Alcohol Ink on Yupo for Beginners - Create Dragonfly Painting Steps Dots and Fun! | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

Alcohol Ink on Yupo for Beginners - Create Dragonfly Painting Steps Dots and Fun!

Kellie Chasse, Simple Living Maine Artist & Instructor

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13 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction on How to Paint a Dragonfly Alcohol Ink Painting on Yupo Paper

    • Dragonfly Ink Supplies Needed

    • 1 Ink Dragonfly Background

    • 2 Ink Dragonfly Shape

    • 3 Dragonfly Shape and Wings

    • 4 Dragonfly Dots

    • 5 Ink Dragonfly Changes

    • 6 Ink Dragonfly Final Details

    • Part 1 Now we will create another painting of the Damselfly.

    • Part 2 Damselfly

    • Part 3 Damselfly - Finalizing our painting

    • 12 Sealing Inks so you can view them for many years to come.

    • 13 Ink Display Options for your final alcohol ink art.


About This Class

Create 2 different scenes of a Whimsical Dragofly painting using Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Alcohol Ink is an amazing art medium that is just now beginning to be noticed! In this course you will learn what Alcohol Inks are and how I use them step by step to create 2 different styles of Dragonfly's on Yupo paper!

This is a beginner art course for those of you that want to develop your skills with Alcohol Ink. I'll take you through the 2 painting styles of Dragonfly paintings step by step. 

We will cover in this course: 

1. Materials needed to create the Dragonfly Scenes. 

2. How prepare your Yupo paper.

3. How use a wet in wet background technique to create a smooth background. 

4. How to layer inks to make dots and using a brush for a small details. 

5. How to seal the paintings.

 Plus 2 BONUS Sections

6. Displays options for tiles 

7. How to professionally frame your paintings. 

I hope you'll find this course a 5 Star rating, if not please let me know what I can do to improve to make it a better course. Feel free to find my social media platforms in the profile section. I would love to see your final paintings posted there.

Happy Painting!






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Kellie Chasse

Simple Living Maine Artist & Instructor

Hi I'm Kellie Chasse, a Simple living debt free artist from Maine that LOVES working in a All mediums, especially creating scenes with Nature and bright colors.

I am an Online Instructor and have over 5000 online students in total from over 86 different countries.

Teaching here on Skillshare has been a highlight for me as an artist and instructor. Skillshare premium is needed to watch most of my courses, so join me as a Skillshare Premium ...

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