Alcohol Ink Fluid Art Abstract With Golds | Sealed with Resin | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

Alcohol Ink Fluid Art Abstract With Golds | Sealed with Resin

Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 15+ Years

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13 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Fluid Art Introduction

    • 2. Pinata Gold Demo

    • 3. Jacquard Powered Pigment Demo

    • 4. Krylon Gold Pen and Tools Demo

    • 5. Taping your Aquabord to prevent help prevent leaks

    • 6. Painting Step 1 Pinata Gold

    • 7. Painting Step 2 Jacquard Powered Pigment

    • 8. Painting Step 3 Krylon Gold Paint Pen

    • 9. RESIN 101

    • 10. Mixing Art Resin

    • 11. Pouring Your Art Resin

    • 12. Removing the Tape

    • 13. Fluid Ink Aquabord Project

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About This Class


Alcohol Ink Fluid Art Diptych Abstract | 3 Types of Gold Paints | Sealed with Resin 

UPDATE: 7/21/19 I've just added a follow up course with the Claybord that you can watch here or use this link:

This course is made for resin beginners - we will cover Resin 101. You will be able to create some very easy yet beautiful original Diptych paintings using Aquabord mounted on a 2" wooden cradle using my 3 favorite types of Gold pigments in this matching pair.

You will learn to complete the painting, and sealing it in a coat of glorious diamond clear finish of resin. Students will learn in detail all the tips and trick to creating a flawless finish of resin without dimples, dents, and dust.

Looking for the supplies, I've made it easy with listing them all here in my Amazon Shop.

This is a Beginner RESIN course for those of you that want to have fun, be creative, and get the basics on how to create some simple fluid art pieces sealed with Resin. 

So if you are ready to gain some confidence with Resin and Alcohol inks let's jump in!

Would love to have you join our Kellie Chasse Fine Art Exclusive Student Group  on facebook. You can post your work or ask questions, plus you can chat with other students. 


  • RESIN 101 Preparations  - Tips and Tricks for a great pour
  • Mixing Your Art Resin - You of course can use different brands
  • Pouring Your Art Resin
  • Finishing your edges and creating a uniformed look.
  • Learn what supplies you will need to a fluid art piece using alcohol inks - Attached is a PDF under the Class Project with all the supplies.
  • Learn to create soft flowing movement in your fluid pieces using Alcohol Inks and  3 different types of golds. 

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