Aging with Depth

Kyrie Carpenter

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10 Videos (26m)
    • AWD 1 Intro

    • AWD 2 Agism

    • AWD 3 into to depth

    • AWD Individuation

    • AWD 5 Persona

    • AWD 6 Shadow

    • AWD 7 Trickster

    • AWD 8 depth and aging

    • AWD 9 project

    • AWD 10 conclusion


About This Class


By overlaying a depth psychological lens with the current state of aging in America, this class begins to ask questions and gain curiosity that lead to an embracing of the inevitable aging process (vs. the suffering caused by being anti-aging).

This class explores how personally and culturally we can move forward on the path of individuation toward a level of development that values aging and elders. Through curiosity this class opens a new radically pro-aging perspective for students of all ages.

Students will create a map of their own psychology from a depth perspective to better understand how they can embrace aging and reduce suffering.

This class is intended for people who are aging ( everyone) and interested in personal growth.

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I have a background in Jung's ideas and it is interesting to see them applied to the process of growing older