Alcohol Inks: Wet on Wet Abstract Art | Riana Van Staden | Skillshare

Alcohol Inks: Wet on Wet Abstract Art

Riana Van Staden, Artist, Surface Pattern designer

Alcohol Inks: Wet on Wet Abstract Art

Riana Van Staden, Artist, Surface Pattern designer

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Alcohol Inks: Wet on Wet Introduction

    • 2. Wet on Wet Lesson 1

    • 3. Wet on Wet Lesson 2

    • 4. Final Pics of Wet on Wet

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About This Class


This is another fun project where we going to work wet on wet with inks and alcohol. 

At the end of this class you can decide if you want to keep you beautiful background as it is or add some of the skill you already learned from my previous classes. 

I added in the final video the two pieces, one just with the inks and one where I added some detail with Posca pens. 

This is really easy and a fun project, playing and exploring fun techniques with alcohol inks! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Riana Van Staden

Artist, Surface Pattern designer


Hello, I'm Riana. I am an international artist, surface pattern designer and photographer. I am also a registered Art Clay Silver Instructor.  I love to be creative and love to share my knowledge with others.

I will cover a wide variety of interesting topics, like how to start creating art for clothes, abstract art and how to use it to create extra income and much more.

If you feel that you can learn something from me, please follow me to get updates as soon as I publish a new course.

All my classes will be fun and you can really relax and just enjoy your own creativity. I love to work by way of creating "intuitive art" - to me that is letting go of the fears to be "perfect" and to allow your art or painting to evolve based on your heart callings, visions and d... See full profile

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1. Alcohol Inks: Wet on Wet Introduction : I welcome to my neck. Schools in their schools were kind to work on Mikey, the old goings in a way that it's blamed together. Are we also going to work on the whole page on oak wings, just flow into one another and create fattens of shapes on this answer. We're not going to work with things all create. Other details are only going to work with it, applying all callings and mixes to create this type off backgrounds. We can see like this. So it's very simple what we going to do here? I just want to site from the beginning that we were going to try to get. Not too much dog is like this because this is taking me along to try, and you can sometimes think it is dry and you put it in your folder too deep. It's safe, and then it's still sticky. So we kind of work with the things that it's light enough It can at a little bit off doctor like black, uh, in on this. What do you want to um, trying to avoid speak areas Well, is a lot off black. For instance, this one I got sign problem with the stickiness. So about I will do is I'm going to work over it with pains to just saif this. I'm not going to throw it away. So you're that small list what we're going to do? We're just going to add the eggs. Andi lived flow and dis created something beautiful like this. Okay, so, yes. Did you smoke? You're going to do I see in the next video? I think so. 2. Wet on Wet Lesson 1: okay for this project. Going t views for a little bit off local. Just lying or not. Um, then you can take your colors going to use for this as I see it in the first video. Try not to God do dog. Um, sometimes you sit with the sticky stickiness and areas with this dude to dog it with black , especially the black. So try to have another color to its Not too dark. Okay, So what we're going to do is, um I still to pull out of local. This is this is something that this you must be quick with this. So what you do? She just moved the awful a little bit of bones on the piper, and then you start adding your wings. Thank you. That is not the orange one. So what you do is you just, uh some thanks. Um, now you must be quick. Close is waas. It's not kinds of work. We just see these orange. I was really? Look, what I do is I try to look at the sites or the outsides off the things to see way the Oakland A's. And then I put tomorrow my things on the outside who it is. It's weight than it's flowing. You can just just go on with this under scared Teoh. But you're inks In year you can just related flow. But as I said, you must be quick This this this type of background, you need Teoh quickly. Otherwise, it's not going to give you that. If it, um you can even put you use your for us just to cover up a little bit of detail. Now, this is very, very sweet because we we actually, um, poor are things into this wait backgrounds. I I mean, you can see it is it's fine house. What is happening here? There's a lot of things going on, but it's so which you must really drive to just keep it still and not moving too much. Otherwise, it's going to mess up your piece. So you just need to wait a few minutes and did being subtle. Um, beacon. Still, if you see some pieces that IHS what sports up with this kind of old or background? Ah prefers that it must be fold up a breeze little detail why you don't want this white spots opening between, but it seems to me that this is more released, covet, and now you just need to leave with the blood. This is very easy to do. Um, it's fun you can really create. You can even use this again for a background if you feel like adding some data, but it's also very nice. What you can do with this kind of background is, if you like, like spice you can add, you may be the 1 may be expected. Thinks on it my existing markings. You can do that. He can come in again if you pain on degree. Height. Little stores on detail about Galaxies. I love to work with this kind of steam with the galaxy fee, because if he's look at it, it really create has almost that kind of feeling of stores on spice and everything. So this is really a very, very easy and very fun way, um, of creative writing, a beautiful background. But as I said before the scene is, Was this because it's a much ink on the piper? Andi, What it makes is this dog markings I. Then if you can see that, I can't take it up now to show you because it's going to move. I'll show you in a second figure when this one is drawing. Um, what is happening? For some reason, it might this dogs, but it is very beautiful. It is nothing wrong with that. But you must be very, very careful. Let it dry completely. And I mean, like, not a dire to. If you do this, this kind off or you needed lit. Stein applies. That is clean now, animals close to eat and they completely dry. This Contak more than a week or even two weeks to completely dry. And I don't talk about seem to the scene to this. Find its this boats, the dog this and also here. You see, once you bought your eggs, you'll see how it makes. It's like this little, uh, it's a market actually create on your new patch and you win is joy. If you touch it, you can feel it's like seeker in that area. So that is that is the one thing that you must please remember to just let stand and dry completely Danko on my the same mistake as I did. I did just backgrounds like this, and I thought It was a guy, Andi. I put it in the folder to keep it clean because this is a top of things are going to do and using another course. But I show you how to create backgrounds we can use for clothing. This is also one thing. Ideas like this. And I put it, I took the pictures and I put it in the full there. And after we go to when I take it off, it was like this sticky. So this is very, very important. Um, if you have a spice where you can just lay it down and just let it dry Um, yeah, that is the only downside off this, but it really criticize beautiful movement and things inside. This is really lovely to do. You can see if it's still this is still very weight. So you can still add a little bit more detail if you want to. Um, you can just in this photo, because it's a with you don't really need to do much because it's keep moving. But if a city you must be quick with this waas, it marks smokes, and you're not going to get the feeling you want to grind here. I don't think I will at a lot more just see what is going to do now. But it's also magical of this. Is that a fact? If you leave, it's to style like overnight to more right look, look totally different. That is also something with that love. This. It's beautiful. Do you play around and see you? But it's working for you as I see it in the other reader videos. It's really a it's really thing that you must fly around and see what is working for you and what's not working for you. This is just one way or the easy way to be at some backgrounds. Do you work on like this one? I think at the end I will most probably a detail because I can use this one in my clothing . I will show you lights on in an other video. How we do this is a climbing and what we can re hightails. So going to leave this one to dry out, Um, as I see the dog boards. It's not going to dry completely now, so I will keep it away for a while to just settle down on your but what is happening now? Here I will take another picture and just show you what is what is going on and what happened. But you can always also even you can't use gloves for this because it's going under your nose. You concedes it's quite bad because it's so wait, would you? Then you can also do that later. Inks flow. Yeah, that's something else you could do. But, I mean, you can see he other beautiful, beautiful diesel Jenny Paedophilia reawakened. You can just leave it flow like this if you want to add more, more detail, recon just to that. But the remind thing in this in this laysan issued just at things on a weight background that is the main thing here. I'm not going to draw. And three height, like the bubbles or the circles we tried to. He eyed up struck shapes. You're not not something like circles. You see, you want to to be really abstract, but you can see even here the black inks moved in. So you know that is a serious that you're going to have a problem with, but says I just keep it some way out off movement and just let it stand a for a while and let it dry completely. And then you're good to go. So, yes, this is, um there's a fun and the easy way of creating a beautiful background, a mental it's did to stand for a while, and I'll show you in the next video how it sends out. But he's have fun with this. Remember the local Inc or applying local on the Cooper Piper? And then you start adding your things in elated flow and you know, a lot of movement. You must do it quickly. Otherwise it's going to settle. And then you can't do much like now You can see I add a little bit more detail, but it's still wait, so you're just be quick with that and it will be perfect. Okay, I see you in the next video 3. Wet on Wet Lesson 2: 4. Final Pics of Wet on Wet: