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All about VSCO Cam

Danae Trinidad

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7 Lessons (26m)

    • 2. How to edit pictures

    • 3. Share and save images

    • 4. Who to follow? Explore

    • 5. Journals and collections

    • 6. Settings

    • 7. Projects


About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to use VSCO Cam. CREATE, DISCOVER AND CONNECT.

VSCO Cam is a community where you can edit your photographs, create journals, share your content, follow amazing artists and explore the world through images.


VSCO Cam is mostly used for its editing system. If you ask the most famous Instragrammers which apps they use to edit their pictures, pretty much everyone would swear by this one.


While everyone has their own style in this class I’m showing you the basics to master this app so you’ll be able to edit your photos your own way.


So if you love photography and enjoy editing photos: enroll!!


I’ll see you in class :) 







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Hello everyone!!

I am D?nae a passionate creative young technology professional who loves learning. I love making the most of my time while having fun.

Hard worker, quietly confident, social media enthusiast, Audiovisual Producer, experienced customer service, QA tester, game lover, illustrator,trendy and fitness and fashion junkie. Celiac and Vegetarian.

Here, in Skillshare, I'm going to try to teach all I know and share my favourite tips and tricks plus the latest tren...

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