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7 Videos (19m)
    • 1. Entering the dojo

    • 5. Rolling exercises - a. KohotentoUndo

    • 5 Rolling exercises - b. YokoUkemi

    • 6. Warming up exercises

    • 7. Rolovers - a. Somersault

    • 7. Rolovers - a. Somersault

    • 2 Training start 3 Breathing exercises


About This Class

Aikido, the Way of Harmony, is a unique martial art. Aikido can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of physical fitness, as a recreational activity or as serious study. Benefits include discipline, concentration and increased physical fitness.Aikido is excellent aerobic exercise as well as self defense skills. The atmosphere of an Aikido class is formal but friendly and noncompetitive.






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Vladimir Tosic

Aikido Teacher

About Me:

I'm Aikido teacher from Serbia. I work at my school more than 15 years, and i haw experience in Martial Arts more than 25 years. I m specializing in teaching Aikido class, workshops and seminars. I graduated from the Aikiaki Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan 4th degree Black Belt. I'm always open to exciting new job opportunities.

Foe all that are interested in Aikido lessons please Contac me directly:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +38163439956 Viber possibl...

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