Airbnb Experience Creation: Host Events for Business, Art, Health, and Entertainment! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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Airbnb Experience Creation: Host Events for Business, Art, Health, and Entertainment!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Make Memories and Monetize a Passion with Airbnb Experiences!

    • 2. Share the picture and link to your newly approved Airbnb experience for the class project

    • 3. What is an Airbnb experience?

    • 4. Airbnb experience basics including passion, skills, participation, and uniqueness

    • 5. Plan successful experiences by knowing the quality standards upfront

    • 6. What experiences are available on Airbnb?

    • 7. Use a listing similar to the desired experience as a template

    • 8. Create Your Experience location and overview

    • 9. Input basics and about you to get started

    • 10. What We'll Do and Passing Review

    • 11. Composing the perfect title

    • 12. Upload high quality photos of guests in the experience

    • 13. Meeting location and considerations if working from home

    • 14. Pricing and number of guests for the experience

    • 15. Finishing creating your experience and preparing to submit

    • 16. Let's see your experience!

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About This Class

Imagine having the job of your dreams doing what you love and sharing that with those interested in the experience!  Airbnb experiences empowers any of us to become an entrepreneur online by hosting events for business, art, health, entertainment, and nearly anything else we love.  In this class, we focus on the skills necessary to create an experience, submit it for approval, and start getting clients booking our gig including case studies of approved and successful experiences with detailed instructions on completing the review process and tips to earn the most money from an experience!  The skills we learn as entrepreneurs online in creating this Airbnb experience will prove helpful.

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Make Memories and Monetize a Passion with Airbnb Experiences!: Welcome toe. Airbnb experiences host events and business, art, health and entertainment on Airbnb Today I'm so excited about the ability to host experiences on Airbnb because I think this is an awesome way for any of us to share our passion and to be able to earn a bit back from it in a way that's great for everyone involved. It's great for someone who wants a unique experience. It's great for the host who's got this incredible journey and adventure this year and is great for Airbnb to provide a place to go Look to make this connection. I'm grateful you here in the course today. We're going to cover everything you want to know. To get your experience approved on Airbnb. We're going to cover all the details, go through every single listing. I'll take a bit of a look. Now we'll show you what will cover in this class will cover all the details of your experience. When I first learned about experiences, this is all the stuff I wanted to know. How do you go through and create this? What things do you need to do to get your event and experience approved? What is all of the details and information you need to provide in order to host and experience what considerations are there, for example, the meeting location. You want to think about that in advance and little settings like this, where you can put an option for private groups to book where people can get a guaranteed one on one for a much higher price. Little tips like that to help you get the very best results out of creating your experience . I'll show you a successful experience created by one of my business partners, Jewell, and are read with S and T know artists. They were the ones who told me about Airbnb experiences. They've got a perfect example of an approved business workshop. They're hosting a two hour workshop at their office. They've got 35 star reviews on it, already earning hundreds of dollars toe. Have people come over and make valuable connections. These were organic discoveries as well. These were discoveries where they were found on Airbnb. That's what's so exciting about this. Even though jewelry have a YouTube channel with millions of views, these discoveries off their Airbnb came through Air B and B, which is really cool. There's a huge opportunity on Airbnb today to create experiences. Therefore, I'm here to show you exactly how to do that. That's a very timely opportunity. Airbnb experiences are still pretty new. I just heard about them at many cities, like where I live only have four or five experiences total. It is very easy to just look at a proven, successful experience. For example, something in New York City where there's over 400 experiences, take a proven experience. Put your own skills and talents to figure out which one. Offer and offer a proven successful experience from New York City in your own local city. There's tons of opportunities with Airbnb experiences today toe earn as long as you go through and follow what is a fairly rigorous process of creating the experience, the one tipple giving advance. You probably are going to need help with the photos. This is not a take a selfie and throw up a quick photo. You probably will need to plan from the beginning to get help with a photo and to put some serious time. It may be several hours into writing and getting the experience. That said once you get this done and get this approved. This could be an income source That just allows you to do what you love on a daily basis and earn good money. Even if you don't have an established following for it yet. That is why this is so exciting. I'm grateful to share this with you today, and I'm excited to get started with you on the Airbnb experiences class here together. 2. Share the picture and link to your newly approved Airbnb experience for the class project: for the class project in Airbnb experiences. Will you please share the link to your finished and approved Airbnb experience? Because you have the chance to teach the class toe, verify this works and to help us, me or any of your fellow students book the experience with you at some point, once you go and create and follow the class and click on new idea creature entire experience, get it approved, then what you get is a page like this by Julian are read with S and t know artists. You'll have a page where we can go through and book directly from this page. What we're looking for is that a picture from your experience, whatever you use for the cover image and then paste the link just like this to your finished experience as the class project. Once we've got that, then anyone who has questions will be able to ask you questions as well as me. And any of us that see this in the class might be able to book it. It's also a little bit of accountability for you to say. Look, I went through and gave this class a try and got something concrete out of it. Well, it's digital, but you know what I mean. You got something you can look and say I did this as a result of the class. I think Airbnb experiences as a huge potential, especially for entre murdered October news online. To communicate our experience with others like this workshop Julen are read, are doing hang out with local YouTubers and Vancouver and also to share our passion, our skills in a way that's fun and easy to understand in the mind. Oh, my book. Two hours of jewels and I read. I get to go there, office, hang out and talk YouTube. Your skill might be cooking. You could offer a Airbnb experience for will go do some cooking. It could be at your house that could be at another place. This is an exciting opportunity because it's new, which means there's a good chance to make one of those first successful Airbnb experiences , and the class project is away. You stay accountable for that. Thank you for getting started with this course. I love your awesome and I appreciate the chance to help inspire you to make your Airbnb experience today. 3. What is an Airbnb experience?: what is an Airbnb experience? Obviously, understanding this before we create one will be most helpful for us. Therefore, first things first. What are Airbnb experiences? Airbnb experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals. They go beyond typical tours or classes by Mersing guests in each host. Unique world. In my case, this is my home video production studio. Ah, unique world. It's an opportunity for anyone. That's why we're here. That's why I'm excited about this. Do you see that It's an opportunity for anyone to share their hobby skills or expertise without needing an extra room. That's why this is so exciting for, ah, home based business, especially like I've got. How cool is it that I can set it up for $97 that you can come over and have a look inside my studio for an hour? I then get the opportunity not just to make the $70 after the Airbnb cut, but I also get the opportunity to essentially have people come and pay to get to know me that might become potential followers that might get to ah, have relationships with me that might want me to be there. They might be my client. That's why this is so exciting and operate. How often do you see an opportunity for anyone to share their hobby skills or extra expertise without needing a room? That means you don't even need a office. This is pretty new still, and especially the ability to use this in kind of a business workshop. Context is already proving successful, and that's why it's so exciting. Therefore, to understand the Airbnb experience, you also might need to understand what it is not. So we will need to cover what it is not also and go into more detail about what it is. 4. Airbnb experience basics including passion, skills, participation, and uniqueness: Let's take a deeper look at what our experiences and also what are not. Experiences on Airbnb for Airbnb experiences For hosts you do not need to host in your home . You can host anywhere you can share your hobby skills, their expertise without doing it in your house. If you want to, or you can host it in your house for guests, you don't need to stay in an Airbnb home. On average, they last for a few hours. That can. Experiences can range from workshops, toe long treks and are available for various skills and interests. All experiences are reviewed by Airbnb. I'll give you an idea of some of what it takes to get approved. What you need to do now. If you want to host an experience, you can just click on host and experience, and what it will do is take you to the dashboard. The dashboard looks like this, and I'm in the process of doing and creating my own. And as a part of doing this course, I will submit my own experience and put it up. Is the class project once I've got it done? Also toe learn Maura about creating an experience. We just go over to the resource is tab here. Then we've got all of these articles that air here to help us do a good job. You can see the getting started and look into these, and I've read a bunch of these articles in order to get started. Now some of these will just lead. There's a lot of different articles to read. There's the why Host and Airbnb experienced what are Airbnb experiences. And there's a lot of these blawg, for example. You could get a better off idea of what an Airbnb experience is. I read one of these articles pretty quick, getting started. You can see Airbnb has certain things they want. Hosts share their insider knowledge with guest and give them behind the access scenes two people placed in activities that guests couldn't typically find on their own. This has stood out to me in submitting my Airbnb experience and reading what the help literature said over and over. The key thing they want is insider knowledge and something like behinds. The scenes access, especially the things guests couldn't typically find on their own. That's why I'm most any experience in my home video production studio. Because this is a one of a kind experience, there's very few context where you could get access to a studio like this, and there's none in the world that are just like mine with me. The idea is not to just have some generic tour, but to have something that really stands out. As you can see, searching through the experiences, you can get an idea of what Ah lot of other people are hosting. We'll look at some other experiences in a minute. Another key thing they want is perspective. This means a unique point of view. Experiences tell the whole story and Merced the guests in their world. In other words, it should be something very personal, like when I'm having you over toe, be inside my studio. This is very personal in the middle of my story, and in my world it shouldn't be something generically or just kind of giving people a tour or some service offering. It's not, as I read in one of health car locals. It's not a service offering. It meets needs to meet thes four criteria, so you've got access perspective, and then participation idea is not just to passively observe something like maybe a football game but participation where you can actually meaningfully engage in the experience. One. I'm setting this up for my home studio. People will be able to actually record ah video in it if desired, then passion. The hosts are passionate about the theme of the experience and condemn illustrated deep knowledge or skilled mastery of the activity. Therefore, if you want toast something, you should have put a lot of time and energy and effort into learning it and be very good at it. It's not something that you want to just try out and not have any previous knowledge with, which makes it ideal because almost all of us have something we're really good at. And through Airbnb experiences, we have the chance to create a way to essentially share that and monetize it together, which is exciting 5. Plan successful experiences by knowing the quality standards upfront: what other quality standards for Airbnb experiences. For me, I find I want to dive in and get to these immediately because you want to know this before you even start planning out what you might dio the key things. They want to see our experience, insider access and connection. By comparison, this would be on lack of expertise or just something anyone can pick up and do. Like read from a tour guide, lack of insider access like a public area standard tour, popular location and lack of connection where it's very impersonal. Anyone could just do it and walk around. You can see these experiences are intended to be memory makers, where you do something that's really special with someone who's got a lot of love and passion and excitement for that. For me, that's filming inside my studio. I've got the expertise and insider access and the opportunity for connection in this context to make an ideal experience. There's also other requirements for experience, including accuracy. You must obviously give guessed the right information. If you say it's at a certain time, it needs to be at that time or meeting location. It needs to be exclusive dates, which means if you haven't experiences shouldn't be a workshop. Let's say you're doing a workshop anyway, off Aaron be and being just throw that on Airbnb, it must be just for Airbnb people. Meaning you don't have somebody come from Airbnb that paid $97 to visit. Let's say my studio. Then I have someone else booked through my YouTube channel to come see the exact same thing . It should just be for Airbnb on the exclusive dates. It's also a commitment to reservations. Host must honor booked reservations, even if it's for one person. So for me on my studio tour, if I make it available for up to four people, then I don't get to just cancel because just one person booked. Also, this is a surprising thing that stood out to me. The minimum guest review ratings when you've got a rating adder below 4.7 may be removed from Airbnb. This appears that Airbnb then allows broad creation off experiences, and then what happens? Is it survival of the fittest, the ones who get a lot of low reviews or who's consistently below 4.7, meaning almost all five star reviews I guess what they're doing is just allowing lots of different experiences to be created and then just filtering out or removing lots of the listings with lower stars. Therefore, it's important instead of what I was initially thinking when I did this was to try and make a bunch of different listings at different places, and what I've gotten to is to just do my very best. One listing that I can think of the very best experience I can think to offer that's the most convenient for me is to just have people over right in my backyard, right in the studio where I'm filming now that's the best experience I can think of. That's convenient for me. That really meets the standards on this and to do a really good job with one listing instead of trying to do a bunch of listings and then potentially getting a significant amount of low reviews and then having it removed. One really good listing appears to be the way to go, and the idea is when we connect with people in these Airbnb listings, then if we want to make other services or types of events, we could just to talk that out with the person themselves. So looking at the quality standards for Airbnb experiences, it seems to me the idea is to make one great experience that you could say is kind of a lead magnet and into a bigger picture relationship with a potential client or in terms of a world of experiences that you might not book directly through Airbnb. I hope this look at the quality standards have been helpful to guide you right from the beginning to plan a successful event, not event experience on Airbnb. 6. What experiences are available on Airbnb?: Now that we've looked at some of the basics off, what are Airbnb experiences? It might be helpful to take a look and see what actual experiences are being offered, because from there we can draw inspiration for our own experiences. Will tab over here and look at this is the Airbnb experiences page. You'll see there certain types of them and thereby location, for example, food and drink concerts, nature surfing, entertainment, nightlife classes and workshops, sports, history, health and wellness arts, social impact and music. I'm imagining among all these different categories that there's absolutely at least one great experience you can offer. We've basically covered nearly all of human existence right here. Therefore, there should be at least one niche you can work to find an experience that you can offer. That's awesome. Let's take a look at what some off the top rated experience is currently are. For example, here is one. There's a wolf encounter experience 170 $5 per person to go meet a wolf. I guess I've never done these. I'm just looking at the page. You've got hidden gems of Old Delhi, which I guess is a history walk is, it says you've got a wildlife spotting tour, you've got a food walk in hidden alleys, a history walk, a guided hike, and you've got hidden waterfalls on here. As you can see, lots of these are active experiences. But there's an opportunity to create all different types of experiences, especially because this is still relatively new. There's not that much competition, and the more people enjoy doing these experiences them, or they'll keep looking for them and booking them, for example, there surfing experiences. There's Airbnb concert, their social impact experiences that support a cause. Then you've got local ones. Let's check out some of my local ones. In Orlando, there's a glass blowing workshop or make your own glass blowing art paddling in paradise, a ghost tour of downtown Orlando. That sounds cool. Doesn't that sound like something funded? There's a walking brunch tour food tour. Here's a workshop of how to make a wooden pen, and there's a yoga in the pub for $12 an hour. If you hit, show all, you can see them by area. So as you can see, there's not that many of these in Orlando right now in a city is biggest. Orlando. There's Onley seven. These are now. As you can see, the filtering is kicking into effect. I imagine there's been lots more made, but these are the only ones passing review, so there's only 15 experiences right now in an area as big as Orlando. If we go down, we can see something like Miami. There's 131 in Miami, 443 New York. You can see the areas that are bigger, blowing up with all these different experiences. Let's take a look at some of the things you can do in New York. You've got a bar crawl, photo shoot, photo class, several different walks. There's a baking class, a museum visit. I mean, that's pretty cool. If you want to go do something like the 9 11 Tour with the first responder instead of just doing it by yourself, that's really cool. There's a craft class culture walk, photo shoot, boat ride, an intimate concert, live jazz and R and B fusion. At home, it says, there's a pop culture walk, intimate concert, so many different experiences you can offer that I'm certain there's one experience that you can offer That's awesome. What it can be if you look at all these it, sure, it can be overwhelming, like, how can I find a good experience? Or here's something in a city like New York. I imagine you can find something that you could do in your city. For example, there's a food walk the vegan four food tour you shouldn't miss. There's $5 per person and a four hour tour. There's photo shoot at iconic movie spots. I mean, these air, um, are you might not have iconic movie spots in your city, or you might I don't know you can. I'm certain there's, ah, format. If you I have no idea what you can create. You can look at something in a bigger city like New York and then figure out a way to bring that to your hometown. Something like, Ah, vegan food tour. I'm imagine I have certain I could offer one of those. I don't know if I could do a great job on it, but I'm certain there's lots of people in ST Petersburg, Florida, that could offer and awesome vegan food tour. I'm imagined. There's lots of opportunities for intimate music concerts as we can see there, several intimate concerts on here, three hour concerts. I imagine there's lots of opportunities anywhere in the world toe offer an intimate concert because you can basically just play music at home or your local area bar, pub er, music hall wherever you go to play music, I imagine there's lots of inspiration that's possible by looking through the experiences page here, and I hope that's been useful for you to take a look at some of the types of experiences that are already available on Airbnb. 7. Use a listing similar to the desired experience as a template: What I'm doing is taking a proven format that I see from an already approved Airbnb experience. And then I'm converting that into my own local event. What I'm looking at here is a workshop hosted by Julen Ari with S and T know artists who are members of my Partner program, which offers weekly coaching calls and collaboration toe work with me. This workshop is something that we talked about in our partner calls, and I'm seeing opportunity to offer a similar type of work shop in my local community. There's on Lee. Five or so experience is available in ST Petersburg, Florida, and therefore this experience is the opportunity for me to stand out and to have some new people get to discover me and also for me to offer the same experience toe anyone already following me whenever they're in town, in a format that when I get the reviews, other people who might be traveling the area may discover it instead of just trying to create my own event submitted. Therefore, my suggestion is to find something that's similar to what you're hoping offer that you can see already has good reviews. That's already approved because then you've got a good shot to just make it unique for yourself. So what I'm doing on this is I've studied closely the about your host. They might even things the amount of time, what will provide what will do. I've looked at the reviews on this 35 star reviews on this. I've talked with Jewell and are read about what experiences those booking the experience had and I can see from here. It's pretty simple and straightforward to just make this event. There's a clear listing of what will do, and the idea is I just make a hang out at my office. And instead of it being with a local youtuber, I make it for a Go live with a Facebook or enter alive Facebook and YouTube studio. That's my exact niche. Basically, you just come hang out and do a workshop with me in my office. Now they've put it under workshop, and I'm not sure if there's option that I saw for workshop. I saw Business one, but I might be able to switch Mind Toe Workshop also, So I just took a successful listing that I've seen 35 stars reviews hundreds of dollars earned to meet up and Makesem valuable connections a good experience for everyone. I've taken this format una proven listing, and what I will do now is show how I go through the creation process one step at a time. Using this listing is my inspiration, and I go through and make my own listing on Airbnb experiences. 8. Create Your Experience location and overview: what we get once we start creating our experiences idea to just create new ideas and then we haven't experienced dashboard. This is available at Airbnb dot com slash experience. Dash hosting slash listings Once I've created an experience, I then get the opportunity to just work on it and save it so you don't have to make all of it at once. This is not like final picture on here. I just put in a working picture. So to begin the you go through and have this entire experience tab before you can submit. This is one of the things I was most interested to learn about beforehand, and I'm grateful for the chance to share with you when you want to create your experience, these air, all the things you need to do with it. You need a location that supported. So if mine is ST Petersburg, Florida, which is supported Alternatively, if ST Petersburg, Florida wasn't supported, I could go to the nearest big Metro City. For example, I could go Tampa, Florida, which is like a 30 minute drive files willing to drive even farther. I could put Sarasota Orlando. I could even get ridiculous and put Miami or something like that. Therefore, you can host your experience in an area that is a little bit farther away from you. However, there is a question about how long you've been from that area, so you don't want to go too far from where you're from, especially if your experience is supposed to be something local. Ideally, your experience will be able to be hosted in your local area, but this is the most important thing you need to check before you go forward. Is your city supported? My city supported, so that's easy for me. I imagine they want to get as many service cities supported as possible. Therefore, over time you have the opportunity to do that. The once you've got that in, there's a checklist on the side language category about you. What will dio? Where will be one? I'll provide what guests should bring. Title photos, meeting location notes, guest requirements, group size price default time booking settings. Then we can review and submit. It tells you exactly how many things you've got left to submit down here. I've spent probably an hour or so working on this listing, I still need to finish off like three or four areas. Then what I will do is get a picture, actually, before I submit. This is one of the things I need to do. I need to get a good picture or a few good pictures of the experience to, ah uses those cover photos to stand out to help get people to click in on the listing. It looks like from what Julen or Read said, you are able toe edit things after the fact. That means whatever price I set today, I am able to increase that in the future. Once the listing has gotten good reviews and has established, it might be better. As I've read in some of the help material, start with lower Price. The more reviews, the more established your listing gets, then you can raise your price a little bit to increase the amount you get out of it and to limit the amount of bookings you get. If that's an issue, these are all the things you need to go through and submit the help. Information is pretty good on most of these, so what we'll do right now going forward is walk through each of these individual steps to create your experience because then you know exactly what it looks like, and it will be easier for you to go through and do the same thing. 9. Input basics and about you to get started: let's walk through and create the details of our experience right now. First we will tab over, and this is pretty straightforward. I thinking, Figure out, location. The language. Obviously you need to pick a language you can fully function in is it says you should be able to read, write and speak in your primary language. You can always add them later. So whatever your primary language is picked that then the category you pick out of business , entertainment, sports, wellness, nature, food, drink, fashion, history, music and nightlife. For my event, I'm picking or my experience. I'm picking business. And then, ah, you've picked what you're doing for the majority of the experience learning or practicing a skill, er, other unique activity, I believe, is what will come up as a workshop then. Ah, if you have a nonprofit, you can check their when we go down next to about you. The about you is where you really need to sell your experience with whatever you're sharing and it when it comes to a location. There's a question about how much time you've spent in a city because these experiences are locally focused events. That means you should be in that actual city. I was thinking before this about, say, putting these in a bunch of different cities, but that's not the way they want these set up. They want these experiences hosted by locals. Therefore, there's a question. How much time have you spent in ST Petersburg? Now you could round this if, for example, I've lived in the Tampa ST Tampa ST Petersburg Stare Isoda Metro area now for eight years. But I've only lived in the city of ST Petersburg for about three, so I answered directly to ST Petersburg. There you could expand that as needed. You also have a question. How long have you been practicing a studying or teaching next activity? Which means you want to plan to do something you're really good at? More than likely not that you just picked up. As it says, being a novice or just learning about an activity idea with the experiences is to have experts. If you have formal education, if you click yes, on this one, you can put the certifications and and if you've done this informally or another platform, you can put yes. Now if you're going to offer an Airbnb experience. You should have at least done this informally. I did what I'm considering offing here informally with my friend Thomas George. He came over. We did the exact same kind of thing informally that I would do for the experience. Therefore, you absolutely should put yes for this. Please At least practice this with someone are on someone else. Before doing this, I would imagine if you click. No, I haven't. This is a good signal not to approve the gig. Although I don't know if that's for certain. I'm just saying you really should put yes on this one. Finally, you've got on this page. You got social media following and website links. Definitely. If you've got your own website Facebook YouTube, you can drop Twitter Instagram, etcetera. This is Onley four Airbnb. If I'm offering a workshop on a live video production studio, I absolutely need my website Facebook and YouTube, where you can see what I do with the studio. I recommend here. Make sure you put things on here because this is on Lee for Airbnb. Put things on here that are relevant to Airbnb deciding. Rather, you've got experience with whatever experience you're offering the social media links are not just for people to click on these air. For Airbnb to essentially review what you've done are that's the beginning of getting this started through the about you page. We will continue by walking through the rest of this. 10. What We'll Do and Passing Review: next up, we continue filling out the about the experience section and keep this thing going. So what we do next is going to the what will do section and the what will do section. This is where you really need to describe cell and correctly explain the event. This to me is the most important part off this experience creation. Therefore, you start with this. Describe your experience from beginning to end and order will do the activities for mine. I put we begin with the tour of the studio. After seeing the studio, we collaborate to share your passion. You notice I speaking we language instead of I and you to make this an all inclusive something we do together. Of course, Then what I do here for describing the event. So this is really straightforward simple studio tour, creative process and walk through. Then we collaborate, help you share your passion with the option of film a video and ask questions. Then I put some qualifiers here to help determine if the person is right for it. For example, if you're considering building your business that you love the chance to ask questions and get tips if you've already been producing videos for years, your love taking notes from my studio set up. If you're just wondering how, then I put this, you can see I'm also thinking about search results off. Someone searches for a YouTuber event, our Facebook creator event or a twitch gamer I experience. Then this experience could pop up in all those context. Therefore, I did mine this way. There's lots of other ways you can do them. I recommend Look at some of the approved experiences. Look at how they write it out there, especially if you see one that's approved. That's just like what you want to offer. Already got good reviews. Take the learning from that experience. That's exactly what I did to write this. I looked at Julian R. Reid's already approved experience. I took that and put it into mine. Along with thinking about S CEO. You've got 1200 characters when I've written is about 2/3 of the space you can use. Then you've got a couple of other options ready. You can have a specific set plan. I recommend have a specific set plan. Most of the time, these experiences seem to be guided towards a specific set plan or maybe a general plan. The idea seems to be, though toe have something that's guided and specific. I'm not sure how much these air considered on review, but it seems a specific plan is mostly desirable. You have guests actively participating or not for my studio tour, it's yes. Now. Some of these can be a performance or passively watching or listening most of these experiences that are designed to have the guests actively participate. Therefore, we consider that in the experience creation process, mentally, finally, we've got which of the following best describes what you're offering. Ah, unique activity that guests can't do on their own or unique angle on an activity guests can do on their own. And if you answer this one a service, you almost definitely are guaranteed not to get approved because you're not supposed to offer a service. It says that in the language of the health documentation, therefore, some of these questions are, I think, automatic potentially rejections if you answer them. So if you put a service on here, you're likely to get automatically rejected. If I was Airbnb, I would create automatic rejection questions to not even waste anyone's time having the review experiences that clearly you didn't read how to do it. So make sure don't put service on here. And I imagine this might possibly be an automatic rejection also, where guests will be passively watching or listening. Therefore, keep these read all the help documentation when you're making this next, where will be is a pretty straightforward for example, on this one, I said, well, mean in my home office studio and see the inside of a world class video production set up. That's pretty straightforward. Easy to check home or private place, and the easy to check indoors or out there. Is there super simple right there? I'm choosing not to provide anything from my experience because in my home office studio shed, I don't want people eating in here there don't need drink any water, anything. However, I could provide some bottled water or something like that. The experience. Only an hour and 1/2 though it's in the home office studio shed. If you want to provide something, you could just easily put something on here like drinks and bottle bottles of water available or something like that. If you want to. It depends on what kind of experience you're offering. Some experiences you pretty much will need to provide something. For example, if you're meeting for lunch somewhere or in, Giuliana reads, they offered Starbucks. Consider that in the cost of your experience. If you're going to provide something, say you're going to have a fancy lunch somewhere, you do need to pay for the cost of lunch within the experience also, therefore and well, it depends on how you set it up. If you're doing like a vegan food tour, you could just essentially pay for the tour and expect the guests. However you do it, you need to have that clearly explained in the experience, though, and most of the time, if you're going to provide something, you need to plan on paying for that out of the total cost off the budget or the total cost you set, then guests should bring with them this one. What should your guest bring Julen? I'll read on this one. Did a note pad on this? I'm choosing not to have guests bring anything. All they need to do is show up, walk in, hang out in my studio. Therefore, there's nothing you guessed needs to bring. Nothing I need to provide were in kind of an environment where we don't need. I've got a bottle of water, but I'm in here lots of times for hours without essentially eating or drinking anything. So that's the That's the full experience in here also, especially if you have a costume with a face mask over it. There's no eating or drinking now. The next two parts will cover are the title and the photos. 11. Composing the perfect title: what we're looking at next is the title. The title is a key of place. Teoh. Get those orders on the experience. Teoh, in a very short amount of words, communicate the value of the experience. Therefore, the title might be a place where you're spending perhaps even more time than writing the whole description of the event itself. Let's go take a look at the title. The title has a very specific length. You can Onley use 38 characters on the title, therefore the title to cram exactly what you want to do in the shortest amount of words possible in the most compelling way that attracts people to book the experience and also encourages people not book the experience who don't want it because from the five star rating system in the 4.7 review requirement that will leave you getting filtered. If you don't have consistent five star reviews, you want a title that attracts the right people and then discourages the wrong people, especially. You can try and write your spirits out clearly to discourage the wrong people from booking your title. You want it to be something short and sweet and descriptive. You can look at the approved experiences, you can literally even copy the exact same title format for a different city. For example, as I showed earlier, you could look in New York City, find it's an experience that is similar or the same as you want to offer in your local city . Look at how they did the title and do the title the same way for mine. There was no title exactly like what I wanted. So what I needed to do was craft the title myself. What I did is figure one of the key things I want. I want someone who's into Facebook or YouTube to book my experience. My experience should be particularly attractive to someone who's got a Facebook. Page is trying to live stream videos, someone who's thinking about making YouTube channel, someone who's into Facebook gaming, someone who's just an avid Facebook user and watched a lot of videos. My experience is very attractive to someone who's big into Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, I want those two words because also, if you search all the Airbnb experiences, you might not find hardly any that are relevant to Facebook and YouTube. But this could even be something people actually travel to experience. That's where you can really hit the highest level on these experiences. To make something someone is willing to travel just to book your experience. Someone who's not even tending to visit your areas, browsing through the Airbnb experiences seizure experience and says, Man, I got a plan, a vacation there so I could do this one experience. That's why I want Facebook and YouTube in the title. Then I've got a live studio. This one took me summit orations because I film on live video courses. Ah, live video production. I finally got it down to the very shortest amount of words possible with live studio Live Studio communicates what I doing here. I make live videos as well as video classes. Then I worked on the very beginning to kind of picture the experience in my head with someone stepping through the threshold off the door into my live studio. Therefore, when you read my title, it makes a very clear picture in your head, and it's a very clear picture in my head. The picture is someone stepping through the threshold off the door into my life studio. That's the experience really is opening the door, stepping into the studio. That's the whole experience and with the character limitation I wanted to put discover on Facebook, and I didn't have enough characters to do that. And I thought I could just put AH, YouTube student live studio or something else. But I wanted to get Facebook and YouTube in there because Facebook and YouTube or two of the top websites in the world, Facebook and YouTube are huge part of what I do live streaming videos. I'm Facebook videos everyday on YouTube. If anyone is interested in producing on Facebook or YouTube, they should be really attracted to come see my studio. Therefore, I crammed all the words I wanted in here. I spent ah while getting the title out to exactly how I wanted it. Now this you can do really easily if someone else already made an experience similar to yours. If not, I hope this has been helpful to give you an idea of how to craft the title and that it might be normal to put a lot of time and energy into actually getting the perfect title for your experience. The title is one of most important parts of the experience, along with pictures 12. Upload high quality photos of guests in the experience: what is the most challenging part of creating an awesome experience Page? And what are you likely to need help with the pictures or photos? Part of the experience from my experience creating an experience that's a lot of the word experience. The photos is where you're likely to need some help. The photos section, as well take a look at now, according to their instructions, is not a place to just upload a selfie or a picture that looks staged. You want people were actually engaged in the activity with the experience? You want to show off the location and make sure your photo has good lighting. You don't want filtered photos on. I would hope no drugs, nudity, alcohol. And I guess you're not allowed to use any Children at all in your experience, which it means you've got to keep it to adults, which is interesting if you've gotten experience for kids. But it says no kid Children. So there you go. Here's some examples of it and what you can see. The examples are often very people or experience focused. You can see through the examples here. One thing that's consistent. These air people actively engaged you can click on more detailed examples to get even more what I did for mine. I just put my camera up with a tripod, and it took a picture of this. Now this is not the ideal way to do the experience. What I'm imagining, the best way for me to do the photos is, is to have one of my friends come over my massage therapists and have her take a picture in the studio and actually have me take a bunch of pictures of her doing different things in the studio and then to pick out some of the best photos for her. Obviously, you want unlocks of these scenarios that may be better toe have the most attractive person or the most appropriate person for your photo to someone who really loves in is excited about it. It can even work toe, have a woman instead of a man in the photo that tends to draw clicks lots of times. If it's you hosting the event, it seems preferable to have someone who's not you inside the photo to me, the photo is combined with the titles, one of the most important aspects of the experience that cover photo. Here's what really slowed me down creating the experience to because this is something I need to ask for help with not just aren't could have my wife come in and take a picture also and be right in the middle of the studio. This way, we need someone who is actively engaging with the experience and not just me in the middle of the studio myself. Therefore, for the cover photo and for all these gallery photos. Now, for this, I could put a picture of myself. I could take this cover photo I took and put this in as, ah, host. This way people can see myself leading the activity. Ideally, you want a bunch of photos because then what your experience page gets is a bit of a slide show. Your experience will have all these different photos and you want to fill in all these different details. Ideally, for example, Ah, picture of this is why you need help with the photos to because you need pictures of guests enjoying the experience. You want pictures of yourself hosting it and then all these other details. It says you've got a host picture, so for you than action guests. Engaging details, a close up of texture. So for me, I could put some close ups of various parts of the studio. Then you can put more miscellaneous photos, tons of miscellaneous photos, and then for me, like the location. I could take a picture of the shed with the door open in the backyard or something. The photos section is something you really want to plan ahead for if you haven't even started doing this yet, plan ahead for getting photos taken properly, not just whipping your iPhone out and taking a quick selfie. But get someone else to come over and be the guest than have someone take pictures of you hosting. Get some really good pictures of the location, go through and pick out the best pictures for the experience. To me, if I'm Airbnb reviewing this, the pictures tell me very quickly. Rather, I've got an experience worth approving or in experience that's likely to just be junk. Therefore, the pictures part of this, the photos is where you may end up putting the most time and energy, and when you do a good job with the photos and mash that with the title and everything else . The photos can really attract those clicks and stand out in listings. The photos can help you have a high conversion rate where someone clicks on it and actually goes and books the event. Thank you for learning about how to do the photos with me. I am grateful for the chance to share this with you, and I'll talk more about how I'm actually going forward with the event at any experience in a little bit. 13. Meeting location and considerations if working from home: the next step in creating our experience is meeting location. So in the settings were going meeting location than it says. Where should guess meet you. Now, this needs to be an easy to find location at an exact address. Therefore, if you are like for this one for me, meeting at my home, this needs to be the home address. And this is actually where my event creation and my experience went downhill. I was talking to my wife about this and she said, I don't want an experience hosted in our home where when this goes well, you're going to have people coming by the house every single day and having people come into studio shed, they're gonna be parking well in the backyard and the front they're gonna want to be coming through the house that disturbs my space. That's not going to work for me. Why don't you just have people go out to lunch or something with you? And as you can see with all this other experience, creation idea is toe have something that's unique, this special, that's the best you can offer and therefore this point. This is the part where I've decided to actually not go forward with my experience because I want to do this at my home address to do Ah, the best version off this experience. Airbnb experiences are geared towards having the very highest level of experience. Something that's exclusive, something you can't get somewhere else. And this is where I came down the like. All right, I need to have people over to my home. I even thought about getting another office location for a studio. You know what? I got too much going on. I barely can get done. The stuff I love doing every day. My podcast, Which is? I'm Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and all the place you can listen. Plus my blawg, my video courses that I teach on skills share and for my partners who have private label rights. Then I have gaming videos. I dio I've got a full schedule already as well as being a husband. Ah, Father Ah, friend Ah, member of Alcoholics Anonymous. That goes to meetings almost every day and walking my dogs for an hour. I mean, this doing something else does not work for me right now. It's just it doesn't and having people over my home does not work. And doing this in a different location does not work either. Because I'm so passionate about what I teach. I've really read through and looked through this stuff and having someone meet me out to lunch somewhere. Someone might think It's nice, I think is kind of lame. If you want to hang out me, The rial place you want to hang out is in my studio. This is where my world is my masterpiece here. And therefore, when you get into the exact location, you might even want to start this earlier. If you haven't started your experience, figure out exactly where you're going to host your experience, make it somewhere that really gets inside your world. And if you have a home office studio like me and you don't want people visiting your house every day, then you might not be able to do an experience. So for me, this was a challenge for me. I actually got mad and my wife for about as long as I do. We We had a little a lot of attention for a few days and I've decided you know what? She's right. This is our home I'm not gonna have people coming in here every day potentially booking the experience, maybe even two or three times a day, all trying to park at the house. So therefore, you need to be very clear on the exact address where you want to meet someone. It needs to be easy to find. Not out of some, like sketchy parking lot somewhere, something. It needs to be a clear address that guests can just put in your GPS and consider, too. If you're thinking about having at your home, then everyone will know where you live, that books the experience, and you may need to even have your phone number out there as well tell people get in. So therefore, consider all this stuff before going through with the full experience. As from me. I'm grateful I'm teaching this because otherwise I was just went through this whole experience and then decided, Well, I'm not actually going to do it. However, there's this time in a place for everything I'm keeping this in mind for later. Maybe I will have an office studio location at some point, but for the foreseeable future, that's where I'm at with the experience I keep it real with you, too, and I think that's critical. If you want any kind of success online, especially with Airbnb experience, keep it really and really connect with people. 14. Pricing and number of guests for the experience: price. I know you might end up focusing a lot of the price. How much should I charge for this? The prices. Something you might want to start a lows you can stand and then work your way up because to begin, you just want to get it approved. You just want to have the first few people book it once you've got those good reviews you can at the price after it's published. From what I've read on here, it says that there's a basic pricing system you can use. You start off a basically lowest price. You can stay in the offer it then, once you've got some reviews and good experiences with guests, and you've refined the hosting experience where you know exactly what you're doing with the hosting off the experience, then you can put it up to say mid level price. Then once you get ah, lot of great reviews, a ton of consistent great guest experiences then and you're getting booked so often that you don't have any availability, then you put it up to the very highest level. Teoh discourage people from constantly booking it and to allow yourself to really focus on the experience make the most money from it. Therefore, my intention was to start this at $97 to take a tour of my home office. This was the lowest price I could stand toe offer for an hour and 1/2 because that to me, is less than $100 an hour. And my baseline mentally for what I do is kind of $100 an hour that if it's not at least $100 an hour, it's not worth my time. That said, the plan for this was to start at 97 work up to $197 as people toward the studio, and to keep in mind that while this might cost $97 after the 20% service fee by Airbnb, then I would make something like 70 something dollars out of it. However, multiple people can book, so every time let's say four people actually booked, then I'd get $310 for an hour and 1/2 instead of 97. So the nice thing is, you can that have multiple guestbook at once. Therefore you want to set the prices though, as you can possibly stand to do for just one guest at a time. This was my intention, $97 figuring that I could do consistently one guest. And if I have one guest, I make $77. And then if I got to guests, that's real good. 153 3 guests 2 30 to 4 guests, and you can set a limit. I set my limited for because my home office duty others should not be more than four people plus me in here once. You don't want an experience where you can't pay attention to each individual guest where it ends up being crowded and uncomfortable because you see the importance of those reviews . If someone drops a one star review to keep it at a 4.7, you need something like 10 5 star reviews to just get it close to a 4.7. Therefore, it's better take set the group size, which you can do. You can set the group size just above the price field over here, so there's price, and then right above that, there's group size you want. It has a one guest minimum, but you don't want to book Mawr guests than you can handle. You might even start on the low end and see if you can take more guests at once. So if you're not sure, you can start with a group size of one or two. If you then successfully do two or three, you can try moving it up for my home office studio. I definitely don't want to do more than four it once, because it's it's not intended to be that more than that. So you've got the price in here. I don't think it's worth putting a ton of time and energy into the price you just look at at. What's the lowest Aiken stand to do this at? And don't put it lower than that because for $97 for someone to come look at my home office , I think that's a great deal, because I'm also making a connection. Potentially, I might be a networking with someone who could follow me, someone who might want to become a partner, my business, someone who might take my video courses, someone who might help me earn a lot of passive income going forward or some active income as a partner as well who might don't donate on my life streams. Therefore, you've got to consider the connection. Ability in here is, well, the price. So it's not just what you're going to get today. But the purpose of these experiences on Airbnb is to make some real connections, and therefore you want to also consider the ongoing value off the connection. But the same time you don't want to make it so cheap. For example, if I put this to $47 let's just look at how much that get if I put it to $47 and I'm looking at making $37 to give someone an hour enough to Tee Stewart duty, oh, tour of my home office. That's just that's That's no good for me, that the price versus how I feel about it. That's not gonna work. I I don't care. Thio Thio, Stop doing what else I'm doing to make $37 for $77. That's the smallest amount I can stand that I will take an hour and 1/2 out off a schedule that has I could I have 1000 plus hours more of things I would just love to dio. For $77 I will stop, take an hour and 1/2 shows someone around the studio and be grateful to do it. Therefore, I hope this guidance I know prices so challenging on many of the things we do in our business. I hope this these thoughts on the price air helpful for you 15. Finishing creating your experience and preparing to submit: we have nearly completed the Airbnb experienced creation. We're going to go through the rest of it pretty quick on the notes here. You can put some additional notes, for example, things like think that guests might need to know that aren't included in anything else you've written so far. I don't have any notes in here on the guest requirements that you want to go through this, especially if you've got something like alcohol in your experience. Or if there's an age limit where you don't want, say anyone under 18 coming or you don't want anyone who can walk, for example, or you know you don't want any kids on there, you want your experience clearly indicated on how active it is. Then you've got additional requirements in the additional requirements I put with the live streaming studio. Having no chairs, be prepared to be standing the entire time. This isn't not like a sit around experience. I also recommend check the require a verified idea. It's not very hard to take a picture of your driver's license and submitted to Airbnb. This gives you an additional layer of protection, essentially, especially if you're doing something at your home our home office. You want people to verify or community place where if you work somewhere your how having someone come by where you work, these experiences are often going to be places you hang out and are available a lot. And to me, I see I don't see any reason not to check require a Booker to verify their i d. Because this way, when someone books your experience and they're getting the meeting location, they don't actually get the meeting location until the reservation is confirmed. Therefore, U minus well require them to verify their i d beforehand. That way they've provided their i D to Airbnb. It's an additional layer of security. It can give you a little bit of peace of mind about what would, if some crazy books my experience. Well, they've given their i D to Airbnb and therefore that they are. They have that level of accountability on the group size that talked about a little bit and pricing. Make sure you set your groove size that where it's not too big. These are meant to be very personal experiences where you connect. If you've got 10 people and you can handle it. That's great, but you might Onley get one in the maximum group size of 10. Also, therefore, these seem to be guided towards small, intimate experiences. That said, if you're doing something like a run, maybe you could put 10 people, especially if you're prices lower. You can handle 10 people again, though you want very intimate personal connections with people and a smaller group. Sizes make that easier even on a run. Something like a run you might have having one person to deal with pretty simple, having 10 people that might make it a lot more complicated. So consider the guest requirements in the context of the guest size and in the context of the pricing. Now the default time. You can pick exact times and dates. When you would like to host, you can pick. This is where you pick the length of it. I was a little confused for a minute on. This is to where I picked the length. So this is where you actually pick out the length, and you can say, at what time will you typically host the experience? This is just for review. What you can do after your experiences approved. As it says on here, it says later on, you will pick the exact calendar dates you'd like to host, and you'll be able to just individual times. This is just a general amount of time. The basic window of the event, for example, mine 12 toe 1:30 p.m. Was the basic place I was planning. And then you get from there the amount of time total. So 1.5 hours total there. And when you go forward and then now sure, I'll save that change going forward. Then on the next one, what do you need to know for your final guest count? This is interesting to see how quickly you can respond if someone books it. So the final guest count, basically, is our cut off time before someone can book. I was setting mine a one hour before start time, which is a bit risky because if you end up no showing, you could get some negative feedback. But for me, it's a home office. I almost always them within an hour and could come home off my home home office. What? This little graph shows you here is how often people book this for in advance. So what you can see is 44% of gas book a weekend Maurin advanced. Then what you see here is a full list of what percentage of guest book based on the time. So you can see ah, 100% of guestbook in our more advanced 99% 2 hours or more, 97% 3 hours or more. Therefore, you could get most of the people with four hours or more in advance 96 and then you get a good amount of advanced notice. However, if you really want to get those last minute people who their other event they were going to do got canceled, they have something they want to do right away in the afternoon, for example. Then you could take people up to an hour in advance, get some extra bookings that way. And if you see the longer you require, the less people book that for in advance. You therefore want to make a balance between what you can handle in terms off lowering your booking time. So what it says on here is you could reach 56% more guest by lowering your cut off time, so it's a balance to put your cut off time at something you can consistently handle. If you get a text message from Airbnb that says your events been booked and you didn't you've got one hour to go. Be ready for it. You want to make a balance of this here so that you can always be prepared for last minute bookings and at the same time get the maximum amount of bookings. Then it would you like to have your experience unscheduled of guest book by a certain time . I'm not sure exactly what difference this makes. What that is. An option on there. Then you can also have private groups on here that it says guests can book and experience privately, so you can less worry about filling empty slots. This means they can buy out an entire instance. This, for example, for your maximum group size like minus four. Then guests can book an entire experience privately, which is nice. So definitely book this on here, and then you need to put a minimum price in for the whole group. So, for example, let's say I could put you know you could book the whole experience out for 2 50 there. That'll allow you. Let's say someone sees that there's four potential people that can be there, but they want a guaranteed one on one experience with me. Then what I've allowed it to do is if someone pays $250 instead of 97 they get a guaranteed one on one with me. I think this is a very good option to check for maximizing your earnings and allowing. Let's say you have a run and you have a max of 10 people. Maybe someone just wants a one on one run. You can offer it, say, maybe for five times the price or something. Then one person could just book it by themselves. They get a nice one on one run with you instead of doing being potentially one of nine other members. Therefore, this private groups options seems like really valuable. And if you look over here, you can see the price chart based on what you put in to make it private. Now, all we've we've finished everything here. This then gives us the chance we're ready to review and submit our listing. Thank you very much for going through with me how to create your experience. I hope this has been helpful for you. And I'm very interested. Learn on what happens with your experience going forward. 16. Let's see your experience!: Wow, You made it all the way. The end of the Airbnb experiences course. Thank you very much for learning with me here. Thank you very much for every minute you've washed. I'm very grateful for the chance to share something I'm so excited about. Especially since for me in the foreseeable future. At least I'm not able to use it even though I'd really like to. I'm respecting the boundaries of my current circumstances and not offering something that looks really awesome to me. And I'm grateful for the chance to share it with you where you please complete the class project when you get your experience submitted. Because, ah, you will love knowing that you're helping me experience the joy and the learning. In this course. When you put up a picture and a link to your approved experience, maybe I will even book it with you if I'm in town or if the opportunity comes up for maybe another student will end up booking it with you. I am excited to take a look at your experience to see what you come up with. And I'd love to know anything that you learned as a function of the course because that's how I get to experience. And I'm just in my studio by myself here, filming it. The only way I know what you've really learned or enjoyed out of the class is when you share the class project and or a review. If you found the course helpful, you please leave a review on it because that helps other students find it, and you will feel good about doing that. I know when I listen to an audiobook or take a video course that I enjoy, always feel good, leaving that five star review on the course or on the book, because then I've given something back to help other people have the same experience I had . Thank you very much for making it all the way to the end. I love you. You're awesome, and I imagine you've made it here. I'll be seeing you again soon