All About the Index Fan - How to Fan Playing Cards Like a Pro | Steven Mather | Skillshare

All About the Index Fan - How to Fan Playing Cards Like a Pro

Steven Mather, The Backstage Wizard

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4 Videos (15m)
    • How to do the Index Fan

    • Fine Tuning the Index Fan

    • How to do the "S" Fan

    • Fine Tuning the "S" Fan


About This Class

In this class you'll learn all about how to fan a deck of cards like a professional with the index fan technique. Whether you're interested in cardistry, card magic, or just being a card shark, this is a must have skill! Once you're armed with this knowledge you'll be ready to look like more than the average player at the card table.

All you need to begin is a new deck of playing cards (ideally not made of plastic) and you're set to learn some exclusive tips from the best index fan tutorial on the internet!





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Steven Mather

The Backstage Wizard

Hello all, my name is Steven, aka, The Backstage Wizard. Behind the title, I'm a college student passionate about creating the highest quality content possible. That said, you'll learn how to do various things in relation to producing content, and you'll also find some content teaching you about some of my other interests. These other interests include magic and cardistry.

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