Allergic Rhinitis Solution - All What your Doctor didn't tell you!

Carla C., You are born as you are, try to become better

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9 Videos (23m)
    • Allergic Rhinitis intro

    • Allergic Rhinititis Basics

    • Allergic Rhinitis Who and How

    • Seasonal allergic rhinitis

    • Allergic Rhinitis path

    • Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosis

    • Allergic Rhinitis Treatment

    • Allergic Rhinitis Immunotherapy

    • Allergic Rhinitis and Pregnancy


About This Class

Allergic rhinitis is characterized by repeated sneezing, the "runny nose", tickling in the nose, watery eyes and eye irritation. When caused by pollen, it is called seasonal rhinitis. It is very common disease and for sure you have someone from your family or few friends that suffer from AR.

Enroll now! and learn all the things that can help you get off this very annoying situation very quick.

It will be very useful for you and for everyone around you suffering from Allergic Rhinitis to know what to do to treat this situation and also the learn how one can also get free from the Allergic rhinitis for many months or even years 

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Great! This is actually a very informative class about rhinitis. I learnt a lot of new stuff. .
Sachin Jadhav

Teaching is a work of heart

Great info that i never heard of! keep up with the good work!
Daniel Mayer

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Carla C.

You are born as you are, try to become better

Carla Contass is 35 years old and was born to become mother of 2 children, nurse, coach and internet marketer! Her hobbies are sport especially bicycling and Pilates, photography and Amateur geology.

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