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All Your Online Arbitrage Questions Answered

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

All Your Online Arbitrage Questions Answered

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. All Your Online Arbitrage Questions Answered

    • 2. Online Arbitrage Q&A #1

    • 3. Online Arbitrage Q&A #2

    • 4. Online Arbitrage Q&A #3

    • 5. Online Arbitrage Q&A #4

    • 6. Online Arbitrage Questions Project

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About This Class

Online Arbitrage has been my main focus eCommerce wise for the past 2 years. I've seen it all. I know what mistakes to avoid, as well as what successful strategies to emulate.

Online Arbitrage for those of you that don't know is simply the process of buying something cheap on one marketplace & selling it higher on another. It's an Online Business Model anyone can implement.

As a successful Online Arbitrage Seller, I've got so many different questions. I thought the best way to make sure aspiring Online Arbitrage Sellers have all their questions answered ahead of time would be to compile every question I've ever gotten & answer them in video format.

So, that's what I did!

This Course will answer all your Arbitrage questions.

You'll come out the other side with insight that will allow you to start your own successful Online Arbitrage Business.

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. All Your Online Arbitrage Questions Answered: What's going on, guys, welcome to all your online arbitrage questions answered for you. Now I've done this. You know, I've done a number of forms of online arbitrage for the past two years and it is the main form of business for me. E commerce. Why? So I've pretty much seen it all. I've tried a number of forms of online arbitrage. I've seen what works for me. I've seen what works for other sellers. I also know what what doesn't work for me and where I struggle and have also seen other people struggle in certain areas and aspect. So what I did, because the majority of my content recently has been based on e commerce, especially online arbitrage content. What I did is I compiled a a Q and A section, so a bunch of different questions pretty much anything that you that you could think of on online arm charge that I've addressed. I've compiled into a list, right. And then I went through and I answered every single question in video format for you so that you don't have toe literally type it into Google and find out yourself. You can simply watch this course and get the answers spoon fed to you in video formats. So this will be a compilation of all your online arbitrage questions answered. There's four human AIDS currently here. Maybe in the future, if I get more questions, I'll put them all together in a bigger list as well and make more Q and A's. But for right now, there are four Q and A's. They're usually about 10 minutes long a piece somewhere a little bit longer. Some of them are a little bit shorter, but this will really go ahead and help outline all your specific issues. And you know where to address your online arbitrage attention going forward. So I really, really hope this helps. I love online arbitrage. I think it's a great business, and I want to make sure that you're clear on both, you know, things to avoid as well as ways that you can succeed. So with that being said, let's just jump in to the Q and A's 2. Online Arbitrage Q&A #1: Laurie Colomb a says hi, is it 2000 or 6000 sales in a six month period to get in gated? So, good question, it's nobody really, really knows. Okay, so what she's referring to is going after maximum approval on Amazon. Okay, so maximum approval is believed to answer. Your question is believed to be 2000 sales in a six month period. And then once you hit that tear and like I said, nobody really really knows that this actually exists. It's such it's just speculative. And people have said that they went when they roughly hit 2000 sales in a six month period . They can. Then they. Then they hit that that imaginary maximum approval tear. And then you can just request to get engaged for any brand, and you get automatically accepted based on your sales history and your seller metrics. Assuming your cellar metrics are good at that point as well, right? And that is one way to basically bypass getting invoices for top brands. But to answer the questions specifically, it is believed to be 2000 sales in a six month period. Days gone by, record says Hi, Brian, I'm going to drop shipping on Posh Mark and I need to know if there's software available that checks the stock status for my product sources and automatically adjusts quantities as needed in my posh mark account. For example, if my if I source, you know if my sources six PM for Women's Boots will a similar with will a software similar to price yak accurately and consistently track and adjust. So I basically know where this is going. He's asking if there's any software to basically tracked the posh, marked drop shipping business model now. No, they're not. To my knowledge, it's not like drop shipping on eBay. It's not where you're gonna be using a bunch of software. It's basically trial and error, and you're gonna put in the upfront work and then see what works for you and then replicated. So short answer is no. There are many to my knowledge because you're not drop shipping on some platform like eBay , where you can integrate software. You're using the posh mark customers and the automation software to generate, you know, potential leads and eyes on your listings, and then you're listing them from Amazon or other sites where you're getting today or cheaper or faster shipping. So, no, there's not any. One of the benefits of that business model is if you're willing to put the upfront working . It's practically free money. However, it is work ahead of time. There's no software that's gonna automate it for you. Now there is Posh Mark Automation software that's gonna share and kind of bring eyes to your closet, but not software that's going to, you know, ah, list for you or move listings over or, you know, track inventory or anything like that. You have to set that up yourself. One of the things that I will add to that, though, is God forbid you with something, and then it's out of stock on Amazon, right? You don't have to worry about that really on posh Mark because you're allowed to cancel the occasional order here and there. They're not gonna penalize you for that like eBay or Amazon will, so you don't really have to worry about that. But one thing I would say is go after, you know proven listings, high rated listings, even listings with badges on Amazon. The reason being is that whole sellers you no idea right there, right there. Whole purpose is to make sure that that item is in stock because it's clearly selling well . So chances are if it's highly rated or if it has a badge, it will always be in stock. Or more often than not, it will be in stock, and you won't run into that issue. So moving on, Drew Peter says, Quick, grand, Um, question. I got a coupon product when I opened, it had to unattached items. So it came with two different items as part of the one item set right? How do I make it clear to Amazon? And he's referring to when he ships into FDA. So he ordered a coupon product that came with two different items in the thing that were supposed to be in the same set, right? And then how does he make it clear the Amazon when he sends it in two f b A. You know that that is one product, and it is a set, so that's a great question, Drew my best advice radio, you know, basically make it clear to Amazon would be the Poly backer, right? Put both the items in a poly bag get poly bags super cheap on Amazon or super cheap online . Put them in the same poly bag, closed the poly bag, seal it and then put the S I n barcode on the outside of the poly bag that will make it clear to Amazon when you send it in the f b A. That that that is a set. And it is one product being sold as a set. So monster vodka says, Does one already have toe have the product? What if somebody purchases the book that you had super low? Or is that all riel time? And you literally made the price go down in minutes. And this is a question referring to the book inventory re pricing video. Basically, what I did in that video is I took advantage of another sellers re pricing software and the fact that they weren't manually paying attention to it. And they didn't have stopgaps in place to Onley to to basically not go lower than a certain price point on their products. Right. I happened to notice that I manually adjust a lot of my prices when I send you valuable inventory into FDA. Right, So what I did then is the price at the buy boxes all the 200. And they were slowly dropping the price like a center to below my price every time. So I dropped my price all the way down to $19. They drop their price down to $19. I bought their book and I have dropped my price. I raise my price all the way back up to 200. Right now, I'm gonna make the 200. I completely kicked the other repressor off off the listing. And I have another book coming in that I'm this shit back into F B A and make that $200 margin potentially on. Right? So he's basically asking, you know what? If somebody purchased my book while I was doing that, or did I do that all in real time? So the and to answer your question, I did it all very, very fast. That's why I'm kind of rushing in the video to show you guys. If I wasn't making that video, I would have done it in like, 10 seconds. That's why the video thumbnail says $150 in 10 seconds because I would have literally dropped my price, monitored the by box to see when they drop their price. Then I would have bought theirs will raise my price back up in a matter of seconds. Right. So, yes, it is always a risk. When you do that, you're playing those kind of games on the by box and adjusting prices against re pricing software. So, yes, someone could have bought my book and someone could have also bought their book as well. But I did it so fast that obviously I took advantage of it. And then I raise my price back up. So you do have to be careful when you're doing that. So, Frank Paris, he says, Hey, Brian, thanks for all the value for fried. Hear any tips on avoiding fake I P complaints? I just made my first couple of sales, and I'm running into this issue. So this funny that literally the next question is right on that one that I was talking about. So yeah, exactly Exactly what I just said. In the last answer to Chloe, there are ways to avoid them, and basically the best ways to avoid them are don't scale up, and then obviously send in the PNG invoice off the order I D or sues me of the PNG picture of the invoice on that specific s and an order I d to Amazon when they asked for right away . Another great way is to just simply source products that sell quickly and another trick to delete your your inventory. Right? So as soon as something sells deleted out of your inventory, so there's no history of it, and then that's a really great way. So there's no when Amazon does go through and file all the the appeal or not the appeals that claims on that actual ass, and it's no longer in your inventory so you won't get hit with it, Gergely Kovacs says. Okay, thank you for the video. I have a couple of questions. It would be great if you could help. What could I do if I don't live in any of the list of countries? And he's referring to extreme rebate? I believe any of the list of countries. So the U. S, Germany, France, Italy, UK, etcetera it. So should he shipped them to a prep center in that country? How would I use a warehouse. The story. I imagine it would cost a lot while it's waiting for the sale, which would be weeks or months. So in this specific example, this is a good question. So you can do all nine arbitrage from anywhere in the world, right? And what I usually recommend is either source products on on amazon dot com in the U. S. And then use an Amazon or you is a U. S FDA prep center to ship in the Amazon rent. So you're staying. All your products are standing in the US right? And that is specifically when you're focused on shipping into Amazon and reselling back on Amazon. Right? So that's like your book arbitrage. That's like coupon arbitrage cash back if you're shipping in the FBI and re selling on Amazon. Although, like I said, I try to steer people away from that. Nowadays, Lots of your books. That's like your book deal that's like your wholesale that's like your liquidation. That's all that other stuff. All that stuff can be used with a prep center within the U. S. And you don't have to ever have to touch the inventory you just order from your location, and then you manage your inventory on your laptop from your location. That prep Santer center handles all the inventory, the receiving, the repackaging, the re labeling, the shipping the FDA for you, for a slight feel camp. So it's usually 50 cents to a dollar 50 depending on the prep center, and it's gonna cut in your profit margin a little bit. But it's worth it in a lot of ways, especially if you live outside the U. S. And even some people in the U. S elected goes through as well, because you don't have to spend the time to do all that stuff yourself, right? So it's worth it to some people. That said, he specifically, it sounds like he's specifically talking about reselling back on other. He's specifically talking about cash back arbitrage. So he's talking about reselling back on eBay or posh mark or macari, right? So when that specific aspect, what I would say to him is pick a different business model if there's not an eBay in your in your local out, depending on where he lives. He didn't specify if there's not an eBay marketplace in your country or there's not a marketplace to resell in your country. Right Then what I would recommend is picking a business model where you can utilize the Amazon FDA, perhaps centers, and you can order off Amazon reso back on Amazon. So just to recap, that is your book arbitrage, your book deal arbitrage, your liquidation, our trash, your wholesale arbitrage, etcetera. And then you don't It doesn't matter your location. You can simply order total prep center and then shipping in the Amazon FDA and just manage everything on your seller central from your actual computer. So moving on a miss says, Hello, Brian, do you think it's ethical to sell others products red? So, do you think it's ethical to sell other sellers products? And I actually I'm gonna read my response because I was gonna answer this, and I remember responding to this person, and they weren't they weren't like accusing me. But this is something that I get, ah, lot from a lot of different people. So I really wanted to throw into this Q and A to make sure I hit at home. So I'm gonna pop my response up on the screen as well, and I'll read it So I'm assuming he's referring to the coupon arbitrage in which he was because I remember this conversation. And in that case, yeah, why wouldn't it be right? Why wouldn't it be ethical? It's a free market. They're offering their products at a discount for buyers. And that is capitalism there, literally driving the potential value of their products down by offering some of those products for free on cash back websites or for cheap on, you know, on Cuban websites or anything like that, right to basically drive sales and potentially get reviews, right? So it's it's a given take right there, literally driving down the value by giving their products away. So I get it from both sides, obviously, because I Brent been a private label cellar, and I understand the ranking process of ranking a private label product listing and why it's important to do those types of things that said this idea that you shouldn't buy someone's product with a coupon code or, you know, buy somebody's cash back product and resell it. Addison respect for that private label process literally makes zero sense to me, right? You own nothing to that cellar just because they listed their product on a coupon site. You owe nothing to that cellar just cause they listed their product on a cash back sight. And this idea this warped mentality, I believe, comes from private label sellers that are frustrated that people are buying their products . And I've been that person. So I get it buying their products and reselling them other on other places. Right? So the fact that you should kind of respect that that's their product and you shouldn't resell it. A a is completely, I just don't understand. And B, it's unethical not to, because the first sale doctrine and depending on where you live, that might be a little bit different. The first cell doctoring grants you re selling purpose a reselling rights. Eso you are allowed legally to resell any product that you've gotten. Okay, so you are allowed to re so I don't see any ethical dilemma with it. Although I'm not here to force my beliefs on you. I'm just explaining it to you how I feel about it. So if you have an ethical dilemma about it, then you don't have to go that right. You can just focus on other forms of our recharge. There's an arbitrage for everybody. You can focus on wholesale liquidation books. Both deal whatever you want. You don't have to do that. I see no issue with it, but to each their own, and you guys can make that decision for yourself. So loving, it says. Is it allowed to use your Amazon prime account for arbitrage purposes? And the answer is yes. So finally, Drew Peter says, Enough has another great question. Not sure if I ask this on the channel, but what what about if an item has a paid warranty? What happens if you shipping item like that to a buyer? And then they asked for the warranty and requests to new items? So this is also a great question, Drew. So in this specific example, he's talking about coupon armed charge when you're hopping on a listing that has a warranty from that seller. So you'll have to worry about any any warranties that third as 1/3 party seller because the warranties on Lee valid to the person that that basically initiates it. Same thing with a coupon code, right? So if you hop on the listing and win the by box. Nobody will be able to purchase the warranty anymore and the warranty, but will be avoid from the third party seller kept, so you don't have to worry about warranties from 1/3 party seller. 3. Online Arbitrage Q&A #2: All right, guys. Now we're gonna do the long awaited Q and A for the online arbitrage question. So I went through and I actually outright about 25 questions that seem to be more of the most frequent questions. And like a lot of questions that I get, I feel like this is a good way for you to kind of see other where other people are struggling with the Army in our trash or where they're confused. This walks, he help you give you a little bit more information younger right now trying to go through these as fast as possible while giving an in depth, you know, thoughtful answer. And I'm trying to realistically answer them in about 30 seconds to a minute s. So let's jump in. Chris Andrews says, Hey, Brian, I'm confused. Please help. I have just one prime account, $13 per month that I buy from. So I get another prime accounts, resell these on my products so I don't get suspended. Also, you just leave reviews on jumps and stand shop. So to jump through this real fast, so your you need to accounts. This is a question. I get all the time you need to separate accounts one by her account and one seller account , and I recommend going with a professional seller count and not individual. It's really that simple there. Not length. So you're not buying from your cellar account, even though you can do that, you're buying from your Amazon prime account and your reselling with your cellar account to separate accounts not connected now do not leave any reviews. When you buy any products, you could do one of two things. You can either review the product and keep it, or you can resell the product, which is number two. But don't review anything if you plan on reselling, and that is a big, big no no. Moving on your EQ says. Does that only work in the U. S. A. From Europe? With this beat, would I be able to use this system? So this works for anybody across the board, not just people in Europe, but anybody outside of the U. S. Obviously there are multiple Amazon marketplaces, so you could do online our trust in any of those Amazon marketplaces. However, for the people outside the U. S. O. To recommend drop shipping recommend buying theme from the Amazon coupon sites for the U. S and resell them back in the US marketplace. The reason being is there's more coupon Josh products. There's also better products on Amazon. There's more products, there's higher margins, and the Amazon marketplace is just the biggest. So it's the most sales in the highest profits that you can actually make, so you can sell on any in any marketplace on any of them. But I recommend abs on, and the way that you could do that from outside the U. S is just simply order to a prep center. So instead of you ordered your physical, physical location, whether that's in Europe or Canada, which pan or Australia or wherever you simply order to a US prep center, you get their address, he said, to deal with them, and they're going to simply just charge you a percentage for every single item that you that they deal with so hypothetically, if you you know, you said, perhaps center deal where they're taking 50 cents for every item, then you're and you do you know, maybe 30 a month. Then obviously you're paying $15 a month for them to prep your about your packages under own box from everything. Ship them back into FBI, where you're simply gonna make the profit, so it's very, very cheap. Usually it's about 50 cents all the way up to have seen the dollar 50 for the people that were actually sign into your cell, our account and literally do everything for you, which is also a great deal. But yes, you can simply or to a prep center. Good question. Even Pina says from the coupon websites. Do you also sourced supplements? Yes, I do something. Let's have some of the greatest margins. In my opinion, you can source pretty much anything. Just make sure that you can sell it. Always check it, even sell. Moving on, George, 1924 says, Hey, Brian, very informative videos, and I like your transparency. I'm about to take your course, but I want to know if you've ever had issues with Amazon with that method, and do you use your account for the purchases or another one to take advantage of prime shipping eso that second part of the question I answer before you need to separate accounts . So one prime buyer wanted seller account. But, yes, have I ever had issues with Amazon? Are you referring to Amazon specifically? Or the sellers on Amazon? I've never had specific issues with Amazon, but I have had issues with other competitive sellers. It's a competitive marketplace, and obviously competition is a good thing. It indicates money and profit to be made, Quincy Scott says. Brian, if you buy a laptop for your business and decide to finance it, can you write it off the cookie, write off the cost of the laptop or just the payments that you made in that fiscal year? So this is a good question, because I've been talking a lot about finances and taxes. I am not a tax professional. Always consult with your C p. A. I shouldn't give advice on this, so I'm not necessarily going to. If it were me, I would assume that if it were me specifically, I would only be able to write off the payments for that fiscal year. But I know there are some stipulations in some states with cars, so if you you know you put a down payment on a car, I know there are certain things that you can do. But like I said, consult your accountant. I'm not qualified to answer that for you. And I don't want to point you in the wrong direction. Terrel ish says, could you could you cover the label with yours? Yes, it's exactly what you do. So you're not gonna cover them all When you when you're going to reach Talking on your shipping pop pack is back in the FBI. So you're only gonna cover the ones that Amazon Cropsey do, which I go in depth in the in the course of the house, show you. But when you are prompted, yes, you simply the print that label out, tape it right over the old ass and label and you're good to go. Essam says, Great shot, Brian. Do you know similar sites for Canada would be great if you could help with that. So, yes, there are sites that you can source off from Canada and there are bulk sites and liquidation house for Canada. I don't specialize in the Canadian market place, although you could do that as well for anybody. That's not us. I simply recommend doing all this. They're sourcing in the US marketplace and using a prep center. I know some people don't want to do that, but there's the most probably made there. And I have probably, you know, at least 10 to 15 students that are all sourcing with prep centers and doing fairly, fairly well with it. Some of them there's, I think there's like two or three. They're still having some hiccups, but the majority of them are pretty good to go. And they're prep centers, you know, had everything down a on says fantastic job. Can I sell items on posh mark from outside the U. S? Unfortunately, I don't believe that you can. I believe posh Marcus only for the U. S. Currently, you might. We'll get to that. But that's just what I am Under the understanding of eso, Jeff says, Hey, Brian, what do you dio? You get a cease and assist letter from from another seller ISAT against Amazon's terms of service. If they're item is copyrighted, Stretched slash, trademark. So a couple of things here, uh, like I said, I'm going to depth. I give, you know, entire template in the course on what to do when you get a cease desist letter that's standard. You're going to get them from time to time. If you're you know, you're selling, you know, 500 products a month, you can expect the good 10 to 15 season assist letters. Just it's part of doing business tally. Try to compete because, like I said in the past, they don't realize that you actually do have their problems. They think that you are, you know, actually creating a fake product what you are actually not doing so. There are ways to prove that there are ways that you go about that. Obviously, I can't really go into that in depth right here. But, yes, there are ways to handle that, and that's to be expected. Same thing with the copyright trademark now, yes, it is actually legitimate copyright trademark, Um, 99% of those those legitimate ones will reach out to you. There are also other things that you could do to compete with the other inauthentic, you know, claims in the copyright claims that are bogus because, like I said, 90 to 90 95% of them are at least gonna be bogus. There's no repercussions for sellers to file these bogus claims. on Amazon right now, so it's just the way that they try to compete, Unfortunately, but there are easy ways to beat them, and if you appealing often and you know you do certain things, you can get by them pretty easily. How do you make 5 to 10-K if you're buying one product at a time? This one? My questions, Because a lot of people think How. How are you doing all this? This packaging and sending all these individual products simple Man. Don't make five K you know doing it one proud of the time, one product at a time. There's a lot think about. If you're buying $10 profit margins, well, then you know 10 to 20 a day and you're pretty good there. So 20 day you might be like, What is that 67 k a day? If there marshal 10 bucks so it's pretty simple. You only have to buy 10 to 20 a day. You're pretty good, Gopal says. Hey, Brian, can I buy 10 quantities of a single item at a discounted price, or should I buy less quantities? And do I need to use Jungle Scout? Even if the Bs are the best seller. Rank is lower than 21,000. Or can I do it without Jungle Scout? So couple questions here. Can you buy multiple quantities? Typically, I suggest by in quantities of one, because that's gonna a protect you long term over the listing, because things can change because you don't want to be the whole idea. Here's the flip fast. If the numbers are good enough, you can. But I don't suggest, you know, going to too high with that. You don't want your not trying to screw any sellers over here not trying by all their inventory at the Cuban price. That's kind of a dick move, and I think that's bad karma. I don't suggest doing that, But if what say they have 2000 units or 300 units and you're gonna buy 10 of them because they're selling fast, that's, ah, you know, call that you could make I've done in the past, but I would recommend not abusing that Now. Do you need jungle? Still, if you're the best seller, rank is below 21,000. No, you don't necessarily. I always recommend it. If you have a job. Scott chrome extension. Use it. But if you're you don't have to jump start from extension, then just stick below 100,000. U should be pretty good, but if you do have the extension you're asking, do I need to click it if it's under 21,000? No, you don't. But if you click the jungles out extension, it will show you how many sales they're out there. They have a month, so you know, if you want to buy a quantity of higher, you know that saying it's selling 10 today. Well, you could buy 33 because you know that those three will flip that day, Matthew Gill says. Are you allowed to ship different products? And Amazon in the same box is safe on shipping? Yes, you are Matthew. That's exactly what I teach to do because you're market will be higher, Cat lovers says. For cats, Lover says thank you. Give us accurate, useful information. We're doing online arbitrage. We're doing arbitrage. And because beginner, can I sell anything in the Facebook groups? And can you sell toys a little bit lost in this one? So can you can you can resell anything that she gets in the Facebook groups for free. You can, as long as you get self check. On top of that, can you sell toys? You can actually sell toys. The only reason I'm assuming this question was because off Q four new sellers were restricted to not being able to sell toys and games in Q four. But you should be able to that since man or send it to fours over. Everybody should be able to sell toys. Now that's just a Q four thing because of the high velocity toys during Christmas, J says. I live in Hawaii, so would still be feasible for me to ship them back to myself or send it to a prep center. This is a great question because he's talking about the tubular delivery as well. So with why it's a little bit of a different thing because you're not in the mainland us. So you're still gonna get the shipping your something at the deals on. And if you're okay with a couple of extra days, then by all means it will work for you. If you were. You know, there's no reason that you can't use the prep center, though If you wanted to go that route, you could do either one. It's whatever you're more comfortable with. And I were in why I test it out and see if it, you know, kind of gave me any trouble that I wasn't expecting for maybe a week or two. And if everything was fine and it was just like adding a day or two to my shipping, I wouldn't I would just keep Timmy to do it myself if I saw it over adding it was adding with a week or something. Then I probably looking old Prep center eso Bridget L. Says hello, I love your content. Thank you for making these videos. Just the understand. Can this prep center in Canada be used to ship to the U. S. Source in Canada and sound us? Or is it just doing away in Canada? Sources tell locally. So for Canada, you can, like I said, you can source in Canada and you could do a prep center in Canada. But I recommend sourcing. If you're from Canada, recommend sourcing in the US marketplace and sourcing to a prep center in the US marketplace. So the prep centers in the U S The FDA centers in the U. S. Everything's in the US. Your products never actually crossed the border. There are always in the US just using us Crap center. It's that it's literally that easy. So Ron Fry tag says, Hey, Brian, how about the shipping of $1 product? No free shipping, I'm guessing. Not sure what you mean by that he could be talking about eBay. Could be talking about not sure what video I took this from, but no, there's there's no free shipping. You can't you can't get free shipping. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing the only place you get free shipping are posh Mark. And if you make, if you charge people to, you know, for the shipping on Amazon and your merchant feeling it, or if you charge people on eBay for the shipping on eBay. But other than that, you're not charging people for shipping. The only place you get for shipping is on posh mark, not on Amazon Ricardo, but you know, because the buyer pace word impossible. Maga rant says Great video Love. The skeleton filing came on in a few months. Do you know what average. How much you're putting in a month to make that it depends. It could be anywhere from 500 to 2 grand. On top of that, it depends because each rock is different, so each Marge is gonna be different. It's going to depend every product product every month, the month, Charlie says. Good day, out of interest. How do you monitor warranty? And for three years for every single item bought with this method? Pretty simple. So I dont mater warranty info because I'm 1/3 party seller. And if you do the arm charge like I teach, you won't have to be there because you're not the original. Sell herself when you're listening under 1/3 party and not that actual seller you, you will be responsible for the warrant for the warranty. Even Pangea says great video need to do this, but where does the money used to buy new crowds come from? Also, you make video, have a track inventory and the cost of goods. That's my biggest problems. Where does the money come from? It comes from the profit margins. So let's say I take 300 blocks and turn that into a grand right. Well, whatever difference I don't spend next month, this is my money. So that I spent 300. I made a grand. I've profited 700 bucks, right? Well, I can take 500 that spending more on products in pocket 200. I could take all 700 spending on products or all 1000 spent on products. You know what I mean? That's where the money comes from. It's from the Prophet Hope that makes sense. 4. Online Arbitrage Q&A #3: So Daniel Simpson says, Is it perfectly OK to buy products on Amazon and sell them back on Amazon? Will it get you banned? So yes, Daniel, it's perfectly okay to buy products on Amazon and then resell them back on Amazon, Stacey Jones says. Hey, I wanted to know why you let the items sit there for a couple of days. Exactly. And so she's referring. Teoh, when I get them to my house, when I order the items to my house and why why don't I shipped them out right away? Well, the reason I keep them at my house for a while is so that I can build up a number of products so that I can ship them all in at once. So if you know, hypothetically, I'm ordering five a day or 10 today, right? I don't let it build up to like, 20 to 50 and then initiate a shipment at 22 50 so I'm shipping them all in the same box, ideally, or a few boxes instead of like, 10 boxes or 20 boxes. If I'm shipping the product back out, it's going to negate my shipping charges because obviously, if I ship everything in one box. It could be a lot cheaper, and I ship it out every single day and shipping in multiple boxes. And it's less work. English teacher Derrick in a different language. I'm sorry if I butcher anyone's names. I'm very bad with names, guys, he says. When you factor in the time it takes to add the eBay description, details and photos repackage the items. Go to the post office, etcetera. Do you have to figure, Do you have a figure for your our hourly rate? So this is a question I get a lot. I've gotten in a couple times in the Facebook group for online arm Trust Pro to point out, I've also got a lot through email just over the course of watching this course on DNO. I don't factor in my hourly rate. I don't really calculate that the way that I personally look at it, because, in my opinion, it's just not I don't factor that. I think it's a waste of time to figure out how much you're getting pay per hour. I like to look at it monthly, so what I basically do is I do this part time I'm not doing this full time, As you can see currently, right now, I'm literally creating video. A lot of my my stuff that I do is online content and information products, Khan says. What kind of products of those can you resell every single product brands just like that, even the big brands like Puma, LG Apple, for example. But you can basically resell 99.9% of products. There are some brands that you chances are regardless, if you have good selling history. If you have, ah, an invoice from a legitimate manufacturer, even as proof that you won't be able to get on gated for. So that's like your Nikes potentially in your apples to with ones that he suggested that chances are you won't get in gated for top top top tier brands like that because you kind of get grandfathered in. But for 99.9% of the other brands and even some of the top tier branches not like your Nikes, you can get in gated on a lot of times if you you don't even need like a purchase invoice from legitimate manufacturer. If you have a decent selling history and a positive selling history for an extended period time. So if you get on there and you're doing our trucks for like a month or two, then you can start requesting approval on certain brands and on certain products and in certain categories. And Amazon should a lot of times just go ahead and accept you automatically because you have a good selling history. So Fox says, Hello, brother. I have a query about whether this project is for people living in America. You can do this anywhere in the world. There's two basic ways that you could do this anywhere in the world, right? Either you're gonna use all the coupon sites, and he's specifically referring to the coupon sites. Obviously you can. You liquidation arbitrage from anywhere in the world and a lot of the ball field sites you can buy from your specific marketplace as well. So he do them from anywhere in the world. Eso for cash back our trash and for the coupon arbitrage. Well, you could basically do is you can use those specific sites. Use a prep center so your products are never leaving the United States for a slight fee Now it's very, very easy to set up. Basically, you're gonna contact about 5 to 10. Perhaps centers. See which one's the most helpful and as a cheap, cheapest prices and go with that one. And that way you're just ordering from your products from Amazon to a prep center whose then repackaging of products back up and shipping them in the Amazon FBI. You don't have to be in the country. You can simply manage your computer and your Amazon seller inventory from anywhere now. The second method is to simply used products and, you know, sourcing websites and coupon websites. Ah, specifically for your country or the Amazon marketplace closest to you. So, depending on where you live in the world, that might be, you know, Amazon, Mexico. ABS on Canada There scares coupon sites for Amazon, UK A lot of times there I've seen once for India, I've seen once for Australia I've seen once for Germany and Japan. There's a number of online marketplaces for Amazon. You would have to search for specific coupon products for the marketplace that your closest to, but obviously I can't really answer that for one size fits all because there's so many mark places and I don't know where you live 5. Online Arbitrage Q&A #4: So Sam Frame says, Hi, Brian. This is not related to this video, but I want to start using coupon codes to find deals. Is it a problem if I live in the UK? Are there any UK based coupon sites I could use, or can I just pay extra for shipping? So, yes, there are definitely UK based coupon sites that you can use, and there are UK based liquidation, not UK based. Sorry, but you can use liquidation, you know, sites and liquidation arbitrage. In order to the UK, you don't have to pay extra in shipping. There are also two specific cash back websites that I talk about some of the coupon sites, depending on which ones are not gonna run through examples up. 20 of them are 30 of them because there are a bunch of them. But some of them do have the option to click, like the tab down at the top, where you'll see like Amazon, UK or Amazon, Germany or Amazon Indian stuff like that, right? So some of them already do have offers. But if you're asking for a specific coupon site that is just for the UK, I'm sure they're out there. I have not, you know, went out and identified them essentially. So yes and no is the short answer. Their unknown unknown says, All right, I'm trying to get into this money is not an issue. I have plenty of capital by, but I cannot buy anything. Liquidation. Every single liquidation site says they required in my business info. But I have no business. I'm just someone trying to sell more items on eBay. I do it casually with this stuff I buy. Okay, So I know where this is going. Basically saying all the liquidation websites want, like your wholesale certificate or your business e i n numbers. So you have two options if you want to do it like he's specifically saying right here or he or she is unknown Eyes saying here, you know, Then you can basically file for an e i n number with the government and then file for for a wholesale licence with your state, submit those and you can do that as a sole proprietor or as yourself. But if you're just a sole proprietor and you don't want to do a business like this person specifically asking, just go ahead and file as a sole proprietor. Get your e. I am from the government, so I arrest dot Organ, I believe, is where you check into that I haven't. It's been a long time, so actually filed for one. Then you would file for any I am online and then file with your specific state on their state website to get a wholesale licence and submit that it's actually very, very easy to dio. But you know, there's 50 different states, obviously, and each one is slightly different process. So check irs dot gov to get E i N number for you specifically, and then check your specific state website to get your wholesale licence and submit them. Ben asks. Would love to buy a pallet. Don't have things like that in this corner of the world. But every time I see you to forget, one of always pumps actually been, you can you can buy liquidation and you can buy a liquidation palette. I believe he's in New Zealand. If I'm not mistaken and you can I I'm pretty sure you can order the liquidation pallets do anywhere in the world on. I think the shipping is just a standard 49 bucks might wanna look into that, but I'm pretty sure that that's true. So I don't even know how to say this. One ace being PR 07 says, Can I buy more than one with the same rebate? Yeah, you can buy more than one, but you only get rebated with one. So you if you buy a quantity of 20 like, for example, on a coupon website if you buy, if you get a coupon and for whatever reason you're allowed to buy a quantity of 20 then that's great. You know more power to you, but on a rebate site you can buy as many quantities you want. There's no specific seller restriction. That said, if you buy five of them, you're only going to get a rebate for one of them. So keep that in mind. So Sam Yack says, Does this work for Canadians? Yeah, works anywhere in the world. You can do it anywhere in the world, Chris Andrews says. Hey, Brian, does it matter if there's just one seller? Also, do you look at the brand and the seller to see if they're different, so I don't look at the brand or the seller to see if they're different doesn't matter to me at all. And in most aspects, I don't matter. It doesn't matter to me if there's one seller or multiple sellers. Now, if you're looking at a specific product listing and it's got, like, 30 sellers and a bunch of different offers, well, then I might steer clear that kind of go in a different direction, knowing full well that it already playing like like by box tag. And I've been playing like Drop the Price and in price battles because there's so many other competing sellers on that listing. But that's the only instance where I, you know, think about something like that. So another question from he'd, uh, he'd choon I'm sorry about this. Names from ID Shaman. Hi, Brian. Which, which printer did you get? Do I recommend a dynamo for 50 or for Excel? It's kind of funny. I I've been getting a lot of printed questions lately, maybe because print out a lot of labels and stuff. People think I know a lot about printers. I know literally nothing about printers s O. I usually use the wanted to my parents like a really nice laser jet printer. And I do all my e commerce stuff over there. But right here specifically, I have a ah hp envy photo 78 55. And it works pretty well. It's literally directly below this on a little ledge. So that's the one I use. I don't really know that much about printers, and in my opinion, it doesn't really matter as long as they print the label. You don't need a special label printer. You don't need a special printer. In general, they all worked pretty well. So Dream says, Hey, Brian, can I do the Amazon FDA? If I'm not in the United States, he's in Ghana. If he can't, one other marketplaces can use if he lives in Ghana. So, um, yeah, you can do it. You can do Amazon from anywhere in the world. Obviously, you can do. You can pick an Amazon marketplace specifically. That's closest to you, so I'm not sure what that will be. It might be like Amazon India. It might be like Amazon, like, you know, I'm not sure exactly what is the closest to Ghana. You could look into that yourself or you can specifically use Amazon us and use a prep center, which is what a lot of people dio on DSO. Your products are never actually leaving us, right? You're ordering in the U. S. To a US prep center whose then sending them to Amazon? Us. You could be anywhere in the world of manager seller Central. It's really, really easy to do so So Anthony said in says, Is your method possible outside the U. S. Yet it's outside. It's possible outside the U. S. I think I threw these. This is like a few days ago when I grabbed all these questions. So I think I threw these all in just to make sure to hit a home. That's one of the most popular questions that I get. Usually can you do it from outside the U. S. Can you do it from a specific country? Insert country here. You can do it from anywhere in the world, just like I answered before. So finally, the last question, Georgina says, I love this idea. After selling on Posh mark for a year part time, I'm finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Also, there are no specific posh mark requirements. Toe list the items as boutique. And she That's a question. So no, there is no specific requirements. They just have to be new. That's the only requirement. Can't wait to try this along with the APP you went over in the previous video. I'm binge watching your videos and taking notes. Love them. Can't wait. Do I do this full time? Basically, what she asking the two questions there. Are there any specific, you know, requirements? Solicitous boutique? No, not for the specific item. It just has to be a new condition. And then you can throw it in your boutique on postmark on. Do I do it full time? No, I might do it. I don't know what depending on a given week, maybe 10 to 20 hours, max. So I do a part time. You could do it part time where you can scale it up and do it full time as well. Obviously I create a lot of content as well, and I love that business model to there's two main business models that focus on all nine arbitrage and content creation. Like I'm doing right here. 6. Online Arbitrage Questions Project: So your project for this course is gonna be very, very sample. One of the things that I've learned not just with online arbitrage, but with entrepreneurship and e commerce in general. Right is you're gonna learn a lot more through actually taking action and practicing what you preach as well. Right? So you're gonna learn a lot more by actively doing this type of these types of things and learning from what you're actually doing. Then you ever will. Taking a course. Don't get me wrong. Taking in the information is important, but then you have to act on that information. So your course project is simple. Obviously you've watched this course in the entirety. If you're at this project lecture right here. So what I want you to do for your project is implement this stuff and then compile a list. That list can be, you know, maybe three questions, maybe 10 questions. Long doesn't have to be long. Compile a list of your top online arbitrage questions that you know you haven't seen answered. Or maybe that you are wondering about then when we get enough project lectures and I cant and there's enough lists there. I will compile a compile a bigger list of questions, and I will run through an answer, another all mine arbitrage to and a for you guys to help you out. I think this is a really good way to kind of stay up to date and keep the course updated and increase the content value in this course so that not only am I answering other arm on arbitrage questions that he will have asked previously currently right now, but also that will stay current into the future for any of you. So, like I said, before you write anything down, I want you to implement this stuff, maybe at maybe keep a list next to your computer as you're implementing. This is the stuff that you've learned in this course and then slowly write down questions that you've had. And then I want you to post those questions to this course as your project. Not only will that make you clear on where you struggle, but it will also allow me to address those questions moving forward. So with that being said, hope you really, really got a lot of value out of these Q and A's in this course and I'll CIA in the next one