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Alfred Hitchcock Suspension for writers

teacher avatar Houshang Falahrezaei, Art Teacher And Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Suspension introduction

    • 2. Dont hide suspension info

    • 3. Shock is wrong

    • 4. Suspension space

    • 5. How write suspension idea

    • 6. Suspension structure

    • 7. Write your suspended idea

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About This Class

Suspension of psychology is the character of the screenplay. When Hitchcock Master movies is suspended, he shows the spirit of the screenplay characters to the viewer. The suspension of the story idea takes us into the suffering and joy of the characters.

The main idea and milestones of the screenplay are born of the great and original suspension idea. What are the results when you write a suspended idea? How important is the suspension and placement of op-positional characters to the author?

Meet Your Teacher

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Houshang Falahrezaei

Art Teacher And Designer


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1. Suspension introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Houshang. Follow it will keep your story tens of times read, able and attractive in a suspension collapse. I will teach you technicals to turn your story or scrim plea into professional the story you can sell your skin play in this class. You will learn how to write an energetic screenplay to producer and filmmakers. Highest quality with minimal rewrite without over writing story or screenplay without the suspension will be not attractive on complete. In this lessons, I will teach you technicals to make your story and screenplay to orginal. Your story without any suspension will be not attractive on complete the viewer on readers off your skin play will ask you for a suspended the story to enjoy the suspension gives this parrot off your story suspended this parrot off, your characters suspended. A story is enjoy able in this class, we analyse examples off the best screenplay that make the suspension energetic on original movies like the birds from all for a Teach cock, the Port Society and Titanic suspended the structure of a story gives to readers excitement , discover and design your story on a screenplay. Please watch your colossus 2. Dont hide suspension info: don't hide information. The police don't now about killer. It's wrong idea. It doesn't suspended idea. You can write. Killer is police brother. It's very exciting. You know all of the information. The police have information about the killer, but he don't talk about his brother. Lets me write another idea the every teenager teenager has devilish at the head of school manager. The suspension is attractive. Who drive to psychological emotions off characters without any questions. You can write suspended ideas. Why Van who? But in the story, important question is the idea off your story. Important question is how How does the men react? How does the policeman reaction to the TIF? How the heavily students changed behavior? Who will have an important sequences at climax in the sabotage screenplay from the AL For teach Clark sequence between antagonist and protagonist, toe opposing forces will be suspended between husband and wife. Development takes revenge on her husband face to face. The husband doesn't know that the woman has undressed with the secrets. Husband have a secret husband killed her brother. The husband doesn't know that the woman has unrest with the secret. Suddenly the husband becomes if are the woman. At this moment, we have agreed suspense both off them Understand what will happen at this moment. The information is given and your screenplay readers is waiting for the response for the reaction off. The man on woman silent readout. Any dialogue, these suspension off entry into the sold and try to characters negative and positive. We know why we know where we know. Then we know whom we know who. But we don't know about how we haven't any information about how save the black woman in the crash movie Adult. Any question on Lee? We can see and failing the sequence. Now I focus on Bryant Assistance Idea. Peter is being kicked out of a school due to the heavily when he is fired from the house by repeating the Evel father and school manager or angry about Peter in this idea, there isn't any secrets when the school manager suddenly see the Peter. We have two person face to face with all informations negative and positive against each other. Peter Reaction is suspension. We have all of information about Peter Father on school manager Vaida Peter for your out 1000 matter. Maybe the Peter has a bad childhood. The main question is, at this time, how do the characters live with Peter 3. Shock is wrong: no nuts. These movies are not suspended. Its just a shock to Esseker you. What is the suspend? That idea for a screenplay? What is the actual suspension in your idea? Suspension is psychological for characters in a story When all for a teach cock master is suspended, he shows this spirit off the story For characters. Suspension off the story idea takes us suffering or enjoyment. Listen to the simple but steep idea After born a baby husband tells his wife that he doesn't leave on diverse is hair. Suddenly the woman is a stopped at this time. This idea has suspension. We involved with characters, husband and wife were their spirit. What will the moment feel now? What does the husband feel toe himself? The dramatic three angle is quickly suspended between man wife and second woman. Suspension off all information is given to the viewers. In the previews lessons. We have to find the main idea at climax. Offer it. Each cart faces Herro and anti hero protagonist on antagonised. The good suspension idea tells us all of the story immediately if something is constantly hidden from the viewer. The suspension is not Cory. For example, in aging. The husband didn't reveal the secrets off the second woman until the end of the movie. This height, the story is a little charm. These suspension is incomplete. If the idea off suspension for your screenplay is not correct, seeing the movie for the second time is just a puzzle, not a cinematic movie, not the deep sense and the spirit of the characters. You shouldn't hide informations. If the screenplay isn't clear for viewers, it will not. Attractive clear suspension makes your idea attractive on amounting all freight. Each card gives you all of the information in suspension idea. Don't use off question wards. Where What time Who? Why beach When who killed the victim? No, no, without any question wards. As you know, these questions confuse the viewers on. Don't hesitate to feel deep. Forget the idea off writing all the questions. Give the viewers all the answers. A man is hiding were only shocked and deceived. If someone is behind the vault, we will have some Verrett, which is not bad, but it's not a serious suspension. Other examples. In the Titanic screenplay, we have information from the first point. Jack has arrival and antagonise. We are suspended until the last point and our information is complete. If Rose was unclear, there would be no suspension. Paul's Leland Pausa Example. In the Dead Poets Society Clear information From the first points to end in all of the points conflict between teacher on man ager in Gladiator movie Maximus. Have a struggle with the Triki. Commodus. We have all of the information in the crash screenplay. We know from the beginning that the white police are against the black woman. Hate from each other. Our information about these ideas is complete in the George screen. Klay three key lore involved with himself. Therefore, a good suspension suspension is face to face. 4. Suspension space: suspended location suspended. The space, right on idea of it. Unit space? Yes, just one unit. Space suspension is a unique and unit place where protagonists on antagonised constantly struggle with each other. You should try to keep your location, and you need to space for better suspension. Avoid from a lot of location in writing on a story inside a ship in the middle off the ocean. Yes, Titanic movie. It's charming. Good idea. All the idea off the Titanic suspension takes place on Lee on a sheep, the poor people at the bottom of the sheep on the nobility at the top. Keep your space on Atmos. For if you write in unity, space to opposing characters is more attractive. That poets Off Society screenplay is also happening at school. The final sequence of a screenplay between protagonist and antagonist is in a class in a single on unit space. Also, the best television series have a singular space. For example, the Last Cereal in Island in the last series, all characters on the island far suspended the prison break in the John Ford movie. We have suspended this pace. Strike yes, strike with family on eats the truck turns into a personality to create a suspension drama . Green. My movie in small prison face to face struggle. Characters face to face in the unit atmosphere will make repeated completes off the opposite characters. We have four types off suspension von Unity, off place and location to compress time. Limited time. Three. You need to have characters for unity, off events, location. Unity means a fixed location in your screenplay. In your idea, when you write about two main characters in a unit space such as a room, you can dramatize location. Yes, dramatic space on location. Same as a person. Same as a characters. The opposing forces are better. Gradually, the fix place become characters with the space is units. Their school will be a personality on the Titanic ship. As a human, it's a mental. When your entire suspended idea is in the prison, the readers sends better. The readers have experience about prison increases the value. Your story. When the Titanic breaks, you feel Rose and Jack are separated for writing your idea. At multiple points, right? A unit, location, school, school, school, school, school, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, prison, prison, prison, prison, prison if you have opposing forces in a single idea. If you want right about the city in your movie for better suspension, right about Whole of City, such as birds movie from all freight each cock Hitchcock in Birds Movie turned the whole city together with the common elements. Bear attacks in top off the city. The bird's flight up of the city in Wana. Space unity space suspensions better in this movement. Birds movie Have unity idea. I won't talk about time. The list, Time and taider. We have stronger suspension. Compress the time if you can compress the time about 24 hours. As you know, the Titanic screenplay takes place at 24 hours from morning toe tomorrow. Only 24 hours Jack Save Rose before breaking ship. Other examples. White policeman should save a black woman in a few seconds. Other scrim plea A schoolteacher who has encouraged students to be accelerate doing visions . Prison break. A man should escape his brother from prison. Green Mild screenplay. A guilty man should be executed tomorrow morning, but if screenplay reached one year, you should Ryan suspension. Using a sense off urgency. Short time makes suspension acceleration on suspension. Police accelerate your idea or screenplay these urgency and accelerate reach to climax 5. How write suspension idea: create a suspense idea face to face between protagonist and antagonised. The previews. Lessons Who discovered the energy in the climax? Now you need to get involved. Negative on Positive Screenplay has 120 pages. You should growing the points but doesn't mean hiding information. You should write and copy ideas for emphasize in a structure about five complete between positive and negative About five conflicts between antagonised protagonist emphasize point to point. It's part spark spark spire. It's parked comfortably, comfortably, comfortably, comfortably, comfortably suspension, suspension, suspension, suspension on suspension. Suppose you should write an idea about Atif it if waiting for in police near Devaughn. This idea is fair. The agrees suspension because we have information about just one person. Police hasn't information about if, but if sees the police Now we have to person. We will write the sick and degree systems idea. Police stand Atif if police seize the teeth and finds out the TIF. If the teeth on restaurants police has also noticed his shadow, we will write the best type of first decrease expenses idea. At this time. Police Stan TIF have all of the information we have suspension. We've a two reactions if you can create an idea that displays human emotions, you have right and suspense is idea can be right and gradually from 1 to 3 in this points from great 123 But I suggest always right in the first steak. Resistance is idea to make attractive idea. All characters should be. Have all of the information about each other. Don't hide characters from each other. It dig Rayvon. Suspensions can save up 200 years. These suspended ideas. He's fundamental producers on directors like suspension Pay attention. What are the results? When you write a suspended idea, you can see emotional reactions from the characters. Energy of screenplay and idea reads maximum. The viewers excited goes to spirit and psychological. State is in characters suspended idea off. The screenplay cannot be guest. Give all suspended. The information. Don't hide the information 6. Suspension structure: why I insist to creating urgency. Look at your screenplay structure. There is five important points in the 120 minutes each. Five points should be suspended. All of the suspended points should be seen in law. If you write informations and questions, your reader may become confused and positive. The unity of five points give you strong idea off suspending You should write for soul of readers. Don't write surfaces idea. Don't write deceptive idea. Don't ride. Pause All idea. Positive idea isn't cinematic. We have two main points in structure from von toe 120 pages. Suspension is a mental idea is a feeling idea. List on seconds. Suspension effects in your hurt. Unity of time, place, location. You need to have characters. Unity of events discard values, topics. Suspension is of on board. For example, the villus prison break involved Skay. Save encourage students. The unity of suspension has a common purpose. All the sequence vom target. Look at the screenplay structure. We have to react free act in structure Act one. Act two on AC Tree. In the whole of screenplay, there are other suspension points. Maybe least points distract us from focus this point. Distract us from the gold. All suspended sequences must be involved. The reaction. One place, one direction, one location, one time and one goal so that we don't get confused. If we connect all these points like a chain, we have units idea. One minute, 220 minutes. The suspension has paradox in our hair on brain. Pulled its story back and forth. Think of thes points as one. Suspension, suspension, suspension, suspension, suspension. We sit that the suspension is final. Collision off the two main characters is final. Conflict off the two main characters face to face. You have to feel this suspension because it's in hurt, not in mind. Inherit seed. Entire screenplay. Everything should be obvious with all of the information's one time. One place, one problem. Suspension doesn't disclose information. The teacher climbing a school desk is nothing. It's mental. Inherit seed. Entire screenplay suspension are the same in minutes. Minute. One minute, five minute, 10 minute. 30 60 and 90 and 120. These suspension is incremental. The teacher goes top off the table. The viewer's question is not there. And by the view Earth question is how. Also, we are going to the top off the desk with the teacher comin up tears The paper encourage you. We feel the suspense is to courage, courage, courage, courage and courage gain. We are also shout happy. Lee Suspension for screenplay is not logical. The hurt is illogical. The feeling off viewers is illogical. Story will be suspended. Fit a logical with a logical idea Structure suspended. 7. Write your suspended idea: Now let's me repeat the suspension notes. Shock and scare, not suspension. The suspension off Herro and anti hero characterized them. Make characters for a space if the suspension in a fix the space and location. We have more drama mawr effect. We have a dramatic A space or location. Location can be changed to character. Five. For more suspension, we must give to readers and viewers all information. All the structure points in a screenplay should be saying In common goal example, Peter suffers from his own del wish. You see that everything is abuse. The final point is the big conflict between school manager on Peter in the suspension. Everything waas clear suspension in this example is high correct, and everything is clear. Suspension is the best day toe. Enter characters. Mental mood of characters here is climax. It's suspension center. Your idea or like line will be about 27 votes in beginning middle and intact. One. Act to Act three. Aristotle refers to these two points Biggin and Climax. Now you're suspense is idea. Change to lug line entry line for writing synapse three. Line of lug line convert to three paragraph. You can write to React off Screenplay from three paragraph in this way like line to synapse and Change. Synapse two. Screenplay in three Act unit Time You need to space and Location Unit events and you need characters, Protagonist and antagonist Struggle over the goal. Dramatic three angle suspension idea related to suspension climax at this time. Right. Suspend that idea in unit for with all of the information.