Airbrushing 101 - Digital Makeover | Jess Girvan | Skillshare

Airbrushing 101 - Digital Makeover

Jess Girvan, Artworker, painter, photographer

Airbrushing 101 - Digital Makeover

Jess Girvan, Artworker, painter, photographer

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Smoothing skin

    • 3. Using the spot healing brush tool

    • 4. Adding Eyeshadow

    • 5. Defining cheekbones

    • 6. Editing lips

    • 7. Working on teeth

    • 8. Changing hair

    • 9. Finale - finishing touches

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn from start-to-finish, how to airbrush a photograph of a model. This includes smoothing skin, adding makeup, changing facial features and editing hair.

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Jess Girvan

Artworker, painter, photographer


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Jess, and I have over 14 years of Photoshopped experience in this class are going to teach you how to airbrush and edit a photograph, including things such a smoothing, the model skin editing eyes adding makeup, including eye shadow and lipstick editing cheekbones. The structure of the face on DCI changing the model's hair, diesel quiet. Other quite intermediate Photoshopped things, but they're very useful things to know and they're all very transferrable. Skills will be using the brush toe. The the Dodge Tool the burn tour will be selecting will be changing. Hue. Saturation will be doing all those kind of cool photo shop stuff. Andi, I hope you're looking forward to joining me on this journey. 2. Smoothing skin: So we're going to start this tutorial by smoothing the model's face. It's a hit. She is. So to start with, we will duplicate the background layer so we have another layer that we can end it. And if something goes wrong, it doesn't matter because we can just delete what it's done. It's the first thing you want to do is create another duplicate layer off the model's face on. Then we go filter, blur Gagosian block on this blood's the photograph. So you can either have a lot simpler or not a lot of blood and suggests setting the Blur. Probably, too. I think in this case maybe, uh, fight 5.8 pixels. So the image is a little bit blood, but not to blood press. OK, and then we use the arrays at all, which is Harris on duh, we said the capacity to about 25%. Now you make the brush tool is big or small as you like, and basically just saw a raising the models key features. I'm not such a little bit higher, so raise the eyes, the eyes come back the eyebrows, so basically we have just blood. The model skin. And now you're just putting the detail back into the most important features. I'm using a Wacom graphics tabler, which is a very, very useful tool for photo editing and retouching, because the harder you press, the bigger either the brush limes are or the reason lines are so it's very pressure sensitive. Um, also, we want to sort of that also, we want Teoh go around the outside of the model's face so her face isn't blurry. So I have increased the capacity of the brush storms spring around the edge of faith. See, on the hair is very, very important because the head needs to be very sharp. It is. So my brushes, naturally this big. I've just made my pastor extra large through the easy following the screen, but it is significantly smaller than it appears to be. Hi, blouse. And we can't forget her shoulders. Yeah, no, if you're see a before and after, we can see that she is already quite smoothed compared to what she was before. Um, you've just got to check that all the details in the eyes awfully there. If they're not just used the raise a tool again to bring back in a missing detail. This is the first stage of the skins May thing makes everything will smooth. I think we just about then in full it's now. That's the first step done in the smoothing off the model skin. 3. Using the spot healing brush tool: So now we're going to get rid of imperfections in the skin. So we've got the blood layer just here. We're going to go lay out Marge down on that merges the blood layer with the normal air. So you can see now, if you copy this, lay off just so we don't lose anything rewarded down. If we go wrong on, then go to the spot tanning brush tour, which is this little tour here? Have you press out on a piece of scan piece of close kin? Uh, just continue for assaulting a piece of skin and then use it to get rid of any blemishes you can see on the skin so you just keep defending, gets rid of it. I went to change this brush to a soft brush, see, So it's a lot softer, has smooth edges. It doesn't give any harsh lines. So you just keep clicking to get rid of any marks. Agency. - You know, there's this glitter on the model's face. I don't really want the blood to hair, so I'm just going to remove it. Just keep clicking and drawing, just like you would if this was a brush. I just keep some playing different parts of the face. No, The difference between this ImClone tour is the clone tour copy stuff exactly on the brush tool, just kind of samples and area and blends in smooths, and the area around it says you can see we're removing a lot. Freckles on your marks says You can see way have reduced freckle sickness, can meet and removed most of the little. I just keep flicking the layers on and off to see what the before and after looks like. See the progress we're making. 4. Adding Eyeshadow: next, we're gonna add some eye shadow. So we are going to create a new layer underneath the eyelash layer here. New layer. Drug it underneath the eyelash layer. Now, let's have some. I shudder. I'm going to start off with a kind of skin color base using the brush tour. I'm going to make the brush a soft brush. See, Just like this now going to turn the capacity down thing. So it's not too harsh, and I'm just simply going to use the brush tool hats. Um, I should This is very much a case of trial and error, just doing whatever you feel. Looks right. My That's in the light of here because the eyelashes on a layer in France means that I should have is going behind. Just like normal eye shadow should now answer, Doctor, I should have in the islands just bone some DACA and you can use whatever colors you feel like using everything would look good, - just like so Now I'm going to reduce the capacity. This was this harsh. There you go. I did some nice I shudder. I'm gonna create a new layer, actually, Andi, just get rid of this dark bit of skin round models. I just in the area that's more uniform. And you can also get rid of bags. No, Booth. Just like sigh number. Giusti and Steve more increases way as you see a pastie, sir. It looks not true but improved just like that. I don't like this area here, so I'm just gonna get alot pastie a razor and just racism of it. Just like that. It's now this is added eyeshadow and we're free to move onto the next stage. 5. Defining cheekbones: it's re goingto ads and definition to the cheek bones and add a bit blusher. So if we go to our top copy off the original photograph, Andi, create a copy of that. Next we go to the Burn Tool, which isjust head this little hand onder. It's a bit of trial and error, really, so you can select highlights, midterms or shadows based on what areas picture is. I think it's probably mid tones, but we can give it a try and see what it looks like. So, basically, you just use the bond toe just like the brush. Tom. You can see I'm gonna turn the exposure all the way out. That's just try out shadows. So, for example, the shadows literally just bring out the shadows. Highlights. Hello is give a very kind of gray color, which isn't brilliant, So we'll stick to the mid mid times now and just add some definition to her cheekbones. We could go really over the top pair like Sai. I don't like that so toe under I'm that she just using the shortcut have undue, which is command old and said on its a lot quicker than doing it. The long way around. Let's cheat brings a little bit more tricky on a ton exposure down just like sun. Now the next thing to do is tell me a positive, this layer all the way down until we're happy. So the original turn up a little bit, so that looks like good. There is a difference, but it's not too extreme. I think I might even turn it down, live more before and after. Now I would like to add a little bit blusher for the model streaks, so I'm going to create brand new layer on and select a nice kind of blush type color. Think this is quite nice so that the brush tool make sure is a nice soft tools, the hardness all the way down to their own increase the brush size on. I'm going to reduce the capacity down to about 16% and now you can just brush on a little bit of Russia next. Now again, we can go as extreme as we like on then just used the capacity option of the Top Layers panel to adjust it. That is quite nice. It's not too extreme, is quite natural looking, and that she is now. She has more defined cheek parents and a little bit of blusher night 6. Editing lips: next we are going to focus on models lips, so I'm going to create yet another copy off the top background lay of the photograph on. Next, we're going to focus on models lips. So we've got this background copy that we added the cheekbones on. So we need to make sure we go layer merge down to merge it with the base layer off the latest version of the background layer, and then let's create a copy of that lower once again, surreally lose any important information if we go wrong. Onda the several ways to add color to the lips. Ivor. We can create a new layer, select a color, use the brush tour, just make it high capacity and make a lot smaller and simply paint on the models lips just like this and then set it to color. So I've We can do that, but that usually gives kind of not the best result. Why I personally like doing is we just undo that, actually, just delete them later. Actually, I didn't go back to the original background layer at the tall enough. We use the last you tall to select the models lips just like so and then go to the top select color range and then we can select parts of the models lips, different colors on the lips. And if you hold down shift, you can select various parts the lips just like Sai. So we want to select it enough so that kind of all the lips appear to be white on the selection panel on if you turn the fuzziness up or down, that controls kind of how how intricately it's selected. Think of selected far too much. I just want to really focus on the main pink parts. We don't need to slept the highlight so much just most of the pink. I think that will probably be good. Click OK, and then we go of the lips Selected layer No Lavia copy on. Then we have created a copy of the lips and you can say, um, Bath now, just don't do that now. If you go image adjustments, use us hue slash saturation on. Then we can turn the saturation up or down on we can change the color quite easily, just like so. So I don't want a massive change. Maybe just up a little bit more a little bit more color. You go crazy and house todo or something like that. Um, I think I might just stick to kind of a deeper shade off her natural color, just like so that we could also control the lightness. Obviously, that doesn't look very good, so I just be very careful not to make it look to artificial. Just have that. It was only a subtle change, but we have given her a little bit more color. And then if you need to blend parts that weren't selected, then I would suggest definitely creating a new layer. Selecting isn't add upto part the left, then back to the paint brush painting in and changing that to color was before, just like so on. You can also use the color it'll the color layer mode to use and incorporate different colors into past. The image, for example, would just set up to blue create a new layer. Set that color. You can add different colors, such as bits of blue to the lips. You can just make it completely abstract. If you wanted Teoh just like Sai way, it's just another way to do things. Tell new Pastie all the way down, but that's actually is a bit of a different look that is how to add color models lips. 7. Working on teeth: next, we're going to focus on the models teeth. Now, in this photograph, the models teeth you can't really see very well, quite Go ahead in and they're a little bit of shadow, but we will try our best to just white in them a little bit. So if we go to our top background layer, create a new copy and, like we always do on, then go to the Dodge Tool here. Andi, just have a little practice. This is a little bit of experimentation, really of painting onto the teeth, like so and then zooming out to see the effect. I'm going to tell them exposure, although up to 100% to have maximum ing in, put in maximum impact on dumbed. So I'm on midterms midterms at the moment. But I'll try highlights. Well, just really over the top, lighting them up right now. They look orange and it looks terrible, but what were you going to do is create a new layer on top of that Andi, change the color toe white and then paint over the teeth just like so and then set the color set the mode of the layer to color just like so obviously her TIF look very growing here. So we were just both reduced the opacity of the light layer. This is a very subtle difference. Like Cy on reduced their capacity off the color layer. Sirti Flynn looks so gray. I'm still not happy with the result of this. So another thing we can do is gonna tell me a pastie fully up. So it's 100% now. I'm gonna select around the teeth just like this and go select color range longer. This electoral, the kind of two feet colors in the image, reduced the fuzziness to try and not select too much around it. But I'm gonna go lay out new layer via copy and then go Image adjustments, hue saturation on. And in this dialog box, we can just the chief just like so. And I think that is probably a better way forward in this situation. So just just brightness saturation not to saturates and not too black and white. Chris the lightness just like Sai. Once again, we can reduce the apostate or increase because we created a new layer Me now need to go layer, merge down and then emerges the chief layer onto the top background layer and then reduce the apostate of that until you are happy. So as you can see, we've made the models teeth a little bit whiter and they stand out a little bit more on her face on. And now I'm just going to go layer much down, and it's now on the previous layer that we create it. 8. Changing hair: next. I would like to edit the models half, so I want to change the color of our hair. And what I would like to do is make this darker hair blonder. So what I'm going to start off by doing is creating once again and never Lavia, copy. Andi, I've got Dodge tour selected and I get got it set two shadows. Now make sure the brush is a soft brush, not a hard brush. So make sure the hardness is already answers, Arab son. And this gives a better kind of is gives less hard edges when you at the Dodge. So what I'm going to do is simply paint over the darkest areas off her hair to make it lighter, just like so. Now what the Dodge Tour does is it seems toe also slightly de saturate. So is making a hair look quite gray. But that's OK because we were add some color backing into her hair once for you finish this . Okay. Coming up. No, it doesn't have to be completely perfect. Sketch artist. The dark areas possible? No, As you can see, it's quite great. But we reduce the airport city until we're happy. with the result, and now we're going to go layer merge down, and then we're going to create another copy now and then create a new layer in general. Now, if we use that, I drop it all and select part of hair that we would like to change it to. So this color is quite nice. Select the paintbrush tour on all this new layer. We can simply paint on top of her hair just like so. And then, if we set the layer mode to color, can see that all over her color is from the same color. Obviously, this looks quite unnatural, so we're going to reduce the capacity like, say, so that's a bit better now once again merged the layer down and then create another layer via copy. And then what were you going to do? Is select the lawsuit. All draw around her hair just like so? And then we're going to go select color range, just a leapt, holding our shift various parts of our hair and we can increase to reduce the fuzziness. If it's completely reduced, then the result of the selection could be quite grainy, so I'm going to increase it a bit and then I'm going to go layer no navy a copy. And then from here we can go to the levels or hue saturation, for example, hue saturation. We will be able to completely change her color. And then what we would do is just erase any color that's on the outside of the hair that we do not want. I think I might just go levels and make the highlights lighter by moving this end. One. Oh, shadows a little bit lighter. Just adjust it until we're happy. Now I'm going to have a soft edged brush just erased from on the outside of our hair and her am, which was also selected by abstinent. I think so. Now, if we total this layer on and off, we can see if there's any color outside of hair, still a little bit on the air a little bit just round here by that. And I think I'm I even reduce the opacity a little bit as we can see the head before and half after 9. Finale - finishing touches: So for the final part, this video, we're just going to make the finishing touches to the photograph. So I'm going toe, merge the hair layer down and then create another layer on. Now I'm simply going toe, zoom in on the model and decide on any final things that I would like to amend. Firstly, I would like to change her eyebrow color and light in them a bit, so I'm gonna use the Marquis tour, select the eyebrows and then go select color range, hold down shift and keep clicking to select different shades of the eyebrows. Turn the fuzziness up, but not so it select the rest of her skin. Just so it's focused on the eyebrows. Okay, layer New Lavia copy. And then I'm going to get image image adjustments. You saturation in a turn, the lightness a little bit. Increase the saturation. Change the color so it's slightly closer to her blond hair color. Just a just until I feel it's improved. See him out to look at the overall image, Okay? And then you see the before and the after the eyebrows. Right once again, Marge, down grand noon. A on top new copy layer. If I zoom in and that closely at skin, I'm going to create a brand new layer. I use the eye, drop it all, which is here to select part of her skin. And then I'm going to use the brush tour, make it quite small and relatively low capacity. And I'm just going toe paint over any areas that I think needs improving just like this. So I'm going to define her eyebrows a little bit more now. I'm also going to select a dark apart around her. I because I've realized I've missed off some of the eyebrows around the edge that's remaining color. So I'm just gonna paint to run the outside of her eyebrows so you can't see this extra color that's creeping in. I'm just going to select a little bit more around here to help blend the skin, this bit more hair and then I'm going to reduce this layer. Opacity, little bits. It's not so in your face. No, I think the left eyebrow looks a little bit strange. I'm just going toe Marge down on and create a new copy layer and then a new plain layer on top. I'm just going to select her eyebrow color and was going to try and roughly add in a little bit more eyebrow because it looks like she's missing some. Um, if you see, she's no. But it's just how the image kind of appears to be a bit more to this eyebrow as well. The man looks a little bit better than I'm just gonna reducir positive that little bit and then much down grand. Never copy layer. So I'm just gonna use this brush toe brush over skin, very general way. You can't see very well exist. Only 21% Aziz, you can see just even out skin tone a little bit, not undo. That could be very, very rough. It doesn't matter too much. I'm just saying now have made a quite pale So I'm going to slipped kind of darker skin tone . I just had some of the shutters back in, and I might also select white. Just add hi lice nose above her cheekbones. Chin. I know. I'm just gonna reduce this opacity. Inter looks a little bit more. Not sure. I think one more thing I want to do is have just created a new layer I want to add a little bit more black eye makeup around her eyes. I've got small, lower pastie brushes, only 21%. I'm just Oddsson black to the top of her eyelids like so that would just make the eyelashes blend a bit better. And also, I've just noticed this area here isn't brilliant. So I'm going to create a new layer, select the skin around it and still on 20%. Just brush away. These edges just likes, uh, reduced even more to 6%. I don't think there is anything I would like toe really change in this. Now what I might do, I could change the background, but I think I have one final thing. If I go to the top background there, I think I want to add a bit more shadow. Tow her hair so I will select the burn tool, create another layer of the background there. Onda moments on highlights. We don't want highlights from mid tones. Maybe not mid tones. Shadows. Yeah, I will set two shadows just burn into her hair a little bit, just like that. Reduce the capacity. And there I think I'm happy with that. And there you have it. A before and after how to airbrush video. No, I'm just not Marge these layers because I'm happy on defy Total this on and off. We will be able to see the before and after the image before. After. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial video. Andi, Thank you for watching a C C.