All About Macro/Close Up Photography in Your Home

Bonnie Marquette, Macro and Nature Photographer

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7 Lessons (2h 6m)
    • 1. Intro and Gear Needed

    • 2. Composition

    • 3. Depth of Field

    • 4. Color Contrast and Texture

    • 5. Basic Lighting

    • 6. Challenging Subjects

    • 7. Putting it All Together


About This Class


"Tabletop Macro/Close Up Photography for Beginners" is for the folks who have a camera (it doesn't have to be an expensive pro camera, it just needs a lens and the ability to zoom!) but would like to shoot better photos without having to be a technical genius or having to spend thousands of dollars for equipment. Learn at your own pace from your home using items to build sets that you already have or can buy for very little money.

Although geared towards tabletop and close up, the lessons apply to all genres of photography, whether indoor or outdoor. This is a great course for those selling products online, those wanting to get into food photography and those who love to shoot nature up close.

This is the type of training and information I wish I would have had starting out... easy to understand! 

Video Lessons Covered with Handbooks: Look under "Your Project- Resources" for the Handbooks

1. Composition

2. Depth of Field

3. Color, Contrast and Texture

4. Basic Lighting

5. Challenging Subjects

6. Putting it All Together