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13 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction to GitHub Pull Request

    • 2. Clone The Project to Send a Pull Request

    • 3. Edit The Project Before Send a Pull Request

    • 4. Create a Pull Request on GitHub From a Fork

    • 5. Review, Approve and Merge a Pull Request

    • 6. Review and Delete Closed Pull Request

    • 7. Viewing The Project's Contributors

    • 8. Commit Changes To a New Branch

    • 9. Open Multiple Pull Requests on GitHub

    • 10. Merge or Close Multiple Pull Requests on GitHub

    • 11. Review changed Files in a Pull Request

    • 12. Everything About Git Aliases

    • 13. Pull the Pull Request Change to Local Repository

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About This Class

Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and review the potential changes with collaborators and add follow-up commits before your changes are merged into the base branch.

After initializing a pull request, you'll see a review page that shows a high-level overview of the changes between your branch (the compare branch) and the repository's base branch. You can add a summary of the proposed changes, review the changes made by commits, add labels, milestones, and assignee, and @mention individual contributors or teams. 

This course will showcase the common scenarios of pull requests to provide code reviews and increase code quality.

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Fettah BEN

Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer


Hi there. My name is Fettah BEN and I want to get real with you for a minute.

Ben is an IT Administrator Diploma and has built a successful business in coaching, online marketing, Web Development, content marketing, Virtualization, Server Administration and lot of other projects.
In this Profile I share with you my skills, my successful strategies and techniques in different fields with an easy ways that takes you from beginners levels to expert levels.

By taking one of my courses you will be able to get the Full Support and Answers to any of your questions.

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1. Introduction to GitHub Pull Request: Welcome to the ghetto Polar Quist course. One off the powerful futures off. Get Top. Hi there. This is what'll happen. I am a Web developer who's been writing code for over 12 years, and I've been using guitar for over 10 years. Get hope has helped me manage complex projects and the rights. Better court to poor Norquist can sound intimidating at first, especially when you must spare them with git, commits, pulls and pushes in discourse. Get her pull request from start to finish. You will end the process off, bringing in court from a ghetto repository in on Organise it fresh in a win stuff to our developers team to be able to track and review each other work before deployment through. Prediction. First, you will create some poon request and get up approval. Next, you will discover how to review a court, wheat and for others. Finally, you will explore common scenario. You're on counter Win using porn request. Before beginning this course, you should have a familiarity with Get hope on how to use git command as well as has some knowledge on using collaborative tools. If you've been core used, how to use pull request to your advantage. Let me show you how and why get hope or request from start to finish in leads to a more stable bit writing and useful court ways for you and your teams. 2. Clone The Project to Send a Pull Request: Hi again. No. We're going to talk about another function off the get hope That is very important. No, we're going to talk about the pull request and how it will work. As you know, in any projects you created in to get hope or any suntan is aided server, you create the member of the team, for example, five or six member of the team who can. It's this project and push the editing directly to the master without needing your permission. So they have the permission to edit and manage the project directly. But there are other developer from the public ho. Can this accessory of projects on try to suggest some editing and there are more than 10,000 public developer who can see your project. And if they want, they can make some editing in your projects, then send you a pool or a quest. Jewell, check that editing. If you like it, you prove it. If there are necessary, you can edit it or you can deny it etcetera. So they send you a poor Oquist to checked in your editing, and then you can merge them with your project without any problems. So for that we're goingto do an example by using dude preview projects. It, of course, that we work on late into preview video and we try to get a copy for another person who is not a member off the team. If we check this one, this project has no one inside it to the public to manage it. So you see, with does not have any collaborator in this project that's me, the other user. There's not half full access to this project, so we could be this project and we'll go another A content, for example, depressed Patrick and we try to get a copy or clone off this project in our other account. So here you see that this projects from fit secure shell the Projects college course, and we try to clone it or take a copy by clicking on the folk. So we have our copy off the project. You see, it's coming the project to make a copy in our occurrence, and we have our copy off the original projects in our account. Bris Patrick. No, we can't make the editing necessary in this product, and then we can send a push request to the administrator to the owner off this project to check our editing and dim, distant. If, hey, like it, he would prove this editing. If not, he will deny it, or he make the necessary. It isn't that set up. So next we'll see how well do that. So see in the next lecture. 3. Edit The Project Before Send a Pull Request : Hello again. So now what we're going to make some editing in this project from our public are calm. That's mean, this is the account that gets a copy of the project and not to the owner of the project. So for example, we tried to create a new file indexed, for example, dot HTML. And we put, for example, via revenue. You said seat. As an example. That's mean this is a welcome page in the language of French. That's when the project is our website. But he's greeted in English. No, we tried to create a page for the French visitors to show a text in French language as our prediction of the website. The input example, hair indexed, we call it a French version of the website. Like that. Then you can add a description. This is the branch version like that. Then we have to option comments directly to the master branch or create a new branch of this commit and star up pull request. If you remember in the preview window we are a member of the team. We send directly to the branch master. That's mean to editing is applied to the project directly without needing to get an approval from the administrator. And in kids, we want to get unapproved from an administrative tool. We use this second option, true, lit, the Administrative Review, the editing before improve it or before merging it. But for us, we are not a member of the team in the project. We can also commit directly to the master, but of course, it will not be approved it directly as we seen in the previous course. Didn't Harvard do pull request again? So now we go into this, this first example. In this beginning, we seek the second option later. So we tried to commit on your file like that. So I heard is it audits on your file. That's got it at index four f L. Then for example, want to, it is the index.html to direct the visitor from French country to do Sigmund budgets. So we try to make some editing. So for example, we add this script, the script up or direct any visitor from French location to the second page, two, index HTML head is it the index dot HTML? Then we save it, for example, direct script to French, beige like that. Then for example, we add same description if you want it. Didn't we commit the change again to the original file. So here you see that it's added 60 believe, if we go back to the project early, you see that we have to editing. So not we submit our editing in the project locally, in our account. If we check the original account, the owner of the project, it does not have any editing yet. It still as it was before making any editing because we're still not send any update to do our north of the project. So we still in the local account. So now we're going to try to send a pull request by update that we did in this account to do owner of the project. So you see right here Bruce Patrick slash goods and we work from a fourth kid from fantastical course. That mean this project that we worked on it, it gets up, forget from critical calls. That's me. We are in our fork copy of the project. So not we've tried to send a pull request to do administrator or to the owner of the project to see what will happen, will see it in the next lecture. 4. Create a Pull Request on GitHub From a Fork: Hi again. So now I will try to send our first poll request to do owner of the project from Victor gastric would share large course. So we click on new bone, of course, regard to the polar OK with Dean, we click on your pool request. So here you see that it's chicken, but this project is our will to mesh. This branch can be automatically rip him Mick, our component between the projects, the local product and the original project from fantastic OCI, if there are any conflicts between these two project, if we make a mistake, there are some conflicts between the stopper or you get a message right here to fix that problem. So after chicken the competition between the two projects, you see that we are arbitrary measure the product without any problem. So you sit right here but the buzz repository fit decibel shell slash goods. As a master, he gets the updates you see the direction from my local are coined to do master account. So you see from Bruce Patrick slash schools and from the master branch, he will send the updates to do deci, good ship slosh cores. So the diction from this to this, our current, didn't you see right here the different commit, you see that we have to New York commit when MEK to commit to the productive mega comparision between the projects right here, that half sibling commit, but me, he went up to New York, commit to the original commit that already exist with see what's happened in this commit right here. For example, bruce Patrick, French, person of the website. This is the first commit we make it. Then the second one are that there are direct script to the French page doesn't mean when we add the script to rowe, director DuPage from index two, index to FL. Then here you see the church. She went to challenge by Stephen, addition and deletion. We Mek seven edition line. If we check with c that we have seven edition line, it is it the symbol applies that mean this is the line that is added and as ITU into green color, this is the line I add in the index file, this one that is deleted when Mick any editing on it. Then the index FAR version is the one that I created, hub one line added. So if we count all this lag, it will be 17 edition. And here you see that we have one addition. Then here we have 16 edition and minus one addition. So he can make the comparison between this file and the original file in the original project. And he found that there are no conflicts with between D. And here are some of the different edits I happen right here. So no, after reviewing our editing, of course, if we need to make some editing and we can't buck to the projects and the mic to editing then which send the pull request again until of course we can't split the different editing to see the difference between the origin and the new one. So you see the regime does not have any editing, then it changes to a BR renewable. Also sit then add the new editing is deleted. Are these this new one, Aldo content edited? He get the new one. So you can make a comparison between the original W1, u1. And here it shows you by the column one in the one. So after chicken that every tank is okay. I can create a pull request without any problem. So we click on it. It's asking you for the title of this book, which for example, added French language to the website like that, I've description French language or the website. So over VC, doors from french, tree can read the content. In France. As an example. They are detained by maintainer. That's mean I give him the ability to edit any tank that I already do it from the projects. But you want to add some tank or edit some tag, for example, charges text or mixed some editing Windows script, etc. Then we click on create pull request. So we'll send a pull request to the owner of the project. So you see right here, it's challenging to open. That's me. My ballpark whisked. No, it is open and still approve it from the owner. So Bruce Patrick want to merge, commit into field-tested good shared muster from Bruce Bathrick, Master, Did you see the conversation that I created as a message to the Arnaldo project, the inherited different commit. You see we have to commit branch version of the website, the other direct script to the flash boot, etcetera. Then here you see that we can add more convinced by pushing to master branch of Bruce Patrick doesn't mean if I want to go back and add something new, I can add it and send it as a PUT request to do master, owner of the project without any problem, then this branch has not conflicts with the base branch. So when everything is OK. Of course, I don't need to add more commits because I complete the task that I want. Then if we go back to the original owner of the project and we tried to reload the page. You will see that we have one New York Board request. So next we will see this poll requests from the outline of the project. So see you in the next lecture. 5. Review, Approve and Merge a Pull Request : Hi again. So not as an administrator, I get a pull request in my project and I need to review this Board request. So I simply go to the corner. Ok, with that, Harvard is number one. Of course, if they are more polar OK with you will see the total number right here. And there you see the difference polar OK, lists available in your projects. If for example, 3% sand, you are polar quiz, you will see them right here. And for example, this number one, open it won now by Bruce Patrick. Thus me, Bruce Patrick said you are Porlock Uist in your project, and this is the number one. So here also if we achieve, this is number one. If you send a second request, it will change it to number two, and so on. So here I tried to review this change before improve this transfer my project. So we click on the bulla request available and I can't read what's happened in this poll requests to IC added French-language websites. So I found that someone tried to add our third language in my website, in my projects. As I don't know French language, this is a good suggestion from our developer that's helped me to make my website in French version. So I sit right here, we have Bruce Potter, a commit one hour ago, added financial language to do website. So other visitor from panache country can read the content in French. So I like this. Don't write head. Then I check what's happened in the project. You see that French version of the website, that's mean this commit when he cleared up tragic version of the website, the other direct script to the French page. So I understand what's happened in my project. So here I see country knew integrate has not been stood up, can be automatically catch bugs and enforce style. That's mean a GitHub tried to make our comparision and the catch any bug between my project and the pull request. And he told me that this branch has not conflict. We do branch. So everything is OK. I reviewed the change. Of course, if we want to see more details, you can click on the commits seat. What's happened? The input example firms regression over the website. I tried to see what's happened in this furnace provision. You see that the content is B7 is short set seed, et cetera. Then iraq and trick for example, the sick and the change again. And here you see that's he mix some editing in this index file. So this multiplying come on our head. Okay, so here if you remember when we change it from position of the file from the red and green? No, it is automatically charged to split version. That's mean we see the preview version and do new version. So you see right here it was content only, this new edit, for example, US Welcome to our website, not returns you to work on to our website and this script is added right here. I can see what happened in my index to five and Migdal competition between them. So when everything is okay, I booked to do a conversation and I got to do Mish border quiz. That's mean, I am aki. We do charge. So marriage good request. Did I give it a name? Midpoint requests for Bruce muster and for example, add French-language drew the website. This is the first poll requests from Bruce Patrick and I will approve this mirror. So click confirm merge. And you will see that it changes from open to merge head, is it? So this request is approved it by the administrator. Fantastic courtship and do expression up and change it to MIT. If we're back to the sand it it's also change it to the directly. It's up-to-date. It leaked from the owner of the project. Then if we're back to the course right here, we'll see that we have the new updates added successfully. So you see we have the indexed that if L and index original one with the different change. So our projects and get an update from a poor request from one of the public developer who sent us this request. So next we will see more about Puente request. So see you in the next lecture. 6. Review and Delete Closed Pull Request: Hi again. So not after approving our first poll request, you see that the prologue was changing to 0. If we click on it, you will see that we have 0 open and close it. That's mean there aren't one clause it polar quiz, that is, approve it or deleted or etcetera. So we click on it. We can't see what's happened. That's mean we can't truck anytime carbon in our project has a sigmund admin to this project, he can't go to the product and see what gets approved in the preview day or in the previous week, for example, some of the members of the team proved this rock width. So as another member of the team, I can't see what's happened there. So I got to do a clause it poll requests and see what are the French language or the websites if I have information about this poor little quiz. So I know that this is the one that my friend on the team talk about it. If I didn't know anything about it, I can't click only to see what happens. So you see this request is by Bruce Patrick was murdered one hour ago. So I know that our developer colored Bruce Broderick, said this merge or this pull request to do projects. So I click on it to seek what happened in my project. So I can see caldo decide that we've seen before from this place with the same information you see that the French version, the direct script, etc. Then we can see by the commit, et cetera, and file challenge you to find and so on. So you can see the competition, our quick overview of what's happened in my project. So we'll see that this big challenge it and this one I did on your line, et cetera. Didn't we come back to God right here? And then if we walk through the Bruce Patrick icon after measured this one, and here you see that the polar OK with close it, if you wish, you can delete this fork of fantastic good shared course. That's me. I'm editing that. I make it into products. It is approved by the owner of the project. No, I can't delete this product if I don't need this anymore, I mic the editing necessary. For example, I can use the French vision of the website, so I finished my job, her, so I can't delete this project from my icons. So the bottom-right hair, fork city. But originally it was delete this repository. If we click on it, it's automatically sent us to do delete. So you see, Are you sure you can't repeat this name right here? Deleted. But of course, we are not going to delete this one, right? No. But if you want, you can delete it without any problem. 7. Viewing The Project's Contributors: So if we back to the code right here and we see challenges also to do 0 request if we click on it. And so we see that it is one clause. It, that's mean the polar quiz is appropriate or not by the Arlotta project you see by Bruce biotic was Madrid one hour ago. Also, if someone tried to make our clone from this project, we can see the different open right here and see what's happening in their projects from other developer, from the public or the developer in the project. So if we're back to our repository and we got to do course writer, and there you will see that we have only nine commit, it was seven commit. Then we add this file and edit the second file. So we took commit, no, it is my commit. But if we work to the original owner of the product, we have to commit. Why you have this challenge between 109 because we're Mc only took a detail that's mere chalk or mood. But her it show me to commit. If you trick or this didn't commit, you will see that on your committee, college merge pull rock wisp from bruce bartlett muster. So this measure content as our commit into project. So as ITU gets hope will track everything you do in your projects and you can't miss any bank happened in our projects to even a marriage. Rock west appropriate its qualities as our commit and we can revert back by sin, any step happen into projects, any editing happened in our project. We can truck it one by one without forgetting any time. This is why the get help or get server is more powerful when you track your editing, then your project will always be saved from destroying or any problem in your projects. Also, if we're back to our project right here, you can see that we have one contributor. That's means there are somewhat home mix on editing with the projects. If we click on it, you can see the different person home Migdal contribution in our projects. So you see the fertile, Secure Shell, MC5 communist on this project and you see the scholar, that's mean the percentage of editing in the projects. The fit, sassy, good shoe, mic, this fire commit, then Bruce Patrick Jordan, you're committed. Is it the Topol auto commit, et cetera? You can track what happened in your project. Due member of the team who walk on your projects, for example, there are ten person a walk in this predict you see that Buddhist Patrick mic, a lot of editing inner projects, but another account, for example, if we haven't make only one or two commits inner products. So you have a big idea about the member of the team or the public developer. And if it didn't happen in your project, you see what's happened in your projects. At the end of your project, you know that do fit Udacity shield is the one who created our look lot of tag in your projects. So next time when you make a product, you're automatically be trusted more fantastical, she'll, because he is the person who makes a lot of editing your project. Then for example, your friend that Bruce Patek Mc only to commit in your fall products. But Bruce Patrick is not helping more in your product. So this static can help you to have a big idea about the contributor in your project. So next we'll try to send another request by using the second option. So see you in the next lecture. 8. Commit Changes To a New Branch: Hi again. So now we'll try to make another editing in the original project from our visitor in the project with the owner of the project. And we go to the other account that is our public developer or tried to make editing in our products. And then of course, if you delete the project, you can simply go to do fantastic good Shell goods and Mick folk without in a problem in your locale. But we already have our copy so we don't need to repeat this step again. Then for example, we want to mix some editing and we tried to use the second option to commit the editing. So as an example though. So hopefully this product, our company, to make a translation of the predicts for two different language. For example, this is my website as ion fantastic rochelle agreed, this web sites and index HTML in the English language. Then I hear our company College, Bruce Patrick to MC, the different language version of my project. So Bruce Broderick will get log entries are current here will go to the fifth deaths Eagle shirt. He mic a fork in the projects in his account when his star making the editing by K1 for example, the index HTML version and suddenly a pull request. That's, I approve it in the preview video, you see when I approved the new requests by adding the French language, know how our French language and then I need more than language to my website. So depressed Patrick, our content, we'll try to add some new language to do. Websites. For example, they will try to create a new file. For example, index batch. For example. Yes, that's mean Spanish version, dot HTML. Then he MIC for example. This is a Spanish version. Of course, he will write the content, the website into Spanish language, but this is just an example. I don't speak Spanish, so I can't create our Spanish text right hat. Then he creates the commit and you'll find, for example, Spanish version of the website. That is, it did, this is do. New Spanish version of the website. Of course, punishment is to be into Capita. And here, if you remember, we make, are connected directly to the master. That's nearly we said our Spanish version directly to do a project. But as I tell you, I want to have multiple language in my projects. And I heard Bruce Patrick as our company to make this editing in my website. This trick is not only one person, it can be accompanied at Harper example, ten person walk together in translating different website. So I heard dim to MC, the translate to my website. So the lumber. So logically, you don't need to MC thin up God and work separately and send me the update every time. So I will get ten pool requests for tin person to give me the newer version. And do new language drama website. And this is not a professional work. I heard a company that collects Bruce Patrick to make do editing. So I need to get to for editing in one time to review it. I don't want to spend more time are proving ten or 20 requests. So for that, the company that Sky's Proust Patrick will give access to this account to ten person or tin developer who will work on the project, translated to different languages. So every member of this company will make our language in the website. And when he finished editing, he need to gets up permission or an improvement from the admin of the company. The other model company need to review the work of the tin or employment in the company before good phenyl editing and send it to me as the outer of the project. So for that, as an example, this person who is responsible for translating the website to do Spanish version. It will create a Spanish version of the website. And then he will create a new branch for this commit and start our pool. Rockaway C will create a branch in this product and lit do administrator of the company to see this new and improved it or ask for more editing. So for that, every company have a sequence or our rule to create a different branch. For example, bruce Patrick batch one or for example, as I am the administrator of the company collects prose Patrick, I ask them to create a Bruce Patrick. The Dutch didn't do language, so I can easily know which language it is. So for example, this one here will dub is bent, or for example, Spanish, like about, That's me. This is a Spanish version of the website. And he was said to New York files to click proposed new 5p. And here is it, you see it's opened up pull request. And if you remember in the previous video, when we create a new poll request, no, we have a new bulwark width, but it is only locally into a cold brews, Patrick. And if you read right here, this is our pull request form, Bruce Patrick, Spanish branch to do master. But there are not exists of the fit classical shear. If I go right, I can't see any. New York, Puerto Rico is I don't have any good Proquest yet. Right. So it's 0. I still do not have any requests yet. But heard there are a pull request from Bruce Patrick, a Spanish that's mean the developer o is responsible for the Spanish language to do muster. And here I will too be measured. This branch can be automatically measured, that's me. There are no conflicts between these additive and the original project goals in bruce Broderick icon. So I can have any thank for example, the Spanish version of the website, then this is annual Spanish version and create a pull request. So when I send a pull request to do administrator, I don't need to make any editing right here. Did the administrator of the company, Bruce Patrick will get locking to do our current Bruce Patrick and he got to do projects, for example, cores. Then he go to the polar OK whiskey, and he'll see that we have a Spanish version of the website. So to complete the example, in the next video, we'll add more example so we can see how we can improve the local pool request in the Bruce Patrick icon. So see you in the next lecture. 9. Open Multiple Pull Requests on GitHub : Hi again. So another member of the company will try to add a new port. Morocco is, of course you see that steam not be approving this prologue was still not to be upper with. So for example, another member of the team will try to create a new file. For example, indexed the Arabic version HTML. Then this is the RR, big version of the websites like that. Then he mic, the commit Arabic version of the website is really like a dot. Then the same. If there are, then his sent a new branch request. So for example, are up like that, then propose on your phi. So you have proposed on your file to the administrator. So you see right here open up border acquis, the church from two etcetera. Its mommy, the Bruce pathologic, Arab and so on. You see this is from the Bruce Bathrick and this muster also from the battery. Then in editing didn't create a pull request. So now we have to pull request. You can see them writer he chicken, if there are any conflicts and in this branch has no conflict, it's okay. Then we buck, I kinda do one. That's mean for example, I see France revision Hubei, mystic. So I request are responsible of the French version to make editing. So he got, for example, the opera of the French version to this fine. He tried to make the editing on it and for example, corrects this expression we are going to store. So sit. And here we'll update, for example, update the French version. And civic DNAs sand on your wine, for example. A bus update. That's mean this is the update of the version and so on. Then a pull request again that sit at all. So what we're going to create another one, for example, Chinese version, someone Achilles on your five, the indexed. But it's shiny, harsh demo. This is Chinese version like that, then Chinese. And so on. Didn't sound on your branch. Chinese proposal on your five. So that's me. Three or four members of the company. Could you to the different update and this is C. So as an administrator of the company, that's mean Bruce Patrick, I get into projects and see what's happened. I see if the work is completed successfully to send it to do client that skull it fantastical shell. So you see right here for metastatic lesion, still mitigate any updates have only tin commit. But if you're back to the company that scholars produce Patrick to administer to see that we have for poor request. And he need to review this for request to see what's happened. 10. Merge or Close Multiple Pull Requests on GitHub : So you see the Spanish version of the website. I see that person or as possible of the Spanish division corporate his work, the Arabic version, the update of the French vision. That's when I see that's a differential vision about dates. I already know that the first version is completed, so I check it to see what's happening item and see that's her updated the French version. I want to see what's happened in this update. So I sit right here. He changes the content from BOB initial set, seed. Beard Ministry also sit and you see the hub, our current right here to see the difference between the previous line and do new line. I mean this one delighted at this one and others. But the difference is only this word right here changes from sip, true, sir. So we can't track what's happened. This challenge is Aki, I approve it, so I Voc and see, this one is open. So what I will do, I will approve this pull request. So I click on it, then I confirm the message, confirm the mirror. Then you will see that transient through three poll requests. If I reload this one, that's me, I still have only three pull request. If I bug her, I will see that the index HTML have updated the French version. There are an update on the index file. So I got to do one or alchemists again and check, for example, the Spanish version. I want to see it. Then you see this is the newest financial version. Of course, if I want to see the content right her I can't check the content. If it is Aki, The text is OK. If I want to know what happened in the editing, then I have proved this new editing. Confirm the editing. So how does it, if we check, again, you will find that we have do spanish version is added successfully, and so on and so on. And of course her, you see that's the heart of our number. This is the pull request them before and this is the pool rock with number two, that's me. I approved a postdoc with number one and number three. Then for example, this one, the Arabic version, I check the ability to merge. It's okay. They pull the rock worst, confirm, et cetera. You're al stated a boost Patrick Arab branch can't be simply deleted that summit, we can't delete this branch right now if we want to delete it from the icon right here, so it is deleted, right? No. Then we're back to the polymeric whisk. It will be only one and so on. Then we have Chinese. Then, for example, this one have no description to China's etcetera. But this one, I don't want it. For example, I won't approve this editing. I don't like it or the i will not of the project tell me that he does not want the Chinese version anymore. So I can simply close this poll request. The client. Not more wont do Chinese version like about do I close and command? That's mean, I want to close this one. You see, close it with git commit. I mean, this branch is been measured. Those not beat up a whip this bullock with is gloss it but blues Patek, China's branch has in Madrid commit. Then of course, if I want to delete it so I can't know more, see it. Then I go to the polar OK whisk. You will see that we have 04. Close it to check them. You see this one that is measured are discolored and the one that is deleted half this common closet polar OK UIST measured polar OK with this is the one that is measured, and this is the one that is pool it. And here you can see the comment right here. If we want to read why we measured this one, you see the client no more want to China's aversion. So now if we go back to our original project right here, you see that we have the four version of the language to English, the throne to Spanish, Arabic, et cetera. But we're still not update do client version. The client still only half of the French Revolution and the original version. So next we'll try to send Apollo with editing as an administrator of the Bruce Patrick approved, are the editing from my member of the company and a different language? No, I will said the Board request to do client after finishing Aldo step. So next we'll complete the process of pull requests. So see you in the next lecture. 11. Review changed Files in a Pull Request: Hi again. So the company, Bruce Patrick, finish the translate of the website for the different language necessary for client and know who will stand up poured rock was to do our winner. So we got to the point that request, and here we create a new poll request. So you sit right here. It's changed from the previous one when receipt it's muster Andon from Bruce Bathrick? No, it is from Bruce Patrick slush course Fernando muster and not from the branch to do muster induced fit, Udacity, good shirt. As a master that's near, we're going to send the update from our company account to do client account that's college fit, elastic good Shell. And here we see the different update order commits. We have six commit tree file, change it 0, commit, one contributor. Then you see the different editing. For example, hair Bruce Bathrick, Spanish version of the website, Arabic version, updates differential version, merged Porlock, West Brom, Bruce Bathrick, et cetera, the tree merge and the three updates, because we brew three updates and we deny one the Chinese version, if you remember it. Then to change happen. This is the Arabic version, this is the Spanish, and this is the editing of the French version when we make this mystic and corrected right head. So I can see what's happened. Of course, if you remember this split to seek the difference between the audience and the new one, original is empty, is New York, this is due to newer one and this is the editing, the preview version, and this is the New York version. So after reviewing init dunk hair, that's mean I check that the client asking me for three language ahead as it did three language dots, every tank is obvious or not. I will send a request to do a client. So we click on it. Here. Reuse, do three new language to your website. And of course, I can have the same right here then are low. It is by maintenance. Of course, client will ask you to allow editing because it is the owner of the projects and he knows what he does. So he's got a mic editing, for example, is students Arabic version of the website is really, for example, this one. He wants to add another text in the Arabic page. He shouldn't have the ability to edit if we deserve this one, but it's me. He cannot make inefficient induced filed indexed fresh revision and indexed Arabic version, then the index English version, et cetera. He cannot emit any editing, but of course we need to allow the Arnaldo predictor mic to editing because he know what he doing. So it creates a pull request without any problem. Then who will check the ability to move? So every tag is Archytas branch has no conflicts with BUS bench, et cetera. And here you see it is open, it tended to open. And when do fit deci good shoe. It proved this request. It will change it met and if he deleted and not appropriately, it will change it to gloss it. So I heard is it if I want to add some comments I can't edit right here. Then if we work to do and refresh the page, you will see that we have on your border request. So we click on it. We have one rock west. If remember here in this account, the pull request have for polar OK with us our local port requests and not to the muster poll requests. Then when we buck right here, it's only one. That's how all the different editing from the preview port rock with a local company account. So who does it, the tea in your language to your website? Number two, this is the number two polar OK, worst, we click on it to see the editing. I see that he does Spanish version. The Arabic version updates differential version. I see that he allele the give me R throws revision updated. I want to know why he updated and what's happened right here. I see that he correct this mistake from city to sue, so okay. I have no problem with that. Then, for example, a chick, the content of a dust by initial version had is it, it's continent, the Spanish version of the website. If I need some editing, I work on pacts with the Bruce Patrick and ask him to Nick this editing again, and so on and so on. So the branch has no conflict. That's me and everything is Aki. There are no conflict between the New York version and my Oliver that existed version. So I simply merge the pull. So I click on it. We add the description right here, confirmed emerge, and it will change it to manage it. So not my product. An up-to-date with a different language necessary from the company. Bruce butler, if we're chicken, I tell it automatically challenges to it. Measure it. That's me. It is Aki. If we updated the Basie, we see that we are zero-point request. And it is appropriate if we click on it. And we got to do torque laws it the first one to add the fresh languaged into second one, do New York treat languished website? And it is a probit right here, measured pull requests. So now the client have the different version of his website by using the PUT request and he proved it. So the sim, if we're back to do a contributor, you will see that the company Bruce Patrick, have a good impact in the project. Dots mean have a lot of editing in my projects. So it will keep changing color. To show you how much editing happen in your projects. You see five columns and five commits to the R equal. If, for example, the police pathetic MIC, for example, tin commit, you will see that the color ITO is do double of the color in this place. So see you in the next lecture. 12. Everything About Git Aliases : Hi again. No, we're going to talk a little about todo areas. If you know or if you already have some experience in the programming language, you already know about the aliases. The ADSL is a general expression that exist almost in every program or any command line or any programming language. So the innocence is an abbreviation of some specific command or specific expression to minimize the writing or using the keyboard to minimize the time spent in, in your project. So for that, to create some aliases into good, we use the command git config, and of course we can chose between global or local. But when we create aliases, doesn't mean we're going to use it in all our projects. So it is always recommended to use the global, the aliases, dots. Then we tap the expression that we want to use it as an alias, for example, is staying for stay tune. That's me when I use the expression still remaining, Stay tuned. So we press Enter. It is CV. So now if I run good estate, it show me the result of the command git status. You are the same. The original command, it's still available. Git status should double. Command will give you the same result. Actually when we ran the good is to do good, program, go and replace the SDI from the EDS is list with the expression status automatically render command gets teach you when we ran the good ST. Then if want to get the value of the aliases. So we simply type git config global aliases. Then, but still to get the value of the expression is this recently type enter. It, show me that the ST RM place the expression statue. That's me. I can't check the list of the aliases are available and the content of it by using the command git config global area's dot expression. So the cell for example, git branch, we want to know the branch if we want to get an aliases for it with top git config, global, then aliases dot, then for example, give it the Pierre. Of course it is recommended to use atlas character to avoid that confusion. Of course, if you are, for example, chose only B, it is limited to 26 aliases, but to character will give you more availability to create more illnesses. And also it will be easy to know what does mean in, for example, would be I automatically know it's meaning branch, then I know that the meaning of a state statute. But if I only use, for example S, I don't know is this is tissue or seat or cell or any expression that's come to your Man. So it is always recommended to use atlas to character Bray be air, that's mean branch. So okay, no, if I run it, it will show me the result of the command git branch. And you should know. We can't add the expression gets in the aliases as an abbreviation. For example, to run, for example, SD only drawn plays do ST with good stage will not go in to work for you because we use the command get true, invoke the GET command, then we run the code that we want. So when we run in a common started with good, that's new is the good language. Then if, for example, run only do common directly like that. For example, diet, we run a Windows command or a Linux command. Integration about wish operation is. Then for example, we have clear this expression, Claire. That's clear the screen also it have analysers go as. So. You see, for example, diode then CLS it, run the command clear. So this is our windows for our common line, the MS DOS command line, earliest and not a good common. So when we run is different example, there is not recognized as internal or external command, operate, program, or batch file. So we need to invoke this command from the good, always nice to x2 to propagate. Then do is take the common that exist in the SDK. So this is how we can add some illnesses in the git command. Also for the commandant has space, for example, git commit, thus m. So we have dorky work if we do it as the same as we did in the preview, do Unix world will count this two keyword as different commodity we call this is the first common, then this is another command and we'll get you our error message. So for that we need to use the double quotation mark drew motion to do unix that this is only one common expressions that have a space. So for that we do it by git, config in global the IDSs. Then for example, we won't do expression commit. We add CM, That's min commit, dense based, and we use the double quotation mark, commit, space dash m, like that. So no, we are the two expression for one aliases. So how does it know if we run the good cm, it's automatic level plus it with git commit m. So let's try to make an example. Touch test 2.txt. Is it then we get as D. So what is it that we have a new file? Then get out, of course, gets odd. We can also do it, but od is already small, so we don't need to get an aliases for this because it is unlimited, as simple as possible. Like the odd, the git commit. Note we're going to use the Cm, gets cm that's been commit. Then we stop, test new essence. But it's anther. No, you see that the channel is committed successfully, then get as t. Again, you see that everything is busted and no, it is ready to be pushed it. So this is what you should know about the uses. You can create multiple ISS as you want. And if you want to see the civic addresses in your account, in your common good, you can check the file config Hindu username as Receipt before had is it we edit this file and you will see that the audiences are added. Then we have SD, meanings, statue be airmen in branch, CM, meaning commit and so on. Of course, if you want to add something right here, for example, a d equalss odd like that, and so on and so on. And if you want, you can make a quick search in Google above the good aliases to see some recommendation of the aliases are readable to be able to do it in your account. And those ideas will save you a lot of time than spending your time preparing a long expression. You can only use aliases for it to save a lot of time in your working. So this is every tank about the ISS and see you in the next lecture. 13. Pull the Pull Request Change to Local Repository: Hello and welcome again. So now we're going to do the same step that we've seen before when we work on this project. And when we give the company collects blues Patrick, our job to translate our project to the different language available. So we did it in the user interface from the github directory. That's mean this upload your front door company mic the editing into github directory, or maybe they can't do it from the command line, but we did not see how they do that in the come on line. And we see the pull request from the user interface, then the new branches, et cetera. Note we're going to see the same step, but no from the command line using the good. So if we check our local project right here, you see that it's still not get any update from the New York file added right here. So we'll try to run the command git pull to get the update from the server to the local repository. So we go to the project, of course we need to be inside the project repo because this is the one that is connected with the project's goals. Then we run the command get statue, of course, this column, and we're sure that everything is okay because it does not call bought it. What editing in your projects and what editing in the server. Then we need to run get ball from origin to muster and we press enter. He will try to connect to the server by using the SSH gate. So we typed the password. Okay? No, who were born the update, etcetera. Also, here it shows you that create three new or five editing, indexed, editing the index f, etcetera. Editing that happened right here. And if we check right here, you will find that we have three new file. Of course this one, we did it before, but it's still not. Send it to the server. When we send our push, he will add this file to the server. But of course her, he does not read any conflict between the old, edited and do new one. Now we have an update of the projects in our local machine. I'll this file is downloaded as successfully without any problem. So no, if we run the good state you, it will show you that every tank is walking. So not will try to create a new branch and work as one of the operands, Patrick, and what they do by using the command line. So next we'll talk a little about branch and how we can use it from the command line. So see you in the next lecture.