Agile Sprint Retrospectives: How to Overcome 8 Common Smells | Will Martin | Skillshare

Agile Sprint Retrospectives: How to Overcome 8 Common Smells

Will Martin, Professional Agile Facilitator

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About This Class

This course is intended as an aid to running more effective sprint retrospectives. Eight common smells, or ailments, have been discussed when it comes to agile retrospective. Here they are:

  • All talk, no action
  • All action, no talk
  • Conversation too controlled
  • Too repetitive
  • No preparation
  • Too many goals
  • Poorly formed actions
  • One person owns all actions

For each of them is detailed symptoms to detect the potential issue, and how to cure it.

This course applies to Agile projects (scrum, kanban, xp, lean), but also to all projects that involve working as a team, managing conflict and increase productivity. 





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Will Martin

Professional Agile Facilitator


My goal is not just about helping make Scrum or Agile work for you. It is also meant to help you elevate you & your teams to the next level of effectiveness and maturity. My courses are based on real-world approaches to the Scrum  and other agile practices that have been properly tested under fire.





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