AliExpress How To: How to Shop on AliExpress

Blanka Salkova ☃ ➮ ☕, Mom, Translator, Video Marketer ✿

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13 Videos (47m)
    • Introduction

    • How to Register

    • My AliExpress Tab

    • My AliExpress Tab (2)

    • Real Account Overview

    • My AliExpress Tab (3)

    • The App

    • Basics of Buyer Protection

    • Dispute and Order Tracking

    • How to Pick Products

    • Class Project

    • Bonus 1 - Dispute Result

    • Bonus 2 - Buying T Shirt, Dress, Wish List Item


About This Class


Let me show you how to find great bargains on AliExpress, where I have been shopping since 2013.

You will learn all the basics about the AliExpress shopping platform so that you can quickly add this store to your shoping arsenal among eBay and Amazon, find great deals and save $$$ big time. Why should you pay e.g. $10 for a fashion bracelet, when you can get it for maybe $3 :-)?

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Very low voice to hear the sessions, other than nice details about Aliexpress...
Uthaya kumar Natarajan

Web Developer

I've heard a lot about AliExpress. I like the way you clearly explain about the site and how you are upfront about the pros and cons. Great class.
Franki B. Kidd





Blanka Salkova ☃ ➮ ☕

Mom, Translator, Video Marketer ✿

I love running my small home based freelance business!

As a translator, I get to translate video games, business and marketing documents, sometimes advertising copy or educational content. I keep learning new things and at the same time do what I love - play with words. Besides I plan to reveal some of that knowledge in my upcoming Skillshare courses!

As a teacher, I help others learn foreign languages - English and German - and try to do it in a fun and easy way. Right now I am experimenting on my youngest student - my son - and we are having a blast.

As a video marketer, I use my ability and knowledge to create videos (doodle videos, screencasts, talking heads, interviews, reviews...). Then I SEO optimize the same videos to rank them in Google and YouTube to earn affiliate commissions. My plan is to give that knowledge to you, too.

As a mother, I learned to do all of the above mentioned fast and efficiently, with children in tow, smiling and with results.

Can you benefit from my knowledge? Yes, you can! Learn from the expert!

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