Alcohol Ink for Beginners - Paint this Sunset | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

Alcohol Ink for Beginners - Paint this Sunset

Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 15+ Years

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12 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction to Alcohol Ink Sunset

    • 2. Alcohol Ink Sunset Materials

    • 3. Alcohol Ink Sunset Tile Step 1 and 2

    • 4. Alcohol Ink Sunset Tile Next Step 3

    • 5. Tile Ink Display Options

    • 6. Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo Step 1

    • 7. Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo Background

    • 8. Adding Snow Cap for Clouds Alcohol Ink sunset

    • 9. Background Trees Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo

    • 10. Final Steps Alcohol Ink Sunset Yupo

    • 11. How to Seal your Alcohol Ink Sunset

    • 12. Share your Project with us!


About This Class

Easy Steps to Paint and control Alcohol Inks. Create a stormy sunset painting on tile and Yupo Paper.

Alcohol Ink is an amazing medium that is just now beginning to be noticed! In this course you will learn what Alcohol Inks are and how I use them to create a beautiful sunset on tile and on Yupo paper!

This is a beginner course. We will cover all the materials needed as well as how prepare your tile and Yupo paper, what inks are, how they work, how to use them wet in wet to create a smooth background, how to layer inks for a detailed painting, and finally how to seal the painting. 

Plus there is a bonus section where I cover Tile Display options and where to purchase them.

This course will take you 2 hours or less to complete a painting.

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