All About Brushes in Procreate

Jeremy Hazel, Education Through Creation

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12 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. How to use the course universal

    • 2. Brush Adjustment v2

    • 3. Make a Bokeh Brush

    • 4. Make a Lining Brush

    • 5. Making a Brush from a Photo Comp

    • 6. Preparing a Photo for a Texture Brush

    • 7. Make a Texture and Stamp Brush

    • 8. Exporting Brushes

    • 9. Hannya Inking 1

    • 10. Inking 2 finished

    • 11. Inking project 3 finished

    • 12. Thank you video


About This Class

This course is all About brushes and line art in the program of procreate, we explored the more advanced settings of brushes and actually take you through how to make your own from photographs and your own samples more relying on anyone to make your brushes 

  • How to adjust a brush using presets available in the library 
  • How to make various types including lining and stamp brushes 
  • How to make artistic brushes for your photo work like Bokeh brushes 
  • How to take a photo you shoot , make the shape and texture from it and create the lining brush you will use in the final project 
  • We take all of this into the final project and show you how to tell the story of the image using only line width and advanced techniques like adjustment of "fall off" 

Included with this course you will get 

The 7th Season Studios brush pack...including 

  • Liner Brush
  • Bokeh Brush 
  • Lining Brush 
  • Elephant texture brush 
  • All of the images you will need to make the exact brushes I use 

At the end of this course you will have enough brush knowledge to confidently begin creating your own brush packs for sale and trade with  other procreate enthusiasts