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All about VSCO Cam

teacher avatar Danae Trinidad

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)

    • 2. How to edit pictures

    • 3. Share and save images

    • 4. Who to follow? Explore

    • 5. Journals and collections

    • 6. Settings

    • 7. Projects

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to use VSCO Cam. CREATE, DISCOVER AND CONNECT.

VSCO Cam is a community where you can edit your photographs, create journals, share your content, follow amazing artists and explore the world through images.


VSCO Cam is mostly used for its editing system. If you ask the most famous Instragrammers which apps they use to edit their pictures, pretty much everyone would swear by this one.


While everyone has their own style in this class I’m showing you the basics to master this app so you’ll be able to edit your photos your own way.


So if you love photography and enjoy editing photos: enroll!!


I’ll see you in class :) 



Meet Your Teacher

Hello everyone!!

I am D?nae a passionate creative young technology professional who loves learning. I love making the most of my time while having fun.

Hard worker, quietly confident, social media enthusiast, Audiovisual Producer, experienced customer service, QA tester, game lover, illustrator,trendy and fitness and fashion junkie. Celiac and Vegetarian.

Here, in Skillshare, I'm going to try to teach all I know and share my favourite tips and tricks plus the latest trends whether it comes to apps, drawing, cooking, fashion, DIY, technology...

I'm based in sunny Barcelona, getting the latest trends to show you all :)

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hello. I'm done it to me that in this ISS how to use VSC Oh, camp buco came is an apt to edit your pictures. And it's also a social media up where you can have your own feet and it's looking instagram kind of up, but it's kind of different. You can apply journals and collections and 1 to 2 how to do all of that, plus some little tips on how I edit my instagram pictures and how you can find your own aesthetic at your own style. So if you are interested in this just in the role and let's go. 2. How to edit pictures: First of all, you're going to need a sing and or sing up already have an account. So Okay, next thing this here is where you edit your pictures. This is not but leg. This is what most people used to. Um, Just edit pictures to put on an instagram and stuff. Well, this school can you need to know to different things. One side of the up is this one right here. When you can, like, improve your pictures and edit them and everything, then you can publish them to preschool Cam profile. Where is this? When I hear I will have to pictures and don't blow anything at all. Um, And then you have different options that we're going to talk about later. And then you have the Explorer option is like an instagram feed butts like difference. Not quiet as instagram. So we're going to start by with everyone knows and uses, and it's this part right here. Okay, So first saying, How do import pictures okay, two important picture. The first thing we need to do is click a plus sign on left upper side of the screen, and then you will see your camera roll Okay, So you guess he also your albums here? I'm going to go to my favorite and was going to import a picture. Select this picture, and and then you touch this little circle you can see on the right. So this is what buco Cam calls your studio. Okay, So to edit your picture we need to do is select it. When you select your picture, you have four here in the down side of your screen. You haven't across to de select your picture. If you selected for pictures and you want to de select them all just like touch this little crust and it will dis elect. So we've got this one and we want to edit it. Then it's where you click this two bars where the options go on and on. So this is how we added a picture here. We have a lot of filters. PS you come doesn't come with this So many filters because some of these is some filters I purchased for free. I mean that here we have the store have a lot of different filters you can buy. But sometimes, for example, did the story about today It's free that's why don't loaded. I don't pay for four filters. The filter of the I downloaded for free are the asset X Syria's It's always free and the hover beast on base. So Cam So the HP and A filters are always freaked. So I recommended I saw Donald these ones because are my favorite The A ones Are these three A four a five a six in the HBR age. You want HB two, but we'll talk about this later. So when appointing a filter I want to apply This is a or a B. If you click again on the same food serve you already have. You can decide the the intensity of the filter. I always go for 65 and two and to confirm you would need Teoh press the circle. Okay. Here you complete with your filters as much as you want. You also have the shop right on the left and the right. Sorry. And then you click this little wide bar you can see a down on your screen. And he had this four options this round. VSE Oh, cam logo is where we are right now Is to like select your thirst then we have the option we saw before. The option like thing is where you can do a lot of things to your picture. First thing we see exposure, you can go up or down, depending how much lighting you want. How much exposure you want to give to your picture? Going to go down To contrast? You know what Conscious ISS upper down a little bit. This is a straighten if you just your photo, you get in, took your photo straight. You can move it around. You can like, do this like, but I'm just gonna keep it normal because I did my picture. Pride. This is the horizontal perspective. If you're slide rather left, you can change the perspective or your picture. I'm not. Haven't touched this and you have the same thing for the vertical perspective. Then we have a crop optional work. We can we have a lot of options off cropping. You can also make it smaller or bigger. I'm just gonna keep it like this. Then we have clarity where I use this. This makes you look like painting like this Looks like drawing It's so cool. But I don't use is ever because if you want to give it like a drawing look is really cool. But I just don't use it. I probably it's really cool to use it on landscapes and stuff such as Short, Sharp in Charming is also really cool to use it on landscapes. I don't like it as much in portrayed in solving stuff. Then we have saturation up or down. Be really careful with the saturation. You know this because it is also on instagram and everything. If you go up, you look like an orange. And if you go really down, you look pretty much like black and white and we don't like that. So I'm just not gonna touch anything. Then we have highlights safe. If you don't want that highlight that light it on your picture. You wanna tone it down a little bit? You can apply one or two points if you go all the way up, you'll see now the picture is flat, has no lights, has no volume. I'm just gonna go one point and the same with shadow shape, safe shadows safe. It's gonna go up one little bit. Many have temperature. If you want to make your picture cold, you go to left. If you want to make your picture worm, you go to the right. I always keep it in the center or one down or one up. I never go all the way up or down because looks really on riel. Then we have the tent where it just, like, tends your picture. This is like more like Rosie Tent and is more like green tent. I don't usually use this. Then we have the skin tone. This is the change your skin tone, for example. My skin tone is like olive skin tone that you can intensify if you go to the right. If you went to the left, you'll see my skin looks bake so you can change your skin tone undertone. Here I the net the net. It's that interim saying everyone was using at the beginning, but now nobody uses, and I personally don't like it. But, yeah, I just just want to add a little bit of began and stuff. You can use it. I just personally don't like it. Then we have a grain. Also, there's something I like to use on landscapes, objects, everything I don't like to use another people. I just don't think it too faces. So we're not gonna play that. Then we have fate fade. I love this thing and this is just liked. It takes out the darkness off the black so you're blacks will look more wide, actually grayish, which I really like I love this effect is maybe too much. But this aesthetic a drill ical. So I always go one or two up it. But if you like thunder pictures and vibrant colors and shade, you won't like this feat Effect last you have shadow Didn't is that the darkest, the darkest parts of your picture. It will, like, tend it. See, this is like think read Orange, yellow, green blue Depends on the picture. Looks more natural, one color or another. I've re like to use this and landscapes on sunsets and everything is really cool. But same again. If you press if you selected for example, I slept with the orange but I want to tone it down a little bit, just selected again and you get control How much you're getting. For example, this My hair looks a lot darker, you know, a lot lighter. So I really like this and the same thing with the highlights. But this one's like, ah, lot harder fusing people because obviously looks so on. Really, I'm green ho, purple. I'm not muses. So these are all the sets you can use to edit your picture. It's just like go play with them and see what fits your Savit her and see what it looks better with your own pictures. Now this arrow we have that goes backwards, it's to undo the last thing you you did. For example, you can see now my hair looks start again. So we need to book the shadow, tend again. There we go, See? And then if we do this, it was a beer. So yeah, If you want to see everything you apply to your picture, go to this square to the right. Looks like a list. And it's a list of everything you did to your picture. We apply the a six present exposure minus two contrast plus one had I save plus one shut shadows safe plus one faded plus one shudders in plus six. So here we have everything with it to her picture and that's not the best part The best part is a weekend if you slide to the right to last. Sorry of you. Site to left. You see this tool area you can collect in the tool area and you can at it what you did on that press it on that little option. You haven't hearing it if you want to delete it. It's like two left and you press to the trash. I can not gonna do it right now. And if you want to do undo all, you just click down here, you undo everything you did so that it's pretty much eight. You click to your little round two little circle and you are done. So this is how you added a picture. 3. Share and save images: next thing, we're going to learn how Teoh publish pictures. Save them, share them everything. We see this arrow, the ghost upwards, we click there and this is to polish to BS. You can feed you add a caption and you can connect it to your Facebook or to your Twitter account. I'm not going to do that right now. And did you go to the circle and then it publishes? Then if we click here or you can see my picture goal and they didnt Donna my name and everything, you can see it. My picture would just upload it. It just became the background. Click there and we can see our feet. This is how you're moved. Select good three ducks share it removed on select the cross. And if you want Teoh change thick options just like change. Okay, then this three dots this Redox, you have the option to share. Camero copy Edits sprint and elite and share. You have old social media, social media, that bse Oh, camp works with concern. Facebook Twitter message email Tumbler line were able more her copy image. Then he have state safe to camera. You have is not medium large and actual size. I always go for exercise because that's where your quality just stays intact. So I recommend you to click that actual size and it will save. And now you have it on your Kindle role as easy as that. Then copy edits. This is really helpful. If you always want to edit your pictures the same weight I personally don't uses 100% it like this. If you copy his edits now you can visit for example to this picture. Didn't you go here based edits and the edit everything you use like all of these, you just copied this settings and you apply them to this picture right here. So it's really, really convenient if you always want to edit your pictures of same. But since your pictures are not always the same exposure, you're not always the same background. It would not always look as good. So I have to, like, go up and down a little bit with exposure with a worm with coldness, everything so yeah, 4. Who to follow? Explore: No. You see this little ball right here that since her like, What is that? If you press that you keep your finger there, you will be able to see left. Create. You'll get where we are. What? Capture, Please turn on camera access will say okay with a little round. And it's where you can turn on the camera on the VSO cam. Now we're doing this. We will get to your camera. So here we are cooking. If we go right, we go to the Explorer section. You just need to swipe and you go to what we call instagram feet. This is where you can see all people you follow what day upload and everything. And it's like, really cool, really inspiring. I really like scrolling through this and gives us so much inspiration. If you like a picture selected, you go to this square. Aargh! You can polish to my profile. We'll see what that is in a second and then with this $3 even share a report image. If you want to share it on Facebook, whatever. That's really convenient Feed. What else? But who do I follow? What do I look for this little face and left breast there and suggested Here are some accounts you should follow or based on, like words more popular, Some really cool photographers. So really cool people. He just Yes, you're their profile. If you like their pictures, which was like Open Cook fall. And now I'm following in here with the face again following just following via CEO and the great expense. Then those little bell are notifications. I have not, because it just don't publish that often. And you want to see your that picture in a minute. If you want to see it full, you just keep your finger in the picture you like, open for you like, relieve your finger and it will go back to the regular feed. That's really cool. And really easy. Really fast to see any picture in a minute and don't need to go here. 5. Journals and collections: for? How do people do this? Okay, so this is what we call journals where collections, journals. So images is what you publish. Journals. Jonas. Here you can publish something writing about something. For example, you want to publish a journal? So I selected this picture. Uploading. Now you can see this plus sign on the left downside you prez there created during a old article, Of course. And then you can write whatever you want here. And if you want at any other pictures, you breast to the plus. And then you can just select any other picture and also uploaded. And we when you publish that, you need to have it on public and you need to put a title in a subtitle and then you'll see this little round goes black If you don't put a title, Was the title What's necessary? You see the little round on the left upper site. It's great. No, it's but what it means we can press it. Now it's published, and it's on our Dorinel. Okay, collections collections are the pictures you save from others. So when you're exploring and you decide this one and you go here too little Iroh and you published on my profile, Then it will be on the little collection. It's a nice way to keep the pictures you like and they inspire you and create your own feed off pictures. All the people upload it that you love. 6. Settings: so that's pretty much it. Now let's go deeper into the settings off this app If you click to the settings about VSC Oh, camp, you have all these things you can like Look, read and stuff. I'm gonna go there because too boring preferences here It's some things I want to mention I only uses in life. I added What? But that's how I decided. If you want to save you, capture picture Stewart Camero Just turn this on. But now what I like to do is pressed order. Here are all the filters in the order that we use them. Okay, so the one that told you I use all the males are the A and H B. So what it would be better for me is to have these up so you can move them around and just order and change the order off where press it's and like, yeah, order them by your liking. So this is how pretty much I like my presidents. If you want him hide one, you need to double top. I'm not gonna do that just in case I lose. So that's it. And then you have took it order where you can like, order these little tools. For example, I used to fade quite a lot someone But at the beginning, I don't use the horizontal or vertical perspective, so I'm gonna put them at the bottom. You know, those things like you can custom your own ab your own way. So will be easier and faster for you to edit your pictures and then that this place size. So this is how my feet my studio looks like. If I press here, you see the little squares change. If you keep it like this, this is how it's going to look. I'm going to see the ones are square and the ones that are not. But I just told I get this way. So I'm gonna go ahead and put it back So all square and sport, or all images where you gonna sport all your images? Social? Here's where you can connect your Facebook Twitter instagram line, Tumblr, everything. Privacy. This is where you can see and you can like change your privacy and image on importance of your fiscal protractor camera everything as a saints, like some license and so bored if you have any help If you want to send up a spore of Ah, so this is pretty much everything about VSC will come here in the in this three dots on the right upper side of the screen You can edit your info here. I have my name as a title on the description I have the same description I have on instagram The picture you can't change This is your profile picture external ng If you have any blawg, you just handle whatever you get. Put it right here. First name, last name email does the email You have associate ID to your VSC camp account. So my user name is full of their 16 in my via CEO camp. Um, you are all as VSE, oh dot Coke, hollandaise. Whatever. And you can change your password right here. So this is really helpful. Okay, Also, Butte public profile. This is how people see your profile. So okay, journal. So these are my car thoughts. So this is the door not waited before. You can see, the title is really clean. Everything looks real pretty and this is everything in the date. So this is like opposed is like a block post and Yeah, your collection are the pictures we selected before and share you can share again on this social media site. 7. Projects: today's project is going to be creating three pictures, one picture of a person. Give me a selfie can be a picture of your mom, your sister, Whatever. What? Picture off a landscape sunset, any place, whatever. And a picture off an object. And I want you to create this three pictures and edit them as aesthetically pleasing as you would like them to be and a blow them to this project. So I hope you enjoyed this glass and I hope you learn. How do you probably use VSO camp? And I'm so excited to see what you can do. So don't forget to start a project and we'll keep in touch. See you, Imam Express.