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12 Videos (1h 11m)
    • Welcome to The Journaling Journey

    • Supplies

    • Prepare Your Pages

    • Create The Accordion

    • Connect The Pages

    • Tape The Pockets

    • Measure And Cut The Covers

    • Cover The Boards

    • Create The Cards

    • Measure The Ribbon

    • Add The Covers

    • The Class Project


About This Class


The accordion book is one of the most versatile, yet simple, structures to have in your bookbinding toolkit. You can take any paper, regardless of the size and shape and create an accordion book with it. I love teaching this structure to kids because it’s a great way to get them started with making their own books. I love teaching it to adults because they can bring a certain wisdom to the structure and use the way it can be displayed as an element to create artistic or creative content.

In this class I help you expand on the basic one piece accordion to create a multi-page, pocket accordion with cards that can become interactive elements that tell a story or create an artistic thread throughout the book.

This class is an INTERMEDIATE level course that starts with simple folding then expands to include techniques like covering boards and adding ribbons.

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Kaila is a fabulous instructor! She's very detailed and gives thorough explanations and demos. Love this accordian book project!
I think Kiala is one of the best book artists around, her classes here on Skillshare are absolutely clear, and thorough, and she shares all her tips and experience to help a novice get started in bookbinding. I would recommend any of her classes.
CalliSue Art

Art | Books | Calligraphy

Kiala gives detailed, clear and concise instruction. This class inspired me to get started on a project with bookbinding, drawing and watercolour.





Kiala Givehand

Bookbinder • Storyteller • Mixed Media Artist


Hi! I'm Kiala Givehand, a book binder, mixed media art journaler, and happiness catalyst. I lead online classes, teach in-person workshops and retreats, and invent creative products to help inspire the most reluctant muse to come out and play.

Through my love for paper, fountain pens, art, and handmade books, I've been able to cultivate an artistic life that includes Book Art, poetry, lots of silly doodling and tons of creative exploration and discovery. 

I've always seen books as a vessel for sharing our journey and documenting our lives. And while many believe that Book Art is a complex skill that only a select few can master, I am on a mission to demystify handmade books and make it accessible to anyone who wants to share their ideas, images, and stories. 

Stories connect us while also highlighting what is unique about us. I've always been a storyteller, relying on words to convey feeling, energy, and information. So learning to make handmade journals changed how I connect and communicate with others by giving me a way to help people feel more creatively empowered and encouraging them to share their stories. This is why I teach!

My art always begins or ends with words. By adding color and imagery I am able to visually share how I see the world. I believe art can look multi-layered and complex while being extremely simple and approachable. I use paper, mark making, and wordplay to create tangible versions of my life in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. Join me for a spectacular adventure into the world of handmade books, visual storytelling, and creative play. 

Check out my Book-in-a-Day series on YouTube and follow my online shenanigans at my website, blog, Facebook, or Instagram