Alibaba - How to Make Huge Profits Importing Products from China

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    • What is Alibaba?

    • Buying from Alibaba Wholesale

    • Buying from

    • How to Identify a good Supplier

    • How to pay for my products on Alibaba

    • Buying from DealExtreme (Bonus)

    • Before you Import anything please check with a Professional

    • Congratulations!


About This Class

In this course, you will learn all about Alibaba, how to find great products, negotiate with the manufacturers, and sell these products locally in your area for a higher price.

This guide will help you to identify the "winner products" by comparing the products and price with 

I hope to see you inside the course.

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to start off with a quote: "Really great company, guys...probably" I laughed a lot :D Anyway, aside that funny remark, the course was well done! The system is really simple (I think 3 steps or so) and you also have a bonus material in the form of the letters to the manufacturers. I also appreciated that Diego mentioned some of the pitfalls of shopping in China and how to avoid them. You can have a fun with this one!
the email PDF copy could use some grammar corrections --- Hi, my name is (YOUR NAME HERE). I am interested in this (PRODUCT NAME), looks like is a high quality, I sell Outdoor products (OR THE KIND OF PRODUCT YOU SELL) online at a low price, and I think this is a good product for my store. I have a few questions: 1. I would like to test the market with a few items first to see how it sells and after that submit a big order. What is the minimal order quantity? 2. What is the lowest price we can go? 3. How fast is the shipping to (USA, PHOENIX, ARIZONA) and is it a free shipping? If not how much the shipping will be. 4. Is it possible to receive a sample of the product? 5. Could you please send me some pictures of the product and packing? Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to do great business together. (your name here)
Ricardo David

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