All in One. Learn complete HTML CSS and JQUERY

Faisal Imtiaz, Web Developer and teacher

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16 Videos (2h 47m)
    • Introduction

    • Overview of the course

    • HTML Tags (Part 1)

    • HTML Tags (Part 2)

    • HTML Table Tag (Part 3)

    • HTML Form Tag (Part 4)

    • HTML video and audio tags (Part 5)

    • CSS (Part 1)

    • CSS (Part 2)

    • CSS (Part 3)

    • CSS Template design (Part 1)

    • CSS Template design (Part 2)

    • JQuery selectors and Events

    • JQuery animations

    • JQuery Loops, Conditions, Values

    • JQuery POST and GET Requests


About This Class

HTML is the base of any website. You must need to write HTML if you want to start developing a website. And CSS is the core component of HTML language. To make your website look good and professional. You must need to design your HTML tags using CSS.

You can start a new career in web development today by learning HTML CSS and JQuery. All you need is the computer and a text editor like notepad. And you are ready to create your own professional static website. Moreover you can also start working as a freelancer (online service) on various platforms and start earning online easily using you HTML CSS and JQuery skills.

The Content of the Course
The content of this course will take you from absolutely basic to the advance level of website development. You’ll learn how many HTML tags are there for use. And then how you can design those tags to make it look good.
Don’t need to have any knowledge to start this course. We will start from absolute beginner and go forward together. By the end of this course you will be creating your own website that will look great on phone, tablets and desktops etc.

Content of Overview
This course is of only 16 lectures long. That is it! That is the time it is going to take to learn a complete HTML CSS and JQuery. The course focuses on having you begin writing code right away.

For HTML you will learn

HTML Foundation
All Available Tags
Basic structure of a website
Coding and styling

CSS Selectors
Id and classes
Designing tags in CSS

Foundation of JQuery
Syntax and structure
Selectors and Events
Animations and AJAX requests






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Faisal Imtiaz

Web Developer and teacher

Hello Everybody. I am Faisal Imtiaz. I am a PHP, Laravel, CodeIgnite, Wordpress and Ruby on rails developer as well as web development instructor from last 3 years.

Studied Masters in information technology from BZU and now working as a Freelancer on different platforms from the past t 4 years.

I love teaching and spreading out my knowledge and skills about programming and all the concept that I have learned throughout my programming background. I want to spread that experience...

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