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All you wanted to know about Google Summer Of Code

Dhara Doshi, To learn everyday and share knowledge with others

All you wanted to know about Google Summer Of Code

Dhara Doshi, To learn everyday and share knowledge with others

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6 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Google Summer of Code

    • 2. Which programming language to choose for GSOC?

    • 3. How to decide which project to contribute to in GSOC?

    • 4. How to start contributing to an open source project?

    • 5. How to submit a good GSOC proposal?

    • 6. What If you don't get selected to GSOC?

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About This Class

This is a course that aims to answer all information around Google Summer Of Code(GSOC).

  1. It will help students understand what GSOC is, how to contribute and why to contribute.
  2. It also gives an understanding of how to start contributing to Open Source.
  3. Whether you are a student, a beginner developer or intermediate, Open Source can open ways for you to learn new skills and technologies and pivot to them.
  4. Looks great on your resume.

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Dhara Doshi

To learn everyday and share knowledge with others


Professionally I am an experienced software professional.

Personally I am enthusiastic and passionate about learning.I believe in the power of knowledge and aspire to share my experiences and lessons with everyone.

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1. Introduction to Google Summer of Code: this video is about Google Summer off court, which is also known as G sock. Why create a course on diesel? Because I came across a lot of questions on Kota related toe. Ah, how does a student get accepted in the jigsaw community? What kind of projects? So he can do what language he must. Gordon. So the lords of questions around Ah g sock. Which is why Ah, I thought I would create a course on it. Onda, I'm going toe create maybe a list all four or five videos which is going to help you. Ah, get introduced to the world off. Ah, geez, Doc. Ah, as well a so get accepted. I know Maxima Maxima is your Johnson's off getting accepted. So here we go. So what is G Sock Forster for? So d took is an international program focused on bringing more student developers into the open source. Would so students work with an open source organization for a petered off three months on a programming project during that ah, break from school. So what is in it? In G sock for the developers or for the students? Why should they aspire or strive towards being selected in G sock and be part off the geezer community. So I think they're too important reasons why a stone interest rate for being part of diesel ? The first being resuming. So once you have in part of off three months project in Giza, it'll be a great addition to your resume. Me? So once you have passed out of college and you start interviewing and applying to companies , you realize that you have doing yourself a talking point. Ah, when you go to these interviews, many of interviews might end up being just about this one open source project you did so it is a great as human addition, and it will help you get a job ready sitting. If you are able to talk about what you did in that project and even to convince your interview that you did a great job other than that, it also gives you a get a profile which anyone can see, and with the help of which you can showcase and prove that you have these CIA scales or language specific skills are you know, which kind of will prove that. Okay, on On a general level, you are a competing programmer. The other was important gain that a student of Aleppo will have his industry experience. So it's the coexist. You can, um, get tau booking in all in really company or a corporate. So you learn about you know, the software development lifecycle, how it goes, um, alone about a giant, because that's what all these organizations will be using internally, you'll want learn about unit testing, about documentation about presenting your work, you know, discussing how to take feedback. So there are lots of other things which you need to know when you are part off a company and these other things that you loan in advance because of this three or four mint old project that you're part off. And another reason which I think most students will be attracted to and will be most happy about is a stipend. Google gives the handsome stipend for the period of time you work, ah, towards open source development bridges as part of Jesus G socks. So that's always the one good thing. So these are the reasons that the student developers have toe aspire to Jesus. But what are the reasons that these open source organizations Ah, guide and mental the student developers. So the foremost the reason is this is an apartment for them too Brand or market day organization and kind of give ah, flavor of how it is to work afforded open source organization, toe B student developers. So they're the open source. Organizations are released, but they're trying to get Ah, contributors were students early on. And once a student has worked on a project with three or four months and knows the code base and know the people who work on it, there is a large possibility that he might continue contributing for years at end. So this is what ah and G stock is about and let me quickly go through the entire process. Ah, and if you have any questions, please ask in the comments section and be happy to answer. So the program will be announced and you do, ah, be kind off dead and kind of fun, you know, be proactive and in, uh, finding out. Okay, What's happening in the Google Hummer of Gold website? Always so, organizations, the lots of organizations will apply. Not all organizations get selected. So once you know the list off participating aumentar organizations. The interest of students should begin discussing project ideas with them. Ah, once they have finalized on a project idea Ah, they should register and some of the application. After some time, the students who had accepted will be announced and they'll be paired with a mental after that does of one month community born ing beated, after which ah, the coding beaded which lost around 2.5 to 3 months, will begin. And in this zone, new win gold features you'll learn to know about, Ah, as they're seeing documentation and unit testing other things as well, which is going toe give you a zeal. Ah, expedience off the industrious. It's a great exposure and then finally results will be announced. And where has bean Oh, where was whichever students have passed? Ah may be happy to know that they have is the program. So, um thanks guys, for listening to this video and ah, in the next video, I'm going to talk about what? Ah, Although frequently asked questions that are around on the topic of Jesus which is how do I select an organization? How do is select which language I should contribute. Using Ondo, um, veg domain. I should bake. And how do I maximize my chance of getting selected as a Jigsaw? Children? How do I drafted proposals I'm going to answer? All these questions in the next video is so stay tuned. 2. Which programming language to choose for GSOC?: Hello, everyone. In the last radio we discussed about Waters G sock, I introduced you to the world off Open source and Google Summer off court. In this video, we're going to discuss about which programming language should you use to contribute toe G sock or open source. So this is ah, frequently asked question, Which is why I have decided to discuss about it. So if I have to say one word as the richer language you should do is my run would would be a dozen Mado. Okay, Doesn't matter the door which programming nine. Which you use. What matters is that you bigger language which you're comfortable with. So any language we do think that you know very well which you think you can Gordon easily. You stick to that by because as part off computing toe open source organization, you might have to learn a variety of other things. You'll have to learn. Ah, gun got inversion ing system like guitar. You might have to learn some unit testing framework. You'll have to learn how to document. There are lots of other concepts that you won't have to learn because I used to look all that student. You don't know that much as well. So language would be one less thing they don't have to think about. But then at the same time, I feel that if you think you want to try something else are you are a complete newbie toe computer science? I would suggest you pick fightin. Fightin is a simple language to start with. It's a Monty paradigm language where you can get a taste off different battered times. Ah, which is really important. So biting would be my suggestion. And other than that Oh, if you don't want to go with something as fightin, which is the scripting 900 you want toe, uh, get it was have involved in a proper, you know, performance oriented language. Then maybe I would suggest any object or it ended programming language. Um, so currently, the major, um, object oriented programming languages are C plus, plus java, seasia and go. So out of these, I would suggest job because Joe has a lot of demand in the market. So if you start off using Java as your programming language and you continue toe improve your job skills eventually, many parts out At least your job of understanding would be awesome on it would be a great tool to have Oh, by your side a tool and the skill as well. But other than that, if you have any preferences, that really doesn't matter. Their programming language never matters. So I hope I have answered your question as toe which programming language. You should big Andi. I hopeful that at the end of this video you do decide a programming language because in the next video, we're going to discuss about a particular project which you will select to contribute to. And I'm gonna help you search for the project based on the programming language you decide . So consider this is an assignment. If you do decide at the end of this video, do not forget toe put in the Commons. What language you decided on by. It would be a fun thing for all The you do come into the members to have a look at what are the reasons why people, Jews, a particle and language. So stay tuned, See in the next video 3. How to decide which project to contribute to in GSOC?: he Everyone we're talking about g soco in the last read or re decided rich programming language should you use to contribute. Ah Oh, Jesus. And in this one, we're going to discuss two things avail. Which is which domain to do. Pick on which project should you select and how I'm gonna make it easier for you. Oh, just wait it out. So as I discussed, we are talking about geese are gonna go to discuss which domain and which project, uh, to select. So domain by is there will be a variety off domains across different organisations every machine learning, library development, internet, off things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, genetic application, development, android or IOS, ABS, web development. So there's one golden rule that I fall over here, which I would suggest which is big, something that intrigues you because that will be sustainable. You'll be able to put in a long guards DeHart book, which is required, and you will be able to contribute to that project even after you're done with your ah, Jesus. So let's get to the next bottled. Still Ah, video Which Henson's decide which project to select so by no, we have bean on a programming language and a domain. I hope you guys have done that. If not, that's not a problem. You can still do that. So I'm going to decide a programming language for you, right? No, because that's what I would like to work on. Ah, so my programming language is gonna B c plus plus Andi. Ah, domain. Let's see, I I am interested in, you know, getting involved in machine learning domain. But if I find something more interesting in another domain Ah, I am open to that as well. So once we have these constants decided we can look at the project page on the G soccer upside. I'm going to take you there in just a little time. Uh, then you're gonna go to that page and you're gonna search based on your requirements, in my case. Ah, c++ is the requirement that I want to adhere to and then based on the domain that you want and you can have a look at all the products that are available to you on DA. Decide which one intrigues you an interest you and just get going with that. Okay, so I'm gonna take you to the project Page on the geese are website now. So this is a Google summer of border official website on. What we're going to do is we're going to go to them products Page, which is here. Okay, so here we have a list of organizations with, you know, I know full. The developers name and a brief description of the project on the organization can. So what you based on a project organization or a student? But if you don't have either of these things fixed So we're gonna click on this feeling, and here you'll get of that idea of organizations along with, you know, the project that they have. So But we want to kind off. Oh, neither down our search. So if you have a domain decided, you can pick one of these and then, ah, um, you know, go forward. But my jewels and field, which is machine learning, is not your So I'm gonna just keep it at all categories on because my programming language is C plus. Plus, I'm going to put it here. So here you can search for an organization, technology or topic. I'm going to Sarge by Okay, so Now, this has given me a list off all the projects which are c++ based. Um, let's have a look at it. So boost c++ Libraries are one of the most famous libraries. Ah, and, ah, if you get a chance to contribute to that, I think that's amazing. Other than that you can see that is ah, bioinformatics as genomics work that is GPS work, that is, ah, advancing global collaborative brain research about That's amazing. That's open source operating this tone. Ah, this is a graphics and it'll artificial intelligence data. BYU's Marriott EBI They think off it and it's all here, like anything that you would want to do more sliding. Mozilla is also a greater, you know, starting point for anyone contributing to open source. That's what I've heard this mobile local programming toolkit. Well, it's interesting. Let me have a look at it. So So the idea is that whatever you just go through this list off projects and then you get into the details and understand what their requirements are and see if it intrigues you. Okay, on it. Kind off is goes to your goal. So what does it do? It provides developers with portable anvil tested applications and c++ life like libraries covering data structures and algorithms employed in common robotics research areas. So this is a lively, afford artificial intelligence c++ basics like, please, all the, you know, the phone features which are there in artificial intelligence. Those things have bean implemented over the library's. Okay, Right now, it's a good project. But what I'm looking at is mostly machine learning. So let's look a little bit fordo. Um, okay. Open chemistry. Wow. Like you think off it, and it's all there. Okay. Here here ago. Oh, Emma, back A scalable c++ machine Learning live Really exciting. This is something I'm interested at. Ah, which is why I am going toe Lauren. Morning. See, it's projects. Okay, So ml back is a C plus, plus machine learning, like revert emphasis on scalability, speed and ease of use on this is done by providing a set off commander and executable, which can be used as black boxes on immortal c++ a p I, um Great. Great. This looks interesting. So you have a contact email. Leo, you can have a chat mailing list. I would suggest if you have decided that this is your project. All you can get because they're familiar with people and contributors to this project through these things. And don't be shy. Approach them. So here it is. The set off projects and view idealists is also damages. Like Great. I think so. Most websites will have this, you know, ideas list. So basically, your product proposal needs to have an idea, like, list of ideas, and it better be aligned with something that the organization is already looking at. So it's a must toe look at the idea is that a particular organization has and then walk on doors in your proposal you. And if you don't have, you know, an ideas last here, I've seen a few projects on organizations who do not have this ideas list on this website. But in that case, all you have to do is, you know, going the search. You know, put this project name Emily back would get up, and it will open up yard get up, repository. And I'm sure that get up a repository for that particular project will have the list of ideas and various other things you need toe get started, eh? So that you can contribute to the project. Okay, So view projects. Okay, so these are the radios things other student developers have done. And you can have a Logan. You can see. Oh, you know, what are the differentiating things that they have done and why? Maybe they were selected. So this is another interesting thing. So at the end of this video, I have decided I am going to contribute to Emily back. Now, your question is how to get involved, how to get started. So I'm going to discuss about that in the next video and ah, don't body guys, it's easy to start contributing to open source is not at all complicated. You just have toe goto that initial phase where you know, you are in the unknown where you don't know a few things, but then be patient a little bit, and I'm sure you'll get there. So thank you for listening to me and see you in the next video. Stay tuned 4. How to start contributing to an open source project?: Hey, everyone. This is a course about G sock and we have already discussed waters G zahk. Which programming language usually used to contribute. Watch what project on domain usually select. And at the end of this, I have selected C plus Plus is as my programming language, Onda. I have already Ah, big dough domain, which is m. L and I have decided on a project, which is I am in fact. Okay, so this is a programming language. The project of them all back and the Dominus machine learning. So the next is how to get started. Like generally. So in this video, we're going to discuss how to start contributing to the project. You decide. So let me discards the overall guidelines as to how to start contributing. And then we'll go to ml backs Page and see these things like every diesel project will have guidelines for getting involved. You have to find it. You have to read it. You have to follow it step by step. Once you do that, be able to contribute to the project easily. The second step is loan. Get our get up if you don't know any. So it was in control. It's really important you understand these concepts to contribute to any open source project. You need to know these things. So it's important. No, no one get all get there are amazing goes online. I've seen one on udacity about Get up and get so you can look that up. Onda, The next thing you do is you sort of easy bucks. So in the getting involved section, generally they'll give you directions as to how to compile the cold. How do, uh, build it and John it? Once you have been able to do these steps and you can don agency executable, you are in a position where you can start contribute before that you have to read a little bit, of course, but first of all, decide what bog you're going to solve to start with fixing easy sures. Actually, you in a little bit how to find easy issues, bad ones. You have figured out the easy ones just going fix them, read the cord and it reasonably jurgen improve or increase the complexity off the bugs. Usual. And who knows if you get a hang off the gold and understand that called really well you can start when contributing features. So they're told brothers involves getting familiar with the court. Beats on once you do that, in the process, you develop relationships with contributors so they every project will have it. So, um, main major contributors. Whenever you fix a bug and you some edible request, someone will review it. And only then will it be most. So this review Johnny made by contributors no active contributors to that project when they were beautiful, giving feedback, critical feedback, constructive feedback as to how to better is all about what can you do better or what are the rules they follow in the context of that project so that, you know, in the next few pull request that you cement you take those things into consideration. So every project will have a certain set off according standards and rules that they follow , and those will become very clear to you. Once you start speaking with these contributors at the end of this, when you have toe actually apply for your G sock reporting, it will be easy for you toe summit. Good ideas in your proposal, because you have all done this project for a long time. You know, what are the requirements? What are the features which are most important, which many people want to see being implemented? What do the contributors value a lot on? You can even discuss with your contributor. You can ask your contributor on you know, your product contributor toe, review your proposal and see if those things are what they have in mind. Because nothing is better than submitting a proposal. Aligned with that Batticaloa beans are requirements. So let us go. The Watcher. I made it back. So this is a project I decided, and I have to start getting involved with it. So what do I do? The simple procedure. If you just type in your bag and get home a new dual web. Such I want you to war Web spillage. You'll get Dodo Emily back. Get tub. Uh, so scored. Now that we're here, we can look at the documentation on all the details. Everything that is there. Duhamel back is here. But the next thing I want to do it. I want to know how to get involved in it. Okay, so in her integrative repository, they will have these details. You just have to find them. Okay, so look at the Vicky section. Generally, they put all these actions in Ricky. Okay, so you see, in the right inside, they have a developer difference. They have. Ah, Google. Someone of court section were different. And someone, of course, idea is application guide block posts. Okay, I know there is a design guidelines. The future what they're looking at, right? No. How do test in traverse section that they mentioned that. So look out for these things and then give you great ideas after, how does you know get started and how what ideas they're looking at. So over here, let me see. So they already they have an application guy, Doesn't they have a full no beach? On what a day expectations were. Do you think about before plying? Okay. And what do you put as basically stuff in the proposal? So this is important when you draft a proposal. Okay. Whenever you draft a proposal for a particular project or an organization, look in the ghetto wiki page. If they have something like this the day have already you know that the guidelines for and if they have nothing better than that just follow them. And some endured proposal along these very lines. Okay, They've given see it completely. Dealers. Where do they want in the proposal, you give them the objective of the proposed project. You give them some background information on the project. Ah described the FBI have the finished project. If it's applicable, describe how we will test your broader. Describe a time line off some sort boil project broken down week by be weak or data boats. So these other things that are common to moister proposals that you summit most organisations expect these things in a proposal. So engage your particular project doesn't have such an obligation guideline. Oh, the first thing is overly our obviously wants for the country asked. Contribute about what the expectations are and if they have nothing's better. Begin mind you just follow the So here a goat or getting world page link. Let's go and look at what they have in store for us. So, Emily, back people are really diligent. They've written all getting word page, especially for diesel coal students. So, as if the written over here a good place to start, so is your down Emily back compiling from source and there's a due to a reporter. Just follow it. You said about development and women. Once you have done this, it would probably be useful to get a pick for some of these algorithms and Emily back implements by using some of the command line argument to you have to use the application and see how it works. Uh, then you can implement them. Simple Emily Back programs Andy through other tutorials. So they've given things to each of these things. By the time you're finished with that, you would have a pretty good handle on the way that library books. At this point, you're probably ready to jump in and start contributing. Development is on, get up. So you need an account and you can submit matches our contributions. Why a poor requests below are some useful things and tips you can find about to solve under issues. List issues gently have a difficulty label, which may help in selecting an issue that is interesting to you. We're going to look at this, uh, in a little bit, read the drying guidelines subscribe to their malpac discussion. Meaningless. You may find it useful to subside toe them back your mailing list. We maintain a development block. There's an image back IOC general. And if you're interested in long term project and you'll just look at the list of ideas if you're still North Shore order, have some questions. Ask you so most projects will follow something similar. Even if your particular project doesn't have this detail page of getting involved, you have to figure out these things on your own data or ask a contributor. First thing is, obviously you don't know the source code from get up, then second thing is, you have to compile it. You have to set it up in a development environment off your choice. Then you get an idea of holder particular library, your application book. Then you look at something big programs. You implement them and then you get in. So let because it's done on ghetto and there's an issue list. Let's go to that issues list and have a look. So these other issues, if you look at these things, they have see easy major enhancement these air, the labels associated with it. I want to look at easy label Tony. Does he? Once I click on labels is going to give me these tags, right? I am going to click on Easy. There are 14 open issues. I'm gonna vote condos. Okay? No, let's see. Is that anything that again? Welcome? Yeah, maybe this one. The use of picks warnings when combining with visuals. Told you so. Generally, it's a good place to start, um, by reducing warnings, you know, removing the warnings when you compatibility Jones todo look at the issue. You build your third of you see these things, and then you look at each and every line and you say OK. Ah, what is the issue? Talk about and gently it will have a number C four through 67 You go and look it up in on nine with a quick web search. You know, visual studio and C 4 to 67 I'm sure you'll get a description as to what is the problem? What might be the possible issue with this line, and how do you fix it? So these are good door issues to get started with? Well, what are you know, generally? So thank you guys for Listen to this video, this video we have learned how to get involved in any detail, project off the joys find, identify easy bugs. Sold them, get from a liver, the court with and develop relations with contributors so that they will help you gets elected in your G sock. See, in the next video in the next video we're going to discuss about how does that mean a good proposal? And what if you want, Okay? 5. How to submit a good GSOC proposal?: Hey, guys, We are in the scores on Google Summer off cord. We have already discussed few things we have decided on an open source project. We're gonna contribute toe, which is a mere back on. We've already looked at how to get involved it in this video, we're going to discuss about how to some made a good couple. So without any further ado, let's get started. So every organization has its guidelines and a for march sort of logic. We looked in the last video ho image back has an obligation guide. And in that application guide they have listed down what are the things they expect you to put in the proposal? Organizations generally have a list or project ideas. So when you write a proposal they expect or certain set off PGE ideas that you can implement venerable, you're going to be part off the G sock summer. So you expected toe pick up one of those ideas invoke on them and someone make them a part of reports. If you have already started contributing to that project before the jigsaw deadline comes and you have a relationship with the mentors, you leverage that you've brainstormed the idea with demand does. Which of these ideas would be a better fit at that point of time? What are the most excited about? Get them to review your proposal Minutes down. You put in your submitted PR's in the proposal so as you mean your body contributed to the project before you putinism, it'd be ours in the proposal, even if you have no, I'd gone to be with you before. Just submit of your be ours and make them a bottle Deep Purple's even if they're not accepted because it was your term, and it shows that you have looked at the court of reddit a little bit of the cord you're familiar with. You shared your idea through a visual representation, maybe to a floor jar toe Die grounds through, um, A. Because so if you use any of these things, it becomes easier for the Mentos to look at your It's easier for them on a visual. Representation is much more effective in bringing about a decision. Established Bradley's to work dying alone. Trawick giggles. Most of these proposals will expect you to give all week by week picked on as to how you're going to spend your time, then o your bottle. Jesus. So established parity sue them d'accord unit does and documentations these other things they expect you to do with greater diligence. So most open source projects these days. You with Travis the eye for you noticed you can look at water the open source projects are using or documentation. Then make that a part of your proposal. So these things are assuming that organization has guidelines on A for my photo tribalism. What if a particular product doesn't have those guidelines? Then in that case, you just look at a few projects which do have look at what they consider important. Find out the common things which most projects expecting a proposal and you put them in the AAP reporter. Then you have the greatest Johnson getting your proposal selected. So we had a date of this course. This is all I have to speak about how to submit a good proposal in gates. You have any further questions readies? You want to drop constructive feedback dropping comments in the comment section and are being happy to. I'll answer your credit use and work on the feedback that you give so if you have, like these scores And considering this a second last redoing the loss one will be the next one. Uh, if you do like a videos, please it, like, please share over doors. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Heisenberg take in case you're interested in getting movie, do it from us. So thank you for watching guys and see you in the next video and the last 21 by stay tuned . 6. What If you don't get selected to GSOC?: Hey, guys. So we are in the last radio off the course on Google Summer off gold. How to get selected? How to get started. And we have discussed. Everything's right from what Jesus is what programming language you should use. What project? Obey what you mean how to start contributing to that project. How to submit a good proposal we had at the end of the scores. And in this one I'm going to discuss about what do you do if you aren't selected? If you aren't selected by any chance for de suck, don't lose hope, guys. That is going to be plenty other chances for you to contribute to open source. So I would say, Don't you lose. What do you do is you introspect and you learn from your mistakes. You try to look into the real reasons why you didn't get selected this time. Maybe the competition was better. There were. There are only limited seat limited number of students who can get selected. It never means you are not good. It means maybe some analysis better. You try to figure out what are the reasons why the people who got selected for your particular project did get sitting, and how can you improve on that and make not make those mistakes again and get selected the next time at least improve your chances of getting selected the next. The other thing is, you keep contributing to that project. You keep contributing to the open source. What because in the end, that would be the field aboard. Having a G So project is great and your review me. But even if you don't have God and you have some open source expedience, that's amazing to if you can add some, get help with their pores to yard, get up, go fire and show people that you have contributed open source. That's good enough. In the process, you're going to learn so much from fellow contributors and experienced people. Your you gave the giants of getting your court reviewed. I generally people in open source boy follow journey high standards. They have a high bar. As far as cold quality is concerned, you get to learn about unit death. How do you use dove, Etc. I you get to know about documentation, maybe Doctor General, any other search bring book. You get to learn a lot of things. You get to learn source control version and any of these things will be used for when you plan tojoin the industry. So with these lines, I would say applying next year again, you have to be persistent. Have to keep trying. Did you can Andi, don't lose hope guys again. Just give it your best on keep drawing. What assistance have its rewards? So all the best. And before I go, I have a humble request to me. If you liked our videos in the course, please use it like in the individuals, and shared it with your friends on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn which will you find, um, has a better audience. Subscribe to our YouTube journal Heisenberg. Take if you are interested in getting more videos from us on similar topics, don't leave comments with your answers, queries and feed bag. Um, thank you for watching guys. That has been a great journey toe. Make this course on to share it with of oil so that all of you can learn from my experience and whatever I have to offer Thank you again and stay doing for the next course. Drop in your comments. Would you like to be? Ah, the topic for the next course? Still, Thank you again. Guys stay doing on and CEO.