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Alcohol Ink for Beginners - Paint this Sunset

teacher avatar Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction to Alcohol Ink Sunset

    • 2. Alcohol Ink Sunset Materials

    • 3. Alcohol Ink Sunset Tile Step 1 and 2

    • 4. Alcohol Ink Sunset Tile Next Step 3

    • 5. Tile Ink Display Options

    • 6. Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo Step 1

    • 7. Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo Background

    • 8. Adding Snow Cap for Clouds Alcohol Ink sunset

    • 9. Background Trees Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo

    • 10. Final Steps Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo

    • 11. How to Seal your Alcohol Ink Sunset

    • 12. Share your Project with us!

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About This Class

Easy Steps to Paint and control Alcohol Inks. Create a stormy sunset painting on tile and Yupo Paper.

Alcohol Ink is an amazing medium that is just now beginning to be noticed! In this course, you will learn what Alcohol Inks are and how I use them to create a beautiful sunset on tile and on Yupo paper!

This is a beginner course. We will cover all the materials needed as well as how to prepare your tile and Yupo paper, what inks are, how they work, how to use them wet in wet to create a smooth background, how to layer inks for a detailed painting, and finally how to seal the painting. 

Plus there is a bonus section where I cover Tile Display options and where to purchase them.

This course will take you 2 hours or less to complete a painting.

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Kellie Chasse

Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years




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I hope I get to see you in a class soon!

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1. Introduction to Alcohol Ink Sunset: I my friends. I'm Kelly Chancey. I am online instructor. I've been teaching watercolor classes, alcoholic president jewelry for about 14 years now. And I'm really excited to show you how to work with alcohol inks. So this is a great beginner class for those of you that have no idea what alcohol ings are or new to them. Or maybe you're interested in learning more. You've just done basic abstract type alcohol in paintings. I'm gonna show you how to paint this beautiful sunset with these vibrant colors on you po paper. And we're also going to do it on tile and finally will cover how I seal my alcohol inks. So if you're ready to create some luscious looking skies and cloud, let's jump in to be able to daydream while you stare at it. So I hope to see you inside the course 2. Alcohol Ink Sunset Materials: Well, hello there. And welcome to our alcohol. In course, this sunset, if you are in brand new to alcohol inks, this is a great starter course. So this is what they look like. This is made by Adirondack. There are many other brands that you can get. I'm gonna be using the color combo on the right here for this project, and they have some great color combos. There always come out with new stuff. This one's orange, purple and yellow. And then I'll be using for the clouds a little bit of snow cap, which is the mix, a tive, and we'll be using some pitch black with this one for the trees. So this is what the bottles look like. If you have been doing outgoings for a while, you probably could skip this portion of the video. But if your brand new I just want to show you the little applicator they come in and these little bottles will actually last you quite a while. So because they're alcohol based, these inks will dry very quickly on you. So what a lot of books will use is blending solution. This is made by the same company Adirondack. There is also a brand called pinata, which is beautiful little colors that they have, and they have some, um, cleanup solution. And they also have an extender, which works similar to this. And you can also use just regular isopropyl 91% alcohol. You don't want to use the 70% because it has a little bit more water to, and it doesn't work quite a swell, so we'll be using you po paper. When this class first came out, you po paper was a little bit difficult to find, and now you can find it just about everywhere. It's poly propylene, so it's made of a more plasticky material. You can also use mineral paper for this, which I often use. This is a little bit thicker, a little bit heavier, and it tends to glide a little bit more on. It does not buckle on you. Where's mineral papers? A little bit thinner, so you'll have a little sometimes buckling, especially when you spray it. Now you po paper does come in a number of different sizes. Five by 79 by 12. They also have some 22 by 30 sheets, and then, if you really like, and you want to do some really big alcohol ink paintings. They have the roles of it, which is, I think, I don't know how many yards, 60 yards or something like that. So, um, lots of options for sizes for you. I do recommend if you're new to the to the medium, start small because it drives fast on you and it's a little easier to work with. So, as I had mentioned, I used the 91% alcohol, and depending on where you live, this might be a little bit more challenging, defined here in the United States, we confined this pretty much of any, uh, a local pharmacy or even actually, they have it at the supermarket Now here, if you can only find, ah, 99% that works great, Teoh. 70% will work, but as I said before, it doesn't flow quite a swell. But it's great for cleaning your brushes. So speaking of brushes will use just a fine small brush. Any round brush will work and make sure that it's nylon, so you don't ruin those nice sable brushes from the watercolor brushes, their expensive. So I get something inexpensive for this, especially when you're first starting. You also need some gloves to protect your hands because the inks do stain. I would recommend very good ventilation in your area. I also have a video on a vapor mask if you are sensitive to the smell, which a lot of people can be. If you have concerns, check with your doctor so obviously will need paper towels and out. When I first started, I used bounty Riva. Some are being on your brand. Some have a little bit more lint in them, so just be careful of that and you'll see in the painting here things will get in your all callings anyway. They just things will show up from flying in the air. It's amazing, Uh, so you also use just a cotton rag, too. I also have these little backer boards there, foam and my mats. I like to have that with me. Tape that tape down the U PO paper, using some type of blue painter's tape or frog tape, something that it doesn't seep down underneath. But I'm gonna frame mine so I don't usually see the edges. Anyway. You only two cups for your alcohol. One for dirty one for clean If you want to use a Sharpie Sharpie Zehr Wonderful to get some really fine lines in your alcohol inks. Now, one thing is, you have to make sure that your alcohol is completely dry before you use a Sharpie or it you have a hard time or writing with it actually on your U boat paper if it's still wet and then my other fund thing is gel pen. This is a white gel pen. You got to be careful with this as well. This one's made by unit ball. They have Posca pens. There's a lot of different options for for paint pens. Ah, they do tend to not stay white, so make sure if you want to keep it white, you spray it with some sealant, and I'll cover that with you shortly, and then you could right over it, and it will stay bright white. This is another option for you. We're not using us for the class, but I wanted to make you aware of it. These are spectrum new are markers and these air alcohol based pens. This is another thing that you can use in place of sharpies. It does reactivate the inks, but they're great way to get some fine details in your paintings if you want. And this one actually has a wide nip and a more Ah, fine point nib. So those were real fun. So we'll be using a four by four white glossy tile. You can get that pretty much any hardware store. And then here is what I use to seal my alcohol ings. This is came. Are varnish can be found here in the U. S. Pretty much everywhere overseas. Sometimes you might have a little bit harder time finding this, but you can use rustoleum. There's a couple other options. Check with the alcohol in our community if you live outside the United States and and you can maybe find out from someone there what they used to seal it with. If you cannot find the came are and then also the UV clear resistance spray. This will help protect your alcohol inks from fading. And what I like to do is use UV glass for my alcohol inks, and that helps protect them as well. Because they're not like fast. They are made basically as a craft item. They were not made for fine art. And they are working on that now, seeing if they can prolong the light Fastness of this. So for ready to begin, we're gonna start on a tile. 3. Alcohol Ink Sunset Tile Step 1 and 2: So let's start first using a white glossy tile. Now, these air Great, because you can wipe them off. You can do them over and over again. So this is the perfect medium to use when you're first starting out with alcohol inks and the what I like doing. You could see it minds dirty here now, my white tile. So, um, what I like to do first is take some alcohol and just clean that off. And you can do that anyway to begin, because sometimes your fingerprints will be on there. You'll have some oils from your hand. So it's always good to clean your tiles before you begin with just some 91% alcohol. Now I'm gonna be using the as I said before the yellow, the orange and the purple. Now, Ranger thanks is always changing their color. So don't panic if you can no longer find this color. If you're watching this at a later date, just get something that's close to it. You know, yellows, oranges and purples is all you really need to worry about and you're will be beautiful. So I'm gonna start pouring in without any blending solution. Just a little bit of that on the tile. Now, you do need to work fast because this will dry very quickly. Make sure you get those edges and I'm just taking my gloved finger and just making sure that moves across there. And we want this to stay wet as we're blending. This ends. I'm now. I'm adding a little bit of the purple. You can see the difference in the color above versus down below because it's mixing and then we'll add a little bit more. It's always hard for folks to work fast when you're first starting out cause you're nervous . But like I said, it's a tile. You could wipe it off. You can practice. This is a great way to start and you can see you have a beautiful landscape going just by rocking that back and forth, and that is it. I'm going to let that sit for a second here. Make sure you have a flat surface or this will tend to roll one way or another, and we're gonna let that, um, not dry. We wanna work fast with this and we're gonna be moving on to our next step. I'm gonna grab that little detail brush that we had talked about. And I just want you to practice moving those inks and you can see how it's very soft, very blended up on top and grab a tile a second. Thailand. You can actually scored some of your black on that I love to use eases my pain pallets because you can just wipe them down, start over here as well, and get a little bit of that black on your brush. And because this is still what I want you to see, what's gonna happen? My place, that black in here and it's wet on wet. You can see that really blooms. You could also see where I have something some, already something in my tile at the top there, Ah, little fuzz or something. You can grab a toothpick and pull it out, but I'm gonna be putting black in here, so we're not gonna even see that. So I'm just going to ignore that. It's even there so you can see how that's really just beautifully blending up in here. And then we're gonna add a little bit of rocks down the bottom again. Look at that texture that it creates. I want to have some of the other color coming up through, so I don't want to cover it too much with black, and you could see how it's already beginning to move a little bit. So I want to make sure that I have leaving some color in there. The one on the left is more black and the one on the right and see a little bit more texture in the rock. And then I'm taking my brush, and I'm just gonna drag it across my tile to create some texture in my water. So it looks like I have a little bit of ripples in there and again that is still wet, so challenging to work fast with us. I know it does seem different things. If this is dry, this is going to look totally different. You're going to see it's very streaky, and you're gonna see a lot of texture, and you're painting if you allow it to dry first, because what happens? It reactivates the alcohol underneath, and it pushes away the other colors underneath of its dry. So our next step we're going to be adding some trees to the front 4. Alcohol Ink Sunset Tile Next Step 3: So the next step is basically we did one into the first in the first video. This is Step three. Now this again is still wet, but it's a little bit drier than what it waas. And this is how you contest to see if you're ready for the next step or not of a little bit of that black in there. That's not blooming a whole lot. So let's keep going. Will make that a little bit taller. We're gonna make a tree up in the front here, and this is what you want that Remember when we did the first set of black in there with the trees, how much they bloomed and you could see how this is really staying Mawr in place and see where it's still moving the underneath a little bit. So it's got the little White ridge around it, but for the most part, that black is staying right where I want it. So we're gonna make a couple of little trees, little tapping motion just going to the left on the rag and these air not perfect. The branches air somewhat turned upright and I love making trees. This is one of my favorite things to Dio. We'll put another one over here again. I have a little spot. You see that? I just covered it right up with the black paint more Just making some very unusual formed more natural looking trees in here, Not maybe another little one read down in here. So great thing to do to is if you have areas that you're not happy with, you can always cover that up with a tree. Were made another small one in there. I like to more odd numbers. So we have five trees in here Now look how pretty that looks. Very. It's very simple to Dio You saw how fast I did those trees and we're gonna let this dry probably least for 24 hours before I seal it. That's not necessary. Depending on your environment, how hot it is. How much humidity in my dry? Little quicker. So next, McShay, how I prepare this for display 5. Tile Ink Display Options: So with alcohol inks in the tiles, there's a lot of different ways that you can display them. And I found these neat little blocks you can. You can just kind of sit the tile in here. If you take him out, they come in, um, the four by four for the four by four inch tiles. They also have him for six inch tiles, and you can get them in different colors. They have black, which this one here, and they think they have some that are in like a cherry color. So they have some options for you, and you can order those from a place called after tosa dot com. It's where I get mine from, and they also have these wooden blocks. Their boxes, I should say. So this is a six by six inch tile, and I just glued it in here with epoxy so you can see that they're really nice little wooden boxes and these air great for gift giving as well. Or they have these thes air little frames so you can hang your tile up. So again it's your hypocrisy, and you blew it in there, and it's got this little hanger, and you can see where there you can use them as a tribute as well. But you would want to seal. That was like a two part epoxy if he wanted toe to use it as a trip it. So you put anything on it. You want to make sure that's nice, have protected, and they have these in different sizes as well, and they have them in different colors, so there's lots of different choices for displaying your tiles. We also have bookends that you can get, and you can put the tiles on the sides of those and one of my favorites, I This was one of the first ones that I had done for myself as a little pencil holder, but I keep my paint brushes in it, and again they just leave a little. A little space in here in the tile just sits in flush. The big thing is, you want to make sure that your tiles aren't too large. Sometimes I've gotten a couple of them now, and they have been either too thick, and they don't quite fit in that four by four area. So before you go and buy yourself a whole box of tiled. My recommendation would be to go ahead and just pick up one or two and make sure that they're gonna fit in there before you do it. 6. Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo Step 1 : So hopefully Now you're a little bit more comfortable using the tile for some practice sessions. And now we're going to attempt to do this on you po paper. So I have my two cups here. Gonna fill this up just a little bit, maybe 1/4 of an inch on the bottom with some 91% alcohol. And I'm going to use those as Clint for cleaning my brushes off. And if I need to add the alcohol to my painting, I can do that. I have my Matt kit here. You can get these off of Amazon. I have some links for you in the bonus section. And I like to tape my small five by seven. You put paper down onto this board, so it's a phone board, and this one is a size eight by 10 board. My paper is five by seven, just a little oversized and that will fit perfectly in here for my matting. So I'd like toe line this up as best as I can in the middle of this of this board. And then I can tape that down about 1/4 inch all way around, and that should fit into my opening of my map perfectly. I don't worry about looking at any of the mess. I don't have to. Even I could pull the tape off when you're not going to see it. If this does seep underneath it all, you also could use Ah, frog tape. It's when you kind of tape. Really, That will contain. So if I get that tape on there just about right, you won't be able to see any of that blue trim. And this is also way. If the blue tape throws your eye off, you could just cover it up with the mat and get a better idea. What? You're what you're painting looks like. So we're gonna do the same thing we did with the tile. We're just gonna clean off that you po paper. If you've handled a lot, sometimes again, your your oils from your fingers Ah can get trapped on there, and the alcohol will not stick to it. So it's always good just to give it a cleaning before you begin trying to use some paper towels that don't leave a lot of lint or dust on there. And then we are ready to begin our pay. Now that we're all prepped with, Are you Pope paper 7. Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo Background: All right, So now we have all prepared and ready to GOP going to be using those colors we talked about earlier. The purple, orange, the yellow, and we're also going to use some black for your trees. And them, of course, will add some snow capped for the clouds in the next section. So what I'd like to start with is taking off those caps. Now, if you have had alcohol ing for a while, you'll notice that some of the ink does get trapped up and dries in. Those caps would be careful while you're opening these. These ones are brand new. So except for the black, but you don't want open him up over your you put paper or some of those flakes will get onto your papers. To be careful of that and taking off the caps just makes it easier so you could work a little faster. We're not going to actually use, um, blending solution for this. I'm gonna have you try this without blending solution. And then, if you want to try it a second time with lending solution, you can do so, especially if you're a new painter or you might have a hard time working fast enough, and depending on your humidity and how hot it is in your room, it could drive faster, especially have fans and things like that going. So I want to show you what a Q tip does. A Q tip will help you clean up those edges, but it will also leave a little pieces of lint. So meet careful with a Q tip. I don't have my gloves on on this one, and I should have. I was recording really quickly, and I didn't put them on. So make sure you wear your gloves because I am holding the board. This really helps keeping your hands clean, though I can tilt and tip this without worrying about getting it on me. So we're doing the same thing that we did with the tile. I'm just adding the yellow, adding orange and watching that move again, trying to do this quickly. But because the larger you go with these, like a four by four, tile is very fast. This one's a five by seven, so you're getting a little bit bigger, so it's a little bit more difficult to use without the blending solution. But the blending solution will lighten it. It does help it flow and stay wet longer. But you don't get some of those vibrant colors sometimes because it will. It will lighten the inks. So I'm going to put in a little bit more You could see here. Ah, the difference where it's really wet and where it starts to dry. I'm gonna put another little bit of purple appear in this guy to see what that did. It bloomed. And that's because in that ink underneath has already began to dry. So that's really the difference. You could see how it spreads it out and moves it rather than flows with it like it is here on the bottom. Not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the look that you're going for someone a re wet that again see if I can get a little bit wetter and sometimes I can get that toe to move or blend a little bit more. So it's a little bit better not worried about the top portion anyway, because we're actually gonna be putting some snow cap up here and some clouds, so it's really okay. So if I take that Q tip back to the cute temp, and I pull those through. I do leave a little bit of cotton pieces on here. They're great toe work with because I can pull paint out, but it will sometimes leave little pieces. I am wiping that off. Can create some motion in here. You could do this with your finger as well if you have your gloves on, which works really well that we tried that on the tile. But you can lift some of that pain out. I don't know if you can see some of those little pieces I have in there. So next I'm gonna grab my little brush and remove some of those pieces. So if you do find you get little floaters in their little things, you can just take the little brush. And as long as this is still what you really can help, you can remove those. All right? The next step is going to be adding some clouds 8. Adding Snow Cap for Clouds Alcohol Ink sunset : right now, we're gonna add some snow cap. Now. Snow camp is a mix. It'd so it has a little ball inside here, so you need to make sure that you've shaken it very well. Make sure that it's mixing it all up in there before you begin. I have had some folks just start out and score did not. Realizing it's a little bit different than the regular alcohol inks, and you end up squirting out a lot of the fluid and then it dries out on them. So be careful with that. Make sure you mix it really well. Shake it really well, sure, you hear that little ball going in there, and for a good minute or so and that way you'll make sure that the mix it'd is really mixed in there. Now this will dry a little bit different because it's got the mix it'd inside. There's what's a little bit thicker than the regular alcohol inks. I'm gonna drop it in here, and that background is just slightly wedge. I waited a couple of minutes before I begin the Sno caps. There's no caps, snow cap, and now I'm just gonna blend that in there. Now you can see that it's picking up some of those colors from underneath. The more wet that you have that the mawr and the more you mix it, the more it will pick up some of those other colors. So you might have to find yourself adding a little bit more each time. And you're just making these little circles to make these little fluffy clouds. In here, you have a little bit of flow moving that back and forth. I think we need just a little bit more. Let's add a little bit more purple in here to see if I can get this to flow a little bit more because I have a lot of orange in there. Now you can see where it when I dropped that in that time I made to complete circles, and that's because you're dealing with something a little bit more dry underneath. So move that orange and move that white rate aside. So let's go ahead and go back in and add a few more dots and the mixed. It will give you a little bit more time to place. It's a little bit thicker, so it doesn't work the same as your inks will work. And they also have something called a pearl. Mix it, Ivo, and that has more of a sheen to it. But snot, I don't find it quite as bright white as the snow cap. A pinata has one called Blanco, which works very well as well. So while this is still slightly wet and when I just put in my line here that I'm gonna have for the water just to give it a little bit of ripple, a little bit of texture and highlight, and now we're gonna be adding the trees next. 9. Background Trees Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo: right now we're gonna grab are pitch black up to reactivate that black that is already on my tile. Most of that was dry, and just by putting a couple of drops in there, we can reactivate it without losing its color. And you can see that my background is still blooming a little bit here. This is what I want. It's not quite as dramatic as I had done it on. The tile is it's a little bit drier, but you can see we do have some movement, especially near the bottom. That's obviously a little bit more wet down below, and I'm just taking my brush and dragging that across almost looks like a reflection on the water. Already, you can see a little bit of those trees have come underneath for the reflection, which is which is beautiful. So if I had done this a little bit quicker and have more of that blending up into the sky area like we did for your tile, but that's okay, we have had to go do the cloud, so it's a little bit different step in here. Well, let's go ahead and see if we are ready down to the bottom to create some rocks. Now, this is a little bit more dry down here, so you can see that I'm not getting a lot of that texture that we did on the tile. It's more black, So if you remember on the tile, we did it a little bit quicker, so you have more of the other color coming up from underneath. Can just different ways to do it is not a right or wrong. You could also skip some areas. If you want to leave some of that color showing through here well, like the rich richness of that. So our next step, it will be adding some trees. 10. Final Steps Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo: All right, We're ready for our final steps. We're gonna be painting some more trees. I'm gonna get that nice fine line. Now, this is all dry. I waited probably about five minutes. This was pretty pretty dry. Are ready. You can always take a blood drive to it very carefully, long as your eggs aren't running. Still, your blow dryer can make it a little bit quicker for you. And I have added again more of that black to my palette. Now you can actually reactivate that ink with either alcohol, the 91% alcohol or some blending solution. But you need to be extra careful because it can change the consistency of it as well as lightning it. So I just like to just take another drop and add it directly to it to keep it fresh and wet . And it really makes it a lot easier when you're trying to paint that what you don't get your your skips on your on your painting where your brush runs out of ink. So it has a nice flow when it's still wet and the black is a little bit thicker to than some of the other rinks you can see it has a very dark look to it here because I just keep adding more more with the pigment to it. Now, if you've taken the Zen Doodle course and some other classes, you can actually see the color. Black has many colors in it. Or if you take a, um, another sheet of you bill paper and add some alcohol to it or blending solution, you'll see all of those different shades that it actually has, And it's really kind of a neat thing to try. Put another tree and over here, and I also have on YouTube a quick little demo on making trees with water colors. If you want to check that out, that's another little option for you and then another. A recommendation would be if you like this one. I also have the moonscape, which is another landscape with water and trees. We do a moon on there, and it worked a little bit more with some white gel pens, so it gives it a little bit different looks. That's a great follow up for this course. One more little tree here. Remember to keep your trees of different different sizes and different shapes. You could also have a little crooked tree in there if you want. I don't have to all be perfectly straight. Up and down looks more natural here and mean. We have a lot of these kind of trees, and it's nice because in the winter time they don't lose their leaves. So if you want to put a few more, um, oak trees in their urge trees, you could, you know, at a few of those two. This is, well, it's another little small. One here still looks a little bare down here. Another neat thing to do. If you wanted to, you could put some little stars up in the sky, you zika white gel pen. There's lots of different options, so don't just stop here. And once you're done with this painting, I would love to see you posted in here. I have to do is click on that question and answer, and you can post your picture in here. If you want me to take a look at yours, I would love to see it, plus some other students get chance to take a look at it as well, and it's always need to see how different everyone's painting. Turns out now when I extend that tree a little bit taller Guettel a few more whisper your little branches in here, and we had talked about using the Sharpie. This is another time where you could use that Sharpie to really get some really fine branches in there. So here's the finished piece of Put the mat on it. It is all done will take a white gel pen. This black down here is completely dry, and I signed my name on here, and then you would want to go ahead this point and seal it so we'll talk about that next. 11. How to Seal your Alcohol Ink Sunset: one of the most important things about alcohol Inc is to seal it correctly. So I have a demo piece here. I've just taken some alcohol inks. I threw Cem cling wrap on top of it, and it makes this gorgeous background. So if this is in the interest you this is a perfect little background for really anything that you want to paint on top of it. Um, Dragonflies you could were some trees in there. You could do pretty much anything. But look what this looks like. Just just as is. If you want to do more of an abstract painting, you could just put a mat right on top of that. Look how gorgeous that is. It's beautiful just by itself. So I am going to let this dry really quick, and I'd advise you to do a test yourself before you actually seal your painting. So we will be using the came Are varnish for this and UV resistant clear spray is what's going to protect it from Vaid ing. Now you do want toe. Make sure that whenever you do this, you put it in a area that's not direct sunlight. A lot of new windows have UV protection in them, which helps, Um, but here's how you going to do it. You're just going to spray very lightly that came or varnish over your dried painting, so make sure it's completely dry. Depending on how much ink you use, It could drive very quickly. If you use a lot of ink, you may want to wait before you do your came are varnish bright and depending on how thick it is. Aziz. Well, you may need to do a couple of coats for this, so I let mine dry, usually about 15 minutes, and it's dry again. This depends on your area committee your heat. So to light coats, maybe three. If it's really heavy, let me show you here. This is what people do when they first start alcohol inks. They'll use any kind of spray not realizing that it actually reactivates the sinks. So the camera varnish is very important to actually seal in your inks before you do any other type of spray, including that you ve spray. So this is triple thick, which a lot of folks will use for tiles because it will give it a nice, glossy shine um, but you still need to do the camera, burnish first, essentially the UV spray, and then you could use the triple thick. But I will say, Really, if you want to use this, um, and use it a lot, those sprays will not protect a tile, and we're gonna use it as a tile. You're better off to actually use a coat of art resin, which has you be protected in it. And I do have a video up on YouTube on how to seal a tiles. If you want to check that out, that could be really helpful as well. 12. Share your Project with us!: So congratulations on completing the course. I am so happy that you took the time to join me in this class today. And I am so excited to see what your projects look like. So if you have time, I would love read it. Get those alcohol inks out, get a white glossy tile to start, and you can do this really quickly doing I still practice session. Go ahead and post it below, because we would absolutely love to see it. And if this is your first class with me, I want you know, this was one of my original classes I had ever done. I went through and rework some of it. And if you loving alcohol inks, go ahead and check out the Zen Doodle class, the moonscape class. And if you want to push it a little bit further, we have alcohol inks with resin on this in this class. So look forward to seeing you in a new poor soon. And if you have a chance, please don't forget to leave a review. Give the thumbs up that lets other students know that they might be interested in something like this is Well, I would love to hear what you thought of the class. Thanks again for joining me. And also, you can tag me on Instagram if you'd like to share that. I do a YouTube channel video every week and I love to share my students work on there. So thanks again and have a great one by