop shipping store or a job shipping store anywhere, that also matters so you know when you save your pictures on your your shop. If I store save them as what that product actually is what you're trying to sell it for when you you know, when you fill out your descriptions on Chopper Vice where I don't have my Shopify stores up right now. But when you save your when you're feeling out your descriptions on Shopify a lot of people will just put the manufacturers descriptions and to give you an example. If you like Sally Express right here, which is where people 99.9% of people are gonna get there, drop shipping products and you just pull up a product here randomly, it's gonna have a bunch of descriptive stuff in the description of descriptive stuff in the street. The description Some Most people Jesus bear with me. Most people will, you know, just grab this the item specs and then put it in their description because they're too lazy to write a description A that sends bad flags, you know, professionally looking to your customer. But also, it's not gonna help you rank very well in search results on you know, Google or being or any of the search engines like that. So you're gonna want to fill it with descriptive words that basically rank for. You know, if you're trying to rank for this on your shop five store on that specific page, then it would be toddler. You know, toddlers, baby suit shorts or whatever this is, you know, formal wedding party for top or something like that. Just something to keep in mind. Now you'll see here an example of me with this picture specific, specifically getting ahead of myself. And I'm excited about this because I know there's a lot of great methods in this course. This picture from behind is actually named passive income on mine. Now, that's in case someone searches for a passive income or income online or something like that. I'm more likely to toe pop up in search results for that. You also see here I have fridge option. Of course, I have a bunch of stuff. And this is this right? Here's also named Amazon Drop shipping and then the this specific What's it called Form? When you're creating your website is the submit box right here is actually named Shopify drop shipping. So I'm ranking for a bunch of drop shipping terms on here That will help me, you know, if somebody potentially searches fridge option, of course, I'll be more likely to rank for that. You'll also see here specifically on my pages and this goes specific. I'm just touching on the basis here, we're gonna go through SCL in a second. Um, but it's important you have to understand this because these things matter and they can help bring you traffic. And this is 100% free. You don't have to spend money on it. So if this specific page isn't gonna necessarily rank anything because there's so many things on this, you know that are different. But if I want to specifically, you know, my Amazon drop ship mastery course like the one I offer my free on free for people that subscribe to my email list on my home page, you literally just salt right here. Free job from courses Amazon and Shopify both offered here if I somewhere to go toe. If I wanted to rank this page in search results, it's much more likely to rank in search results because look how much you know how much descriptive terms I put in here that all basically let you know. You know what? That is in this course, but really what I'm doing not only describing to the customer what they're actually gonna pay for and get in this course also trying to rank this page in search results. So I get an extra boost. You know, s e o wise. And people are more likely to land on this page when they're searching for you know how to drop ship from Amazon, how to drop ship on Amazon. This will be much more likely to rank in search results than if I didn't have any of these keywords. And these descriptive phrases in there also, picture is named When I when I saved this picture and I opened it up on my website, I named this. Now all that's just a brief overview. Now, what I want to specifically touch on here for a second is site builders. Now, I always recommend Wicks and ignore the 80. I got a bunch of ah, we got a bunch of product orders and stuff. Just ignore that. But specifically here, if you look at the site Boehner on wicks, which is one that I recommend, it's relatively similar to cite voters that you'll see across the board. So if you have a shop of I store, it'll look similar that there should be some kind of s e o plug in on Shopify if you're If you're doing, you know, maybe you're doing a go daddy builder. Or maybe you're doing, you know, wordpress. Maybe you're doing you know, whatever it is, there's a 1,000,000 site voters. They all have an S e o tab. They also have, like, an S e o set up, and it's relatively similar, and they make it really easy on. So what you do is not only do you actually go in the editing your site, which I'll show you here in a second, you're gonna want to go into edit your site first and foremost. Regardless, the word isn't You're gonna want to name these pictures and you're gonna want you're gonna fill your stuff with keywords and stuff like that. You're also gonna specifically like our it to right click on this. You're going to want to, uh, change image You in the settings tab you want potentially name it something different, like Amazon drop shipping or something like that. You're just going to make sure you name all your pictures. Both when you're saving them and uploading them as well. As you know, s e o ranking wise on the websites. Or name it when you uploaded in. Name it in the metadata when you're actually put it on your website just to let caveats. But you don't need to necessarily worry about that too. Too much because what I wanted to talk about is the S e o tab on a lot of the site builders . So what you can do is you go into edit your site. Not like that. What? I just did that. It's overview. Um, s e o out here it is? Yes. Yes. So if we for whatever reason, that look strange, why didn't pop up here? We got this is better of you. So if you go to Wickes, you'll notice that there should be an S e o tabaro real fast. Andi doesn't usually pops up right here. Am I missing it? Well, let's go back together now. I already did that, so that's probably why it's not there. But if you just want to s CEO and usually just pops up here on Wicks, if it's on you know, Go, Daddy, If you're on WordPress, that's gonna be the same thing. Basically, what it's gonna do is going to say there's gonna be section that says, SDO that says get found on Google But boost your sites you know, s e o with whatever and they're going to suggest different things that you can dio and literally. All you have to do is literally hit. Let's go or jump in or I believe on WordPress It's It's get started or something like that . I forget the exact term, but literally just hit that button. And when it's gonna do is it's gonna run through you a bunch of run through with you a bunch of suggestions that you should dio that's gonna help your site rank better in SCL naming your the tags on on your on your certain pictures, naming your your site in its overview ranking the first potential words on Google so that people when they hover over your your tab or your website on Google, know what it's about, stuff like that that's gonna help you, and they literally walk you through the entire process. Now this is gonna be 90% your battle. Honestly, you know, just just filling out your metadata and making sure that your sights optimized for search engine. But that's literally simplistic, cause every site voter walks you through us. You don't have to worry about really knowing to too much about it literally. Just follow the prompts and make sure that you have it done. Now, the very next thing you're gonna dio is you know, if you want to go ahead and order back links, not you don't have to order back likes. But they definitely definitely help, not water back likes first and foremost. Ah, back link is something where website links to another website. So any let any potential website that links to your website is a back like and vice first, So fueling to a website that's one back like a website links to your website That's a back like that More back links typically also just full disclosure, slightly an outdated method. But trust me, it's still definitely gives you a boost, so you're gonna every potential boost that you can get. Like I said, a lot of these strategies will help you and they definitely definitely won't hurt you. So you can order back links on a site like fiber for really, really cheap. You could also ordered some, you know, back links on on you know, what's the other one? ASIO Clark's or whatever it is? There's a bunch of sites where you can order back links for for a relatively cheap. If I was probably one of my best, you know, just in general. So if you wanted to come to 500 typing back links, you could potentially order a bunch of back links for your website. And what that would do is that would send signals to Google would send signals to Yahoo. It sends signals to being that this site is relevant to, you know, ex term. That's all that has sites back link to it because it's got a bunch of sites that are linking to it. So it must be important just to kind of give you an overview of that. But you can come here to, you know, fiver or any of the sites and just typing back links and then, literally, these air expensive. I don't suggest them, but there's a bunch of cheap ones here. If you just kind of search so see, I will do 5550 or 5500 contractual tiered back links for Seo ranking for $10. So there's some great deals here. You're not spending to too much. Like I said, you don't need to do this, especially if you go through and rank your site sdo wise and follow all the prompts on the editor like I just talked about. But this condemn finitely, help you and for relatively cheap. It's not like you're gonna continually be paying out 10 to 15 to $20 a day on ads like you know, on Google, AdWords or Facebook ads or being hats. This is a one time payment. It's gonna pay genuine, genuine dividends for you all throughout your future of your of your website. So I wanted to touch on that today. You know, S E O ranking and search engines are it's crucial here now. It's definitely an outdated method, specifically because a lot of people are paying for ads. But it's definitely something that a lot of people are overlooking here in 2018 and you don't have to be one of them, and we'll definitely, definitely, definitely pay you dividends going forward 3. 3: Okay, So the first alternative method was essentially 100 set free, minus the back legs, and that was ranking your site and search engine. I give you a quick overview of how to do that. The next is gonna be 100% free on your All you're gonna need is a Facebook profile, which I'm sure the majority of us have. Now, how do you get traffic to your website using Facebook? Well, utilised Facebook groups and the way that you could do that is by literally searching for any group in any niche whatsoever. So I'm going through a couple examples with you, but I'll show you just how many groups I'm apart off on and they keep going. But literally, when I used to dio you know you to be courses and I wanted to get feedback on a mike, drop him in. You know, fitness groups and stuff like that. You'll see here it's this specific fitness group has 23,000 people, 23,400. Some people now, when I want it. When I used to do Amazon private labeling for specific products and I still do that, but I haven't used these groups. And while I would essentially drop, you know, my product in these groups and then, you know, see if people will review it Now some of these groups have a lot of memories. We'll see here 17,800 people. This group has 40,000 people. So you get the picture. There's a group and a niche for everything. You know, YouTube subscribers. When I first started YouTube, probably get rid a bunch of these. You know, everybody does subscribe, you know, sub for sub. And that's up that some for subculture until you realize that it actually doesn't really work. And then, you know, you stop doing. But I used to drop by my videos in here and potentially have some for some. I literally first started. We're talking under 100 subscribers on DSO. I don't do that anymore, but there's literally group for everything. So if you had a drop shipping sore first, potentially. I like to go back to that example cause it's easy and a lot of people drop ship these days . You know, you could pretend, let's say you do base you settle baseball equipment or baseball T shirts or something like that, or you have a T spring store that sold baseball ST T shirts. What you could do is you go to groups and you could type in baseball and see what pops up and its pages. Where are groups public posts? There were no groups. That's why so paste, you send a letter, literally type in baseball in the group tab on Facebook and see all these groups that pop up for baseball. So classic baseball has 1/7 team, or 7.9003 point 93.83 point, and this is probably a really low example. Baseball Cards for sale 12 All these people that are in these groups, obviously our target around baseball, baseball tribute statistics. These people all love baseball, and you could drop your links in all these groups you know, literally periodically throughout the days and the weeks and get traffic to your website because people are already targeted, an army inclined to like baseball and therefore, like meat, be more inclined to like your products and be more inclined to purchase something off your website. Let's go to another example. Let's say you were you know, I don't know you were selling A, uh, I'm some kind of of wine glass on Amazon. What you do see letters happen? Wine? Why not? We're wine glass, and you could literally go down the group's homemade wine making wine and mead making enthusiasts. Moms who wine, wine and crime, happy hour beer, liquor and wine memorabilia for selling wine and beer making homebrew. Now, literally. All these people in these groups are targeted around wine. So what I'm trying to say is that there is literally a niche for everything, regardless of what your website is around. There's a Facebook group for and in fact there's probably a couple 100 Facebook groups for it. Join them all, utilize them all to your advantage, and what you can do is you can essentially open, you know, obviously, let's just pretend the night I joined these. I actually probably can't this probably bad examples. I haven't joined them, but let's go back to my groups for a second. And so let's let's open a couple of the YouTube groups and just pretend that these were the warring groups because obviously I'm chewing these groups, and with the other ones I haven't joined yet. so it would, uh you know, clearly I wouldn't be able to actually post anything now. I'm not actually post anything, but I'm gonna show you exactly what I would do. So another little caveat to is you don't want to drop too many links into many groups too fast. So what I suggest that you do is roughly 10 links, maybe 15 minutes, Max. Max, I would even stay close with a 10 an hour on Facebook. But if you drop, you know, let's say you take 10 hours out of your day and it might take you five minutes to actually do this. So five minutes every hour for 10 hours, that's 100 links that you get the drop in groups now if you if you dropped it, you know, 100 links in groups on Facebook, a day, a day. And let's pretend that all these groups, on average, have 5000 to 10,000 people. That's you know how x amount of people that that's exponentially increased that are gonna potentially see your links. Click on it, go to your website. That's alternative traffic for free for free. So what you do is, let's say, I had a specific example. I'm just gonna put my website to be example, because I'm not actually gonna do this. Let's pretend that all these were actually targeted arounds. You know, Let's go back to the baseball example. Let's pretend my website was a baseball website and I was drop shipping a baseball club. Potentially. What I'd do is I'd paste the link in here. Clearly it would fetch the preview of my website with people would see like that. And then potentially would be I would write something enticing for them to click and be, like, you know, for a limited time and granted, this isn't gonna be best cause I'm just literally coming up with it all on the fly, like, right now. But I basically say something like who were limited time, Uh, all our gloves fire 60% off, sent off, or, like, you know, free shipping. Um, all for a limited time. And I literally just post that in the group. It's literally that simple Now, Another little caveat. If you do do a bunch of different groups that wants, like I said, I suggest 10 don't always post the same exact thing where that just go. Strange otherness don't post the same exact thing with the same exact Like, Facebook is smart. And if it sees that you're gonna start posting the same exact link with the same exact text , you know, x amount of times an hour, it's gonna start noticing that spam it's not going to deliver your your actual post. So what I suggest that you dio is I is something that I dio and this is just to give you an example one from troops. I think this is exactly, really, really valuable. Let's pretend my wet day. You know what back. Sorry. Oh, boy, Let's get my link and what I'm gonna do, we're gonna pretend that my website is, you know, a Like I said, the baseball drop shipping store. Regardless of what your website is, this is gonna be relevant. So I posted on Lincoln Everything right? Every you've done one drop images in, and if I did this fast and I wasn't explaining it, this might take me 5 to 10 minutes, Max. It's not long. It doesn't take any effort at all. Then obviously, you're gonna want to get that, um, the link out you could only thought Is he do that wants I'm just kind of going through to show you. And once it got this on, once you're done, you're gonna wanna, you know, potentially do like every other or even every three. So even every other example I'd be like before for free shipping on all those for a limited time, every other. So the next one, the 3rd 1 free shipping for the 5th 1 Free shipping on this one, free shipping. But since I obviously have it, this one will go. That and then for this when you're gonna want to come up with something completely different, you don't want the same that text like this, cause then Facebook's gonna notice that. So what you're gonna say is for a limited time free shipping for all of baseball. Hey, baseball enthusiast, whatever it is, and then you're literally gonna copy that same thing, you know, go boom. And in this one, click this woman if you could click boom, and then you're gonna go through back to the 1st 1 Now you're all literally all done in, prepared in a post. Wait, like five seconds posting. That's one that's out. Obviously, it's gonna It's gonna say these things. I'm gonna leave. But then you're in a post. Wait five seconds post. 25 seconds. Post, wait five seconds Post. Wait 10 seconds, Pope. And it's literally that simple. Might have taken. You have maybe 55 to 10 minutes max, depending on how many links you're dropping and how many groups. But that's a great alternative method to get traffic to your website for free. And there's so much potential there. Like I said, there's literally a group and there's multiple groups and probably hundreds of groups targeted around any niche whatsoever. So make sure that your utilising Facebook groups I literally I'm not just saying this. I literally use them still to this day, regardless of my what I'm trying to use them for so specifically. If I wanted to get traffic to, you know, a potential you know, listing on my own Amazon, I might go drop that in targeted groups. I use that, For example, I had a whisky glass and I'll show you here just to kind of run through one more war with you. We go to groups right here. That's not what I wanted to dio groups find some of my whiskey groups that might have X that. Okay, so here, bourbon lovers. I used to have a bunch of whisky groups that it literally common and drop my whiskey glass in and offer free, you know, free discount the people and great and get the best return all the time. But it brought me sales, and it was sort of set free and didn't have to spend anything on it because, um, specifically, this group right here has almost 5000 members, 5000 people that are targeted around liking whiskey When I'm trying to sell a whiskey glass that's extremely valuable to find all these people in the same group that I can interact with. So that's just something to keep in mind. Make sure you're utilizing Facebook groups and make sure you're like dropping and targeted niche groups around. Whatever you know, your website is about 4. 4: Alright, guys. So now I'm gonna go over instagram and how you can essentially generate traffic to your store with Instagram. Now, we just went over Facebook and you know how you can essentially link drop from Facebook and utilize Facebook groups to get traffic to your store or your page or, you know, your website in general. Same thing goes with Instagram with slightly different methods. So this specific method right here it's called target following target. Following is something I teach across the board and depending on your goals in 2018 on forward, you might want to use it or you might not have an entire course on the new Instagram algorithm update here in 2018 and utilizing it to your advantage. I won't blowing it because like we talked about for all these air linked on my website and they're also lengthen the bonus lectures. Now, all these course I'm talking about are so don't worry about them, but specifically here with target following, you're gonna want to pay attention to what your goals are on. It's so if your goal is to grow your page, you grow your brand and basically gain more followers than potentially here in 2018 and going forward. Target following might not be for you, but if your main goal your main goal is to generate traffic to your your a, your store or your website, whatever it is, then this is for you and granted. If you do you want to grow your brand. You could always just create another so specifically to give you an example. Let's go to Eugene Media. No vision. There we go. So this is specific example of my, uh, my company's website for my company's website. My company's Instagram and I generate traffic to my drop, my obviously my free drop shipping course. And you know, clearly I sent traffic there from my instrument. Now I don't target follow necessarily on this instagram anymore, but what I do is I use other instagrams that literally just like this. Now look at how this page looks. It's set up in looks. If we get a passive income online, it's literally another instagram. It's the same exact instagram with the same exact links in the same exact posts, but I target fall on this one, so that's something that you could do. If you're not trying to ruin your brand on your instagrams brand, just create another instrument that has the same exact stuff that you post the same exact stuff to that target files in that same exact niche, it's gonna generate traffic to your story. You're just interested in the method on the strategy behind this. You know, it doesn't necessarily matter if you do it on your instagram or a bunch of different instagrams that are all different. So that's something to keep in mind. Ah, little caveat. They're very important. But me specifically not you'll see here that I don't really use this instagram anymore. I just teach with it now. This was an incident I used for my drop shipping store way back in the day when they used drop ship, you know, police pride and back the blue, you know, merchandise from, you know, shop five. Now, I since shut that store down because the entire process of me teaching Shopify drop shipping and you know, Amazon drop shipping was done through this store so that people could see how I did it. Perform that stuff and someone and so forth. And so I don't actually use this store anymore. I shut it down and I don't even use my bio for this Instagram. I just kind of beach with that, like I said. But when I used to target file for this method, what I would do is I would post and then I would potentially target file people. So I would go to a obviously set up my link in my bio to the drop shipping store or for you specifically, it might be, you know, whatever your website is, and then I would find pages in my niche and target follow them so I would potentially coach go to you know what's just type in police and see what pops off so police posts and see if that's a good one and it is 183,000 followers. So what I would do is I wouldn't follow their followers. I would follow the people that liked it, engaged with their latest posts because clearly those people are targeted around this niche . They like police and they're still active because they like, you know, something felt fairly recently. So I would go through and I follow all the people that like this or follow all the people that commented on this post. And what that would do is, you know, periodically, of course you're gonna follow about. You know, no more than I say. Ninth at 900. Sorry, I must sit down 9900 people a day and roughly 100 people on our to the Mex. That's that's my suggestions. Now that changes. Obviously every single you know, every so often on Instagram. But that's that typically will keep you relatively safe. You never want to go over 900 follows a day. But then potentially. What that would do is after I started following people around this niche on different pages like this that had engaged with the latest posts. What they would do is they see, oh, fish. Everybody gets that notification and they would see oh, official back the blue just follow me. So what they would do is nine times out of 10 they would come over to official back to blue , see what you're all about and be like, Oh, you know, this is a similar pages just followed me. Clearly, I like police stuff. I'm gonna follow them as well and that's what the majority of people do now your numbers might be might be a little bit different, depending on your niche, depending on what your drop shipping. Depending on you know, the quality of the pictures and stuff and the engagement on your page. You might see roughly 20 to 50% of people of follow backs. Potentially, when you follow that, those numbers could be skewed. They can change depending on a lot of things. But the point is went for if you let's say you found 900 people a day and you're getting back about 200 to 300 followers that's gonna bring traffic to your store because of those 200 or 300 potential followers a day. You know, let's hope that maybe 50 to 100 them click your bio link and see what that's all about. Us well, and so that's the key with Target following your basically following people that engage with similar posts on similar pages and hoping that that brings your your bio traffic because it basically does just to keep it simple and not get too specific of it. But it really, really works well, and the great thing about this is you could do it manually. Um, where you can do it, you know, automate. Automate it. So you have to worry about, like, you know, actually, physically getting on it, following ah 100 people an hour or something like that, or 50 people an hour. You can literally just go through and, you know, set up automation. Now there's a bunch of different absent. I suggest you and I'll just go to Google, type them in the past to show you the 1st 1 that you're gonna want to get is cleaner. If you're gonna want to do this manually, you're gonna need cleaner. And that's obviously not, um, you know, it's not gonna pop up here, but on the instagram or on the iPhone app store cleaner is an app that will basically get rid of the people that you follow on. And that's relevant because if you're manually following you know, 900 people a day, you're not going to jump to 900 a day right away. By the way, if you if you you don't normally follow people maybe start with like, 100 today and do that for a couple days and then you don't move that up to 200 day and then do that for a couple more days and someone and so forth Build up to that number Slowly, slowly, slowly. Don't just dump to 900 but you're gonna want cleaner because you're obviously going to finding a lot more people than follow you back. And you're gonna want to keep your numbers in check so it doesn't look ridiculous. Now another one is, um another great have to follow with and not necessarily delete your followers is captivated. So captivate is also on the app store. It's a great one and it will basically put that that following on automation believe it's only five or six bucks in the APP store. Now that only limits you to one potential, you know, instagram account. If you're interested in scaling up and really getting all this on automation and you know not just liking and following also commenting and engaging and literally everything across the board, I suggest follow like now follow like her is a great great Instagram automation fool. I still use it myself and I have entire an entire course on Instagram automation as well, clearly nowhere. There's arm a plug it and I also have a bunch of instagram follow like your videos on my YouTube channel. BG Meeting innovation, youtube dot com slash b j media innovation and you can go through and look through the incident automation playlist that were literally run you through the entire process there as well. So whether you want a course, we're just kind of pieced together the Instagram Automation playlist. They can both really, really help us well, but that's basically target following in a nutshell. I won't like, insult your intelligence and really kind of go over to too much, because I believe that you understand it clearly on. And it's something that you should be utilizing for your store, whether that's on your actual brand page, like I said, or a dummy page like the one that I showed you, you know, make a couple of them. You don't need one, you know, maybe make like three or four. And then that's not you're not just following potentially 900 people. They but you're following your 900 a day times four times five. And that's how you can really scale up and really, really, really use Instagram to increase the traffic to your store. 5. 5: Okay, So the next method of generating traffic to your potential website that's alternative is on Instagram as well, and we all know it. This is famous in the drop shipping niche. You know, it's basically paying for shadows Now you don't just have to pay for shout outs with job shipping, you can pay for shoutouts on Instagram, for influencers, for any website whatsoever and that literally is going to, you know, depend on what you're niches. And you know what potential influences air out there. So me specifically will use the police, you know, post specifically the police page specifically, and pretend that I have a drop shipping store here. So what I would do is go back into police and I want to find a page that doesn't necessarily have that many followers, but enough and high engagement per follower, because they're gonna be a little bit cheaper. And that's what we're going for. So this one obviously is paid. You know, if you're not interested in paying for anything that obviously you don't, you could just skip this lecture, but this could bring you a lot of great value if you do it right. So this specifically, I probably wouldn't go after page like this because it has 183,000 followers. And then charging me for a shot up probably is gonna be a little bit steeper than what I'm looking for and relative to how many followers they have and they're gonna be charging. They don't get that much engagement on their posts specifically. Now they do get engagement, but just not ridiculous amounts. So I wouldn't over with that. I'm gonna look for one that basically has less followers, but more engagement per follower. Let's see, this one has 14,000 and not that great of engagement for 14,000 police network. Lets go. Police fax Police United Police, Police Professional Check all these. 20,000. 24,014. Checked already. Police is private. That's strange on then. Police profession. So this one I'm not that great of engagement, and I'm looking at the the engagement they that they get relative to how many followers they have. So this one probably has decent engagement. It gets your average to a couple of 1000 here roughly and has about 20,000 followers that this was probably a good way to go after Now if I were paying for a shot at pretend that I didn't have that many followers on my page potentially and like, you know that my engagement on my page either I would potentially pay, you know, influence or in my niche to shout out my website or shout out a product that I have or and then potentially link it. Now they could offer also do that with instagram stories. Or you can make a post where you think you could rent their Bio Inc. There's a bunch of different ways to do it. Like I said specifically, you could pay them to do all three. You could, you know, pay them to do on instagram story and then, like a swipe up if their business and to your website, you can also rent their Bio Inc. And they're you know, they're text. You can also get them to make a post about it. That's something that you need to essentially negotiate with the page on and typically speaking, I know this specifically because I'm on the other end of it. I don't necessarily pay people to do it, but people paying me to do it I roughly charge anywhere, depending on the post and how long it is, I'll charge anywhere from 15 to 30 bucks. Now. That's specifically a little bit higher on my end, because I get decent engagement on the niches and I have a couple of repeat customers that just like to do that. But you could probably get away with charging or paying 10 bucks to a page like this to make a post and then just having them keep it up there for a day. I mean, that's literally 10 bucks for them. You know that They're getting for free. And remember that, you know, while they might disregard that, another one might be might want it because it's literally free. 10 bucks just post something that they it doesn't cost them anything. So make sure you're negotiating with these people. Don't just, you know, throw money at them. They say that it costs 50 bucks where they say it cost 20 bucks. I don't necessarily just, you know, go right along with it. Why don't you suggest something like Why don't I give you $10 in the first time, see how it goes and then if it brings me the traffic I'm looking for. And obviously you engage that and see, you know, if your sales increase or your traffic increases, then you can potentially scale it up and say, I'll give you 15 the next time or 20 next time if it works. And clearly most of them were going to say, OK, that works. That's fine, because they're gonna want to build a long term relationship for you or with you. We're gonna continually pay them and not just do it once. Eso That's another thing to keep in mind. You can pay for instagram shots from instant instagram influencers on your niche, but you don't have to. It's just another suggestion to get alternative traffic to your website that is still relatively cheaper and more highly targeted. If you use it right, then you know potentially Google AdWords or or any of the paid ad platforms, so that's something to keep in mind. 6. 6: Alright guys. So just wrapped up Instagram And how you can basically get traffic to your your store or your website with Instagram. Now we're gonna go over some other only dropping methods like the Facebook won that I initially talked you. Now this is gonna be take place on Reddit red. It's another great place where you can link drop like Facebook. That's gonna bring you some great traffic. Now you can obviously, you know, search. Read it for any potential subreddit just like facebooker. So if you had a baseball somewhere you had a baseball niche or potentially you had a whisky nature. I'm just giving specific examples of things that pop into my mind. But you can literally this works across the board. There's practically a subreddit for everything. You know specifically, if I was like whiskey, Onda had a whisky glass. I could potentially search reddit for whiskey some red. It's like this one potentially because you're drunk. So my almost 209,000 subscribers to this Berman America's Spirits 55,000 didn't do that. 55,000 people in this subreddit when I go to next scotch with CPP 64 that almost 65,000 people are people's. Well, people are fans of Scotch whisky. Um uh, this one might hear Scotch. I don't know about that one. Let's skip that one. Cocktails and Libertarian, a Fire Warner fire order yet firewater. Or how I learned to stop worrying at home. So this one would be good to 17,000 followers. And that's basically how you congenital a traffic with SUBREDDIT. You're going to do the same exact thing as you would with a facebooker, except we're just gonna do it with sub red. It's just like I just showed you, and then you're simply gonna get them all. And with red, it's a little bit more annoying cause you have to wait like 78 minutes in between posts. But just keep tomorrow open tabs and then slowly posted throughout the day. It will bring your website traffic as more more people see that the reddit, they're gonna click on it and potentially do that in the, you know, potentially come to your website when they notice it, so you can submit a link often. Sometimes you can't submit a link. You can only submit text post, but either way it's gonna submit a lot of them. You can submit links, but either way, it's literally the same thing you're just gonna go through now. I'm not logged in it, obviously, but you can submit a link with the title just like some of these people have done. And that's pretty much how you can use Reddit to generate traffic with some bread. It's around any targeted niche. It's literally just like Facebook, you know. Like I said, the only difference is you have to wait about 78 minutes in between posts. So I hope you like this strategy. And I hope he used as well. Because not only is this a great one, and it brings you a lot of traffic because these people are targeted and they care about the things that they follow on Reddit. But it's also free, just like the Facebook method. And just like the target falling on the inside 7. 7: Alright, guys. So now I want to go over the last method that you can use to get traffic to your site. And this is alternative, and it's also free. Now that's gonna be to reach out to bloggers in your niche and give them content ideas because, believe it or not, Ah, lot of bloggers and not just bloggers, but you know, YouTubers, you know, um, literally anybody across the board that's creating content is looking for content ideas constantly. Trust me, I create courses. I create YouTube videos, and I have a long list of stuff that I that I want to create so I don't run out of ideas. But I'm also always looking for great content ideas to be brought to me and so you can reach out the bloggers. You can also reach out to YouTubers and go over that second and utilize that to your advantage, depending on your niche. And, you know, give them a content idea and ask them essentially to do a blood post were view on whatever it is that you're you know, you're offering so specifically here. We're gonna go over a whisky. The whiskey niche will use the whiskey glass. Example. It's that manufacturing whiskey glass for a private label product like I used before, Or, you know, potentially. I sell whiskey merchandise on my job shipping store, and I want to drink generate traffic to my site. Well, what I can do is one of the ways that I can use Twitter to, you know, basically search for Hashtags and then find people that are gonna potentially, you know, in that niche that can post content for me. So the first thing like I did is I search whiskey review. You'll notice that that popped up to this page right here, and you'll notice that there's a bunch of people that do whisky reviews. So Martin and Mike has, you know, roughly 3300 followers. I could potentially ask him Teoh bourbon and bruising, potentially asking them to, you know, this is an easy way to get that done. Now this one looks like it has whiskey reviews is well, craft, drink fest UK. And depending on whether or not you can sell in the UK, it might be something that you want to look into or not, so I could reach out to all of these people and potentially ask them if they're interested in and, you know, potentially reviewing my whiskey glass. We're my whiskey products, and what I could do that is I could send them some for free and be like you could do a give way to your followers. And that means that they're basically getting something out of it, too. Not just me. On. That's one way that you can reach out by using Twitter and literally searching Hashtags. Very, very simple. Another way that you can search out eyes by using a block directory. One of the best that I know of on the Web, and there are a bunch of his eat on web dot com, and I'll actually instead of linking that you can literally just go to Google and type in. You literally search. Eat on web dot com, It's the literal it's It's one of the best block directories out there. But like I said, there are a bunch. You could search any potential, you know, search term in that and see if there's an actual blogged pertaining to that war blocks pertaining to that and then reach out to those blocks potentially so specifically here is the baseball example. And, you know, I typed in baseball. There weren't any whiskey Boggs on this actual search engine. But if I lived in baseball, it would pop me up here. And you could see that could potentially reach out to this block, this block this, block this block and see if they're interested in, you know, potentially reviewing my baseball. You know, one of my baseball mitts that I drop ship on my drop shipping source. Whatever it is, you can search the block and see if there's, you know, potential block for you, and you don't just have to use eat on eat on Web. There's literally a bunch of different blocks across the board. You can simply just Google, you know, blogged block directory. And there's probably I think there's good for five that I know of, but he on what is my favorite, and then finally, you can simply go to Google. Now I say, finally, because we're gonna jump it over to YouTube in a second. But search engines across the board are literally going to be your best friends. A twitter. Believe it or not, it's a search engine that with that blogged directory was actually a search engine. Google is definitely one of your best search engines and something you should, you know. So you're using baseball. You might want to type in something baseball term related. I typed in whiskey review to use the whiskey example, and I found this blood right here. I also found this block right here. Whiskey and advocate dot com slash news. The whiskey wet wash dot com The Whiskey jug. There's literally a bunch of them across the border here. Law got feet spot. And that's just an example of five potential bloggers I could reach out to to see if they want to. You know, basically run a story or a post on, you know, my my whiskey glass. Potentially. This doesn't cost me anything, you know, except a little bit of time reaching out and maybe an email or two. And I could see if they're looking for content ideas and would be interested in doing a review or, you know, post about my store or my website. Because trust me, you're never gonna get You're never gonna get it. Know where have the opportunity to get a Yes, if you don't even ask. And a lot of people you would be surprised. Don't even go through the process of asking. So reach out to these people. Ask them if they're looking for content ideas. If you want to inspire them to do it, you could obviously don't necessarily suggest paying them or anything like that. But you can offer them some free products, like I'll send you a product and I'll send you an extra one for, you know, a follower of your choice or an extra two or three for two of followers. Followers of your choice to do a giveaway If you review this and then you can benefit off their already established traffic and resource is that they have now. Finally, we're gonna go to YouTube because that is also a, you know, a search engine. And right here specifically, if I wanted to type in like whiskey review, I'm sure it would pop up with a bunch of channels that go over whiskey reviews right here. Randi dot rafi dot com Looks like he does whiskey reduce. Um, liquor ham Looks like they do rescue reviews for some reason. Peut pie zone here with whiskey reviews whiskey vaunt so I could reach out to all these people and see if they're interested in, you know, potentially reviewing, You know, my whiskey glass and be like, I'll send you three or four with glasses. You could you review on one and give the rest of the of your off them away to your followers. They're going to love that. So Okay, guys like this example, you know, reach out. The bloggers reach out to YouTube, channels, reach out to anybody with an audience, and, you know, utilize that to your example on offer them some free potential products. 8. Course Project: All right, guys. Now that basically wraps up the alternative ways to get traffic to your website. I hope you really, really enjoyed the course. And, you know, I hope it actually made an impact. I don't want you to go out, you know, and spend an arm and a leg on on Google AdWords of YouTube ads or being ads or whatever. Facebook ads another one. You know, I've been in your shoes. If you have a website, if you're trying to generate traffic, I get it. Nobody likes to go out and waste their ad spend. So if you implement tactics in this course, I guarantee you now it's not gonna bring, you know, thousands and thousands of visitors overnight, depending on what your site is and where you actually market it. But it will bring consistent traffic if you do this, and it's the majority of its actually free. And if you're you're buying quality back wings or something along those lines, it's relatively cheap. Rather than wasting 20 to 50 bucks on AdWords a day. So I hope you like this video. Make sure to give a little bit of feedback of you. Do give it a good thumbs up. I genuinely appreciate it. On top of that, I want to, you know, if for your course project there's a number of ways that you could run with this. But regardless of where you're actually you know, you plan on dropping links, if that's your thing, I want you to either pick forums like this or, you know, pick a subreddit that subreddit that's based on your niche or pick a Google. You know, Google, pick a Facebook group. Ah, and you know, just simply come up with an intrusive are an unintrusive post that you would basically put in that that that group to attract people to your website. Now keep in mind fully, keep in mind that you're not doing this right off the bat. You're not just going in spamming links, and you know this is very, very important. So you want to pick a group you want to, whether that's a subreddit, whether that's and you're picking multiple ones, obviously. But for this example, you want to pick a group specifically that's that's tailored to your niche, and you want to kind of ingratiate yourself into that group for a week or two answer posts respond to comments be of service, give value first, and then you're gonna go in and you're gonna drop this non intrusive link. And people are going to be much more receptive to your link dropping than if you just go spam your links. You can still go in spaniel links if you want to, but you'll have a lot more, you know, a lot more traffic generation and a lot more of a positive response. If you go join a group, for example, and, you know, ingratiate yourself into the community there, give value answer questions so that you have an expertise in that knee. Sure that field and then, you know unobtrusively drop the link to your website were unobtrusively dropped, willing to whatever you are. L you're trying to generate traffic, Teoh. That will come off so much better. And people will will be so much more inclined to click that link because they trust you. People buy or they, you know, they were going to go toe to a link in this specific example based on who they know like and trust. And if you go there and spam a linking, they don't know you. They certainly don't trust you. And they probably won't like you. So if you go and you ingratiate yourself into the community and you take a little bit of time and you give some value answer questions that you demonstrate that you have an expertise in that skill set for that niche, well, then they're gonna know you. They're gonna trust you because you obviously demonstrate that you, you know, for a week or two that you have an expertise in that and they're going to, you know, potentially like and trust you. Therefore, you know, trust that the link that you give is valid and police that they want to go. The whole thing idea here is to get the link click and then once you know, then then it's on to conversions from the landing page and your Web site. That's a little bit beyond the scope of this, you know, traffic generation course. But that's the best way to do it, in my opinion. So you know, whether you're going in, you're saying something subtly like, Hey, guys, you know, I just let me use an example. So, the whiskey example, right. Let's say I had a private label product for, you know, I've selling on Amazon. That was a whiskey glass. Okay, on. And I jumped into one of these whiskey forums, and I started responding to comments and answering questions on certain whiskeys. And you know what? My favorite malt malt liquor, not malt liquor. That's not even whiskey. You tell. I know a lot about whiskey. Um, my what? My favorite whiskey is and the aromas. And you know what? I recommend stuff like that. I'm answering questions. I'm ingratiating myself and giving a little bit of ah, you know, expertise demonstrating that. Right? So then I would might come in subtly and say something like, Hey, guys, I just found this great. This awesome whiskey glass or or maybe like, Hey, guys, my girlfriend has brought me this off some whiskey glass. Check it out. If you, You know, let me know what you think about it. Let me know if you think it's cool to you, can you can check it out here. Boom. After I've built, built the trust in the relationship for two weeks and answered questions. Nobody's gonna think that that that link drop is my product that I'm trying to generate traffic to make sense. So it's subtle. It's not obtrusive. And, you know, it's it's really kind of throwing the Lincoln the back door. And people already trust you at that point. So you're gonna get a lot more traffic there than if you would just go to random uniforms, random subreddit and random Facebook groups and spam that still works. But you're you want to build the know like and trust factor. So your project is to pick a forum, pick a subreddit, pick a Facebook group or pick any of these channels, obviously or any of these methods. And, you know, just give me an example of a non intrusive post that you might, you know, use to generate traffic after you've built the know like and trust factor. My example was, you know, Hey, guys, my girlfriend just bought me this this awesome, you know, whiskey, glass. What are your thoughts on this? You know, would you ever get Would you ever get one of these yourself? Boom Done. Not obtrusive. They're not gonna be skeptical. And I've already built the trust. So that's the project above the sea. You're s projects dropped them on the course. And with that being said, hopefully I'll see you as the next course