Algebra for Physics (Mathematics for High School Physics, part 1)

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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3 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Algebra for Physics - Introduction

    • 2. Algebra for Physics - Lesson

    • 3. Algebra for Physics - Training Exercises

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About This Class

In High School Physics, maths is just a tool… like a hammer or a screwdriver. This course shows you how to use such a tool, in the perspective of a physicist, meaning a practical perspective.

This course contains three sections divided in three classes:

1 - Algebra for Physics (the class you are consulting now)

2 - Vectors for Physics

3 - Trigonometry for Physics

This class, "Algebra for Physics" teaches how to rearrange Physics equations.

Section 1 – Episode 1: Algebra for Physics, lesson

This first episode reminds the student what a mathematical term is and why this notion is important in regards to rearranging equations. The video discusses on the meaning of the equal sign. It also refreshes some useful notions on fractions. That done, it dives in. The student will learn how to rearrange equations easily using reliable tricks and shortcuts. This video concludes with an exercise: Isolating a variable in an equation involving energy .

Section 1 – Episode 2: Algebra for Physics, training exercises

The second algebra video train the student in rearranging a half dozen equations taken from electric and magnetic fields, motion, oscillations and electric circuits. No prior understanding of these subjects is necessary to manage these exercises. Their resolution only requires algebra. 

All exercises and questions proposed in the videos are also as pdf files in the class project .