Alibaba To Amazon FBA - 2020 Product Importation Masterclass (Part 2)

Sumner Hobart, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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23 Lessons (2h 48m)
    • 1. Want To Learn The Secrets Of Sourcing High-Quality Products From SCRATCH At Rock-Bottom Prices?

    • 2. Product Sourcing For Amazon FBA Simplified

    • 3. How To Find Quality, Trusted Suppliers (and Avoid The Frauds) FAST

    • 4. USE THIS When Reaching Out To Suppliers!

    • 5. Simple Hack To Communicate With ANY Supplier in ANY Language

    • 6. WARNING: Does Your Product Need Certifications? Here's How To Find Out...

    • 7. Painlessly Negotiate The BEST Price For Your Products

    • 8. Gain INSTANT Negotiation POWER With This Secret Hack!

    • 9. USA vs. China - Which Is Better For Sourcing Products?

    • 10. How To Find QUALITY North American Suppliers (WITHOUT Using Thomasnet)

    • 11. Keep This In Mind When Ordering Product Samples...

    • 12. Know EXACTLY How Many Units To Order For Your First Shipment

    • 13. How Your Products Get From China ALL THE WAY To Amazon's Warehouse (Explained)

    • 14. IMPORTANT: Miss This And Potentially Lose THOUSANDS

    • 15. Do You REALLY Need A Freight Forwarder?

    • 16. 3 Options For Shipping & Which You Should Choose

    • 17. Bonds, Duties & Tariffs DEMYSTIFIED

    • 18. UPC Codes - Do You Even Need One?!

    • 19. #1 BIGGEST MISTAKE First-Time Importers Make & How To Easily Avoid It!

    • 20. EFFORTLESSLY Create Your Amazon Shipping Plan (Step-by-Step)

    • 21. IMPORTANT: Protect Yourself When Sending Cash To Foreign Countries!

    • 22. Want More?

    • 23. Last Step!

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About This Class

★★★ Effortlessly Source & Ship High-Quality, OUTRAGEOUSLY PROFITABLE Products (from Scratch) from Alibaba to Amazon FBA FAST in 2020. ★★★

(This works EVEN IF you have ZERO experience creating, manufacturing, producing or shipping products!)

Did you know THE #1 most stressful & consuming process for Amazon Sellers is sourcing & shipping products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

There are SO MANY things that could go wrong from not having the right labels, choosing the wrong supplier, not protecting your payment, and so much more!

The problem you face is that most courses and Youtube videos online are made by Internet Gurus who’ve never actually sourced or shipped a single product overseas in their life and give very little (or even worse - WRONG) information about creating, producing & shipping products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA.

Following this "advice" can lead you to lose your entire investment, go bankrupt and even GO TO JAIL for ignoring important (yet simple) laws you didn't know existed!

Not to fear - there is a solution!

Let me introduce you to the Alibaba to Amazon FBA Masterclass.

In this masterclass you will learn...

• The #1 MISTAKE first-timers make and how to easily avoid it. (Lecture 15)

• Confusing terms like "DDP", "freight forwarders", "duties", "tariffs" and more DEMYSTIFIED. (Lecture 17 - 18)

• Gain INSTANT negotiation leverage with this secret hack! (Lecture 9)

Amazon FBA shipping plan walkthrough tutorial. (Lecture 21)

• Insider method for getting your product samples 100% FREE. (Lecture 12)

• Spot FAKE Alibaba supplier like a pro! (Lecture 3)

• Best FREE app for communicating with Alibaba suppliers (HINT: It's NOT Whatsapp). (Lecture 4)

• Simple trick to communicate ANYTHING you want with ANY supplier in ANY language. (Lecture 6)

• Partner with PREMIUM North American suppliers WITHOUT using Thomasnet. (Lecture 11)

• Fully protect yourself before wiring THOUSANDS of dollars overseas. (Lecture 22)

• So much more!

Why do I (Sumner) have a single ounce of credibility to teach this topic?

First of all I’m an actual Amazon Seller who has successfully created, manufactured, and shipped HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars worth of profitable products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA over the past 2 years.

Secondly, I’ve helped literally HUNDREDS of students cut costs, save HOURS of stress & headache, avoid countless COSTLY mistakes, and ultimately create, produce & ship premium products at rock bottom prices.

Don’t take my word for it though!

Here are just a few raving fans created by this very course…

★★★★ “I’m usually not big on leaving reviews but I honestly couldn't believe a class like this was on here! I was really close to purchasing one of those (probably overpriced) Amazon FBA courses but this class included everything I was still so unsure about in such a perfect and clear way! It's literally a step-by-step class that just doesn't leave anything unclear. So happy I watched this!” - Steff S

★★★★ “Hi Sumner! Thank you for sharing with us what you learned first hand over the years selling on Amazon. Your explanations were concise (which is good) but at the same time very detailed, and they helped me a lot to better understand the whole shipping process, which for me was a bit messy at the beginning. I really liked the fact that you always gave your advice about everything, because, for one like me who is new to all these kinds of things, starting with a concrete plan of action is definitely better than starting blind. Thank you for the material you provide us too! The "purchase order agreement" template and the “AMZ Escape Plan FBA Feild Guide” pdf will be very helpful! So great job man! Keep it up!” - Andrea S

★★★★ “Thank you Sumner! This was an excellent intro for me into this world of sourcing Chinese suppliers. My number one concern was picking the correct shipping methods... DDP, FOB, etc... and shipping options. This quick overview was great for someone like me that has rarely dared to source outside of a customs union. (I'm in the EU) I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone thinking of either sourcing from china, or starting an FBA relationship. Thanx again!!” - Peter G

★★★★ “Sumner is a great teacher who lays down everything in simple terms so anyone that has no knowledge in international business can easily catch up on. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn about doing business internationally and does no limit to being an Amazon Seller.” - Mike W

★★★★ “Excellent Sumner. Thanks so much for the detailed information. Very helpful! I will be watching again probably a couple more times as I go through the process.”- Mary L

★★★★ “If other Amazon FBA teachers went in-depth like this, then new comers will make less mistakes.” - Kingsley K

★★★★★ “Excellent step-by-step guide. Very clear instructions and very motivational!” - Maggie C

By the end of this course you are going to learn how to…

• Find QUALITY, trusted suppliers fast (and free)

• Produce the highest quality products ON THE PLANET for the lowest possible price (from scratch)

• Fastest, safest & cheapest ways to ship your products from China (or other parts of the world) to Amazon FBA

• Confusing terms & important laws demystified & simplified

• So much more!

BONUS: For students who enroll today you will ALSO receive exclusive access to my personal Supplier Templates Vault which includes...

• Alibaba Supplier RFQ.

• Supplier Agreement Template

• Pre-Made Shipping Labels

• And more!

TRY IT RISK FREE: This course has the ability to literally change your life forever and the worst thing that can happen is you waste a few minutes watching some of the course videos before deciding it’s not for you.

Pretty low investment for saving you potentially HOURS of time & stress and THOUSANDS of dollars, right?

ENROLL NOW and get every single thing that YOU NEED to create, produce, & ship the highest quality products on the planet at the lowest possible prices today!

P.S. This class is only offered for a limited time so act fast!